Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 5, 2012

Divine Counterparts – Erogenous Gas Pedals and The Obstacle Course Ahead!

I find these days so extraordinary.  Every single day a new detail is being added which expands our view, brings in a few new details of what we are in the midst of and walking into.  Even as I try to find words to describe the process we are all going thru, I keep coming back to the East Bake Oven of my childhood days.  We have spent September gathering our ingredients for the new life we are baking.  By the end of September we started putting them all in a bowl for mixing and poured them into the form of our choice. As we hit the beginning of October the heat was added (the acceleration point I keep writing about) to solidify all our emotions into our next expression (freshly baked cake.)  Yesterday was very much like watching icing coming down from the upper atmosphere to enhance the cake in which we baked.   If you can look at the cake as the earth expression taking form and the icing as the spiritual energy coming in to spread across your life as a delightful sweetener.  All of it enhancing what has been created.

Altho I could see the energy within the readings as it came down from the sky and as of yesterday, was between a quarter and half way down to the (still cooking)  form on earth… there was nothing I could interpret about it.  It was a unique blend of energy for the person’s life role coming up.  It will serve to amplify all that you are putting out.

We did get to see some interesting things revealed yesterday in relationship to that beautifully elusive time after the 12th.  Keep in mind, I see the energy you have created, if you are still undecided, that is what we see together.  But when you have a working model of emotional desire (even if you are powering up something you would rather not have,) that is when I see details.  Both my lovely ladies gave us something to look at in the week up ahead of potential.  Both exited me from head to toe!!  Especially my first lady because so much detail was revealed about Divine Counterpart meetings!!  Let me tell ya, I jumped in the tub as soon as we hung up!! (smile)

As I watching her opalescent icing coming down from above and the gobbely goo of energy that was laid out in her below, I knew the two were taking form together.  So my focus went to where her biology was, about 6 inches below the top of the area I call the acceleration point.  She had asked me about divine counterpart and this man she has been talking to… holy cow batman, the moment she asked her face lit up like a Christmas tree with a million lights on it.  Of course, we were on skype and she was on video, so I had seen this intense output of energy literally.  Her output of energy gave us an amazing view of what it meant to both her and him.  As the winds of her desire pulled us to just on the other side of the acceleration point something startling was clearly in view and my audio center.  I kept hearing the word “Gnome” and I had seen this vividly floating hat.  The hat was pointy (like an upside down V) with about an inch brim all around the bottom.  The color was the deepest maroon I had ever seen with these intense yellow star-bursts scattered about this floating hat.

All I could feel was that she was already working with this gnome energy.  There was no body, no anything else for me to connect to except the power and radiance of this hat!  Magical for sure!!  Then she said I knew him… “perk!!”   When she told me who (now keep in mind, I know him like I know all of you… energetically and thru so many conversations,) there was a party in my cells.  I have never gotten that excited in two people finding each other in all my life.  No doubt in me that the owner of that hat is my dear friend!!!  I had to look up what a gnome is… and we are going to delete any negative descriptions (because they are not valid) and take the energy of an older man guarding a treasure buried in the earth!!  Isn’t that exactly the purpose of the divine counterpart?  Holding the key that is buried in the divine feminine… the Holy Grail if you will.

Thru a couple of her own questions something even more exciting was revealed.  Right now they are exploring the mysteries and capabilities of their energy fields together.  Meaning, they have not met in person yet.  Thru her questions I could see two full length mirrors standing about a foot in front of each other.  I knew their destiny was a physical one!!  When the two reflections of the soul come together in the physical I could see the amazing sparks of vivid yellow energy fly between the two full length mirrors.  Like a chaotic explosion into and surrounding each other.  My own cellular party started celebrating again!!  Holy shit this is exciting!!  You would have swore it was happening to me… I guess, on a level of oneness, it is… but I mean really!!

Then she said something that took me totally by surprise…. she’s married.  Really now??  Maybe according to a piece of paper and societal conditions… but not energetically at all!!  It is so incredibly funny to see the vast difference between us the human and the field of spirit.  The court of law says you are bound to this person… spirit says your on a wholly different adventure… follow it!!  It truly does lead to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Ohhh the obstacles we create for ourselves!!  But then again, about two weeks ago, this is exactly what I had seen in this new time… an amazing obstacle course for us to move thru to hit, fully and freely, the land of bliss beneath our feet!!

Can I just say to everyone…. please don’t let any perceived obstacle in your way be your stopping point.  You yourself placed them there to reflect back to you your own strength and resolve to follow your heart… your own bliss.

Now a really interesting view came as she asked about her husband.  Instantly I seen the two different landscapes (the dirty yellow of the 3D and 4D world as well as the high frequency of the new world within… the blue-violet field of super multi-dimensionality) as if I was now in wide angle view.  I could feel his energy (but not see him) in the area of the dirty yellow.  He was doing his best to emit an energy frequency to her (what was in that frequency, I have no clue) and I had seen it as black energy (meaning, no longer serving her in any way) but could not get thru the thick gel-like protection that surrounds this new landscape.  Meaning… no matter what, he can do no harm.  I also understood for her (and many others who arrive with these same obstacles) he has others he needs to meet to give him the choice again to go further.  Their job together is done obviously her heart is off on her most needed adventures.

We were also given a bonus view as well.  I could see the potential of Divine Counterparts that will meet during this year.  It was barely a handful in the greater scheme of things.  And from what I understand now… none have come fully online yet in their fullness of capabilities.  The wiring capacity is still being laid and charged up!!

Ohhhhhh I almost forgot this yummy little part… actually, it is a really really big part of the understanding.

She had asked about her sister coming to visit.  Boy what unfolded just blew my happy little (but expanding) mind!!!  All of a sudden I could see a cylinder (think music box cylinder here) with those various nubs sticking out, seeking the energy field to ping it into vibration.  This is what we are doing with each other right now.  Pinging each others musical notes/nubs with our connections.  Releasing sound waves that otherwise would have remained silent.  These connections are super important to us as we travel together in this new exciting reality.

But… then I had seen something even more exciting.  I remembered reading for a man earlier this year, he was an energy worker and married.  His team kept asking him if he was finding the points on his wife’s body that opened various pathways.  He stopped getting readings, I stopped getting information on that.  Kinda like being left on a cliff hanger in the “how-to” book of life!!

Until yesterday!!

Again, keeping with the cylinder image, only standing upright now laying down on the ground…. I could see what I am going to call gas pedals   There were openings in the cylinder not anything protruding outwards.  When you pressed on this gas pedal (think…. erogenous zone) it created energy like you cannot even image!!  Acceleration points embedded in the human body… known only to the divine counterpart for use.

This is where two fully conscious people are the only ones able to use these acceleration points for their intended use.  Opening vast portals of energy and bringing it down to earth.  The two Beings must be consciously aware of what is taking place and learn how to not only bring it down thru the sexual exchange, but how to keep it here as well.  Altho this can appear to be intensely erotic… it really isn’t and having control over the sexual energy system… super crucial!  If your zooming towards orgasm… your missing the game!!

Learning to blend the combined energy of the orgasm, with full awareness, is what solidifies the portal of energy to (their) created reality.

Think about this fully.  The gas pedals are embedded inside.  You and your divine counterpart must be able to fully access everything that is within each other.  This is not an external relationship, but wholly and fully internal.  Yes, fully in relationship to created reality… but if there is some aspect of your partner you are keeping at bay… get over it!!  Let him or her fully in and vise versa.  This cannot be a one person event.

When she and I concluded our time together, I knew I had 2 hours before my next reading and I was going to take advantage of this time and scope out my divine counterpart and see what I may have been missing (those obstacles.)

I barely slid into the water and there he was, floating above me at the solar plexus area of me,  in a freakin batman outfit!!  I could only crack up laughin!  He didn’t flinch tho… but the more I scoped out his life-size body I realize he was not only wearing a batman suit, the entire area of his chest was also Robin’s suit too… you remember boy wonder right??

All I could say is… what the hell?  My memories went back to the young girl who used to watch the batman shows on TV.  I had such a crush on Robin, the boy wonder.  I had to laugh and could not, for the life of me, take his flipping mask off.  Dammit… I wanna see what you look like!!

Suddenly, my thought went to a conversation I had with my landlady the day before.  I told her about my meditation, her divine counterpart and all the details I could remember.  I also made a statement that I hope they are locals and do not need to move in.  I am not really crazy about the thought of someone moving in here with me… visiting for long weekend… ok.  A permanent resident… not tripping my trigger.

So of course the moment I remember that, here comes Batman/Robin boy thru my front door (still in costume with face features completely hidden… dammit) with two freakin suit cases.  Once I got beyond the dammit feeling, I started to get a close up view of his suit cases.  They were metal… not with a smooth surface either.  (I found a picture here:)

The suitcase in his left hand was silver, the one in his right hand was gold (and noocks and crannies to use.)  I looked at this suitcases and I think more surrendered to the fact than asked the question “your moving in aren’t you.”    Fine, I will get over myself here!!

I started to really understand the fullness of it all.  The unpacking of his energy field here… adds and enhances and of course, changes the energy field I have laid out already.    To the degree I am now wondering if what I had seen next was literal or symbolic.  With him he brought a really nice living room suit… changing out what I have here now.  Also, a brand new bedroom suit too…  However it unfolds… I am a WILLing partner in the whole of this!!

Then spirit did something really really strange and unexpected in my meditation.  At my feet in the tub there was Obama on my right and Romney on my left.  It was a simple image with a profound understanding.

Two men representing two vastly different world energies.  Romney very much associated with the dirty yellow of the old energy.  His heart filled with cement.  I couldn’t see into his heart no matter what.  Personally, I really don’t care too.  If you want to know what a living, breathing, vibration of LIE is, just listen to Romney speak.  Not the words, but the energy of his breath.

Then there was Obama, his heart opening in an amber glow of mesh-like energy.  In the center, a small glowing ruby.  (click here if you want to understand the metaphysical properties of ruby)  There was a calmness to his energy that I so could have stayed in.

Of course, I had to ask spirit why on earth they are showing me this.  They reminded me of a vast amount of information they wanted me to write about last week that I just said no to.  It was spiritually political in nature.  So they asked once again to share what they had shared…. but with a purpose of point.

Keeping in mind, there is no bias to this world.  All is unfolding as needed for the ultimate outcome.  America is truly at a great cross roads of choice.  I am just going to put this query out to you…. what does your energy align with… it will show you were you are heading in the unveiling of the new energy?

Thats about as political as I am willing to get here, even tho spirit was not using it as a political anything, just a personal view of energy alignment.

There is another important aspect that came to the fore yesterday in my second reading.  Sadly, my day has already started.  Let me just share a quickie in the Dream Weaver scheme of things.

I could see her field of energy span from now til February of 2013 like spin cotton on a loom.  The cotton had open fibers across the entire energy space shown to us.  It was beautiful really.  With every action she is currently putting into place, her tapestry is already being weaved into creation.  How I had seen her energy was like the old childhood weaving toy for making pot holders.  The energy strung out like rubber bands of deep colored material.  We are weaving our next reality as we breathe… what material are you using?

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of gas pedals, spun cotton and Dreams Coming Alive for ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Due to the enormous and ongoing change in our lives and our realityI am making the 3-4-2 Special a constant reality for ALL sessions.




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  2. Exciting…


  3. Hi Lisa, its a good thing that you mentioned about being married can be a major obstacle for some. I know a young lady who I’ve known a long time and she is very unhappily married and her spirit screams to be set free to be with another who will take her to her next expression of life. I dont even think her and her husband have been intimate in a very long time due to the devotionshe feels for this other man. Her heart belongs to that other person, if she could just break free from this obstacle of marriage. Anyway, Lisa I have been wanting to ask you a short personal question since the beginning of the year but I havent. Is thier a way to send you private message other than through the comment section here? I promise it will be brief. Roy


  4. Hi Lisa, Thank you for all your beautiful postings. Wish to say this one really resonates, as I have been LIVING this well, minus my Twin in the physical. Its coming though, and I am an Illumined Twin with my beloved and we will be here to Light it Up, Hold the Gate open and really bring the love!

    Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are both Twin Flames, and they will be Lighting up – as well, as several private and Public Couples !

    It will be very interesting to see how it all unfolds, how we all co-create and share what we all bring to the table.

    Love & hugs and speedy reunion with your own Beloved.
    Patricia : )


    • Big big (((HUGZ)))) of welcome and wonder both Patricia and Laura!! (And everyone I may have missed saying hi too as well.)

      If what I am seeing is even close to be accurate… this last quarter of 2012 is going to set the grid on fire with passion and reunion and things not even thought of yet!! As we all set the tone for 2013 and so many more soul-unions come together. And indeed, we have worked our asses off to get there here… nice to start to feel the serious perks of our effort!!

      Agree with you so much Patricia, you can feel the love flow between Barack and Obama they don’t even have to say a word… and that is how it should be too!

      Thank you both (all) for sharing such a wonderful part of yourselves and the excitement of it all too!
      Loving, bliss-billed ((((HUGZ)))) all around!!


  5. Bunches of gratitude to you Lisa, for sharing your journey and your readings. I am a very aware Twin Flame that has been patiently preparing this whole lifetime to Reunite with my Beloved…..You have been an inspiration! My anticipation and excitement is ready to BURST out of my seams…..can’t wait to actually BE WITH HER– after all those years of preparing, purging, painful transmuting, etc — FINALLY Making Passionate Love with MY Love, finally in Melting Harmonic Unison with our physical bodies! WOOHOO!!! Wishing a Blissful Reunion for you as well, Sister! Much Love, Laura Geralyn


  6. Roy, in the upper right hand side of this page, you can click on “The Soul Center” link, and it will take you to the Main Page. There is a “Contact Me” button there.


    • I love you Edie… just wanted to let you know that. Thank you for helping Roy!!
      ((((HUGZ)))) filled with smiles,


  7. Thank you for destroying my marriage and the life of a child.


    • How did it destroy your marriage and the life of your child? Roy


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