Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 27, 2012

The Kundalini Pole of Our New Bodies… You Ready To Impregnate Life??

The one thing I can say I am sure of, we are building to something intensely incredible in our fields of life.  It was another very strange day in the field yesterday.  I have got to thank everyone so much for their extreme patience and understanding with me when we are in a reading.  See something doesn’t always relate to understanding what is being shown.  This was par for my course yesterday.  Even as I type that (slight frustration) out… I hear this quote from spirit “The power and energy is held in the visual, not the understanding of the visual.”  (Easy for them to say!!)

So, let’s get powered up!!

In all the readings of the day, there was not a single detail presented in what I would call out “present moment,”  it seems we have moved to the threshold of October/November energies and are en massing what is needed.  Completely and utterly changing into our new form.  My last reading of the day gave us this word to go with it all “Molecular infusion.”

So my first lady of the day was all piled up near this super shiny gold dividing line keeping all we are going thru in October contained… At this thin dividing line, so much molecular energy was piled up like a snow back to the top of that dividing line and sloped down to near her present moment area.  And then I seen the most amazing image ever.  I have found an image that closely (but not fully accurately) resembles what I had seen:

On the sun’s surface was very much like the energy shown in this picture, only it formed a spiral of energy flowing constantly to the center.  I could barely take my eyes off of the image, and nothing would give us full understanding of what it meant to her… to us!  This image was presented just behind her snow bank of energy, directly at that dividing line slightly deeper into her west field than the snow (and I mean just slightly, it was right next to it.)

I tried everything I knew how to see what was on the other side of that dividing line, in relationship to this cluster of images… they weren’t having it at all.  Nor were they giving us the feeling or words of what it all meant together.  Spirit sure can frustrate the hell outta me!!!  But we love them anywayz!! (smile)

And so I had asked her if she had any questions because I didn’t know what else to do.  I was grateful when she came packing questions.  Especially one in particular… one I would never think to ask ever.  She asked about her Kundalini energy and if she needs to do any more work on that.  What we got as a response and a visual and an understanding… Holy Christmas batman and wonder woman!!

Now I want you to keep in mind, the response to her question from the field is for all of us who have an energy body and biological body that represents this 7th dimensional field of life/energy.  Those still climbing out of the old energy system… are working their way to this incredibly change!!

In response to her Kundalini question, the field had said they understand she asks in reference to the Kundalini we are all familiar with, that ball of energy sitting at our root chakra.  For those that are alive and aware on this field of Heaven, that Kundalini is now flowing thru you as you.  A full integration had to have happened if you are Here.  So in the way we knew it… it no longer exists as it did.  Of course, our goal has always been to integrate our spiritual field with our human field… and to be Here is to have done that.  Weather you were conscious of it does not matter.

What we had seen next… OMG!!!

We opened up into the circular field of November, her body wasn’t so much legs at her pelvic girdle, but a super shiny golden (solid) rod that went from her groin to the ground.  It reminded me a bit of a flag pole and she was the flag.  But somewhere in that image must have been some springs…. because she bounced from point to point instead of walked!

After a bit of giggling (it really was a funny vision to see) I really started to understand something that we all need to take note on.  This is our new (for lack of a better word) root chakra.  But no where near like the chakras we have come to know and love within our bodies…. nooo sir eeee.

Super shiny gold… the shiny itself is the reflective mirror image of our souls desire.  In her root thingie, I would actually see the landscape in the reflection, but not exterior to her at all (since we have not quite gotten into November yet.)  This golden flag pole is solid… and penetrating with its bounce.  Think about that for a moment.  We have gotten to Here by pulling up mother earths energy to heal, cleanse, nurture… and now, we are the impregnators of the field of life.  So we are sending out high spiritual vibration and desire into mother earth… for creation.  Infusing her (earth) with the spiritual seeds (vibrations) for our deepest creative desires.

I was able to see that this whole shiny flagpole that is now a root chakra thingie encompassed the entire core energy field.  Which would so make sense.  To Be Here, we must feel and act in oneness and not separation at all…. including the (old) separation of our energy centers.

What was really interesting is that she started out in the south side of the circle of November and made three very distinct hops over in her east field.  Three new beginnings she has set in motion/bringing to life on earth by her new root thingie (sorry, it is no longer a chakra as we know it… but have no word to replace that!!  We humans love to label things… this one included!!)

With each hop/bounce landing in her east field area, I could see the reverberation of energy as it punctured the earth itself.  Like a concave in the earth that rippled outwards.  I could not see what on earth it represented… but after her third distinct hope (each in a slightly different area on earth) she made a major hop over to her west field.  This was where this understanding ended in visual.  But that West field, our harvested energy silo… she went back to resupply herself.

let me tell you… my heart and mind was glued to this revelation…. We have changed completely!!!

One of my other readings of the day was just as unique and revealing too.  Very different, but… of course, not really.  She opened up in the center of her field… the heart energy area.  Mounds of molecular energy looking like big poofy clouds everywhere except in the direct center running from West to East.  There was about a 6 inch gap in her center field running all the way across from west to east and this energy…. OMG it was intense, beautiful, alive.  The core liquidness had a silver hue to it, but the radiance of the energy thru out… like a soap-bubble basking in the sunlight.  This is the new human heart.  The full combined energy of the earth, the Pleiades and Sirius.  The Alloyed Being is actually quite liquid (think of the movie Terminator where those people change form by being silver blobs on the ground… kinda like that, but not really.)

How many people recently have felt the intense shift in your heart… the feelings, the love.  Like being born anew with depth and richness that goes beyond the body and thru to the soul.  Welcome Home loved ones!!

But it did give such an understanding to what I have been feeling for November… we will be living in a thick, liquid state of Being.  We are so accustomed to everything being solid… unchangeable… but that is not the way of it.  Not at all!

This is also giving way to very sacred ground… and so many are already going thru, or preparing for… more shake ups in their life.  People, places, things, jobs… suddenly giving way.  Releasing so that the one in this field can flow, unencumbered thru the ring of the Divine Marriage of Heaven on Earth!!  We are already being pimped out in our new clothes as our old clothes goes elsewhere.

This actually helps me to (almost) understand one of the readings yesterday too.  This wonderful soul asked me about her parents and brother.  I was so caught by surprise by what I had seen… and even more by what I understood.

Now, if I can fill in a little extra details with her before I get to her family… another so funny visual, but man, I got it!!  She is also the one who gave us the understanding of “molecular infusion” but she was splat against that dividing energy from October to November   I mean splat… like something out of a cartoon!!  And very stick figure like… 2D instead of 3D… once I stopped giggling from the view and the feeling… I understood that she catapulted herself forward… but we cannot go all the way into November yet.  Which is why she was represented as a stick figure… no longer the old body, not quite thru the molecular infusion thingie that is fully underway.

And then she told me she participated in an energetic opening or something the day before… well… makes sense why I had seen her splat against the wall!!

But when she asked about her family, of course they showed up in her left field area… out of her heart field, which totally represents “no time.”  So her three family members where showing up in a past timeline…. and then I was really shocked when suddenly they went thru the ground to three layers beneath the ground she was on.  Instantly I heard the field say these are other variations of earth… remember, they all appear to be in the same place and time… but they are not at all.

The earth they were on was actually sad to look at… as if it was completely burned… charcoal black, tattered and torn.  What an amazing contrast to what I have been seeing and feeling with our earth.  I also understood there will be a separation from them for they have chosen a different outcome, a different experience than she is or will have.  All is perfect and exactly as needed for the soul evolution at hand for all involved.

I so feel the timing of Hurricane Sandy is heaven-sent.  Chaos always precedes intense change.  She has definitely delivered unexpected chaos so far.  Cleansing so deep… and if she merges with the polar energy coming from Canada… talk about hot and cold running wild… hand in hand together… to clear the way for an outcome we just cannot see from today’s vantage point.

I will end on that note and spread my heart wings of love for a great big group ((((((HUG))))) of gratitude to All!!

Lisa Gawlas













  1. WOW – immense amount of “clues unfolding! Much love and great light to all.


  2. Wow….hurricane Sandy will wash/rip….and cleanse!!! Oh MY!!! This is all so exciting and kinda scary….but, all needed.


  3. OH yeah, a Heaven-sent wash and dry of D.C. and Wall Street just like last year! Luv it!


  4. Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing!
    I do feel the liqued love, it is Magical!
    Now I understand why I had months of work done at my rootchakra! That did hurt but so worth it now.
    For people with workings on their heads… I had that Summer of 2011, it hurt like sooooo bad… I went outside, hugged trees and put a cold towel around my head. That helped, it was done a few times but less hurtful.
    What has helped me go faster, or smoother maybe is transformation of emotions in subconsiousness and body. And to know that whatever comes up, we have all been there and done the good, the bad and the ugly. To not take it personally and dwell in them too long.
    I get taken on spinning tours, I spin soooo fast, very wonderful. I think it is spinning out fears etc… cannot explain it otherwise. It always goes fast, real fast and always perfect, not hitting anything and never hurting myself.

    I feel that on my right side is a dividing line, at. 75. Energy does not go there till now. Anyone a suggestion what that would be fore?
    Patience most likely…

    Look forward to your next reading so much. I find with you the most answers on what I experience out of all blogs.

    Thank YOU!


  5. Hi Lisa, thank you for mentioning Sandy. I live in Phila. Pa. and Sandy is headed straigth for my area. They say we will be hit the hardest. I am not in any fear as whatever is suppose to happen will happen. I will see everyone on the other side of all of this. Love and Light to all of you. Roy


    • Hi Roy (((HUGZ)))

      Keeping ourselves in the “center/eye of the hurricane” is really important. Two of my children live on a peninsula in Virginia, one of the projected paths of this storms landing. My grandbaby is in Boston, and my family live in N.E. PA… so I am holding Light with You Roy… for all our loved ones… let the cleansing be as gentle but as thorough as possible!! (((HUGZ)))


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  7. Earth Healers carry the Golden Essence


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