Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 29, 2012

Wild Storms and Divine Counterparts Made Manifest!! Life Is God (and Good Too)!!

Man oh man oh man… what an intense day in the field yesterday.  Of course, there is soooo much pure energy zooming around earth, I did anticipate an intense day, but truly got more than I bargained for!!

My first lady in the field really showed us something amazing, well, at least amazing to me (smile.)  Since I started the readings here in Jemez, I added a little segue that changes our direction from conversation to the actual reading… and that is a constant line of “putting my antenna out in the field.”  Until I moved here, I had never said that before, never even thought of actually having an antenna really… but it seemed so fitting doing readings from here, especially since they no longer show up in from of me, but instead, literally in my back yard.

I mention this because several months ago, on rare occasions that I didn’t recognize the significance of (until yesterday)  I would actually see my crazy antenna at the start of the reading.  It has changed significantly since I first started “seeing” it… it got thicker, brighter, now metallic in energy, and the fraying, or pinwheel aspect at the end… much larger.  I realized yesterday, as I said that familiar line and actually seen my crazy antenna thru the entire first reading, I see that aspect of me when we are in the midst of global change/shifting.  I also realize, just how much our interactions are changing the landscape of time and space within each other.

When I cued up the start of our reading yesterday, I once again followed my antenna from the kitchen, where I sit in the East field area, all the way over to the West field where the majority of readings open up these days.  I was actually in awe, my antenna was beautiful, a deep, thick gold with so many striations of color thru it from one end to the other, all metallic in hue.  As it reached the West field, I could see the frayed end, or maybe pinwheel would be a nicer description… and then it started spinning.  Can I just tell ya, it is still very much attached to my head!!!  Which means, when it starts spinning… so do my brains!!  They are attached to each other lol.

What I really became aware of is that my lady was over there by that now familiar place I call the dividing line between the October and November energies/landscape.  She was on her own snow bank of piled up energy standing on top of it, face towards the November landscape, back towards my antenna placement… which I feel is a really good thing!  I looked over to her “now moment” there was nothing there.  It was as if “now” no longer existed in the same place it did even yesterday!!  And that crazy antenna of mine… it was set up between what used to be the now moment and her presence at the threshold of November’s energy.  It is when I noticed where my antenna was that I started to really see and feel the spin.  That pinwheel effect at the end of my antenna was turning towards the right (future energy) but man oh man, what it was doing to the ground… I could see all kinds of energy flying backwards… to far behind the no longer visual “now moment,” which has to represent kicking up all the old debris and sending it back to whence it came.

The more I watched this amazing effect, the more I realized there was a depression happening in the earth, and I thought about how our hurricane Sandy is eroding so many beaches as her winds and surf stir up the entire coastline of the USA.  Clearing and cleansing to a very very deep degree.

Now let me just say, my lady lives in Wyoming, far away from the storm system that is actually happening.  But in her own life, about a week or so ago, she went thru her own life storm.  A kicking up of old energy that was laying stagnant on the ground… co-workers throwing their own junk from their own trunk at her, trying to make it hers… she was emotionally flat out.  She had been at this job for 10 years and was excellent at it.  But finally… the tides turned on her as a way of saying… its time to go.

For her, there was a super clear horizon just on the other side of this month… so clear, not a single detail was there.  But there didn’t need to be, she came to the calm and focused resolution in her heart that it is time to put her resignation in.  That will open the flood gates of her new horizon.

I realized something so incredibly profound yesterday thru her connection… WE are the ones who have put all these earth events into motion.  WE are the energies that are clearing and cleansing and changing it all.  WE are the cause of global warming… an acceleration of our vibratory consciousness HAS an effect on earth… it creates HEAT!!!  I have said thru sooo many energy massage sessions…. Where there is heat, there is healing!!  By healing ourselves, we are healing the world!!  The sun, the air, the waters and all that conspires for our progression, is right there with us, doing it’s part, in its own way.

Do not think for a single moment, the lives that go back Home during storms or earth events are not doing their part too.  They are clearing the astral planes as they make their transition from biology back to spirit.

I remember the first reading we did after the big shift on Oct 16th, all aspects of the “field” were participating in the energy exchange of the folks I was reading at the time.  The West (fall, harvest) was flowing in harmony with the East (Spring, new beginnings) and the north (winter, rejuvenation) and south (summer, full gardens) created a cross wind that enhanced the energy of the west and east.

So once again, lets take an amazing look at this profound system happening in some of the densest (old energy) areas in the USA… the East Coast.  You have got a tropical system (summer) churning up the waters all along the Eastern Seaboard of the US.  This tropical system is merging with a polar system (winter) to make a hybrid storm (isn’t that exactly what we have become… hybrids in biology??)  This storm system is packed with the energy of the West (harvest) and East (new beginnings) as it clears the old stagnant debris from our shorelines (deep emotional fields) and kicks out all the old energy (beach erosion, flooding, and all that goes with that.) and at the same time… impregnating the earth with new energy, new growth potential. I find it so very synchronicitic that this hybrid storm is even geared to make its landfall in “the garden state” of New jersey… at this most perfect time called The Full Moon which already impacts the tides!!

I also find it interesting that already there is talk of this being a H.A.A.R.P. event…. WE ARE THE HARPS!!  There is nothing more powerful, more confluent than the human in change!!

And so my next reading of the day seems so incredibly fitting for this massive time on earth.  A husband and wife team!  This is the first time I have ever read for true Divine Counterparts (as I interpret the word) that are actually together on earth in the same space…. and may I even be so bold as to say… the same bed (smile.)

Before I go on about their incredible reading together… let me first give you the way I define (as the field defines it for me) the words Divine Counterpart:

Two people (sex does not matter at all here, as in opposite or the same, just to be clear) from the same soul energy, poured into two different bodies of biology with very particular streams of wisdom encoded within each biology system.  I know we have a tendency to think of our soul as a singular entity, much like our bodies… but it so isn’t at all.  It is a conglomeration of wisdom, various personalities derived from so many incarnations within earth.  Truly a group energy, a collective within itself.

As I use the words Divine Counterpart, it is so much more than two people in a relationship.  They must be, two consciously aware (energetically) of their Selfs and serving the greater good within their (re)union of Self… purposely.

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure how I would recognize true divine counterparts together… until this amazing couple breezed into my life yesterday.  I read for the man first.  OMG!!  I made a very simple diagram so we can all follow along with what is happening… keep in mind, my artistic talent is limited to circles and arrows (smile) via microsoft paint.


His reading opened up where I have the multi-colored energy of the new “now” moment.  Just for the record, there was no white space in that area.  I just got tired of creating dots to complete this visual (smile) and all of it was metallic.  I understand a little bit about this pretty much very relevant aspect of our shiny energy field… the metallic… very reflective.  Don’t underestimate the power of that description   If we are indeed metallic in energy… then everything we think, do and say reflects itself out into the created (and even un-created  fields of ALL Life.  Let me tell ya… there is responsibility (to and for the greater good) just in breathing!!

This metallic area of his heart center was like a multi-colored bubbling of lava.  It was in constant motion… breathing, expanding, contracting… affecting!!

Took me a bit to really understand that this is his “now” moment area.  Out of time for sure.  Neither here, nor there, yet… completely affecting our (perceived) future.  The energy was so intense there it was hard for me to even be still… or conversely coherent.  It was like he picked up my own energy and put it on super speed, right from the start!!

The next thing I knew… I was looking at what I call that dividing line between the energy we are still building in October and the Energies we will flow into in November .. and I was so surprised to see what looked like the old saloon doors, one opened into his heart field, the other opened into the fields of November.  If I am remembering correctly, it wasn’t until I read for his wife, did I really understand the significance of these doors… they are Divine Gatekeepers.

Altho I read for her separately  after his reading… I was delighted and so surprised to see her energy field overlaid on his.  His was no longer as bright or intense, but very much a part of hers in detail and understanding.  She was located at the upper (to me that would be the left side) aspect of the saloon door open into November and she very much from the Angelic kingdom.  She was floating above the earth about 3-5 feet and I knew she was there anchoring in the energy of his field for all of creation.

Together, spirit said they are gatekeepers (hence the saloon doors) to our entrance into November’s field of energies.  What I found really interesting too… she was reading from a book… it was a green hardcover book that was really really thick… and I heard the field say it was “the book of wisdom.”  So she was already preparing the fields of November, coupled with her husbands intense creator energy of metallic vibrancy… and seeding the landscape of November with wisdom (how this all works out… I have no clue… but man oh man it was exciting to witness!!)

Let me also bring up something so important (because she did in her reading)… Divine Counterparts are not supposed to think alive, see alike or even BE alike… actually, quite the opposite.  He is an earth worker, she is a sun worker… they will see and experience so many thing differently… as is needed to bring in the breadth of wholeness in their combined participation together.  Kind of like shirts and pants… serving the whole of the body… uniquely and together!!

Altho, together they opened the doorways of November to all of us… I still wasn’t able to poke my nose thru to see any details… but what I was able to see… phew baby.  Liquid energy.  Full of potential… a clear space to create and recreate at our hearts desire.

There is so much more to this story that I just can’t put into words… but I am reading for them again next week and my intention (always subject to the fields approval lol) is to scope out their biological portals… ummmmm…. of course that would have to come thru the energy of sexual stuff (not that I am wanting to look at them having sex… that would just be weird lol, but the potential of what it really means to be in a Divine Counterpart relationship with the ability to open portals of intensity thru the union!!  But the field did say that everything will be ready for the full on energetic connection of true Divine Counterpart energy (sex) next month.  We gotta see what that means… right!!??  (giggle)  …. and yes, they have already been warned and accepting!! (smile)

Gotta give our incredible sun a shout out here too.  Yesterday there was a long, slow sensuous eruption on the southwest (summer’s gardens and fall harvest) of the suns field… taking hours to fully erupt.  How timely, how perfect is the orgasm of the sun in this precious moment in time for all of Life!!??  I love it!

I was supposed to have another reading about an hour after this couple… but nothing would let me connect to her.  She was across the pond in Australia, my phone looked like it was trying to connect, but would never even get a ringtone… I sent her several emails to confirm her number… which she never received until well after an hour later.  By the time she wrote back… I was crashing hard (about 2:30 pm.)

I ran a bath, could not muster the energy to get naked… so I gave up.  Laid on my couch at about 4 pm and slept til 3 am this morning.  Holy freakin shit batman!!  Can I just say… y’all rock my world into never never land!!

But I love ya… and am so grateful for the rocking!!

My heart, my soul, my love is set up on the shores and lands of the East Coast today as Sandy makes her journey inward!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of rejuvenation and brand new gardens in all Hearts of Humanity!!

Lisa Gawlas









  1. OH man, Lisa. The worst of the storm hasn’t even gotten here to CT yet (though it won’t impact us the way NJ and NY will experience, thank heavens) but my body is reeling. I was in my happy dance this weeknd and just crashed to the floor Sunday afternoon. No appetite, pains, pains, pains. My skin hurt. Chills, skin tingles when I changed positions, and GI problems from my throat chakra all the way down to my root chakra. My cat got on my bed and didn’t move a muscle for 8 hours. I felt this huge movement of energy thru my body overnight but I’m still feeling sick. I love the cleansing but I want Sandy gone ASAP. I am such a weenie when it comes to feeling ill (on top of the usual). I only wish I could have seen what was energetically happening in my body. All I could think of was a spout from the blowhole of a whale, like you see in drawings in kids’ books.


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  5. I am so pleased that Gaia is clearing her bodies. And we are her children, she makes the way before us. Hang on!!!


  6. A Hurricane is seeking its divine counter part. It is only half of the two polarities that form a torus. All it can do is suck the life out of everything and leave a trail of destruction. We attract these storms because we are allowing our anger and other highly charged emotions to create an unstable field that allows other highly organised systems to just bowl us over. Everything on this planet is trying to be LOVE right now. And that means their energy fields are trying to implode and turn inside out to form a TORUS. A hurricane is energy that is trying to do that very thing as well but can’t because of the earth’s gravity and all the chaotic energy all around it. When we are stable energetically the weather is stable. We have to work as one organism to live in a balanced world and that is it in a nut shell.


  7. Higher than divine light is accessed within the divine core


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