Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 19, 2012

The New Currency of Our Field of Dreams Is In The Emotional Desire. Where Are You Banking??


  1. I can relate as my only home Internet right now is an Android phone.

    Where is my divine counterpart?! 😉


    • At least you have that Atheria, I get zero cell signal here so I am entirely dependent on windstream for connections and even phone calls. Your guy is prolly hanging out with my guy… out there in the Field of Dreams!! lol But man oh man, I am learning to work that grid!!

      Love ya girl… hey… did you quit work or are you still working???


      • I have three furry mouths to feed and too many medical insurance needs to quit….but the baking sourdough bread thing would take me back to a wonderful past life in Newcastle, England where I owned a bakery with my husband and two kids. 🙂

        I bet my divine counterpart is gay. 😉


      • Atheria… if he is gay, they do make strap on’s these days… so you can be be all he needs you to be (giggle) while he gives you the gentle touch of the divine feminine too ❤ …. sorry, feeling silly over here!!


      • Strap on?! Oh dear lord. O:-)


    • Atheria’s gonna quit work and bake bread 🙂
      (just kidding)


      • Sounds good!


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  4. Atheria, you crack me up! thank you for the laugh this morning!! I love you and he is NOT gay!


    • He’d better not be! I’ve fallen for enough gay men! 😉


  5. Hello,oh man,the energy that came through with your sharing of today got me spinning,really,
    Such a strong energy of divine counterparts…i have for a long time “forbidden” myself to even go there…but pheww,your sharing blew something wide open inside of myself.Thank you 🙂


  6. … Ahh, CO-M-prEss-i-ON of T-I’me ! -))
    … BE(Co-M-In-G) ‘in’sTa-nt Man-if-e-st-orS.
    … see-N th-ROuGH the spEEd-in-G UP of TecH-no-LogY = ))

    … it’s HerE + it’s AmazinG !! -))
    … and, it’s ALL YoU//me & ME//you !! -))

    BE HappY ! -))

    a gREbBEaR )

    ps … re-IN-force-able IN-form-at-I-ON :


  7. Love this write. Thanks! hugs, pat


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