Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 24, 2012

Are You Ready To Be Naked As The New Curtain Of Life Opens??

I remember writing several times over the last several weeks that with this new enhanced energy field, we can created and un-create in a nano-second.  It is one thing to hear that and hope it is true, for me it is a whole other thing when you see it in action and realize how true it is!!

My last reading the day before yesterday and my first reading of yesterday were with the same woman.  A beautiful soul I have been reading for… for a while.  I know her field, I know her radiance  and I know how aligned she is to this new earth, so when I had seen her the day before yesterday, bound in her doorway, one hand strung out being pulled to the old energy world and her other arm strung out being pulled to the new energy field, I was actually shocked.  It was like her whole being was caught in a vise and was being pulled in two different directions..

She had told me she was recently diagnosed with herniated discs (I think that is what it was) in her neck.  This new energy… as it streams thru us, is super intense and seeking release into created manifestation.  All-ways to serve the host (person) in which it is flowing thru… to serve the greater good.

She was also supposed to go to a family wedding this week.  She had asked before about her safety if she went… I cannot recall where the wedding is, but where it is, is located on the Andres Fault line and I remember her team saying she would be safe if she went.   But I have a feeling… now…. her concern went way deeper than that.  Obviously, she was having an earthquake of her own within, and our spiritual teams… they let us struggle to get to our own place of understanding, which they say is “keeping the game real.”

So here she is now, not wanting to go to this wedding, feeling obligated to go to this wedding with the pull of her family on that side (such as mom.)  So her body made the choice for her.  Her self expression (throat chakra) started to bulge with the emotional energy she is not sharing outwards to her family.

The day before yesterday, she was number 5 on my agenda, an emergency work in it you will.  By that time, I was already starting to tap out energetically, so I only see this very important aspect (being pulled in two directions) and could not access anything more.   I rescheduled her to be the first person on my schedule yesterday to get a good look and understanding of what is really happening in her neck.

Not even 24 hours later, everything changed at her doorway!  The old energy released her arm and even wrapped it in a light blue bandage at the wrist (where I seen her bound tight the day before)…. allowing an accelerated healing.  There was now a movement towards her new energy future and once again, I was shocked.  Especially as that now familiar stripper pole was placed right along the edge of the right side of her doorway… and I watched as her body shed clothes and like a softly blurred image of a very perky wonder woman straddled that pole… completely nekked, but with those very perky boobs wonder woman has in her outfit!!  (smile)

So I had to ask, did you do something yesterday??

She had a talk with her mom, told her she is not coming to the wedding and stood her ground!!  That seemingly simple redirect of her own energy fields desire… freed her!  Think about how significant this is… Our sense of obligations can run really deep, especially when we have family or loved ones pulling us into an old energy mix that would not serve anyone’s highest good.  If any part of you is already thinking of reasons you should not be there… trust that part of you as an inner sign that says… don’t be/go there.

The body has only one way to keep you where you need to be if you are determined to go where your energy field cannot be held by others (that is a huge revelation there… we can sustain them, it is them who cannot sustain us!!)

Naked is a pretty important aspect too… as my second reading of the day showed up naked as well.  So lets take a moment and look at what naked really means to our lives.

Why do we were clothes in the first place?  It’s the law… We are required by law to hide ourselves, the fullness, the radiance of who we are.  So we now use clothes to try to express that…which is really a mask of illusion, even to ourselves.  Ohhh my, this even gives relevance to that stripper pole (what I am understanding as I type.)

Our true sexuality, sensuality has been controlled for eons.  Yet, it is in our sensual self we give birth to any aspect of life… but not thru the cloak of clothes.  So man people define their sensuality thru the guise of their clothes… or even hide it, thru their clothes.  As Archangel Michael stated to her towards the end of her reading, all she needs is the use of (his/our) Sword of Truth and know the Shield of Protection always goes with the sword.

Clothes themselves are the last things we must let go of.  Not that anyone is literally asking us to walk around naked… but to act as if we are.  Fully, exposed, beautiful, not hidden in any way.

Her strippers pole was silver, and as I had seen her straddle it, I really understand this significance today.  Bear your whole heart and body to the field of creation (silver is the highest vibration of earth energy) and seduce your life into your desires.  Even the “regeneration” aspect.  Meaning, her loving energy will created a full wellness in her body… which is already happening.

She mentioned she watched a video yesterday too (cannot for the life of me remember what it is called or by whom) that talked about our natural ability to regenerate… and her field kept saying that word over and over again.

Let me just say this, you will know you are in right flow because you will feel the quickening energy in your whole body.  Desiring… excited… follow your bliss, where ever and how ever it takes you!!!

I wish I could say I understand this fields constant changing flow and what to expect as it morphs right before our eyes… but, I don’t, at least, not till the morning after!

My second lady had so much energy all happening at once in her reading I could barely understand what was happening.  Thru all this blue violet imagery I took me a while to find her.  She had a rise thru her entire heart field of the deepest blue violet energy, at the same time, the V with wings was in her doorway, and just behind that what looked like something starting to be written in a foreign language I could not decipher at all.

Yesterday was a power node day (23rd) enhanced by the suns coronal mass ejection of the X1 flare… blew her right out of her reading and towards the fields of November.  I did eventually find her, naked as a jay bird of course, with what looked like a cross between angel and fairy wings… hanging on tight to the far right side of her V with wings.

Lets just say the winds of absolute change are blowing hard!!  Hang on tight over these next several days.

My third and fourth readings… really shows us the profoundness of where we are at Now.

My third lady’s reading set up as if her created life was a stage or a play (think Broadway show) with the curtains completely closed to my view.  I could not see any other detail, except these top to bottom light blue drapes that covered her entire reading.  I started search for her, and suddenly she stuck her face out from between the drapes… tightly pulled around her so all I had seen was her face.  She had this interesting blank stare looking back at me.  Even that, today I understand so we could not pick up any details of any aspect of this.. change.

I did understand that her (all of ours) life stage has changed.  The old show completely ended.  The new one still being set up… and we could not see a thing beyond that.  But I could feel the movement… like the stage crew all behind that curtain working busily to make sure all is in order when that curtain draws open again (I have a feeling th or 29th of this month… remember, when we are in severe change, it takes 3 full days for the details to come into view.)

Of course we rescheduled!

My fourth one… similar.  But instead of a stage and curtain… it was as if a genie was just let out of the bottle.  Her energy moving up from the west field and hovered over the entire breadth of her heart-scape.  There was no real form to her energy… maybe a little whale shaped, with the tail (which did not resemble a tail at all, trying to be clear here) in the threshold of the west field doorway, and the energy getting larger as it went up then over to completely parallel her heart field.  She too was that light blue (didn’t realize how relevant it was til now as I talk about everyone.)  Today I hear it represents the pure blending of the earth energy and the pleiadian energy… the Love Frequency come to Life!!

As with my third lady, I had felt that she was in an overview mode making sure all the details, new players, new experiencing are lining up in her magnetic field of attraction.  I once again, could not see a single detail except her energy hovering above.  In her formless energy above I did see eyes… over sized eyes looking down.  The eyes were in the radiance of the vampires of Twilight… a radiant golden/honey brown…  I knew she had the gift of vision, and that will be a major player in her new stage of life.

We, too, rescheduled.

I am a real stickler on what constitutes a reading and what does not… these were glimpses of a massive preparation in all our fields of life.  Dare to get fully naked so that we can put on the greatest clothes the earth has never known!!

Pure, Unadulterated, LOVE!!

Since we are swimming in a sea of bliss… might as well be nekked!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) filled with Holy Happiness (just a note, someone put that little phrase on my facebook… it crawled into my heart and bloomed!! Thank you for that!!)

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. your energy field cannot be held by others (that is a huge revelation there… we can sustain them, it is them who cannot sustain us!!)

    This spoke to me! It is so true and defines our movement in a new way. Loving us all loving our transparent selves.


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