Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 26, 2012

Magnetic Acceleration

How science is using magnetic energy to rewire our brains

Anyone else have a strange day in their biology yesterday?  I know for me, I could feel an odd warmth spinning in and around my head.. a slow spinning, clockwise.  But what got really strange, it was as of my cranium couldn’t handle all of this warmth, so it would leak from beneath my skull at my neck and I could feel it gently rolling down my neck and shoulders.  It left me feeling less dizzy but more expanded… I am not even sure how to describe it, weird and kewl all at the same time.

I don’t know why I didn’t relate to what I had seen thru readings to what I was experiencing in my body until this morning… but that has become the way of me (smile.)  Everyone I connected to yesterday were in the same pattern of Light… covered in colored dots of energy, with more and more rushing in from what I would call our future direction.  These dots of energy completely covered each person and there was nothing I could see or read, except the high vibration of these dots.  Perhaps the correct word would be more…. molecules??

My first reading of the day really gave me some clarity of what these dots were… she was covered from the ground to about her mid-thigh in white molecules of energy, they seemed to be stable and set.  From where the white energy ended (or completed itself) she was a mound of growing soft yellow molecules.  The stream constantly adding more from the future direction, it seemed like they were condensing on top of each other and their vibration rate… holy cow!!!

I am grateful I had a short day already planned for myself because the connections were just too intense for my already warm circulating head.  Of course, my short day in the field, meant a long day at the Doctors and Dentist office, which I was oddly calm about!  Maybe this wonderfully odd calm was due to the fact I was not 100% sure if I was actually in my body.  Especially during my hour car ride to get to this combined medical center.  I swear I felt like my whole body was breathing in harmony with something that has some really deep lungs!!  I felt expanded, then back again, then expanded and back again…

I have made this journey from my home to Cuba, NM at least 8 times now and I was amazed to notice landscape configurations I just never noticed before.  Almost as if I was witnessing this majestic land for the first time.  There is a place on my return trip that I only noticed yesterday… where it looks as if the road itself (highway 550) will go straight into the Mesa that was stretched from left to right in my field of vision.  How on earth could I not have seen this before?

I also noticed that those tiny multi-color dots of sand was now on every single window in my car… I really felt like I was in a self-imposed energy incubator.  I have decided I will not wash my car for as long as these beautiful rainbow enhanced dots cover my car windows, beyond the beauty they streamed into the car, they were… energizing??

When I finally got home, I just sat and pondered the day… and with a sudden burst of realization I understood that what I had seen in the morning readings was the onset of the magnetic field of attraction.  This is why those molecules of energy were zooming around each persons body.  We have hit a critical point in our… whatever.  I really don’t even have a reference to what we are going thru these days.  Whatever it is, it is humbling and exciting!

Another interesting thing I must ponder, with a great big smile in my heart… the shear amount of people hosting me in their dream-state,  all within this life changing month called October!!  I had one lady i was (attempting) to read for yesterday say not only did I show up, she cooked dinner for me, my son and my grandson!!  How humbling is that.  It is one thing to be able to see a vibrational shift in your own child… but when he shows up in the dream state with us, it truly is the cherry on the cake of validation for me.

We are indeed gathering, planning, celebrating together!  As I was made aware of two people yesterday dreaming of both me as well as the Mesa here we read from… I realized that area in my dream with the sound waves moving outwards, is indeed located at this point of the earth (The Mesa here in Jemez.)  Together, we have opened and activated and enhanced the energy longing to play out loud in created life… the Home of the Guardians… of us…. radiating and gathering thru All of Creation!!

On a completely different side note, I am still undergoing major internet connectivity issues.  I was hoping when the lady from Windstream (my internet provider) said this entire project of changing out our cable wires and adding substations would be finished completely by the end of November  I was hoping she really meant that our area would be done soon.  That is not even close to being the case yet.  Once 8-9am arrives in my world, it seems the internet connection either looses so much strength I buffer to kingdom come… or it just leaves all together (which was the case yesterday.)   This also affects my ability to make calls (I get no cell reception in this area, so my calling ability is 100% wifi dependent.)  So please bear with me as our area grows into the fiber optic age of connectivity!!

I honor each and everyone of you soooo much.  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make this Shift a super Reality!!

Magnetic (((((HUGZ))))) of amplification to All!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Dear Lisa,

    I leave a link for you, regarding the fiber optic cables.

    I feel so much around me, it is strong, intense, beautiful, Magical and weird too! I too have on my right brain workings done, my biology – Alchemy I think, I hear nothing but shouting till this day and Holy Shithead, Halleluja. My whole body is different I am sure, strings being pulled through it and like chains. My rootchakra has not been still for months, driving in overtime it seemed. I feel two chakra’s on the side in my private area too. Painful it has been. My body feels like liquid, soft, whole and also like I am in an electrical socket. Like you my innervision is not complete yet, I do see shades though. Things appear out of my Temple, but than again we are a copy of the Universe.

    I keep wishing to be able to receive a reading from you sometime, own no Skype nor credit card and I live in Europe.

    Greetings from another Wonderwoman!
    Whom has no clue what to do!

    Love your story btw and love what you are doing!


  2. Stuff was literally coming out of my head last night. Even though I took my allergy meds before I went to sleep, I woke up with a bunch of snot pouring out of my nose and tears coming out of my eyes. It kept me awake for a couple of hours. Then all this morning it feels like an ice pick is being rammed into the left side of my crown chakra. Whew!!!!!

    I feel like I have been raised from the dead these past few months. My drive is really strong right now, stronger than it’s been for at least the past decade. And best of all, I am happy, really happy. That’s quite a thing to admit from a usually morose Capricorn.

    Thanks for the daily writeups. They are always perfect confirmations for me. I so love you for all you do for all of us.


  3. […] link to original article […]


  4. I noticed something yesterday but it was more of a feeling as if I was different yesterday. Everything around me was different. I felt this feeling before when I was young. Its almost like the feeling of everything around you going in slow motion. But this time it was not that but gave you the same feeling but it was something else, things were for sure different. I dont know how to explain it but I can say I definetly noticed and felt it yesterday.
    oh and blurry vision at times.. which is odd


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