Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 8, 2012

We Have Shifted The Whole Earth To Higher Octaves and Creation Abilities!!


Holy change makers batmen and wonder women!!  I knew, with the enormity energy and stuff in the last week or two readings, things were really gearing up for huge change, plus…. so many could feel it within them.  But, we sing a steady song together… What does it mean to us!!  Well, we started to get our preview yesterday.

But, before I get into any of the individual details, I want to share a very important emotional pattern that was present yesterday.  The only important thing that we all strive for in our lives, is showing (in my readings) anywhere in what I call the inner circle of November.  Every point in this inner circle is an consecrated ground, Heaven on earth housing a fully embodied angelic Being (You/Us.)  It is absolutely time we move out of any aspect of, “I should be here, I should be there, this is not as good as that.”  There is no bad in perfection…. and it is indeed, perfection made manifest.  Perfection enveloping the human field of life.  That does not mean we all get our harps and clouds to float around on, waving to the people in the boxed in field of their life… not at all!!  Quite the opposite really.  We volunteered as the ground crew!  Some, by soul contract, have already started working their heavenly magic on the world stage (even if just a tiny corner of the stage, this is, after all… a HUGE stage!)  Some, just getting their feet wet.  All is absolutely perfect and divinely aligned.  YOU are Divinely aligned to where you need to be and how!!

Every single person I read for yesterday (there were 4) so absolutely different from the other.  Even the field was completely different with each person.  That is not something I am really used to in readings… and man, talk about making me work for a living!! lol  It really took me to about the 4th reading to understand why there was no constant in the field… because you are changing Life and all that it means around you.  This is where the individual soul signature becomes so important to the greater all, the group energy that We Are, creating our unique expression into Life.

More than any other time before, I so wish I could not only truly show you what I see and how… but equally, share the enormity of feelings coming thru each reading.  I think, what I am really feeling is the purity of the Light that You Are.  Knock my socks of will ya!!

My first reading, a man (I get so excited when I get to see a man in the field!!) who would excite every cell in my body from what was shown!  Granted, I was still emotionally reeling within from knowing Obama will have four more years, that Colorado and Washington state voted to legalize (on every level) marijuana (and yes, this is only the first step of a process that will spread.  With anything new and unexpected, there will be challenges and road blocks, but, change has started.)  We also had Maine and Maryland legalize by popular vote, same-sex marriages.  My God, we are kicking the box wide open!!  And I must equally celebrate the first openly gay elected official in Wisconsin!!  For the first time in all my life, I am really starting to SEE a FREE America start to find its feet!!  Bias and prejudice is starting to lose its strong hold.

So, I was already brimming with high emotions, reverence and reverie when my man said placed the Light of his soul in my back yard.  Let me tell ya, the Light in the field, is like nothing I have ever seen before…. take the clearest of clear days and intensify it’s clarity and add pure feeling to the clarity.  Phew!

He showed up as three massive balls.  I would say about 3-4 feet tall balls of sheez… there goes my words.  Let me just describe them… the first one I could see clearest was a huge golden ball near the inner wall of the west field.  There was a second ball, of equal size in the very middle of his field, that one was silver, and then one nearest the east field and that one was like mother of pearl energy.  Phew baby!!

Just behind his really large balls (grin) was an energy that covered the first week of November.  It was a dull gray, could have very well been a watery thing, but it really didn’t feel like that… it just reminded me of the watery feel coming into November.  It was like his field of Life wanted to acknowledge the pure change we all have just gone thru, but don’t look back.  Everything that was alive and that mattered (again, for him) showed up on this side of the gray energy of the first week of November.  His big balls (bigger grins.)  I couldn’t even decipher what on earth this means to him… so I looked deeply at each one individually.  Both the gold and silver balls had the most intricate designs on them.  Patterns for sure.  Like deep etchings with many areas that had what looked like holes or open areas, tiny each of them, purposeful for sure.  That mother of pearl one… so different on every level of feeling and view.  It was radiating energy instead of being solid.  There was no etchings or even feeling of solidness like the gold and silver balls.  It was absolutely different and yet as purposeful as the other two.

So the next thing I had to do is understand both the placement of each ball.  The golden ball, his pure spiritual energy, magnetic field of Life, completely using the field of harvested energy.  The silver ball, pure high vibrational earth energy, his physical life as it is set up in the center of the field for use.  That mother of pearl ball… the Master and all his glory… radiating.

His job over the next couple of weeks (all of ours really) to really tap into each ball, use it, play with it, get to know each part intimately and then… blend it into one fullness of Being.  With this last part, there is nothing specific you have to “do” except use what you have.   This is a co-creating, co-operative life force.  You get the balls rolling… they blend together naturally!!

AS I was witnessing his three balls actually moving forward and all making their way to wholeness (merging together) I about shit when so clear an image presented itself in December.  Until this very moment…. December was a deep black month of no-peeking energy!!!

In the very opening of the first week of December, there was a crowd of people all waving him to that timeline.  Most of the people were blurry, but there was a female… wearing a bright red shirt (representing the new energy) as I described her he knew already who she was, his girlfriend… his Divine Counterpart.  I could have just snuggled up in the love and support she was radiating to him… beckoning him into the energy of that crowd, of December.  And there was more behind even that… but it was still that deep (altho lessening) black energy I was so familiar with.

He reminded me of a seminar he is holding in California Dec 1st, 2nd and 3rd (and then another one after that too)… something even bigger than anyone realizes is about to take place during that time…. and he is already preparing HimSelf for the release of that energy.

And then he asked me something I will always be grateful for… if I could see a date that would be good for him and his lovely women to have a commitment ceremony on.  The only thing I could feel for sure was after his seminars .. but other than that, not really.  The latter part of Dec is still pretty black.  So I decided to look upwards to that very familiar and very constant silvery electric energy line I call 2013.

I about dropped to my knees in seeing what I had seen.

2013 has been showing itself as a super frequency of energy potential about 30 feet above 2012… the area’s I read from.  It has been there since just after the beginning of the year, it has picked up electricity over the months, but never moved from the space between here and there.  That is… until yesterday.

When I shifted my view to the 2013 frequency, it was now only about 15 feet above us.  I feel like I slammed my face right into it… completely ready to climbed the 30 foot vibrational range to where it has been… and smack… right there in my face, so clear, so vibrant… so utterly unexpected.

It truly was the cherry on top of the most wonderful cake ever baked.  I was so shocked and so excited that thru his reading I could not discern what happened.  Did we move earth higher, did it come down to meet us… there was just wayyyyy too much excitement and surprise for me to steady in on that communication and in that moment, I really didn’t care how it happened… IT HAPPENED!!!  That is all that mattered.

Once I caught my breath I had to exhale my excitement on facebook.  It was in typing out that excitement I realized WE raised the full on vibration of ALL of earth in this last week.  The WHOLE Freakin EARTH!!  Don’t you dare ever feel so small again!!!! (smile)

If I wasn’t already on a super emotional experience within mySelf, my next reading was about to drop me to my ass (keep in mind, figuratively, I was already on my

No matter how I share this, it is going to be soooo understated.  Words are becoming more and more inferior to the grandness we are within.

There are so many thing I do not understand while I am seeing You.  This is why your own personal input is sooo important during and even after a reading.  As is the case with my lovely lady who went supernova… only, I didn’t get that until just this moment.  One again, I was without internet connection most of all day yesterday, so replying to emails, to postings to anything… not so easy for me to do any longer.  But in those many moments I do reboot the modem, it gives me the download of emails that couldn’t come thru… and then the internet seems to seal itself back up until I reboot again.

I say this, because I could not comprehend fully what I was seeing… yet… God I could feel it.  I mean… really really feel it like never ever before.

It is impossible in this human structure we are (still) releasing ourselves from to know the enormity of our soul and it’s participation on this worlds stage.   We are starting to get amazing glimpses tho!

She showed up in the center of the field of November, looking quite unusual and feeling… she rocked the core of my heart in feeling.

There she was in a slab of thick energy paralleling the earth about 3 feet high.  The radiance of multi-color in this slab of energy took my breath away just from looking at it.  I started to realize this slab of her was connected deep into the three days we just emerged from (pure creator energy impregnating the earth and us.)  As her energy moved from a parallel position about three feet above the ground and stretched into what I am just going to call the present moment (which, no longer exists as we know it… I will get to that tho) she was pouring her thick liquidy energy into form from that deep three day expression of change.  The colors… my god I have never seen colors this intense.  As I sat here just now thinking, where could I find something on the internet that could possibly represent her soul colors instantly I heard “supernova.”  Sure enough!!  I found something similar:


I watched as she was forming herself into a large orb from this deep radiant darkness… and only having my man from the reading before to reference this new landscape, I had to wonder whats up with all these balls!!  Altho with her, my words were always redirected with the use of the word “orb”… large freakin orbs!!

As I struggled to try to tell her what I was seeing… I thought i had no frame of reference to pull from, and then I remember my very beloved book “Proof of Heaven” (so timely in all of these readings to pull reference from!!) and when he was moving thru the gateway to the Core and the Orbs of Light.  The angels that were in the form of orbs.  I got this!!  I got it soooo deep and so knowingly I couldn’t control the feeling moving up from my heart and catching in my throat and flooding out of my eyes.  I kept telling her… OMG I am going to cry… and I really tried to choke back what I was feeling… but couldn’t.

I remember the first time I met god in my meditations… the feeling, the choking up in the throat… this was exactly the same!!

AS she was moving from her supernova state, deep within the heart of our Creator and spilling out into her new form, I could feel also her deep deep connection to the heart of Gaia… a star from the sky blending with the heart of our mother… as one expression.


There is so much more to her story… to our story…. but forgive me, I do not have the adequate words to even understand what is trying to tap thru, let alone put it into expression now.

Before I share my next two readings, I want to make sure I share some understandings of yesterday too.  I think it can be very easy to really not understand what “being in the present moment” really means to us.  I know I sure didn’t… not until this living field of Life really hit it home yesterday thru everyone!!

The energy I call November, is no longer broken up into days, weeks, really… not even months as we had seen it before.  Instead… it is all the present moment.  it is beyond a 24 hour period or 5 minute period… it is really… everything.

I really started to understand why “visuals” are so important to the way I do readings.  The moment I “see” it is also fully pregnant with understanding…. but not with words, which really sux!  I seen our “present moment” several times yesterday and it was everywhere.  Everything.  All at once.

I think we give form to “present moment” as right here, right now, in our human perception of any given moment.  It is not that… at all.  It truly is unbound by time. And somehow… without the words to fully express that, it is how we must reformulate our lives, our expanded view and relationship with the “present moment.”

Even with that, I am hearing “Everything exists in exactly the same moment, focusing on what is true to you from your deepest hearts knowing, is key to the experience.”

(I know there is another thing I want to touch on, but right now, I forget what it was lol.)

So… my third lady of the day.  She had taught me/us something sooooo incredibly valuable that I would have never seen any other way except thru her wonder of reading!!  Contrasting beautifully my first reading of the day… with purpose… and understanding.  Of course, I didn’t understand it while I was reading for her!!

She had two balls right next to each other pushed up against the wall of the west field area.  (There really isn’t a wall at all… more like a gel-like dome of protective energy.)

One ball was gold and with all those intricate etchings on it, the other an opaque white ball.  In contrast to my first reading of the day, a sizable difference smaller.  However, where he was spread out all over with his balls, hers were touching each other.  I suddenly thought of a molecule structure with her… a blending of her own energies into the very grandness that she is.  And SHE IS!!!

The size difference really hit home with me, hopefully with all of us, this morning.  Where my morning man is already working on the life stage platform (publicly affecting others) she is about to.  As is perfectly so.  Not one single one of us Here is behind anything.  Please, please wipe that thought from your existance.  Everything and everyone is in perfect time with where they need to be and where they are going.

With this lovely lady… I realized how many hints spirit does give us thru a reading.  I don’t think I really ever paid as close attention before… or maybe, really it is because the field made sure she paid attention to the several repeated words they used in her reading.

Things like… meeting 3 other ladies and she will be “the 4th element” and will be part of a “coven” and all I could feel when I had seen these three ladies she will connect with in the 1st-2nd week in December was “the witches of eastwick.”  This precious soul is already making herbal and flower essence infused creams… hence the “pagan” aspect is already alive and ready… now, it is all about Divine Timing.  This is where so many humans can lose hope and faith within themselves… the divine timing part.  We want it last year, the stage will not be ready til… later.  We falter… STOP IT!! (smile)

She is also bringing forward the new astrology system… for which I about threw a party when she said it!!  If everything in and one and thru earth has changed (and it has) so must our reading of astrology   I knew this a long time ago when I got an in-depth astrology reading that never met fruition in my life.  Even our planets can be looked at and interpreted in the old energy stream (in which case, it is not accurate for the new heaven on earth) or someone (several ones) need to get up to speed with the new enhanced energy and new expression of the Life we are now Living.  She is doing that!!

Hence the two molecular structure feeling to her.  A beautiful and needed blending of her astrological understanding with her herbs and flowers and stuff!  Perfectly timed for presentation to a quickly changing world of consciousnesses.

The one thing that was repeated over and over and over again to her was TO HAVE FUN!  PLAY and worry about no-thing.

My last lady of the day… phew baby girl!

At first she appeared pinned up against the south wall of the inner field, an expression of “OMG where am I and how do I fit in Here” on her whole body expression.  (No doubt, so many of our own body expressions lol.)  As I looked around, it was all a blank slate.  Please do not take that to mean empty, that is now impossible.

Imagine we have all been handed a living canvass of life.  Where there is no paint or ink of yesterday… and every palate of color and desire is right there for the using.  This is how it felt.  Empty and pregnant all at the same time!

As I looked around to see if we are going to see anything other than her surprised expression… indeed, all of a sudden a new-born baby appeared in the east field.  What I find super interesting about this baby… it was indeed a new-born, yet… it already was able to crawl around.  There was no learning to crawl, there was just crawling… doing it!!

As my vision focused on this baby pretty much crawling around in circles, I realized it had a very different skin to it… it was a shimmering gold skin, yet, very much a human baby that was Her.  New Life in a fied of New Beginnings (east.)  I did the only thing I could think of doing, I grabbed her from the south field and pushed her whole body into the baby (why, I have no idea!! lol)

Talk about miracle grow… she/they transformed right before my eyes.  Much larger than a human… but then again, Michael wants us to realize how super sized we really are and she drove that point Home in her expression!!

I had to laugh when I paid attention to what she looked like…. A gold and clear ballerina!!

That tu-tu (skirt) was where my first energy went to.  It was mid-thigh and woven as part of her skin (she was not wearing it at all… it was part of her).   It represents the energy she is going to put into her life.  The act of walking, using your legs, your strength of moving forward is what is the catalyst for the upper part of her… I don’t even know what to call, skin??

Keep in mind, this tu-tu went from hip to mid-thigh, thighs represent our strength of movement forward.  Hips are actually the very first thing that move when you take a step anywhere.

Any purposeful movement she makes now will completely charge up the energy that is represented as her skin or body suit.  The body suit covered her entire chest and abdomen area in a deeper golden bronze coloring.  Once again, with these intricate designs like the golden balls of earlier.

I had seen the energy flow our of her entire torso, like stream of purposeful energy seeking the ground in which her action would become manifest.  She had asked about a divine counterpart and this energy touched down somewhere between the end of November and the beginning of December.  Creation becoming manifest.

That was a word that was as different as the energy of “present moment.”  Manifestation.  That word, manifestation, hovered right in front of my face in a cloud of energy that I knew was filled with new information.  Like being handed a new software program that I just couldn’t quite understand.

In the field we just emerged from…. we lived very much in the law of attraction… what you put out, you get back.  Take this simple statement and power it up to the 100th degree, adding information that is even beyond that.  It is much more than “attraction.”  Of course, we had to get really really familiar with attraction to start to open up the pure potential of manifesting.  And it is not like any of us think.  It is more than that.

I had really wanted to be able to fully express what was in that cloud of energy hovering in my face thru her yesterday, but, at least today, I cannot.  There are things we have not seen yet, and without the whole of it, everything will be incomplete.

What I do understand today, is how incredibly important it is to start playing with our new energy bodies… for Self.  Not for anyone else but for Self.  We MUST understand how we work now before we ever help someone else to work more efficiently in their own bodies.

Two things I know for sure… we are going to have many acceleration points on earth between now and the end of the year.  Hold on to your hears, we just started to rev things up.  And again, geez… I forget what the 2nd thing is!!  lol… I will figure it out by tomorrow!!

Play and have fun.  Dream your wildest dream and watch it appear before your wondering eyes.

Welcome to Heaven playmates!!  I love you!!!


Lisa Gawlas














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  3. Hello Friend, feels like I’m writing to an old familiar friend though we’ve not met before. Just know energies are connecting….and sending you loads of love and gratitude. I sense you’re unfolding your “teacher” aspects to the world at this time, as we say goodbye to the old paradigm and breathe in the new paradigm. We will learn and love right along with you as you experience this chapter with “Can-Seer”. I suspect you will demonstrate and chronicle for all to read how we can heal our bodies with vibrations of love…Namaste my friend, Francine


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