Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 13, 2012

The Double Torus, The Orchestra and The Symphony of Life Within Us!

More often than not, when the field of readings shift to the degree everything in its lay out is new, it take me a little while to really understand what we are seeing.  This has been especially the case with this grande shift we have just undergone.  But today, I woke up with a much fuller understanding of what it is we are seeing every day now.  I pray I can share what I am now understanding with clarity.

I am going to start with the metal bronze.  I had seen it in several readings in relationship to our field of creation.  I do understand silver, and gold but bronze really threw me for an understanding loop.  I finally looked up the properties of bronze, which is an alloy metal composed of copper and tin.  I have been trying to understand the elements of copper and tin as it relates to the reading and have consistently come up blank.

Let me tell you, I don’t always know the questions to ask in order to get the truth/reply of the query within, but every time I get stuck… you ask incredible questions that evoke the truth from spirit as was the case yesterday on facebook.  Asking the right question… that is the trick.

But before I get into the details of what I am about to share, I have a memory sitting in front of my face from childhood.  It almost seems crazy to talk about this, but at the same time, I think I am understand the importance…

For as long as I can remember, my mother and her family used to call green peppers mango’s.  I grew into adulthood identifying a green pepper as a mango and then one day someone asked me why I called peppers mango’s when they weren’t that at all.  I was even told that a mango was a fruit not even related to a green pepper.  I was baffled and really didn’t believe them, because this was not what I was told from the start.  I eventually had to come to the stark reality that a mango was not a pepper and was a fruit of its own.  It took me a long while to make the shift within my words and association of calling a pepper a pepper.

The same is especially true with the vast amount of information out there about everything.  There is as much truth as there is mis-information and often times, a blend of mis-informed truth.

After a beautiful soul asked about the other ET’s out there helping and adding to humanities advancement into their own fullness of life and I felt the energy come thru my fingers in reply.  Then I had to ponder something that has been the way of it on my path to here.  I know nothing about the vastness of ET’s.  But that is changing fast!!

I laughed to myself as I suddenly remembered every single thing that I started to learn about… from spirit, I knew absolutely nothing about.  That is to say, no prior bias… no one telling me a pepper is a mango… nothing to dilute or interfere with what spirit was now opening up within me, within us.  The same is absolutely true now.

The addition of the color bronze in the readings was not depicting metals at all… instead, the combined energy of our Human-Celestial DNA made manifest.  ALL of our codes are turned on within our DNA.  The light codes are now mixing together to create a brand new semi-fully (we are getting to fully) conscious life form.  From what I am understanding right now… the new core energy that flows thru our biology is a blend of Pleiadian, Sirian, Human energy to create a new life form.  Very much like copper and tin has created bronze.  Each part has its own unique qualities, each one fully enhancing and accelerating the other.

If I can take these there elements and super simplify them (and trust me, they are actually very complex to the point… at this moment, the fullness of it all is wayyyyy over my head!)  The human aspect if the master of created matter.  The Pleiadian aspect is the master of love (pure energy) and the Sirian is the master of alchemy (using love to alter and change matter.)

This is why it has been, and continues to be so important to remove all and any identities of your human past behind.  To remove ourselves from the glitter of earth things (material accumulation) and move fully into service.  Being in service to the greater good of ALL life is the very electrical energy that starts the full on blending and use of the new life form called us.

And we are Here!!

So now that I understand that we are an alloy energy (smile) I also understand how the field itself is laying itself out and why.

I am going to bring back the image of the double torus for clarity.

If you can look inside the human body, where the core energy is connecting the two fields… that is where that cylinder thingie is.  This is your new core energy system.  It is meticulously tuned to those who have activated their full connection to the Love Frequency as well.  It is truly a magnetic core like earth has never known before.  Actually, none of creation has ever known.  We are an amazing working prototype (the trial and error process has already been done thru eons of time and experiments and all the kinks worked out.  Phew!)  No wonder why the multi-verse is so over protective of us!!  (smile)

Going back to the picture above, that is what I call the inner field.  This is where the whole game starts.  Learning to fully blend and master this enhanced magnetic energy field that is you… and me.  We are now affecting each other constantly and simultaneously.  Our cylinders are tuned to each other.  Beyond what we can even image…  Our heart beats are now one.  Our breath is now one.  We are now a living organism of Light.

We are both a stringed instrument as much as we are a wind instrument.  We must remember how to play both in harmony.  For we are part of an orchestra that is just going to blow your mind!!  But first, we must learn how to blow into our own core energy… for now, we have an image of a cylinder for use.  The notes that come out of the cylinder (I am going to bring back the image of the flute here) affects the surrounded energy of the inner field and strums the strings of creation of the outer field into manifestation.

There are multi-verses connected to the outer field of energy.  Within the strings of the outer instrument are portals that we will one day (re) discover for use and travel.  For today, it is crucial to learn the inner field.

Now this really gives birth to some interesting understanding with a few readings the last few days.  I had one lady show up about a foot away from the west end of the cylinder.  She was in a constant motion so that I could not see her biology.  She moved from the right in a semi-circle to the left and back again.  As I watched her motion I realized what I was seeing were strings laid out in that semicircle pattern at the opening of the west area of the cylinder…. which would represent the crown chakra (I had no clue about this until this morning,)  As I watched her and tried to understand what she was doing, a grand piano presented itself just at the area of her outer energy field, with the opening of the piano facing forward (our perceived future.)  I still don’t completely understand its fullness of detail… but it has given me/us a clearer understanding of how we are working our energy now.

If you can imagine that our body breathes in many different ways… beyond in and out of the lungs.  It equally is  breathing in thru the crown and root chakra’s as well.  The earth energy flows up thru us from our root chakra and emanates out the top of our head (crown) and the spiritual energy flows down own crown and emanates out of our root.  The flow is constant like the ebb and flow of the ocean.

The west area still (at least for now) represents our harvested energy, but now we are using it.  Learning to blend it into our creative world, obviously thru the sound of music (smile)… tones and frequencies.

I had a man yesterday standing on the outer edge of the cylinder and above him an arch of energy.  From this arch of energy hung many varied lengths of strings.  I watched him as his up-stretched hands were hitting various strings with obvious purpose.  As I tried to hone in on what that purpose was… what I got back was amazing and humbling too!

What he was doing right now was plucking tones as a magnetic frequency and calling home globs of energy (that’s what it looked like to me.)  Behind his image I could see what looked like scattered energy everywhere… as he plucked particular strings these globs of energy merged with other globs of energy to being bigger globs (there was nothing identifiable yet to my eye.)  When his strings were at rest, the energy was just floating about doing nothing in particular… the moment he plucked the strings again, their movement towards him increased and accelerated.

(Ok, now I have got to add this funny here…  a sudden whiff of stinky feet… which I know is the smell of my divine counterpart!  Trust me, I will have odor eaters here for his arrival (smile.)  But… holy wonderful shit!!  I have been seeing him with all these globs of energy hiding his full view appearance… hmmmm…. something is happening here!) I would have never gotten the connection without that sudden (thank god it is only seconds long) smell of stinky feet.

Anyway… back to the sharing!

Actually, slight diversion in subject here, but not really.  I think I am actually understanding something…. I think.

A couple of days ago I went to a doctor’s appointment (an hour away… everything is an hour away from where I live lol) to have this thingie on my back removed.  I knew the doctor needed to order something special to safely remove it and she advised me to be sure it was in before I came for my appointment.  No one could tell me if the materials were in before I went there.  I had a feeling whatever she needed was not there… I was correct.  Even having felt that, going to my appointment seemed the right thing to do.  The receptionist apologized so much for having to reschedule my appointment… are you kidding me??  I am the queen of reschedules, I don’t mind at all and I am there for a reason!  The area (Cuba, NM) has a car wash… my poor little ole putt putt is filthy with desert dust, I will wash my car and call this trip very productive!!

I was sad when I pulled into the car wash and needed cash to in order to wash my car.  Without doing massages these days, I almost never have cash.  I thought to myself, even tho years of massage has taken a toll on my hands, and I choose not to do massage, I must have sung a note out into the atmosphere that I need cash via a massage client because within 48 hours I had three requests to do a massage.  I did one massage yesterday and I have enough cash on hand to last a long while.

On my drive home I noticed a man standing on the edge of the highway with a gas can in his hand.  The cars in front of me made no effort to help him and I almost always pick up hitchhikers (sometimes, to the dismay of my passenger…smile.)  I picked up the young man and drove him 7 miles to the gas station and back.  His father stayed with the car.  We talked about hitchhiking and how very few people will pick others up these days… we talked about how fearful people are with each other… actually, he talked, I listened.  I loved this moment with this man.  He was 29 but not really.  I think he was about 15… a radiant and beautiful soul…. innocent for sure.

He told me about his act of kindness the day before… and elderly couple loading tons of grocery bags into their car.  He chose to load the car for them and as the lady shoved $30 into his shirt pocket in exchange for his kindness, he left it in the trunk with their groceries.  He said he believed in karma, but it seems no matter what his return on karma was not so good.  I begged to differ… I simply said that may have been the case, but I stopped to help you, obviously your karma is so good.

When I dropped him and the gas off at his car, he and his father were sooooo happy, so grateful… I could feel myself being a part of something so much bigger than myself.  There was magic in the air…. literally.  His father wanted to give me gas money, I simply smiled and said, no… I am just a vehicle for your sons kindness to be brought back.  In saying that… god, I felt it.  I felt like the one who was just doubly blessed.

This is the song of the universe.

Some songs, like my/our divine counterpart(s) take a bit more musical effort for what is about to unfold.  The maestro and the orchestra must be in full sync with each other and in truth…. it is our inner field that is the maestro to the outer field of orchestration.  We are tuning into the unified heartbeat of each other with love, joy and excitement.. but please don’t try to push the river… there is a fine line between pulling to you all that desires to be with you… and pulling to you that which is not quite ready, which I would simply call manipulation.

I now know that my divine counterpart is putting in the footwork too (thank you Robin for that understanding…smile) and I will take in the aroma of stinky feet as a symphony preparing itself for a live stage!

Before I close, I have got to share this mind-boggling reading from yesterday.  I have a lady whom I have been reading for for some time.  The last several months, she no longer shows up in the field alone.  She is always with or on a horse.  Now she does own and care for horses in her life, so that is not so much surprising… but I really feel I am missing something important… and I know, something will pop a puzzle piece into this view.

Towards the west end of her cylinder are three horses side by side.  She was sitting on the one closest to the west… the horse was facing south.  The horse standing next to that one was facing north, the horse standing next to that one was facing south.  The three horses were all standing over her cylinder and the one she was sitting on was the only one that had a saddle.  The next thing I know she stands up on this saddle and I see her as a young girl (13-15 years old) at first she was blurry… but I could tell she was facing the south direction (as was the horse she was standing on) as we talked I watched as she slowly moved in a counter-clockwise motion and as she moved I could see her so clearly… her clothes, everything became crisp and clear.  She stopped moving Just on the other side of the west point heading towards the north point.  When she stopped, I watched as she slowly raised both of her arms in front of her to about a 90 degree angle upwards.

Now that I understand the cylinder, I am understanding (kinda sorta) that the horses she has is transmuting her energy into yet another energy… and is so purposeful and needed, yet.. I remain clueless about the wholeness of this story.  Maybe because I really don’t know horses at all.  But obviously they bring something very special to the table (as all things do, I understand that… but right now, she is the only one that has something constantly in her energy field… and no doubt… enhancing the music of it/her/them too.)   Anyone want to throw out some nuggets of understanding… we both would sure appreciate that!! (smile)

In the realm of synchronicity these days… I am sitting here pondering what the difference is between an orchestra and a symphony (I am paying attention to how spirit uses the words and where… but that doesn’t mean I understand it, I think I do now tho.) I found this lovely website describing the difference: (click here to go there) and in their effort to describe what a orchastra is not… the only band name they mention in their entire sharing is (drum roll please) COLDPLAY!!  Ya know, the ones who sing the song YELLOW!!  “Turning into something beautiful….”  a band turning into an orchestra preparing for the symphony in the philharmonic of our hearts!!

I love y’all so much.  Your sound fills my heart each and every day and changes me in the most beautiful, breath enhancing ways!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with EVERYTHING!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I want to leave you with a thought to ponder… actually it is a direct quote from spirit:  “Do not worry about a future that does not exist.”
















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  2. I love the story of how “what goes around, comes around” (in a good way). I will admit that I never pick up hitchhikers out of fear of being killed (instilled in me by my mother).


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  4. Hi Lisa, horses are solar animals – with the CME’s coming from the Sun and bringing in the high frequency energy, perhaps her horses enable her to use it? Love and (((hugs))) 🙂


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