Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 4, 2012

A Blending of Energy That is Mind Blowing and Life Expanding!!

The power of thought is becoming intense!!  I was wide awake when I woke up and looked at the time on my phone that said 1:50 am.  I thought ohhhh man, getting up this early just throws my day, my brain completely off.  I was already “off” from too late a sleep yesterday I have no desire to do it again in the opposite direction today.  So I tossed and turned and flipped about for 30 minutes, checked the clock again… how the hell did it become 1:20 am?  Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh…. daylight savings time.  I so wished I had some Tylenol PM’s in the house, this is one time, I would actually take one.  So, I simply imagined I had some, took a pill out of the bottle, broke it in half and ate it.  Within 15 minutes I was fast asleep again until 7am… which is now 6am!  I have decided, this is a very money-saving ability we possess!!! 🙂  Not to mention… healthier!!

From the moment I awoke yesterday, it was another one of those really weird days (remember, weird is always good in my world.)  This last week, it has become common to wake up to no internet connection at all.  Usually, rebooting the modem fixes that… not the case yesterday.  I pretty much had zero internet all day long.  I also had this intensely painful headache that seemed to grow stronger the more awake I became.

The night before last, I was wide awake until well after 1 am in the morning.  Let me tell you, I am starting to fight to keep my eyes open by 8am and I only let them fully close for the day at 9pm.  So what made this night different?  YOU DID!!

LOVE is a very very powerful force, especially as it combines with so many other strands of itself (thru each one of YOU) and the one thing I now know, it becomes a living entity of itself.  There was a very powerful love feast taking place on facebook the day before yesterday… soooooo many people sending me love and joy, words filled with powerful emotion… and as the day progressed and the thread on facebook progressed, all that love, joy deep emotion took form.. almost like a fireman’s hose, and sprung up from the flatness of facebook and my computer screen and powered thru into me.  I actually seen it!!  Felt it!!  Loved it!!  It surged thru my whole body system, perked it up like nothing ever did before… not even my greatest meditations!!

YOU are that powerful!!

I was lit up like a brilliant Christmas tree all day long!!  Long after I should have been!!  I felt bliss-full all day long and finally crashed from a love high after 1 am.  I woke up just before 8am… with the beginnings of what felt like the worst hangover I have ever had in my life.  The throbbing in my head might as well had mexican hat dancers upon it… it bugled with pain here, moved over to there, took a trip to the back, then to the front.

When my 8am reading called me, I already knew, this day was going to be a washout to read the Light of Heaven for anyone.  It remained true all day.  But,  with that first phone call I was able to see something.  Not the field and not in relationship to her, but as we talked about my headache I could see a stream of energy coming directly into my head.  It was located exactly two inches above the third eye area going up to the top of my head.

I do believe I now have a direct line of pure radiant love flowing in… expanding and rearranging… ME.

Thank YOU for loving me soooo much and soooo purely and so consistently.  There is no more a powerful force in all of creation than pure love coming thru a human heart.  It truly does become a living entity of its own… and I promise you, I will learn what more to do with that.  (smile)

So I sat and read my precious book.  This book (Proof of Heaven) has been purposely placed in my hands, in my heart for exactly these times we are in now.  So much that has been shared with us this last year, thru readings, meditations, understandings… he too was given in his 7 day adventure into Heaven.  Into God.

Unlike most people who experience an NDE, he went there with no earthly recollection of himself.  He did not remember who he was, that he was a husband, father, neurosurgeon, he had no identity of self AT ALL!!

All year long, spirit had said in sooooo many ways to each of us… “Let go of all you identify with on earth.”  The importance of this, depending of course, what it is you truly want to experience in this heavenly time on earth… is.  He echoed this in his book several times… the more you loose your human identity the deeper you can go into the realms of spirit.  This is exactly how we travel… how we go places in the strange and wonderful construct called time/space.

If we have, even one ounce of identity within our human construct, by our own accord, we have anchored a part of ourselves there, into the identifying, limiting nature of earth.

To become, a fully living, manifested expression… of BEING Loving Compassion.

You are not your job, or your kids, or your parents, or your house… YOU ARE Loving Compassion made manifest and can freely and unlimitedly create from each, unrestricted heartbeat.  Unless, any aspect of you remains tethered to the illusion we have created for ourselves and our experience.

As I continued to read his experiences, his wordless, but deeply profound conversations with God (which he calls Om) my heart turned towards my own present reality.  Cancer.  I cannot even tell you in words the feeling of deep intimate love that washed over me, thru me, in honor of this thing called cancer.  It may have well been filled with the presence of the Presence itself.  The blessing I was suddenly filled with.  The Love of God made manifest within me… as me.

In this profoundly loving long moment in time, the conversation started.  Wordless conversations, but a pure humbling knowing and understanding.  I understood it took form as skin cancer for a very purposely reason.  It wants expression.  I watched it grow for close to two years.  Purposely.  It had already started its conversation with me and did what it needed to do to completely remove fear from the playing field.  Let me be really clear here… shock of ones news is in no way related to fear of ones news.  Like walking into a surprise birthday party, your shocked, but not scared.

What really surprised me in this conversation with this loving Presence we have named cancer (which I am going to change its name later, after I get the full test results from my body) was the remembering of the meditation I had with a precious client just the day before receiving this news myself.  The lady who had a self created closed door in front of her dis-allowing herself into what I call the energy lake… the pure joy of the inner circle of Novembers energy.

Once I hit the water of my bathtub, I had seen her gray blue, one inch thick doorway keeping her in the energy of October 31st… everyone had already made the flow across time and space and into the south field of November, she was released from that pool, but now has a door keeping her from where she worked so hard to get to.

At the very bottom of that door, coming from inside the earth and going up the bottom of the door was this really fizzy white yellow energy.  It was so fizzy I could hear it fizz.  What was really strange about this door… there were no walls, no ceiling, no anything else… just a door she was standing in front of… pounding on.  Hoping someone inside will open it up for her.

Ya know, sometimes, it really takes me a few days, and a lot more understanding to understand what I had experienced days prior.

She and I did get to a point to where she acknowledged this out of place door as her aspergers condition.  A condition, that thru her life, seemed to keep her separate  almost to the point of anti-social, from the rest of the world.  I so realize today, these two things, aspergers and this door are one in the same energy.

The fizz I was experiencing was/is the mental construct meeting a higher fluid energy (think of combining mento’s with pepsi, two great things that cannot play nice together.)

As I got into my meditation, I watched the field itself remove her from this landscape of Oct/Nov energy and that doorway and took her body literally to my back yard.  I was really surprised to see my backyard in this meditation.  As I looked up, I also seen 5 different planets hovering just above us… big ass planets when they are sooo close to you!!

I understood that some were not of our solar system, some were.  One representative from each planet was now surrounding her body, which they put, face down on the dirt in my back yard.   also understood each one of these Beings was a part of her soul energy.  An incarnation she has on each one of those planets.  All feeding each other wisdom and things that needed to be addressed on all these different levels thru all of their incarnations together.

I also understood that most of these Beings were working towards Love, Compassion, Unified creation.  Each in their own way (as we all are.)  Her aspergers condition is a result of their combined energy stream co-mingling within her biology stream.

Even as I watched them open her back right down her spine… completely… I remember my own new found posting of the Zeta aspect I had a relationship with (finding it on that spiritual forum, because until that moment, that was a long gone memory of my path.)

Altho each one of those aspects had grown to where they needed to get to, in a large part, thanx to her and her inner work that she has been so faithful at, they took care in re-patterning the last remaining blue print in her Biology.  What they had said, was it would be a 5 day process… one full day of work and change for each representative.

I no sooner understood her more, did I equally and without missing a beat… seen the new energy stream that is us as well.  The inflow of Sirius, Pleiadian energy c0-mingling with earth/human energy.

In our own rite, we have always been Hybrids… and will continue to be.

I still cannot see her progress and no doubt, I won’t be able to until day number 6, when the process is done.  The only thing I knew for sure was, that fizzy action was releasing that doorway, it had already started to go back into earth, inch by inch.

Now here is a beautiful and intense thought… what if, thru her loving efforts, this is happening to all who have been diagnosed with aspergers?

And the end of the day, no matter where in all the multiverses one exists at, we are all seeking a higher expression of Love.  The same holds very true for cancer.  I felt its loving core last evening.  Unmistakable.  And with that, a gift until my own self… I have indeed, transmuted fear within my own self, on every level.

I love you all so much, thank you for your love, your links, your insights, your compassion.  We are going to change the face of cancer… together!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and awe and pure love to All!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. oh, Lisa, you are sooo wonderful! thank you for being the human prototype for exploring the loving face of cancer. I was releasing something the other day (funny how quickly we forget now as we stay present with the energy) and I KNEW that I was doing it for all mankind. We are that powerful! It was such a wonderful feeling flooding through me as that knowing flooded my being. How I love us all !!!


  2. Wow! I really love the part about the aspergers condition. And all the love to ypu both!


    • Actually I started to think about it. Aspergers in essence is not a condition, but a label to point to a collection of behaviors which are deemed unwanted in our current society according to it’s norms and values. To be labeled as such, as unwanted, maybe more debilitating than the actually behaviors instead.


  3. […] link to original article […]


  4. It is interesting Lisa that I have a “signature” on my emails that states…

    ” That which we resist persists.
    That which we accept transforms. ”

    Until you started this sharing regarding “cancer” i did not get the full on meaning of that statement.
    There are so many things we can “accept” in our daily lives and then forget about the most important ones, … basically everything! Everything we see, feel, think, and experience needs to be accepted for the lesson, understanding, GIFT that it is!

    Much, Much Love !!!


  5. […] link to original article […]



    “….Jupiter will back up and move out of tight orb with Saturn and Pluto in January, but he will create the same Yod configuration again in March, 2013, just as the powerful sextile also reforms. That suggests to me that we need to keep a lid on expenses, promises and expectations over the next three months, but to also keep the vision of a healing situation in our lives front and center.

    The Yod configuration promises victory after a struggle.

    So a lot of small steps can take us a great distance in the months ahead. Jupiter will leave his hot spot and move on for good in April—we’ll get some relief and delight in his absence. Especially since the positive, energizing Saturn Pluto sextile will remain and return to full power in late Summer. That can be the payoff time for the work you’ve completed, or maybe the door opening to an opportunity you’ve worked hard to find….”

    with lot of love to you dear lisa



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