Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 1, 2012

Shambhala Is Here: Play and Explore JOY-fully!! Are You Ready to “Go Places??”

Yesterday was a very interesting end to a very interesting month!  At first blush, I would have said we didn’t get much in the way of information, until I realized just how wrong I was about that!

My first three readings of the day unfolded back to back to back, some, with only 15  minutes in between (mostly due to really great conversations!)  My fourth reading of the day wasn’t until 2pm in my world…. a stretch across time to Australia which was already in the timeline of Nov 1st.  Granted, 7am on Nov 1st… But November none the less.

But before I share with you what I learned about yesterdays amazing readings, let me first share some details of the first reading of the day.  The understandings of his reading, I know apply to sooo many people and we all really need to sit with this and free any remaining worry within us.

Hi reading opened up with that very full golden pool of energy setting right on top of a huge energy peak (prolly, about 20-30 feet in the air, again, going to scale in my readings.)  He was on the west coast, so it was only 8am in his world (an hour behind my own time.)  Besides this huge, unmistakable pool filled with rather happy people, there was an element in his reading that took me by surprise.  A three-foot length of rope dangling down from just above the pool.  The rope was deep mutli-color energy made of primarily of red and blue (the new earth energy and the Love Frequency Pleiadian energy, each were prominent within August [red] and September [blue].)  The thick rope had a huge knot tied at the bottom of it.  My guy had both hands clutching this rope, as I said, the rope wasn’t too far above the pool, so his feet were still dangling in the pool energy.

I was baffled and simply asked… what the hell are you doing?  I knew as this day progressed, that pool of energetic people was going to start tipping forward, heading down the other side of this huge goose egg (that’s what it looked like to me) of an energy point and there he was, hanging on to something for dear life.  Something that he was afraid of if he allowed himself this free fall into November.  As I tried to understand what this rope represented and where did it come from, spirit just said “we threw him a lifeline.”

My eyes kept going to that knot at the end of this energy rope, it was huge and so secure that even if he slipped a little into trust, that knot was there to make sure he didn’t slip all the way down into the free fall.  His agenda, to really get into that knot, untie it, and whatever is holding it together, free it!

In this last week or so, everything in his personal life seemed to get stripped away, right down to the building energy of him and his divine counterpart.  So with this stripping came all the old worries setting deep within the sentiment of his emotional field, all the things the ego loves to say is not going to happen.  And then we worry about it so much that we make it happen instead of just going with the flow of life.  As all that was building washes away… the ego is right there to say, see told ya… this is for everyone else, and not for you.  Of course, I am there to say bull-freakin-shit!!

Here is the beauty of this loving universe.  They will allow you to have any experience you energize.  They will even throw you a lifeline so you don’t go with the free fall into a Heaven made manifest in your life, in our lives.  The choice, at the end of any given day, is always up to us.

LET GO!!  Let go of expectations, the desire to hurry things up, to make it as you want it to be.  To analyse then analyse again, until you push the very thing your heart was so excited about… away.  Because let me tell you, we are creating and un-creating in nano-seconds now.  Let me assure you, the more impatient you are with results… the slower the results will be to happen.  Fear of any sort (including self-doubt and service only to the self [small s there]) will not only slow the outcome, but often times, break it completely up.

You are not in trust if you are in a hurry.

Let’s touch on the whole Divine Counterpart energy… it does not matter whether you met yet or not, or are in the midst of building a relationship, or already head first in the fields of co-mingled co-creation… you are sharing energy on a deeply intimate level.  If you have any sort of fear, worry, insecurity within you, then let me assure you, you are sending that very energy to your counterpart and they too are feeling worried, insecure and a wedge is being built between each other.  Like I said, ALL energy is unbiased.

There are even some people so afraid of being fully in a state of unencumbered love with another, they will tuck tail and run before the experience ever gets to happen.  Free will and all.  Pesky.

What people want deep in their hearts, and what they are willing to fully let go of in the head… sometimes, like night and day.

So, enough about all that!

As I said yesterday in my sharing, I woke up with AA Michael’s words looping over and over again in my consciousness “Time goes places rivers can’t.”  Even tho I wrote about, understood more about the depth of his words via my blog, it still hung there in my heart, like I was missing some important details.

My second reading of the day was on east coast time, two hours ahead of my time.  There she was, in a pool tipping forward over the edge of this huge goose egg looking energy point.  I even mentioned to her how much it changed in 15 minutes.  That was the time span between my first and second reading.    Thru her, I could see the potential at hand…

Once this pool made its full on 90 degree vertical drop downwards, the side of that golden pool would just give way, there are wayyyy to many people in that pool pushing forward that it would have to release itself!  As I watched that potential, I could see the radiant energy flowing out of the pool, all the people themselves flowing out with it, going downhill like in a cascading waterfall.    I could see the energy gateway of this side of the energy flow as it moves into the huge circular energy that is November, a semi-circle, single row of Shambhala flowers at the gateway and I could see the formation of the lake of energy until about mid-November, then I couldn’t see a darn thing!!  What really caught my heart-strings was seeing Michael standing there at the edge of this (half) lake of energy and the later half of November where all the details are being held from our view… arms outstretched to welcome everyone Home!!

My third lady of the day, I believe on central time, again, a 15 minute span of time, was setting right back at the top of the energy point… not tipping forward at all.  Once again, I was able to see the potential of the release of the day, and it looked very much like the lady prior… only I suddenly realized something… I could see all the people flowing down this energy point, but once they made the transition into November, I could not see anyone except Michael with his arms outstretched.  Where did the people go???  No one told me!!  Dammit!

After my third reading, I had several hours before my 4th one was scheduled.  I sat and pondered the significance of placement of the pool.  It suddenly dawned on me that i was seeing the shifting of this pool according to the timelines people were on in their own lives (Pacific, Eastern, Central.)  I thought how weird is that… why would that make such a difference?  As I thought about it… once again, Michael’s words came to the forefront of my thought “Time goes places rivers can’t.”

Michael is always very very selective with any words he chooses to use.  There are two words in that little phrase that seem so out-of-place… goes places… Every time I type that out, I actually type “flows” instead of goes.  Good thing he suggested I voice record what he was about to share with us, or my mind would have used the word “flow.”  But instead, he said GOES.  And whats up with the places, it is as telling as the word goes is.

My three clients were on a very specific flow of time.  So the pool of energy reflected their “river”… which, truly can only flow one way.

As I am sitting there on my couch, reviewing (with a lot of help from Michael) how we seen the readings so far, I knew I was missing the bigger point here.  I was just slightly pissed that all we got to see was a pool and its eventual release downward.  I wanted meat and tatters and we barely got gravy !  Or so I thought!!  I can be so freakin human!! lol

So as I was getting this time and river review, I thought about my lady sleeping in her bed in the early morning of November 1st.  OMG!!  I about pee’d my pants with excitement.  I didn’t see but I had seen the very first inkling of November !  The entire lake area of this fluid energy was loaded with diamonds right at the surface of this water energy that is such a beautiful gray/blue.    I swear it felt like the sun exploded and settled into the earth, the brilliance of reflective energy… I began watching my clock waiting another two hours to actually connect with my lady who is already in tomorrow!  I so wanted to know and see more!!

Once again… there is Michael, not so much reveling in what I had just seen, but more in directive of why I had seen the way I did all day.

Rivers are bound by the flow of earth and gravity.  So is our perception of time.  We stay bound to this place because we perceive time like we perceive rivers.  EVEN if we know time has no bounds… we are mentally so entrenched in moving forward… it is all we really see.

Then I suddenly realized the if we were to view time as it really is… conjoined in the astral realms with space… and completely free (non-existant) beyond the astral plane of earth… then WE can really GO PLACES!!!

Holy shit batman!!

Suddenly, time was no longer flat (in my view) but like a sphere with sooo many avenues to explore and travel within.  Then I had seen this sphere connected to the Pleiades, to Sirius, to all those other places I have no name for.  And can we say… TO EACH OTHER!!!   Did I say holy shit yet??

I still had an hour left before my appointment with my lady in Australia, and my land lady came bearing mail!!  We talked about the lack of internet connections we have had over these last several days.  I was so surprised when she said she has had no internet for 24 hours.  She lives right next door to me.  I seem to always have just enough internet connection to make sure my blogs get published, and facebook updated… and then it goes into never never land and it really has been rough this last week.  But anywayz….

I had ordered a book last week but sheer impulse.  “Proof Of Heaven” by Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander.  It is about his near death experience while in a deep coma.  I was so excited.  As I sat there thumbing thru all my mail, butterflies started stirring in my tummy, my heart started beating so fast I couldn’t catch my breath.  My eyes started welling up with tears of such a profound love… All I could think was that pool must have opened up… because the pure, intense feeling of being IN LOVE… phew!!

When I opened the to the table of contents in this new book of mine, my eyes honed in on Chapter 7: “The Spinning Melody at the Gateway.”  That was enough for me… I started balling like a little baby.

Every part of me was re-membering all the sharings, all the conversations thru October, about the music, the octaves  the gateway we are now at.  It was the crashing crescendo that filled my heart with WE ARE HERE!!

I couldn’t even sit still, I walked around, falling in love with everything… again.  Giving thanx to the birds feeding in the yard, to the birdseed that is sitting in my kitchen… to every appliance and dish, to the windows and the floor, it was like coming alive again in way that was so much deeper than the morning.

And then the time I had waited for… my connection with tomorrow, my lovely lady in Australia!!  What I had seen and felt with her took Holy Shit to a whole other level of expression!!

There she was, in a woman’s body and a childs energy field, sitting on her butt in the first day of November, gray/blue energy up to her belly, silly as silly gets.  Hands cupping the energy, playfully exploring it… and the diamonds… OMG the diamonds were everywhere   It was a burst of magnificent color rising up from the (half) lake of November.  I watched the energy carefully as she played with it… joyfully.  As she scooped handful after handful of this energy up, I could see the substance of this multi-colored brilliant energy.  The diamonds seemed to change form once the energy was lifted out of the whole of the lake.  In her hands each diamond became little saucers of universes within themselves.  Each one was about the size of a half dollar, a gentle concave to make it saucer or bowl shaped and the radiance and aliveness in it.  There was not one, but trillions on this lake of energy.

I did understand that these diamond like energy thingies… this is our power source.  WE MUST learn to use it for all it’s potential.

This is our task for (at least) the first two weeks of November!!

I have a feeling… we are NOW, really Going Places!!


Lisa Gawlas

This song goes out to (one of) my divine counterpart(s) GAIA!!


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  2. oh wow oh woohoo! It is so big that it is almost hard to take in, that we have arrived at the doorway of our dreams come true! thank you lisa for walking with us all and recording our steps along the way. so much love for you, me and everyone, everything!


  3. I woke up thinking about ‘time goes places rivers can’t’. Is it that on one level time is circular? The seasons return year after year in a cycle. Rivers flow from source to sea – always in the one direction.
    I love your image of November having the energy of Shambala. The golden pool image reminds of my 11.11.11 meditation when I was in a golden pool of light. Maybe the ‘time goes places rivers can’t’ is referring to the way the energy that is available now this November is a stronger version of last November’s energy.
    btw – I love your blog and read it most days. It helps me.


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