Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 30, 2012

Trans-Form-ation Underway AS We Remain In Holding Pool Thru Tomorrow.

I so feel like I woke up (really late) with scrambled eggs for brains.  So I am going to keep this sharing short but sweet, but there are some elements of yesterdays connections that I do want to share with everyone.  They feel too important not to share.

My first lady of the day, one the of the bravest souls I know, just moved from Utah to N.E. PA the evening before.  Surely, a Lighthouse to the rescue!!  When I connected to her I was so surprised at the lack of details, actually zero details at the ground level.  It was more like a mass of energy without form, without distinction.  There wasn’t even that now familiar dividing line between October’s energies and November’s energy’s…. there was nothing.  At least until I shifted my eyes above the ground.  There was the most beautiful swirling (counter-clockwise) energy field of multi-colored energy.  Reminded me of the face of the sun I had seen last week… but now it was parallel to her head (if she had one that I could see.)   I knew there was a massive opening underway… but could not see or receive a single detail beyond that image.

My second reading was more like a static charge of energy… not visuals at all… just intense energy flinging itself all over the place.  It was actually quite wonderful.

My last two connections of the day… very telling really.

My third lady showed up in a way that so completely disoriented me to every aspect of her visuals.  The feeling of October/November energies were completely gone.  There was no inner or outer field that I felt connected to at all.  Instead… there was what can only say looked like one of those 3 foot tall kiddie swimming pools.  Only in gold.  I literally watched as my own crazy antenna… with those frayed ends… grabbed her from (what usually feels like) the west field and her and my antenna were now plunged into this swimming pool looking area (which actually appeared where most “inner fields” appear in the readings.)  Inside this golden circular encasement was the most amazing, thick, pure energy swirling as if like in a whirl pool… again counter clock-wise.  This energy was a cross between clear, gray and slate blue but with tiny strands of multi colored energy within it too… and thick like gel.

I watched as we (her and my antenna) swirled around and around and around.  To tell you I struggled like hell to understand what this all means would be an understatement.  But, thank you dear god, we did get somewhere with it.  Let me tell you, it is really hard to put into words with truth of detail.  There are somethings… I just don’t even have a point of reference for in my vocabulary!!

If I could use a few words, and you find a way to make each one a blend of the other… maybe this is how we can really understand where we are at right now…as a living, conscious high vibrational collective.

A cross between a dressing room, an incubator, and orientation place.  No longer in October’s energy’s but not quite in the “realness” of November’s energies either.  But a place where we are now learning to be fluid… and not only that, learning to walk against the usual flow (clockwise.)  At one point, I think we wondered how long will she/we will be in this pool thing and I had watched it do something really unusual   It was situated in yesterday, as it moved into today, it was as if it was on a super high peak… moving about 15 feet off the ground and then on the 31st landing back on the ground and I watched as the side of this golden pool just gave way and we spilled out into November.

Other than that… I could not glean another detail at all.

My last connection of the day, there she was already in the swimming pool thing with the lady prior to her.  In all my years of reading and connecting… I have never ever seen a completely separate reading show up with the person prior to her in the same details.

But I suppose… we are not doing your usual readings either.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us have a strange disorientation with today.. maybe even tomorrow.  I know I started feeling really disoriented yesterday, especially on my hour trek to the DR’s (recheck for the thingie I had removed on my back.)  I think some part of me was so present with that hurricane, that I expected (on some level) to experience the energy and movement here… I had to literally keep reminding myself that I was here and not there.  The skies were so blue, the air as it usually is, and people just going about their day.  There wasn’t even a gust of wind on my drive to or from the DR’s.  I kept feeling like there was something wrong with this picture.

Maybe it was because I have been in the middle of at least 7 hurricanes, and the energy… the power they bring… granted, yes what appears to be destruction as well…. but even that is a deep, penetrating cleansing and release.  When a hurricane finally leaves, if you can look beyond the debris strewn every which way… is the clearest, freshest air your lungs could ever take in.  I suppose I was equally blessed to live in homes, or better stated, energy fields, where our dwelling always went untouched by the winds, the rain and the floods.

I remember the last one we were in, shortly after i moved back to my sons home in Virginia in 2005 (it may have been 2006… memory fails with time.)  Which ever storm it was, was coming in as a cat 1… I look at them as wonderful air fresheners  they rarely cause large damage.  I decided a few days before landfall to put an energetic wall of protection around our dwelling.  Because we lived in a series of apartment complexes, I had to place this protection around our entire unit.  When the storm came and went, power was lost across the street, in all the units beyond ours…. there was flooding across the street and up the street… and somehow… our entire unit remained fully functional and untouched.

I will never try to stop or weaken a much-needed storm system… but using the energy field that is you… for protection… is why we are who we are to begin with.

I so wish I would have remembered this yesterday, I would have included it in my sharing.  But for whatever reason, I only remembered it on my way to the DR’s… so I am sharing it today.

My heart, my prayers, my love are with each and every person affected by this one going storm.  To all the Lighthouses set up thru out this storms path…. you are honored and appreciated more than you may ever know.

With deep ((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude and love to All.

Lisa Gawlas






  1. It is not a coincidence that the energy of hurricanes and the cleansing energy of readings turn counterclockwise. As you point out what they represent.

    Everything we (in the northern hemisphere) relate to (naturally) moves clockwise, so it makes sense to me that the cleaning etc. would be reverse of what is so “normal” to us.


  2. […] link to original article […]


  3. Energy that rotates anti-clockwise is feminine energy. We have been immersed in the masculine energy (Age) and will be going into the new (Age) feminine energy at the end of the year.
    Love and (((hugs)))


  4. I just wanted to know more of your readings for it’s on fluid status and imagine this: Multitudes of lights , streaming from the left and the right brain creating a nest of something like an eye of a tornado . You are like that image … I really enjoy your blogs Lovingly looking at you and receivng the energy of what we are and who we are … GOD bless


    • Big big ((((HUGZ))) of love to you freedomcaller9,

      What a beautifully profound image to impregnate us all with… it truly humbled my heart in the magnitude of what we are all doing/becoming together. Multitudes of Light, Being/Forming the Eye of the Hurricane… we are the calm center..together. Thank you for an energy that will sit in my heart forever… and expand!!

      More (((HUGZ)))) of de-Light to you my friend!


  5. Celestial Transformation awakens the Light within


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