Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 25, 2012

Sound Frequencies, Changing Molecules and the Releasing of Fear hidden within Trust.

Boy, strange night in sleepyville last night.  I know I fell asleep before 8pm and just woke up (just after 6am) and I had the same dream experience all thru the night.  There was a new high frequency being emitted from the earth.  From my point of view (within the dream experience) the earth herself was surrounded by deep space and she was a planet… there was no other lifeforms that I could see, not even myself really.  I know I was consciousness in deep space witnessing this event, yet, I also was something on earth absorbing this event.  Sound frequencies or waves coming out of the earth.  I created a super simple image of this using paint:


I seemed to be woken up every time that frequency stretched itself outwards.  I wasn’t wide awake, just awake enough to realize I was both in this dream experience as well as on my couch.  I would go right back to sleep and right back to the expanding frequency.  Notice I colored the outer ones different (in my dream, these were the colors I seen and how I seen them flowing off the earth… only, not quite as simple…smile.)  The outer ones are different, I am not even sure what I mean by that… except maybe they are tighter together, a super high frequency that we must attune to and live within.

The only thing I do understand with this dream experience, we must attune ourselves to that outer frequency.  There was also a strange feeling of living there too… how that works will be interesting to step into!!

I have a feeling this was giving us more detail that started within the last reading of the day.  It was a strange reading even by my account.  Once again I did a really humble paint image of what I had seen:

As with everyone in yesterdays reading, no one was located in what I call their “now” moment… in the threshold of that west doorway.  Every person was near the threshold of November, more or less.  This image was no exception.  She arrived traveling the fastest circle movement I had ever seen.  I could not see her so much as I could see the colors of the circle… red and black blended together in rapid movement.  As I was trying so hard to understand what the hell is happening and why with her… I could see the next image that was already in place… that incomplete blue circle… a blend of several colors of blue.

When I am stumped by what I see in a reading, I start going thru what it used to mean… circles having always been representative of completions.  When I stumble upon the correct meaning of what I am seeing, the truth of it hits me in my solar plexus and I know that is what it is representing.  I didn’t get any hits at all.  So then, off to interpret the colors… maybe that will help!!

Red is the new earth color.  Black has become very relevant these last few days as unseen potentials coming to the surface for use and exploration.  This so reminded me of the August energy that was always so red and thick.

The blues… very much the Pleiaden energy of the Love Frequency.

Both very much rang true to my guy… but what the hell does it mean to her!!!!  Finally the field gave me an image close to my face that I could understand!!  The image of various molecules binding together to create a new energy.  OMG, I soooo got this!!

The red/black is the new earth energy, she is zooming around in that energy because she fully resonates with that energy.  The Pleiadian molecule was binding to the earth one yesterday, no doubt sirius is binding today.  Completing the new Alloyed Being… US!!

The power node of the 23rd, coupled by all the intense sun energy… created the field of completion for the binding to take place.

So her scientific reading (smile…. of course, she works in the science field… interesting really) and my frequency dream experience… absolutely bookends of each other.  I still have no clue what it really means to us… but man oh man, it is exciting!!!!

Maybe all of that helps me understand how deeply I felt all day long yesterday.  It is a feeling of being madly and passionately in love.  Not just filled with Love… but all that goes with that deep intense feelings of being madly in love. It was even funny to witness myself with this energy… which I could actually see on every strand of my energy field… holy cow, like molecules vibration on those sound waves!!  Our mind, the way it is programmed… wants to place all the loving feeling on someone, something… to give it a place to land and connect to.  The heart… more like shaking water on everything, everywhere.  It could almost be a conflict within if you didn’t really understand the depth of what was happening.

I must also talk about another type of binding that I have seen.  The binding of fear and trust.  One is always trying to expel the other… whether we realize it or not.

One of my readings is with my beloved horse lady.  The one I shared a few weeks ago about her standing on the saddle of a horse as a child.  Well, she rode this horse (sitting, not standing) in a show for adoptive horses (she rescued him several months ago) and in a sudden moment of her hands clapping while she was on his back, he got spooked and threw her off with a vengeance .. to the point of her needing 9 staples in her head, and injuring her right side (emotional/spiritual size) and twisting her left knee (flexibility of moving forward in life.)

To tell you I was shocked to her her events would be an understatement.  I know this horse loves her so much, they have spent many past lives together, learning from each other.  Holy cow, just typing that gave meaning to something I soooo couldn’t understand yesterday!!  But, I am ahead of myself here.

I could see her on horseback as soon as she showed up in the reading.  The horse was much more pronounced than her (meaning, I could see him) she was an energetic outline.  But what confused me even more was the intensity of energy coming around their whole image together.  Like tons and tons of high vibrational energy was packing itself in from the future to where she was in her reading.  So much so it was all obscuring my ability to read her (just for the record, molecule lady didn’t happen yet… she was my next reading.)

It was after I told her how I seen her, and couldn’t really understand what was happening, did she tell me of her mishap on the 20th (the day of that m9 flare.)  That flare set the stage to unbind the trust and fear… and that is exactly what happened.

So many times we tip toe into the arena of trust, because fear is right there with us.  We don’t really realize it because we are focused on trusting…

As I watched and talked to her, some interesting elements started to present themselves in my field of vision.  Holding a super shiny golden rod in her right hand.  It was about 5 feet long… to short to be a javelin .. so really I had no idea what it was she was holding, except the intensity of gold and reflection within the shininess.  Then I seen what looked like the old knights helmet on her head, again in that super shiny gold… I was still clueless on what the hell it meant to her.  Until now.

In previous lives with this horse, they were worriers together.  They fought many a battle as one energy.  Fear and trust encompassing the whole.  The sound of her clapping brought his memories right back to the sound of battle… which he has no desire to do.  In that instant… he reacted the only way he knows how.  Fear is like that ya know!

Even after my reading with her, I was so deeply puzzled I actually took a bath to see what I may be missing.  It was very strange what was presented to me.  But I am feeling the understanding more today… and let me tell ya, this is as relevant to all of us as it is to her.

In my meditation, I was in my home, actually even in my bath… when all of a sudden I heard many many hooves clacking their way down my driveway.  As the horses made their way to my house, there were tons of Indians riding them… surrounding my house in a semi-circle… all of them holding out these really long spears.  As my confused mind in the bath connected with these Indians now surrounding my home, I could feel what their desire was.  To call a truce… a peace treaty if you will.  Yet, they had spears!!  Their fear and desire were one… wanting peace, afraid of the attack in seeking peace.  They didn’t trust me.

That ended my meditation.

Because of the intensity of these energies now… the result of fear as got to become what is currently manifested so we can address and release that once and for all.  How that happens in as unique as you are.

I have said so many times, there is no bias to these intensely loving, creative energies.  Remember too… we can change the result in a nano-second by changing to face our true loving feelings and putting only that in motion.

FREE the fear once and for all… and Be Trust!!

I love you all soooooooo incredibly much.  Thank you for being my collective teachers day after day…

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with Loving Trust and wild sound enhanced parties together!!

Lisa Gawlas









  1. I woke yesterday, hearing the words, “Sound Atunement” and created some business flyers for myself…a “sound” practitioner! 🙂 Now here YOU are, helping to create “harmonic resonance” ..thank YOU for sharing and inspiring us in your very special own way Lisa 🙂


  2. Hi LisA … i (may) have some IN-form-AT-i-ON about the circle and half circle … ask spirit if it is about PR-i’ME NUmbeRS ?? -))

    IT’s jUSt that PR-i’ME NumberS aRe the ‘fRAm-E-wORk’ … of the UnI-verse-ALL LaN(GuAgE) = NUmbeRS ! -) W-HerE ‘change’ is conSTant (all-ways IN MotioN), IN the UniversE … PR-i’ME NumberS shift fROm to = re-FINE-IN-G ?! -))

    ALL numBers aRe suPPorted by he ‘zero’ (an em-P-ty cIrcLe) + t-HerE aRe also only {{{NinE}}} ‘b-AS-e’ integers, f-OUR of WhicH aRe PR-i’ME.

    AnywaYs, … two closed circles s-ID-e by S-id-E = INfiniTY -))
    OnE closed circle + OnE half OpeN circle = BE-co-ME-in-G INfiniTE -))

    err uhmm … HoW about, “real-iz-IN-g” ((rather then)) BEcoME-in-G ?? -)

    ImaGinE, the ‘closed’ circle = E-art-H//SuN + INfiniTY + GoldeN InneR-G ? -))
    and, the half open circle = M-OO-N//ChilD + SilveR InneR-G + the leTTer ‘U’ = “YOU” !! -))

    SO, the INfiniTE (a zero/O) BE-co-ME(s) a OnE/1 …
    by breaKING (“O”pen) the “O” with a ‘line’ (a OnE/1) … “AlphA + OmegA”
    = Q ((see: a capital LeTTeR “”Q””))
    ((+ O’s ..&.. 1’s = Q = CO-m-PUt-ER LanGUAGE))
    = a zERo/O with a OnE/1 th-ROUGH the circumfrence = Q = 17

    .. the Q.uesT fROm OnE/1 to S-eVe-N/7 = 1+7 = INfiniTY // 8.

    FroM “withIN” the o-PEn circle (=the “U”, shiNNing of SilveR InneR-G), p-OUR-s out INfiniTE InneR-G = OUR coLUmn of ‘G-old-EN InneR-G’ = the RiVeR of LifE = tHe FloW of LovE !! -)

    IT is O-U-R (= ‘U’), COnnectiON to (=To-U-c-hI-nG) the INfiniTE (= ‘O’) withIN the “FoR-EVER-NoW” (a-WAR-e) + withIN the Fram-E-worK of the bODy (ch-ARK-as), as sensATions (interACTION of InneR-G’s) + WitH ‘comPLete’ EquanimitY (=balance of the MinD = PuritY, ClaritY, & PeacE of MinD) !! -))

    … hmmm ?? -))
    HavE i ‘served’ to clarify ‘or’ blurr the PoinT here ?? -))
    LoL ?? -))

    IN short, the circle + half circle connection … “from my perspective” = an example + symbol of ‘life in motion’, with “respect” to PR-i’ME NumberS. ))

    A symbol ‘capable’ of // for visualizing … “LifE IN PR-i’ME T-i’ME”

    HerE is an image, similar to what i have IN MinD:

    … w-HerE the PR-i’ME’s are “LinEd-UP” along the C-enTer

    ThiS imagE illustrates ‘exactly’ what i mean …
    E-xcep-T the ‘blue-line’ should be … the OnE/1 ?! -))

    HopE this HelpS ?? -))

    BE HappY !! -))

    t-HI-s ((((HuG)))) is fOr YoU LisA !! -))
    T-hi-S ))))hUg(((( is fOr yOu … sMilEy, paSSer by !! -))

    shawn )

    ps … LisA, i’d LOVE to talk to YoU about this ! -))
    … i’ve bEEn foLLowINg yOu a-LonG the sh-I-ft >>>
    i’m fINdINg it unCANny the PAR-all-ELS of ExpEriEncE ! -))
    = D-if-F-e-R-en-T + S-a’m-E ?? -))


  3. opps ))
    … a clerical error:
    “PR-i’ME NumberS shift fROm (_____) to (_____ )= re-FINE-IN-G ?! -))”
    = (lIgHt) to (LiGhT)

    sorry about that )))
    used “INappropriaTE” B-rackET-S = LoL !! -))

    BE HappY ! -))


  4. Lisa

    I read your post and I am do not clearly understanding what you are understanding about the accident.


  5. ChattY toDay … cAn i kEEp talKING ?? -))
    LoL -))

    R-e-D = 18+5+4 = 85 ‘in’ 14 = 99
    99 = 9+9 = 18 = “9”

    Bl-a-cK = 212+1+311 = 23+1+32
    = SEE the PyRAmiD = 1 ‘in’ 23+32
    = 1 ‘in’ 33 ‘in’ 22 = 1 ‘in’ 55 = 56 = “11”

    “9”11″ = 1 ‘in’ 91 = 92
    = 46 + 46 = 23+23+23+23
    = 5+5+5+5 = 55 ‘in’ 55 = 20
    23 = 9th PR-i’ME
    2 = 1st PrimE !!
    3 = 2nd PrimE
    2+3 = 5 = F-i’ve

    ((ps …55 = Hea-veN = 14-41 = 5+5 ! -))
    (((ppss…lOOk INto the palms of BotH hANdS … coUnt from left to riGht “”OR”” riGht to left = 1(thUmb) 4(finGers) — 4(finGers) 1(thUmb) = Hea-veN “”IS+IN”” Y-OUR HandS = ALL-WaYS IS+IN YOU !!! -)))

    20 = T = the CroSS = OnE balancing OnE
    … the ‘re-al-ti-onSHIP’ BE-T-WE-en the 4 & 5
    4 X 5 = E-aRt-H X HuMaN = 20 (t-WE-NT-y) -))
    …. WENT = to move, “in” pASt tense ?
    “in” T+y = ‘in’ 20 + 25 = ‘in’ 4 5

    5 = 3D’s of space + 2D of t-i’me
    (( 1D of t-i’me = all-wAys NoW -))
    (( 1D of t-i’me = COncePT of PasT & FuTUrE -))
    … an iMaginatiVe ‘construct’ of t-HERE BEinG a “NoT NoW” = a tOOl to ne(got-i-a)te, ALL tHe DIffereNT PeRspectIvE(-S-) of NoW ?!? -))
    5 = H-uMa-N (fingers “&” toes)
    + senses WE cAn uSe by d-ef(AU)lt-))
    + 5th eLeMeNt + ThROaT Ch-aRk-aS

    4 = 3D’s of space + 1D of t-i’me
    (( 1D of t-i’me = all-wAys NoW -))
    4 = E-aRt-H
    + N.ortH S.outH W.esT E.asT
    + W.aTeR A.iR E.artH F.irE
    4 = H-eAr-T Ch-aRk-aS
    + (2+2 “&” 2X2)
    + 22 =>< B-U-iLd-E-R

    … in short … ??? -)))
    a BlacK//11 + ReD//9 + EartH//4 = 24
    24 = JacoB'S LaDDeR = H+H+H … "stack'em UP"
    2+4 = 6 Vib-rationS

    … the WaY fROM HuMaN//5, to C-enTer//7 = th-ROUGH the SiX//6//si-X-th Se-n-sE (= 5 senses + 1 (withOUT judgment=ONLY sensations)) … tHIs is a 'step' of tWo (=1+1=a B-ridgE of polarity = (withOUT judgment=ONLY sensations))

    ok … unPluGin-G NoW ))

    BE HappY !! -))



    • I have no clue what you are saying there ^. None. It is far too difficult to read and decipher for me! Can’t imagine how challenging it is to write!


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