Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 22, 2012

It is Time To SEE and USE Your Magnificence!! The Sea of Life awaits…

There were two very consistent patterns in yesterdays day of readings…  first, the frequency of light exchange between each and ever person on the field yesterday blew me away!!  Truly, like nothing I have ever experienced before during each and every reading.  By the time I was finished with my last reading for the day I could barely stand up straight without leaning on a piece of furniture.  There is no doubt in my heart that M9 CME on the 20th (sun flare) had everything to do with the intensity now flowing thru us!!  Phew baby!!

Beyond the intensity, it seems life is ready, more than ready for each and every one of you/us to start playing out loud, in created life with all of this energy.

My first lady of the day I feel gave us a wonderful example of how to start to radiate and use the combined mixture of new Alloyed Beings that we are.  Keep in mind, each of you have your own mixture set, unique unto you, but I really feel she will give us all a wonderful way to understand how this energy blends into us and enhances it all.

She showed up at the threshold of her life field with arms stretched above her head.  About an inch or two above her fingertips were a series of stars twinkling a white yellow energy across the top of her outstretched fingers.  I eventually realized this represented the energy of the Pleiades… but today, I realize it is very specifically the Love Frequency set in tone via the Pleiadians assistance with us.  The Love Frequency is not a singular frequency at all, but a set of tones (if you will) like notes on a flute (or any instrument) that create the enhanced movement of whatever we are doing.

As I moved my vision down her body, I was so surprised to see a huge serpent coiling around her feet.  This thing was beautiful, large horizontal stripes of emerald-green and black.  I realized this serpent was showing a movement, albeit slow at the moment, of kundalini energy… but not her’s so much as it was mother earths energy.  I realize today that in order for that serpent to appear and start a movement at her feet, she had to first and foremost attune her whole body and life to that twinkling stars… the Love Frequency.  Indeed, she is in tune!!

As I scanned her up-stretched body once again, I finally seen the third element, energy system.  She had a small sun glowing in her solar plexus.  I knew this was the energy of Sirius.  This sun, what I am just going to call the magician energy, is now giving full radiance to all of her.  Kinda like when you have an electronic device and you plug it into an outlet, in our case, the outlet is now plugged into us and we are ready to go!!

To give contrast to how we are all uniquely blended to accommodation our role in this new field of life, I am being shown my own blend.  Beneath my feet I am being shown a version of the sun… actually the lava glow of the Mesa top in my pictures.  The star set/Love Frequency is in my solar plexus, allowing the precious ability to connect to each of you thru the Love Frequency which I call readings.  Above me, at my fingertips, well, I don’t see a thing, but I hear… Here.  Having moved into this place on earth that I now live was the completion/electrical system to allow whatever I am made of… to work.  (Still have no clue what that even means to me/us…. yet.)

My next reading really taught me something about readings and each other!!  She showed up at her threshold, as and most people do these days, facing me or better said, standing in the west facing the direction of the east.  Very much like looking over the entire inner field (heart energy.)   Behind her was this really huge violet flame.  This flame was about 6 inches on each side, wider than her and a whole foot taller than her.  It had no movement to it at all tho.  The top foot or so of this flame was a beautiful white/yellow.

She had said that she is always invoking the violet flame as well as (man I hope I remember this correctly) the white energy of father god.  I had to chuckle as I heard the field say… well it is now here in your life, stop invoking and use it!!

Because there was no movement to this flame image, I had no clue what it could possibly mean to her.  And then it hit me… it is to her back!!  Which is actually in her created life field energy.  If you are constantly in your heart center invoking and don’t really turn to face life to see it there… then you may not even realize what you called on… showed up!!

So I had this wonderfully nifty idea… well… maybe if I turned her body around we can get an idea of what this means to her.  That was all that was needed.  Turn and face the wonder and magic in your created life!!  The violet flame seemed to come to life the moment she was facing it and looking at it.  The moment I wondered what does she do with it… instantly I had seen a miniature witches pot show up in her right hand, stretched out towards this huge flame.  She got so excited because just the day before, she had this crazy urge to actually buy a miniature witches pot.  So she really did have one!!!

I peeked into her pot to see if there was anything in there… herbs!!  At the bottom of the pot were herbs.  I so realized she has the element of making witches brew within her… mastered in many previous lifetimes.  What makes this particular lifetime even more magical is creating very specific elixirs from that flame and her brew.  To keep these two words in step with spirits meaning… the brews are combining various earth elements/herbs to create a mixture.  The elixir comes from adding the energy of the violet flame, poured directly from her heart, into the brew!

Now, the reading after hers… man spirit was on a roll here and I still marvel at the alignment of each of you on my schedule.  Perfectly placed puzzle pieces linking all the days information together…. of course it really doesn’t become organized in my head/heart until the morning!  I personally find that so magical in and of itself!!

Instead of seeing her in the threshold of her doorway… there was this massive ships steering wheel.  It was a golden wheel and looked very much like this:

This was no tiny navigational wheel at all!!  But what I did find really interesting, once I found my lovely lady, was how small she seemed in relationship to this wheel of hers!!    What I so didn’t understand with her yesterday, I so get today!!

I could see this tiny aspect of her directly on the left side of her doorway, just within her created life area.  In relationship to this ginormous wheel, she couldn’t have been more than 6 inches tall.  What I didn’t realize yesterday was she just literally moved out of her old life.  She currently is in what I will just call an in-between place (staying with someone until she knows where she needs to go next.)

As so many of us are finding… the life stage we have arrived on can seem sooo much bigger than ourselves.  It almost feels like we have arrived in this vast and magical new landscape on a dingy and now we must re-member how to fully navigate one of the largest vessels on the sea of life…. ourSelfs!!

So her looking 6 inches tall would really make sense.  What I didn’t mention to her yesterday, but is more relevant than I realized is the image i had seen of her jumping up trying to reach the top of that massive steering wheel… she was completely blacked out in detail.  We got to Here using a very wonderful, but now out moded internal GPS system.  Mostly from our deep inner promptings… which served us well.  Now these promptings are as much in our lives as they are in our hearts.  So now we are required to use the fullness of Life as our GPS system.  Now, how exactly this works… I suppose that is what we are doing now… figuring it out!!

Ohhh I almost forgot… on her right side was a wonderful mirror reflecting back to her who and what she is now.  I could not see the details, just the flowing golden white energy within the mirror, See who you are Now and take the Helm of your ship!

But even my reading after her… gives some understanding to this.  This lady was in her doorway and directly behind her in her life field, I could see three serious funnel clouds.  The one closest to the left side of her doorway was intense and in the color range of slate blue.  With this, I felt a clearing away of all the old things that got her to this very precious threshold.  The 2nd one looked so much like an actual tornado cloud, and with it came thunder and lightening above it, and felt like a removal of the relationships and earthy things that equally got her to here.  The third funnel was interesting…  the energy reminded me of the water creature from the movie Abyss:

There was a feeling so different with this funnel cloud on the right side of her doorway… the first two were cleaning up the old in her life, as funnel clouds do, this one was a reverse energy, taking the newly cleared energy from her life and creating her next version of life.  To me, it was all laid out in water energy like the clip above.  I could even see the potential of her new landscape thru the energy of November… but in the same watery image as shown above.

Even tho, everyone seems to show up in a still shot of energy, there is not a thing still with any of this.  Everyone is in an energetic rapid motion of movement… no matter what it looks like in your day-to-day life.  Anything left lingering from your old life, will be cleared one way or another.  You have been handed the steering wheel of your new life… now learn how to use it fully.  It is loaded with features that will make your head spin (god knows, just looking at it thru you makes my head spin!!  lol)

You now have all you need for this next exciting adventure… USE IT in your created fields of life.  Your gonna blow your own mind with your abilities!!

I am in awe of y/our radiance every single day!!  Thank you from the depths of my heart, of my life for the pure privileged of looking into your Soul so I can understand mine/we all can understand ours, more fully!!


Lisa Gawlas

I would like to leave you with a song by one of my most favorites artists (Elvis) given by lady number 2 yesterday… “You’ll Never Walk Alone:



  1. Yesterday was a heavy thing… I actually was told to go to a magical place in the forest but I had to bath my Grandma and to do some arrangements in her kitchen because she’ll get a new carpet.
    The result was that I had headache like hell and felt sooo strange at the end of the day.
    But today I feel the new that came in yesterday.
    Love and light from Germany,


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  4. Elvis is so beautiful!


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