Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 23, 2012

The Opening To The Abundant Storehouse Is Happening NOW Thru YOU!!

These intense solar flares and CMEs our brilliant sun is sending our way these days (X1 solar flare rang out this morning) is truly packing a punch in the field of light… in my entire body system!!  Within 30 minutes of my last reading yesterday, I crashed and burned.  I couldn’t pin toothpicks to my eyes they were so heavy and into coma-ville I fell… for hours.  Even this morning I feel like my brain is still off somewhere playing in the Light explosions of our sun!

I do want to touch on a very interesting pattern of yesterdays readings.  I am actually going to share two similar yet, I feel, contrasting readings.  I am no sooner finding your placement on the field (still very much in the threshold of inner and outer life fields) the field of light tho… creating the movement that is needed, more or less!!

My first lady, the second I oriented my vision to her, suddenly there was this massive laser beam coming in at about a 45 degree angle from the right (future) and cut an opening in the center of this ladies inner energy field running the entire length from the west to the east.  As it cut its way thru her inner field, I could see a separation of the energy happening with such a color vibrancy to it.  The incision became the most intense blend of black and blue I had ever seen… spreading apart like the earth does during an earthquake.  The opening was about 6 inches wide across the entire inner field.  The black… man, deep, full, rich in texture.  This was no ordinary black… it felt loaded with unrealized energy.  The blue straight from the heart of the Pleiades.

It seemed that the field was absolutely in step with my own wondering… what does this mean to her!!??  In that instant thought my vision was taken down into the opening right at the center (the area I call the eye of the hurricane within the inner field) and I could see and feel the heart of Gaia.  From her heart, grew a tree.  It so reminded me of a bonsai tree. She had told then told me about a sculpture she does have… a tree growing out of a rock.  To her it represents the depth of the Tree of Life… growing against all odds into something beautiful!  There was no doubt this beautiful lady, our beautiful earth mother and the tree of life are not only divinely connected, but the opening has been created for the fullness of this amazing energy to live out loud on the topside of earth.  Of course, she does have her work cut out (pun intended) to make sure the energy of this laser assisted opening does not close up…. and so much more than that!!

Now to contrast this visual… one of my readings during yesterday, was similar.  Instead of a laser beam tho, she had a super sized bronze looking zipper stretching from her west field to her east field.  Of course, completely zipped up.  Of course I knew we needed to unzip the energy of her heart field (which, I am just now realizing, is where the storehouse of all that harvest is.) I tried to unzip it myself… couldn’t get it to budge.  She said she would help me… the visual was soooo funny.  There she and I were standing next to each other, no bigger than 6 inches tall, hands pulling as hard as we could on the zipper… and it only budged about an inch .. but enough for me to turn my antenna into a periscope to see what was down there and what is preventing the zipper from fully releasing itself into opening.

A magical garden!  More than that, my poor words need an upgrade to match, to fully express the energy and detail .. phew baby!!

I could see a thread stuck in her zipper.  One of those deep unconscious threads of fear… holding the zipper closed for fear of exposure.  But there was also a feeling of a wide open empath, holding back the intensity of these times for fear of a release of energy she could not control in magnitude.

These two contrasts are so important for all of us to understand, no matter which one we can relate to (more than likely, a bit of both.)

if you can look at the depth of your heart center as the storage space for all the harvested energy, wisdom, abilities that has been happening since May 20th this year… like your personal pantry.  What good is canned goods if they remain bottled up in the storage space of the pantry??

As my first lady shows… it is time to open the storehouse of our hearts.  To take out and use the energy of our hearts for to benefit from.  To find and fully remove that pesky linger thread of energy that may have gotten stuck in our zipper.

We are all being asked (my preferred word would be demanded!!) to go so far our of our own comfort zones… put some energy into play.  Things that may seem super risky… and then stay patient as the outcome arrives at y/our hearts doorway.  Now here is a profound message coming in… if you do not use the energy now available to you, it will leave and find others who are using it.  It does not desire to sit around on a shelf… it has already done that for 26,000 years!!   This energy is ready to live and play… and it can only do so thru the human heart!!

I think, to a small degree, I understand this laser beam cutting experience and how we may recognize it within our own hearts and fields of desire made manifest.

With all this talk of Christmas, Santa, even the divine of November and the party and ballrooms and just the sheer joy of every detail… my own heart started to feel with the actual Christmas timeline.  Spending Christmas with my children, with my grandson which I have never done yet since I moved to New Mexico when he was only months old.  The Christmas season has been running thru my blood for days now… and last week I started to look for airfare… just in case.  Everything seemed to be pointing to a $600-700 round trip expense.  I refuse to pay that much, no matter how much my heart wants to be home for the holidays.  Besides that fee was just out of my conscious reach.

So I started looking at the individual airline sites, to see if maybe they have reduced fares that the likes of travelocity or priceline just isn’t privvy to.  Sure enough, Southwest had a flight on Christmas eve for $203 and a return flight in January for $211.  I felt the twinkle of Santa in my eye and my heart.  Since my grandson is not getting to Virginia til the 26th, we will have our Christmas on the 27th, flying on Christmas eve is very doable.

Still, I hesitated.

Yesterday morning while writing my blog, I kept going back to the southwest website.  Teetering.  Funny thing old programs that still play out in our minds.  I have the $203 to book my flight to Virginia without affecting a single bill… yet my mind, so entrapped in a now old energy pattern of… what if… I got myself over the hump of actually spending the money, which I have, then I go to how much time am I willing to take off?  Geez I want to just jump on that record player in my mind and smash it to bits!!

As my mouse pointer was sitting on the purchase button of the Christmas eve flight, my grandsons smiling face was all over my mind’s eye and I heard that now familiar male voice say:  You have sacrificed enough to get Here, you need not sacrifice any more.  This is a song we ALL need to sing to ourselves!!  I clicked the purchase button and my whole heart was rejoicing to “Here Comes Santa Clause!!”  I decided to wait on purchasing the return ticket… simply because I cannot feel (yet) how long to stay.  When my heart knows, I will click one more time… freely!!

Before I close for today, I want to bring back something so super exciting… the Magic Garden.  Shamabhala.

We are now starting to see and feel the potential of November’s energy field, beyond that wedding band floating within the first week of November.  The ground itself is made of a pure living white energy field.  The feeling within it like nothing I have ever felt before.  Shambhala flowers growing like wildflowers thru the landscape… that which your heart is desiring is already popping up into created life for you to enjoy…. and then some…. beyond then some.

We are just now receiving the fragrant aroma of Life’s Magical Garden and it is coming from the depths of Y/our Hearts!

Merry Christ-Mass to ALL!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with joy and laughter to ALL!!  ‘Tis the Season… for ever more!

Lisa Gawlas













  1. They should come HERE for Christmas. I love New Mexico at Christmas time.


    • …Christmas party?! 🙂


  2. Lisa, this is weird. Yesterday you wrote about the violet flame and the witch’s couldron, and the night before I had just watched that movie “Hocus Pocus” where the kid lights the symbolic black flame candle and the Sisters are making their potion in the giant couldron nearby.
    Today you write about the bonsai tree growing out of a rock, and two nights ago I had watched the “Karate Kid 3” movie, where Ralph Macchio’s character has to rappel down a cliff to get to Mr. Miyagi’s $10,000 bonsai tree growing out of the rock that surrounds a circular canyon with ocean waves that fill up the bottom.

    Oh my aching head, that X-class flare has me in a vice grip. I have been studying a trend these past few months. Seems like whenever there is a spike in flare intensity, a 6.0 or greater magnitude earthquake his somewhere in the world. After the first spike a couple days ago it was Vanuatu. Today it was the Loyalty Islands. Do other people ever notice the correlation between the sun and our seismic events?


    • Oh look, Costa Rica just had a 6.6 quake.


  3. […] link to original article […]


  4. Thank you so much, Lisa. Yes, X-mas is allready here and some presents also.My mind started its automatic programms this morning and some voice in me said very loud: Who is the creator of your reality? This got me instantly out of the old programm into awareness. Really magical.
    It`s a special time and a special few words you said in your blog, which went deep down in me and I know, that it`ll be so: You said: no matter how much my heart wants to be home for the holidays. And so it is.
    Much love


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