Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 28, 2012

The Intense Build Up Of Energy Before The Liquid Fields of November Open.

I find it very interesting what is happening weather wise, earthquake wise and the “pile up” of energy in the readings.  Even yesterday, we are still being held back from fully moving into (what I call) November energies via the field of Light/Readings.  So, this morning I took a look at the whole breadth of what is happening on earth, phew baby, we have a busy earth!!  Besides the mammoth storm of Hurricane Sandy, a Nor ‘easter that is merging with it creating an 800 mile wide storm system, there is a cycle on the Western Pacific (Philippines) called Son-Tinh packing winds of up to 110 miles per hour.  Last night, Canada made a serious earth burb (7.7 earthquake) in British Columbia triggering a (smaller than expected, thank goodness) Tsunami in Hawaii.  All in time for the full moon tomorrow.

And I must note the absolutely beautiful contrast of emotions with it all.  The “Field,” life itself is as giddy as a school girl!  There was not a reading yesterday that didn’t possess this tremendous energy of excitement, joy, and just pure giddiness as all of life prepares for the release of held back energy into (what I call) November.  People on the ground… not quite as excited.

Another thing I have taken notice of… how many people have had some sort of car accident, even a horse accident, this past week had by several clients and my own youngest daughter.  Shake ups for sure.  But my lady yesterday, man oh man did her car accident really give us a bird’s eye view of what is really happening… between the weather events. the earthquakes, and the mere collisions within our lives.

She was hit y a 75-80 year old man who fell asleep at the wheel traveling rather fast.  He slammed into her, she slammed into a concrete bridge wall, flipped her car… and by a shear miracle, walked out without a scratch.  Totaled the car, but left her body completely unharmed.

Her back story, she feels stuck in a life, an area she has out grown years ago but cannot see a way out…. yet.  So the old. sleeping energy rammed right into her, life representing itself, pinned her against a concrete barrier (more of that old energy) and killed the car she has had for 18 years, and that has been in her family for 25 years.  If do not change the way we are going to move forward (keep in mind, in my world, cars always represent moving from point A to point B in your life… very much an extension of our legs.)  Her accident happened on the 22nd… a master number of duality.  The old energy crushed her old mode of moving… and now… something new must take its place.  She truly is a walking miracle… an absolute representative of the new energy.

Now in her reading, she was strolling along from west to east just right of her “center” within her heart field.  The image itself was interesting, and I had seen this image before she told me of her car accident.  To give you a visual… imagine her heart center is 25 feet from west to east, her calm center located directly in-between that area (12.5 feet in) there was the now familiar pile up of cloud energy everywhere I could see but with a twist.  In the area she was walking (close to inner center, about a foot to the right from mid-line) was a rolling patch of multi-colored energy that was about 3 feet long and about a foot and a half wide.  There were rolling hills to this multi-colored swatch of energy and it was constantly in motion.  Rippling, re-blending the various colors of the rainbow as it moved.  It was actually quite beautiful.

As she constantly, and slowly walked forward on this patch of energy, I could feel new roots taking place deep inside her heart center.  A true change of heart on every level of life, all leading her to some serious new beginnings.  Of course, what all that means to her right now… top-secret to the field we read from.  The important thing to focus on (for all of us) what no longer serves her in this new landscape has fallen away (crushed really.)

On a completely different note, one of the lady’s I was reading for asked a question, well a sorta question, but enough of one to give us all something to be excited about.  She was talking about how incredibly tired she feels, all the time.  Wanting to go to the gym, yet, hanging out on her couch instead, just because her energy went elsewhere.  I know this place well within me (as does my hips and butt!!)

The field replied to her in a way that just got me excited!!  It talked about looking at these times very much like a new-born baby.  What do babies do after birth… sleep… and grow… and eat, sleep some more… and grow.  Their whole biological focus is on growing into their new body… ours has been that way too.  And like magic, the baby hits a place in their growth that you can no longer keep them still, they have what many parents would say is an excess of energy.  We are about to hit that place within our lives too.  An energy surge… hurray!!!  I could feel it in my own body… all day long!!  As we hit this energy surge, we will find our “baby fat” just leaving as we start really moving forward in our new life, new energy field and new creation abilities.

I have a feeling tho, it is by mid-November we get to really feel and use this new energy.  The small bits that the field does show us about November, the first two weeks… it is like orienting ourselves into a whole new way of Being.  We have become so accustomed to feel the solid earth beneath our feet, the view of solid construction around our lives… and we are already moving into a liquid field of life (and we are surprised about the rain/water energy happening now??)  Kind of like you woke up one day and you are no longer living on a piece of earth, but an area of ocean.  Fluid, changing, a new place and way of life that takes some orientation of… because we must now interact differently.

But how still remains a crazy secret in the field.  It will be interesting to see how much we are actually able to see today in the field.  I feel tho, October is still building in it’s energy before the flood gate of November will be fully released for all of us to flow into.

Ohhhh the preparation is sooooo exciting!!  We are alive in a living pressure cooker of Change!!  May we feast soon!! (smile)

((((HUGZ)))) filled with excitement and party shoes and for some… life rafts!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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  2. Double hurray!! for the energy surge, bring it on!!! It’s comforting to know we’re not alone in the challenges these days; it gives me hope that things can (and are and will) really change. Thanks Lisa for another inspiring and uplifting blog!


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