Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 31, 2012

Time Goes Places Rivers Can’t. (per AA Michael)

It was another day of golden swimming pools and swirling energy (both in the field and in so many of our heads/body’s/lives) yesterday. But there is a perk to not getting a scheduled reading, at least for me, we can take some conversations where they may not otherwise go, which is exactly what happened yesterday!

I was actually surprised when I connected with my first lady in the morning that I was actually able to “see.”  Since the moment I woke up I felt like I had some remnant of Sandy swirling around under the skull of my forehead.  But… I did see the golden outline of the pool again, but this time, tons of people in it.  It wasn’t until my last connection of the day did I realize it wasn’t even on the ground any longer… but about 8-10 feet above ground.  So what said was going to happen the day before, was happening.  But I could not get a single detail from any of it.

After my first reading and being slightly (ok a lot) bummed about no readings, no real information either…. I took to my pendulum.  I have not picked that thing up in many months.  The only time I use it is when I am not getting information thru you or within myself… but yet feel something huge is afoot.  So I called on the only one I talked to thru my pendulum… Archangel Michael.  I asked him to give us a message that we all could use.  As always with Michael, he always delivers… but in away that takes you deep inside to really understand what he has to say.

He swung out two lines of information back to back (which I heard over and over again as I awoke this morning):

“Time goes places rivers can’t.  You hold position carefully.”   I didn’t have near enough brain activity to comprehend his (as usual) cryptic message, so I asked him… what on earth does that even mean.  If (in that moment) I wasn’t already confused he swings out: “I yearn for you.”   That sounded a little way too seductive for my usual conversations with Michael, so the first thing I did was assure this was indeed Michael.  It was.  When I asked him to help me understand what he means by “yearns for you” he once again swung out:  “Time goes places rivers can’t.”   Yeah… well that certainly clears things up… NOT!!  So he gave us one last sentence/message for the day: “Open the gateway.”

I didn’t have a lot of time to ponder this message before my next reading, so I do what I do when something I know is important and cryptic… I post it/share it on facebook.  I am starting to feel with the folks who share and hold my hand in friendship on facebook almost like an elite Harvard sorority .. where we really understand and can relate to our own language and experiences most of life would look at us cross-eyed with.  I find it beautifully refreshing and incredibly enlightening!

But it was the tail end of my second “conversation” that really kicked up some ah-ha’s.  I am not even sure what triggered it, because we were really saying goodbye until our reschedule reading takes place… but suddenly… we were talking about that large golden wedding band that had been hanging just above ground within the first week of November.  The portal (that is not a portal) into the fluid fields of the Divine Marriage.  I had seen it floating steady there for weeks… then in the last several days, it just evaporated or something.  That’s when it hit me… OMG, this swimming pool we are all being held in… is THAT wedding band.  No wonder the field keeps telling me it’s not a pool!  lol… but it does look like one from my view.

I suppose that wedding ring took itself and completely wrapped itself around all of its brides and bridegrooms (us).    Come to think of it… when I had seen it floating there for a few weeks, the center (inside the large gold band) had the same exact energy field (minus the whirl-pool effect) in the center.

And yet, the very moment I got that deep inner ah-ha about the wedding band turned swimming pool… I also, instantly remembered Archangel Michael’s first sentence”:   “Time goes places rivers can’t”  as soon as I had seen the pool open up and release its contents (us.)

Rivers flow only one way… always towards the source.  Well then, which way does the Source flow?  We are the Source…

Now here is a thought that just zoomed thru me… if we are the Source (and we are) very much like the ocean… then all rivers flow towards the source (all time does as well) the oceans of the earth keep balance and energy constantly in motion on earth (think, ebb and flow)… so going to Michael’s second sentence  ” You hold position carefully” then it is thru our hearts, own inner knowing we are Source, we are the fluidness of All there is… and we must hold our positions there… carefully.  Aligned in love unbound by the trappings of space and time.  Flowing…. Together.

Even here… I think I “assumed” something with Michael, and many years of conversation has taught me… go much deeper.  “Open the gateway” is not about us, for we indeed already Are.  It is for the entrance of all the rivers that flow towards to source… towards love made manifest.  And THIS, is what our next set of orders are all about… opening the gateways… so ALL may find their way Home!!

Later in the day, as I pondered this message deeper and deeper… especially the “I yearn for you” part (keeping in mind, every time You is used in his message, it is plural, I asked about us, not me.   I looked up various uses of “yearn” and sit with this one: to feel tenderness; be moved or attracted.

I could see the Legion that Archangel Michael is a part of in the middle of November… arms outstretched towards us… waiting… welcoming…. indeed… yearning.

Time and space are relative… how many of us have already ditched a good portion of our relatives (smile.)  Beyond the confines of the astral aspect of earth… the only place rivers can go… Time is boundary-less… as are WE!!!

So this morning… I imagined that large holding pool/wedding band with a zipper on it… and unzipped it.  As I did, I am currently watching all of its contents (us) spill out into the fluid fields I call November!!

May we all learn to swim beyond the flow of the river… thru the annals of time ever lasting and in pure joy!!

With love, joy and fluid movement into the fields of Heaven… together as One Ocean of Love!!


Lisa Gawlas



  1. Brilliant Lisa Exactly! It was 5 years ago to almost the date! I was walking my 2 year old as i did everyday receiving huge downloads of Light, Love and Truth. One day as we were walking I Saw a Huge Golden Ring in Front of Us[ this is just a small part of all the synchronostic events and visions]. Aiden the 2 year old saw this too. And I stopped Looked at Him and He said Lets Go and we walked right through it and it was if everything changed into Love right before Our Eyes, WOW and what a Journey it has been since then, Simply Amazing! Shortly after this Father God Found Me! Love is Marrying Humanity forever More! Thank you for Your Brilliance We Love You, Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies


  2. Time goes places rivers can’t. — To me this means that time goes all over the place…that time is fluid….there is no time. The past is now. The future is now.


  3. “towards love made manifest” Lisa..some months ago I woke up and heard a voice saying “you are Love made manifest ”
    Its the first time I see this same thing written out somewhere.
    Thank you !!!



    This definition mentions having sympathy and tenderness


  5. Reading this reminded me a page that I have been intending to get back to: there is a lot for people like me to try to understand:

    I was very glad to learn of G.W. Hardin and read his material.

    Sacred Geometry seems to be so very important in the information coming from all avenues — and I was reminded of how Atheria was given those geometrice images by her Dolphin friend and who told her it would heal her. I am glad there are people out there who are going to be able to put all this together to make it happen. Also those grid lines go to Santa Fe, New Mexico, too. How exciting!



    • Oooooh Santa Fe? What about my beloved Taos? 🙂


      • Atheria, I think if you want to be included, you are going to be included. After all, it was you that had the Dolphin experience. When Lisa was told she was going to be receiving millions for what she needed to do……are you getting a picture of what could happen? That red line on the map goes all the way thru New Mexico. (gwhardin/awakening link above) I believe that if you want to create something wonderful, you will be provided the opportunity. I don’t think it is an accident you are that close by Lisa’s location!


      • In that case, throw in where I actually live…Albuquerque! 🙂 Honestly, ALL of New Mexico is powerful/special. Taos supposedly is a vortex like Sedona.


  6. The more I ponder this, Lisa, the more I love it. Am picturing a river of time taking me straight into AA Michael’s open arms. Floating toward him on my inner tube (or should I say, “inner cylinder”–ha!), sipping an umbrella drink. Soooooo much better that struggling to keep my head above water. 🙂


  7. Hi Lisa, I have been thinking over your last 3 days of sharings and want to add my thoughts. It seems to me that October is going to spit us out of its mouth and right into the flow of November. Its as if the dam breaks from all the pressure and we all go flowing into the energies of Nov. and into what we all have been waiting for…for so very long. Thier will be enough of us holding the Light to tip the scales of massive changes that we have been wanting to see. We have been in a somewhat protective shield or “ring” to keep us all safe so that this new reality/life/earth can actually take place. When the protective ring snaps it will be enough of us in the pool to really get this planet we live on to really begin to move forward. Just my thoughts. Roy


    • Big (((HUGZ))) to you roy… I wanted to make sure I got in here (since I actually a moment of internet juice in the afternoon) and tell you how exactly right you are given todays readings and what we have seen thru them… the side of the pool splitting open… a cascading of energy and people flowing downwards into November… and even the entrance of Novemeber… a semi-circle of shambhala flowers waiting to great us… Indeed we have been protected, savored even… and now… well, lets just say LIFE begins in earnest.

      Your thought Roy… are indeed REALity!!

      I love ya!! (((HUGZ)))


  8. I get in such a rush, that a lot of times I am not clear. What I meant about the red lines was: I don’t know where Taos is, and am in too big of a rush right now to look it up. But then just now I realized what I said was mis-leading. The places where these Healing Centers are to be created are at the intersections of these lines.
    Also, this is information that I saw some time ago, bookmarked to get back to later when I had time to really absorb it. That didn’t happen. But when I read today’s sharing, I felt a strong pull to go find it and post it. I just “scanned” over it before posting it. So just now I went back and clicked on the link. There it is, Atheria, Santa Fe/Taos NM! A little synchronicity always brightens my day…..(smile)

    “Grid 1:

    In 1998, Michael appeared to Joe to describe seven points around North America that the angel called the Halls of Healing and Elightenment. These Halls were to be established by the Gatekeepers (Missoula, MT; Denver/Boulder, CO; Santa Fe/Taos, NM; San Antonio; Knoxville, TN; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and St. Louis). It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about the Gatekeepers among the Sevens, but it is time to bring the Gatekeepers on board once again. Many of you were not aware that at the Yellowstone event, Gatekeepers were positioned in the middle of the 8 circles that made up the outside area of the Shekinah formation in the west. There was a reason why, and that reason will unfold further in this message.”


    • Very cool! There is immense power in Taos (but I’m biased). I’d live there if it didn’t get so darn cold in the winter and if there were better jobs available. Right now, ABQ is as cold as I’m willing to go. 🙂 The coolest story I actually heard about Santa Fe was while talking to this retired guy on a flight. He and his wife owned homes in Hawaii and Santa Fe (lucky!). His wife had NEVER had artistic interest or talent, but when they moved to SF, she suddenly got this urge to paint and was suddenly really, really good.


  9. […] link to original article […]


  10. LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE!!!!!!

    p.s. Lisa, I have a potential name for our sorority: Lambda Delta Zeta Delta (LaZy DaZys) ;D


  11. I’m in Australia. It’s already November 1 here. When I meditated this morning I felt a new energy coming in. Something very different from the heaviness of Aug, Sept, Oct. More like last November but stronger, clearer. I don’t have the psychic gifts that you have Lisa but wanted to share this with you. It feels good 🙂


  12. I agree with Suzanne, nature definitely felt different when I was biking to work along the river here. Everything was just soo right and loving…


  13. Urth Healing is for Urth all life within and without


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