Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 3, 2012

Living In The Land of Giants and Beyond The Boundaries of Time.

What an interesting field we now live in!!  It took me til the end of the day last night to really understand what we are seeing and feeling, but like a sudden light bulb burst… I got it!!

Since the day we landed in November, there had been something I had been consistently since our arrival here.  A massive body of liquidy energy that reminds me of a lake, spread out thru the entire inner circle (where we now live) of November.  At first this lake energy was spread out til mid-November, not that it ended there, the field energy my vision there.  With each and every reading, this lake energy was pulling itself in on itself… getting what would appear to be smaller, or concentrated, the spread was becoming less and less until yesterday it was just a tiny sliver in the south area of the field (where we all crossed into November at.)

Another aspect of this new field that has been so consistent for the last two days, there is a lot of people who arrived in this new field of energy with us.  In all my years of reading and exploring, I have never had hundreds of people show up with any client, yet now, this has been the way of it.  No one that was recognized, no one that was personally connected to the client (yet) and I can no longer discern human from spirit, they both feel exactly the same!!

I can still discern personal energy signatures, which we all have.  So finding “you” in a sea of hundreds of people… easy!  There is no doubt these first 3 days of November are all about orienting ourselves to this new fluid energy of Life.  What I find really interesting is that even tho with each reading, there was less and less room in this energy lake, simply because to my eye, it looked like it was moving back to the edge of the south field entrance, was the amount of people still in this lake.  The numbers of humans never went down, and oddly enough, there was always plenty of space in between each person even tho the field itself seemed to be shrinking.

My light bulb late last night gave deeper understanding to the consistent messages of yesterday.  The energy moved into the humans, it did not recede at all.  The concentration that I could literally feel thru each connection was because as this energy lake moved into the human heart, it does amplify and so feels very concentrated.

And added and consistent detail thru every reading yesterday….  keeping in mind, everyone is located in the south side of this huge circle of energy called November.  At the west area I see this massive mound of energy… at least 20-30 feet high (again, going to scale of my readings.)  As I follow the energy upwards, who to my humbling heart is on top of that energy mound… a large ass AA Michael!  I mean, like a 20 foot tall Michael and I could only see him feet to neck… I knew somewhere he had to have a head, but it was not part of my field of vision.  Last night, with Light bulb heaven happening, he said he has no visual/human features and did not want to confuse his presence (which is really big!!) with being Human.  Works for me, and something I had already became so familiar with, with working for many years with Sananda, he only used an energy outline of a human form and the only feature of him that looked anything human was his wild and wavy hair.  When I asked him why he appears like his, his message 11 years ago, was the same as Michael’s is today… because they are not human and we humans like to humanize everything.  Well… Michael wants to spiritualize us!!  Hence is massive, if not intimidating (from my view) vision of him.

As I oriented my vision with the whole field (at least the parts I could see)… we humans joyfully standing and absorbing this new lake energy, suddenly looked puny, like ants.  It was actually a very distracting way to move thru the readings… the contrast was so large, so daunting, that it distracted me a lot!!

But purposely so!!

We, as a Human Being, see ourselves as so small in relationship to the whole of the universes   Like ants.  Even when we see ants, we do not see their individual uniqueness, their extraordinary ability to bring their uniqueness to the group and every single one working together for the greater good of the whole.

Michael’s consistent message yesterday, WE MUST see ourselves as the giants we really are.  To recognize the uniqueness of our Self”s.  This is NOT an option, but a requirement… a duty we are in the midst of undertaking even as I type!

Thru each reading yesterday, every single person was getting what I am just going to refer to as their new “marching orders.”  A piece of paper that I cannot read, only the holder of the paper can read, containing what you need to do next to move from the south field diagonally across to the west field.

I really got that message with my last connection of the day.  We are NOT moving straight ahead as we are soooo accustomed to doing, we are moving diagonally to the left (physical life – field of harvested energy.)

If you can look at it this way… this moment in our time is not about what you can do for others (altho, there is always a positive side effect that does effect others) it is about serving Self, completely, intimately, joyfully.

That big mound of energy is the field of harvest for ALL.  To live in, play in, feed in and help others with.  But one cannot help others until they help (Know) themselves and what all this means to them/us personally.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, we have not even scratched the surface of our giant energy field of Self and the full on harvested energy/abilities and magnitude of who we are and what we are capable of doing.  And that is what this short jog to the left is all about… Self Discovery without limitations of smallness!

So how do we know what to do, where to look, what to discover?  What is the biggest challenge in front of you?  Our greatest challenges are all-ways our greatest times of growth.  Mine was easy to figure out… lol.  It was gift wrapped in love and delivered to me at 3pm on Nov. 1st.

In the massive field of light bulb energy last evening… pondering everything… including how incredibly timely this new book is (that i am currently reading) in our life.  I giggle at the authors attempt to put words to what there simply are no words to describe and he states this over and over again.  Sounds like the daily field of readings to me!!    In his journey to Heaven, he also talked about the way he receives information… just like I do in the readings, it’s there and a part of you, beyond a knowing and wordless… so beyond words… much fuller and deeper than words can ever go.

I started to really and fully realize, when you and I are in that reading place… we are indeed bringing Heaven to earth.  I get this now more than I ever have, more than I ever could have without having read this (not even half way finished yet) book.

I would like to share a part of this book (Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander M.D,) taken from chapter p entitled “The Core”

…I saw that there are countless higher dimensions, but that the only way to know these dimensions is to enter and experience them directly.  hey cannot be known, or understood, from the lower dimensional space.  …The world of time and space in which we move in this terrestrial realm is tightly and intricately meshed within these higher worlds.  In other words, these worlds aren’t totally apart from us, because all worlds are part of the same overarching divine Reality.  From those higher worlds one could access any time or place in our world. …

As I read that, Michael’s words once again were in me… Time goes places…

There is no flow of time, but a network to be explored, traveled… planets and lifeforms to say hi to, literally.  Not just thru meditation, but being in that space of meditation 24/7 in the Higher realms of consciousness… all the time!!

To know the giant within.  To loose the limiting identity of just being Human among billions of humans… and to start, right here, right now, wearing and walking in the huge spiritual shoes we have on!!

Many things filled my awareness last evening, including my own “marching orders” called cancer.  I did get an appointment scheduled with a Oncology surgeon at the UNM (university of New Mexico) Cancer Center for November 14th at 9am.  I also must go in on the 13th to get my financial aid in place.  I am going to get a hotel for the night… dinner anyone??

I thought about my body, a lot.  Cancer is not a foreign invader.  It is not a virus coming from the outside in, but a mutation of my own cells.  That means something really important.  I so love and honor my body, for all it has endured and allowed me to experience to date.  Not once did it do anything in malice ever.  So then, cancer itself must be a loving expression of the body.

It is fear that turns anything ugly.

As I pondered this, I also ponder god, creation, all that is.  Everything comes from love.  There is not a thing in all of creation, no matter how we view it, that is not made of Love, including  if not, most especially, the cells of my body.  The cells of my body is what allows me the experience in created matter to begin with.

I wrote a “thought” on that wonderful spiritual forum I grew up within back on 5/31/01 Called: The Beauty of the Weed:

Hello my beautiful friends,

I was unsure where to post this “thought of mine” (smile)… but since it has to do with mind (which is part of the body) I chose here. 

I was thinking about the flowers yesterday… and realized just how easy a flower is to love. They radiate their brilliant colors and aromas to our being… speaking of love thru all that they are. We look at and admire the flower for the love it shows… we tend to them selfishlessly in our gardens…

But what of the weed that grows right next to it? We do not see the beauty within that weed… instead we pluck it, or buy weed killer without a moments thought. There is no less beauty in that weed than in the flower… yet we chose not to see it because it is not as colorful or full of fragrance. The weed radiant just as much love as the flower, but yet we don’t see it or feel it because it does not stand out as the flower does… so we pluck it! 

Do we not do this to our brethren as well? 

It is time to feel and know the beauty and love of “all that is” and not be so hasty to pluck what is of God.

Just a thought that needed to be shared… 

As I remembered this sharing with vivid detail last evening, I also thought about cancer… which is so often attacked, fought,  pushed out of the body with every chemical known to man.  I also started to realize with a deep profound knowing within… there is a collective intelligence consciousness that is cancer.  A collective held in divinity as a loving expression of cells that we call cancer.  So what if I choose to have a love affair with this thing so many are afraid of called cancer?  There would have to be a group consciousness to cancer, what if…. we can not only take messages from this loving source of change in so many people’s lives, but also… flood it with love and honor it for the divine loving creation it has always been?  What if… we can change how it works in the body and how the body works with it?

There is so much more to share… but my head has been exploding with pain since I woke up (really really late….again) and just thinking and hearing myself type hurts.  I feel like I have the worst hang over of my life today.  I have decided, it must be love hangover!  Thank you sooooo much for loving me into bliss all day yesterday and now… I will adjust to the high levels of Pure Love that is surging thru me!!

I think it all has completely blown out my internet system too… I have barely had a full 20 minutes of internet juice today, and that has been broken up over the last 5 hours.

Love the powerful energies of this month!!  And I love YOU soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!


Lisa Gawlas
















  1. loving the consciousness of cancer, loving the way we move, loving our gi-normous selves! loving you, brave heart.


  2. Lisa,

    You are transforming cancer. In a BIG way. You are truly a miracle.

    With ALL of my love,



  3. What a beautiful post by a very beautiful woman!

    As you may remember, once upon a time, I had a thing the doctor’s called “asthma.” It would often flare up after I was around cats. After a bad asthma attack, I later bragged to my friend that I was okay because “I found a way to get rid of the disease.” My friend’s response shocked me when he replied, “why would you want to get rid of it…where is the love in that?”

    Time would soon prove that he was so profoundly right, because a few days later the asthma flared up worse than ever. So I took his approach, faced the fear head on with loving arms, road out the storm and then FINALLY the gift was allowed to shine through. Behind all my trapped pain crying for expression, I finally remembered the day my precious “Sugar” died in my arms (20 some yrs ago); the same day I became too afraid to love another cat, again.

    So for decades, I subconsciously was not allowing myself to be the love I was created to be, so I stopped giving and receiving love for cats -which caused the symtoms of the blockage and restrictions in my lungs. Once I recognized this; it was easy to finally let the fear dissolve away. Today, I have two recent kittens in my life that we rescued from a barn two weeks ago that were abandoned and dying, Today, “Layla” & “Cleo” are doing wonderful & I plan to keep my heart wide open & love them like there is no tomorrow. ALL of it is such a wonderful gift, indeed!

    Your role modeling, dear Lisa, is going to help more people than you can ever imagine. I am so proud of you. I really do love you, Lisa and not a day goes by when I don’t feel grateful that our paths crossed (it was the craziest, wildest, most blessed 16-day roller coaster ride of my life!). You are an amazing Soul. With all my Love… rick dwight stahmann


    • ((((HUGZ)))) Rick!!!

      It is Beauty-Full to see and feel you here… in the Light I know you (instead of the in-between Dwight that I don’t.) I actually thought about you the other day, with your vision and to turn inwards and love the change of eyesight, pesky as it may be!

      I am so happy about your two new cats and the freedom of allergy from the divine feminine… hurray for you, your cats and your girls too!!

      I am grateful as well, for our time together, it always beings a smile, a giggle and a whole new feeling towards Amazing Grace!!

      I love you Rick…all-ways.


  4. Radiating Life’s Love! Thank you Dear Lisa!


  5. […] link to original article […]


  6. hello lisa, thank you for your intimate sharings. They truly give me a compass to the amazing changes within and without. I believe you are completely on the mark with the idea of cancer and there is yet another amazing doctor who is” breaking the code” . You may wish to take a look at him and his work to substantiate your intuition and add more juice to it. His name is doctor Mario Martinez. He speaks about us, our consciousness, being the director to our cells. I hope he adds flavor to your knowing. Sending love and joy with a grateful heart. Stephanie


  7. Wow….cancer consciousness….that just brought such tears to my eyes… are the “love cancer” that will help to heal this world Lisa. YOU are the beautiful flower AND the insignificant weed that makes us all see how beautiful we truly are. Much love to you, sweetness!!!


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