Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 10, 2012

Ascension Achieved!! For Those That Hear The Music… Put Your Dancing Shoes On!!

I know I say this so often and not in very many different ways… but I sooooo love this game!!  I love, love, love the players within the game (both seen and unseen.)  I also love the fact that spirit held back on some important information for us.  That freakin acceleration point that had been such a constant for so long (alright, weeks, but still.)  We knew that the global stage was going to hit their acceleration point today thru the 12th… what spirit was soooo good not to tell us, those with both feet on the ground of the new earth energy… ours came into creation on the 7th of October settling into creation yesterday, the 9th.  But, I am getting ahead of this story.  Let me back up to putting my exhausted feet in the bathtub yesterday at 8:30 am.

The moment I sat in the water, something really strange happened.  First the water was hotter than usual, which was great because I felt like every cell in my body (brain especially) had been blowing in a windstorm and I just really wanted to put myself back together.  As I sat there adjusting the heat of the water to my body my eyes emitted… singular strands of steel blue energy… there were at least about 20 strands emitting from each eye.  At the end of these steel blue strands was… something.  Like each housed a picture I could not fully make out, even tho the strands were only maybe a foot long, if that.  I really felt like this could have been a scene from a sci-fi movie.  I could focus on any one strand, each eye separate, the only thing I could not do was make out the object of what was at the end of the energy lines (that didn’t look energetic at all.)  Instantly I realized all the energy I have taken in since being back here in New Mexico is being emitted into our creation.  It was very much like being able to witness 20 fragments of our reality all at the same time… but nothing I could see clearly… yet!

I thought about all the information that came thru this week, especially that desire and water wheel thingie.  I just paid my car note right before I got into my bath, so the most intense desire with me was paying off my car!  I laid down in my bath and without even having to stir anything up in me with thought… instantly a window showed up on my right side and I could see my checkbook and an ink pen writing out the full amount of my car note.  This vision was flooded in a white light energy and my checkbook and that ink pen (never did see the hand writing out the check tho) was as real as real gets.  A little burst of sunshine happiness zipped thru me, then came the reality of my first question:  How is that going to happen?  I cannot even remember the initial reply by the voice talking to me (definitely male) but it is what he said next that lingers.

To the right of my magic checkbook (smile) came a billowing of thick yellow/gold energy and this voice said, you will not have thousands, you will have millions coming to you.  Oddly enough, I felt a bit greedy and said to this unfamiliar voice, I don’t need millions.  He said “You will for what you are about to do.”  I didn’t dare ask what that was!!  However, the only thing that came to me was community.  That is still very much a deep desire within me, has been since I can remember.   To live in a community with fully aware, enlightened people who know and use their mastery.    I didn’t get a yes or no to the thought, but then again, I wasn’t seeking one either.

It is funny tho, how, when you finally and fully let something go… how magical that really is.  I have worried about finances for as long as I can remember.  With whatever shift I went thru the end of February, I fully stopped the worry.  To the point that I am no longer looking at the due date of my bills and working my calculator to ensure I have enough.  Instead (and let me tell you, I love this way sooo much better) the money arrives, I pay the bill, more arrives, I pay the next bill.  When I have a desire for something (I.E. seeing my family) more money arrives.  Never in excess at all… always in the perfect amount needed.  Spirit does not waste energy.  So if they say millions are coming, then millions are needed.  I didn’t about any of it.  But, I only have three years left on my car note…

So as I lay there thinking about what else I desire, I thought of my beautiful family living within the Pleiades, namely Franklyn and his constant vision of him, his wife and their child walking up to my back door.  I called on him directly to ask him if he was literally going to show up in Pleiadian flesh and bones.  What I received in its place… truly, I will never forget… ever!

My question, or perhaps, desire to connect to him opened a portal (literally, for the first time, i could see this portal) to the entirety of the Pleiades.  I was greeted by the loudest noise I have ever heard… clapping.  Holy shit the clapping was sooo loud, the celebration was Planetary.  My vision found him and the planet in which he hails from.  There were more Pleiadians than I could ever count…all standing, all clapping wildly… and the feeling… holy freakin shit, THE FEELING.

Instead of answering my crazy question, which no longer seemed very important, he gave me a massive package of understandings and visuals to hold the understandings.

When he first arrived in my inner world, he came via my desire to learn how to channel.  He was the first entity I channeled out loud via my keyboard and posted in an online spiritual community I was growing up within.  He had several, inter-related topics he talked about… a lot!  Trust – Unconditional Love and Non-Judgement and this thing called The Love Frequency.  I was only able to retrieve of a few of his sharings from back in 2001 and put them in a blog.  Just click here to read him.

He talked and shared about the Love Frequency a lot and how vitally important it was to fully achieve what I was then understanding ascension to be.  Yesterday he showed me the Love Frequency… a solid yellow/gold network of … geez…  gridwork maybe, looked like a spiderweb really.  With it, we have successfully achieved the critical mass needed so that it is now a permanent aspect of humanity.  No more working towards it… it is Here!

This Love Frequency is also a direct portal to the Pleiades.  Ascension has been achieved.  But like the birth of a brand new baby, this is just the next beginning!!  Now we must learn to walk and talk and create.

With that thought… think of what is happening like this.  The Pleiadians initial task was to help those humans who were willing to do the inner work, to achieve full connection to the Love Frequency.  It fully came on-line October 7th, 2012.  Ya wonder why you have been so freakin weepy?  You are now fully plugged into the pure energy of Love and your feeling it!!  WE are now fully living and breathing Ascension energy.  Imagine breathing in full, pure oxygen!  Our eyes are just adjusting the heart to the full on love field we now Live within!!  Phew baby!!

So now that we have achieved that ginormous goal, the next ingredient is being added.  This is where the Sirian energy is coming in.  I watched as the entire system that we call Sirius was now being poured into the Love Frequency network.  This is what makes the energy come alive.  That water wheel thingie… you pour your loving desire into a full feeling, the energy of creation is now mixing with it and bringing it back to you faster than you can hic-cup.

In this massive sharing Franklyn gave to us, he also helped me see that those who have their hearts and feet with aligned with the new earth energy… we had to go thru our acceleration point first.  Solidifying our energy into this higher creative dimension than the global stage.  It has set not only a massive protective energy around us, but also, intensified the magnetic grid we live within.  There is so much more to all of this, I just don’t have the verbal language skills (yet) to put it into words.

To those still questioning where you are at… let me fully assure you, if during any aspect of our readings this year you showed up in the center stage area of the reading… YOU ARE THERE!!  Those still living the old energy show up somewhere on the left side of the field of energy.  If you have not had a reading, there is still a very good stage of reflection playing out in the USA.  Again, no bias, no judgement at all… we are all a work in progress.  Romney is solidified in the old energy system.  Obama, the new world energy.  And one may wonder why the parties are so divided.  It is purposely like that for reflection of which road we are traveling, because they really have two very different outcomes.  Anyway, it is just a cosmic mirror and at this moment, nothing more… at least until January 2013.

So as I lay there in my bath saying Holy Freakin shit to myself… my heart wandered over to my Divine Counterpart.  Now I was out in my front yard where I park my car.  There is now the familiar light blue 1978 Dodge Aspen parked in front of my door (and I googled cars until I found the image and color of the car I had been seeing them arrive in… even tho it was energetic, I know there is some sort of hidden information in what I am seeing.)  As I looked around I about shit when I had seen, in such real detail I swear it was really happening… there was my landlady with her divine counterpart (no she has not met him yet) dancing a waltz on the dirt that lays between her house and her art studio.  They were flooded in light, and the feeling coming from their dance, man happy for her would be an understatement.  I simply watched this loving, joyful dance happen and thought to myself… she would so never do that!!  Her man tho, he could well embody my own personality… pushing people beyond their comfort zones in joy and dance.  Who ever he is, I love him!!  I love her with him!!  Talk about the truth in opposites attract!!

She never missed a step in their accelerating waltz .. their energy together… flawless.  There must have been music playing because he started to pick up the pace of their dancing and their waltz turned into a Polka!!  Ohhhh I LOVE a good polka!!  Yes, I know how to Polka… or at least did!

I was hunting around for my guy… this IS supposed to be about me!! lol

I suppose my landlady’s dance partner must have felt my query, cuz he took a moment to glance my way and nod his head towards the car.  There is my guy sitting so quietly in the car.  Once again, his details completely hidden by blotches of energy hiding his face.  I see him in tiny fragments…. dammit.  Why do I get to see my landladys man in living color, in such vivid detail I can see his freakin beard stubble… and my man is in blotches and in an energy body that I cannot connect to!!

Then I had a thought… a thought that lingers yet this morning and I have a feeling it vibrates in some sort of truth.  I know Pleiadian energy when I feel it, but sooooo not Sirian at all… at least, not yet.  I have a feeling my landladys counterpart is so very Pleiadian in nature and mine… Sirian.   Which would make her, if my theory holds, Sirian.  It would make so much sense why she has been painting the Guardians for a very long time.  She see’s them deep inside her hearts memory, and is actually painting her memories of HerSelf into created life… but she takes it to a level I am only understanding now… a blend of Human, Sirian and Pleiadian energy… the first living consciousness on planet earth.

This morning, as I contemplate the enormity of where we are at and what we are about to embark on, in Real time… I know my last 12 years of learning and experience never came thru anything but on the job training.  There is no way I could have ever foreseen, with detail and understanding, where my own path would take me and how.  No doubt the same is true Now.  So to know how to blend the energy systems held in biological creation must come thru the experience itself (at least for me, this has always been my flipping way!!)

I have my dancing shoes by the door…. ready!!

I also must mention this anomaly too: I was in my bath for one hour.  When I got out and looked at my phone blinking, I about shit when it said I had received 17 emails while I was away.  So many new appointments, love letters, sharings… all in the tiny time I was in my bath.  Granted I do get emails all day long, but never 17 in an hour.  Whatever I was experiencing, you were there with me and let your love flow to my inbox.  Talk about the intensity of The Love Frequency.  Of course, I cried… all day long yesterday.

Ohhhhh… another thing my lovely Franklyn showed us.  Way back in 2001, when I first got onto the planet Franklyn hailed from, he showed me something I really didn’t fully understand… until now.  I section of land on his planet that housed a tree.  A sick tree, it was bare, small, almost deformed looking.  Thru the years he would remind me of that tree in visual.  Somewhere within me I always knew it represented the Tree of Life / Tree of Wisdom for humanity… our garden of love on their planet.

Those apple trees, that tree of life that had been so relevant thru this year… is alive, well and LIVING!!  We are the apples and the leaves and the wonder of Life Blood that has brought it all to Life.  Thank you ALL, for ALL you have done and continue to do.  Without you, that tree would still be starving…. but that will no longer, ever be the case!!

It is going to be really really interesting to see how the readings change today.  I am just soooooo excited!!

Massively HUGE (((((HUGZ))))) of ascended mastery to all.  The game has really just begun in earnist!!

I love You!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Please keep in mind there are many many people on many different points of their path… many still working towards ascension.  All is perfect!!  Your own heart knows the way, the where and the how… trust that now more than ever before.  You Are Here!!!



















  1. Lisa, for some reason I didn’t know you trance channeled. I have missed my trance channel group in Los Angeles since I left in April 2008. We got together every Tues. night to practice and it was wonderful. There was usually about 5 of us. Anyway, wanna get together to channel Pleiadians? 🙂 I have channeled everyone from Sitting Bull to Quetzalcoatl, to ETs…with a special emphasis on Pleiadians with the occasional Arcturian. I’m just throwing it out there. No pressure.


    • (((HUGZ))) Atheria,

      I never trance channeled, I am a conscious channel. Of course, not knowing that made me think I was broken when I first learned… or at the very least, no entity wanted to occupy my smokey lungs… until I met Barbara Marciniak and she smoked and is a trance channel!! Then I had to learn what the hell I was doing… hence the conscious channel, which I still do today every single time I write a blog.

      I am actually thinking of a dinner party on the 29th of this month.. full moon… halloween… Ouija Board and stuff (smile)

      I love ya free woman!!


      • Ooooooh! Sounds fun! Can I invite myself? LOL — I also do written conscious channeling, but since I never totally trust myself I prefer to be out-of-it so I know I’m being 100% pure. That being said, sometimes it’s very hard on me physically when I do it. I can understand why many full trance channels have not lived long lives.


      • Oh, and it feels SO good to be free! I’m just not meant to be told how and what to think and do.


      • Its funny i’m somewhere between the 2 but more a conscious channel. Beings would come into my aura n body and move my head and things and even moved my mouth once or twice… With a whispered word or two coming out but yh… I think i’m a conscious channel 🙂 ps no fair that i’m in englanddd!!


      • If it makes you feel any better, I want to go to England. 🙂


      • haha… one day we will be able to pop across the pond no bother at all! 😉


      • Astral travel or bilocation!


  2. dear Lisa, thanks for the confirmation! the love frequency,,,,,,yes, we are here. What a time. I love us all! happy 10-10 and may the love abound. This is what we have been waiting for!


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  6. The thing you’ll need the millions for … I keep thinking it’s Faywood …

    I just loved the visual of all those Pleiadians clapping *looool*

    Lots of luv ❤ ❤ ❤


  7. Hi Lisa,

    Are there other “symptoms” of this acceleration/Love Frequency that you or other people have been experiencing over the past few days besides or in addition to weeping?

    In the last few days (actually more like the past month), I’ve had a chance to talk to or otherwise connect with an unusually high number of family members–some of whom I might typically interact with only once a year or less. It’s been so different than my usual pattern that I’ve been wondering what’s going on energetically. Maybe it’s related to this acceleration point. Any thoughts?

    Love you! Michelle


  8. So, you’re gonna be needing some help with your community right? 😀


  9. I can agree with the dates, I noticed a definite change on weekend, I felt bigger, broader, purer, my perspective was higher. A friend of mine noticed something similar also.

    And now the feeling has faded… working week takes its toll…


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