Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 4, 2012

The Alchemist and the Liquid Energy of Creation Taking Form.

I was watching a show the other day, Fringe, and there is an eccentric scientist on the show and he said something that slammed into my heart so hard tears fell from my eyes with recognition.  As he was working on some experiment to help solve a case, with so much passion and excitement he said “This is what I was born to do.”   Man the explosion inside of me really took me by surprise.  And in truth, I cannot even tell you what I do, but I did have to wonder about it.  There are a million psychic out there, so it can’t just be readings… and really, beyond readings, it doesn’t feel like I am doing very much.

Yesterday, however, was like an avalanche of information FINALLY being released to us.  I also realized when we get information, constant, usable/applicable information, there is actually weight to it.  I’ll explain that one in a moment.

With the onset of so much information coming out of my first and second readings of yesterday, I was processing to beat the band even between readings… something I try not to do too much so I have plenty of battery juice for everyone on my agenda for the day.  But I felt like I was in an information downpour… exciting really.  I had to go the mailbox to get a letter to my daughter, on my way there I got such a vivid clarity of what we are doing right now… together.

In this visual I wasn’t reading a human so much as I was reading your music box cylinder of energy, the tabs sticking out and any that may have moved out-of-place.  I suddenly realized that I see your song, there are people out there designed to literally hear your song… the tones you are emitting, the sound of each tab.  I think I can liken this to seeing an aura (which I don’t) because the aura changes with your emotions… so would these tabs.  I so understand me because you allow me to understand you and I make it a point to share outwards every day so we can all understand ourselves to the degree I am able to assimilate.

Our goal right now is to set our frequency to the song we want played out in our created lives for the rest of this year.  From what I am understanding, don’t get caught up in anything that involves next year (2013) we have a massive quantum leap happening (choice point for sure) at the end of this year that will change it all depending on where we leap to (individually as well as collectively.)

Maybe we can look at these next three months as intense practice of orchestration of sound and momentum before we go to the bigger stage of creation?

There was an interesting theme to yesterdays readings… three out of four readings had this set up:

Now that I know this acceleration point that I keep seeing is really out in the timeline of October 10th thru the 12, we are already there.  We are tweaking our energy fields with the nooks and crannies of the landscape of the way I see the acceleration point in this moment.  All three of these folks had an element in their readings set up in what I can call the energetic line that we are walking to that (perceived) dateline.  My first guy, who gave us soooo much wonderful information yesterday that I put out a part two to yesterdays sharing… had a rainbow above his “walking towards” area as he was already on the acceleration point about mid-way up.  I have read for this man many many times over this year and know he has had a theme of bringing the fullness of the rainbow energy down into his created reality to use.  How he is going to use it, as always… up to him.  I found something interesting with the view of his rainbow (the typical arched rainbow) was that there was white space between the start of his journey in this new exciting landscape of life as well as white space between his acceleration point.

Today I get it.  The energy of desire of his life is now in perfect form, ready.  All he has to do is create the connective energy to bring it fully into his reality.  I also kept hearing (but not seeing) that at the end of the rainbow is the pot of gold.  Gold being the highest vibration of spirit as well as the most intense magnetic attraction available.  So everything he has done to date… perfect.  Now he has to actively connect it to his created world.  How?  That one is on him.  But, I know him and I know he will figure that one out too!

My next two ladies were quite interesting and actually give more detail to the understanding above, they were so similar in nature of unfolding visual.  But let me share the song of the lady who was next after my rainbow guy.

Everything unfolded on the ground level for her.  She was in two places at the same time, on the acceleration point about 3 feet from the top and in a large groove on the ground level (something I had not seen before yesterday.)  If you can image you are walking forward and come to this place on the ground we would call a big hole… but the hole itself was filled with this liquid gold.  I call this area a groove instead of a hole because it felt like this groove happened because of the weight of the gold liquid on the energy line forward.  It formed a depression in the line… purposely so!!

The Alchemist Awakens:

I was watching her stand in this large (up to her belly) groove of liquid gold, she was playing and splashing about like a child.  Happy!  It took me a bit to understand what this meant to her (and really, to all of us,) but we got it.  She had been working her tail off to help earth move energetically to this space… and hurray… here we are!!  Here she is!! All that she created as a high vibrational field of reality is now in liquid form, so she can use it to create her next reality.

I know in alchemy we think of changing one metal into another, in this case, it is reforming the mastery within to become something else.  From what I understand now, this is for you to use for YOU!!  For your personal story and life made of gold.  The earth and sun are here and perfect.  Now to create the fullness of your personal life as your heart desires.

Think of it this way, if we are constantly building a playground… when do we get to stop and play in its perfection?  Ummmmmm….. NOW!!!!!!!!!   Let me assure you the playground is perfect and ready.  It is now awaiting the children of light to come play and create with all the magic and love of Self and each other!!

I could feel the relief in this precious lady’s heart to know she is Here in this sacred place of creation that WE built together.  And she uttered something that the universe made sure in detail, was no longer a worry for her… for all of us really.  She said something like she was worried she wasn’t ready yet, hasn’t fully done all the inner work… and in that, I could hear/feel tired (I think so many of us can relate to that) and suddenly… the winds of change started howling and blowing.  I could see the energy of the wind as if we suddenly entered the most intense hurricane with the winds going perfectly horizontal… and it picked her up from her place on the acceleration point and blew her to the other side.  I dropped to my energetic knees when we got the first (and so far, only) view of what was on the other side of this creation point.

It was tall amazingly green grass slowly swaying back and forth.  The green and the grass was soooooo alive.  Flowers… and I know these flowers… everywhere, tall and radiant and filled with the texture of Shambhala.  What was so striking to me was the hugeness of this scenery.  Like everything was magnified 100 times bigger than they usually are… yet… this was the natural landscape we are moving into.  I really felt like I have arrived in the Jack and the Beanstalk story where everything was designed for giants.  WE being the giants!!

My next lady really gave us more details (doncha just love how each one lines up the rest of the story…) I am always humbled by the synchronicity of all!  If one note is played out-of-place… my eyes would not be able to hear the story unfolding.   Instead, the notes of our symphony would be so out-of-place I would get lost.

I seen her on her acceleration point of energy and she kept rolling back down into her pool of liquid energy.  Her pool had various colors of energy in the mix, and she would take a hand full of this energy and place it on her acceleration point in various places… decide that’s not quite it, roll back done (not walk mind you, rolling like a hotdog down a hill) and take more handfuls of this creative liquid and place it once again in various places on her acceleration point.

I slowed down her process long enough to see what was actually in her hands as she placed it on her acceleration point… it was really really interesting because she scooped up liquid, yet the moment the liquid was no longer in the groove area, but just above it in her hand, it started to take form.  No form I could recognize… but form none the less!!  As she placed it in her very specific (to her) nooks and crannies… she changed her mind about the placement and rolled on back down to try again.

The more I watched her, the more I felt the alchemist at work.  We talked about what she was actually doing now.. and truly she is giving wings to her herbology business and figuring out the best way to do that.  Good on ya lady love!!

Now, if processing all this wonderful, applicable information wasn’t enough for my consuming brain… I had a lady show up in the most extraordinary way (actually mind boggling to me would be a better description.)  Her body itself was a replica of Tinkerbell. flying around working on an very tall antenna at the top of her acceleration point.

It took me a long minute to understand it, but I am a hard worker bee!!  (smile)

This antenna emits the signals of creation outwards.  Not any ole creation, but the one you are putting out in your acceleration point.  I watched as the Tinkerbell aspect of her was working like crazy on the left side (physical life side) aspect of this antenna, I could feel she was trying to tweak the energy coming out and radiating outward into her created field life…. but with it came (very much like the last lady) a discontent to what was being emitted.  She, like the other lady rolling down her acceleration point, was still deciding what the landscape of her life looked like for the rest of the year.  The big difference is… the lady with the antenna has already set the sound stage and now she is worried about the sound… the details of what she feels so strongly within her.  Ya know those ohhhh so common questions: good, bad, right, wrong, better, worse.  This (for antenna lady) really in the field of a present relationship she has, platonic but filled with so much more.  Soooooo much more.

Ohhhh how pesky the mind can be when it worries.  It worries only based on what you have already been thru and overlays it on what is present.  Please do your best not to go there.  You will spend so much time changing the channel that you will miss what just may be right in front of you and wonder how you got left behind.

If your heart feels it… TRUST IT!!  Don’t take any aspect up to your head and psychoanalyze it!!

Thru this whole sharing today, my own little learning lesson has been at the forefront of my mind.  Obviously very important for all of us to learn from.

When I decided to delay my meeting with my own divine counterpart so I can grow into this new field of energy, my meditation showed me drowning in what I call the October energies.  I sure as hell didn’t get the clarity of it all like I do today… especially given the two ladies playing in their liquid energy and what it means to them (us.)

I have been getting downloads… soooo much information since 2008 on divine counterparts, shambhala, divine sex, gateways and pathways available to open during this sacred exchange of soul energy and codes and I finally hit the time point of this going from downloads to action… and I left it go.  So my liquid energy remained that (had I not changed my mind and heart) as I embarked into this new creation we are now in.  As I have said so many times before  (and now so utterly understand  you cannot save this energy, you must use it all the time.  When your life needs to connect with another and you avoid it, you can very well drown in unfulfilled potential and wonder what the hell happened.

There are a couple other things that are happening both in readings as well as in my own meditations.  As I mentioned early on here, the details of information has weight to it.  I felt it soooo much in my biology yesterday… that my body was straining to keep going thru the last two readings.  Ya know if you were holding 5 encyclopedia’s in your hand, your muscles are gonna start straining.  That is how I felt yesterday… for the rest of the day.  Which has to mean this information is lodging into our muscle structure for use.

Also, the realness of it all.  There are aspects that are no longer a potential of light… but so a part of our created reality I see it as real.  People, that quick glimpse of the other side of the acceleration point.  It’s real, it is there, it is moving toward you as you move toward it… please don’t change your channel from the heart to the head… not conducive at all!!

The most amazing thing I am understanding is we are no longer in one day at a time.  We are now using the fullness of the week ahead and using it now.  If you are feeling out of sync with time, truly you are.  You are in the whole breadth of a week (and I am sure more) all at once… working the details, creating whatever your next version of bliss really is for you.

WE really are amazing, enormous and filling the song of the universe… TOGETHER!!

Thank you for playing your tune on perfect harmony with mine… you make me soar and reach higher octaves every single day of my life!!  Thank you for filling my life with your sound of loving creation!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of bliss made manifest!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. […] The Alchemist and the Liquid Energy of Creation Taking Form. […]


  2. Thank u lisa *sprinkles fairy dust* this hss actually given me even more clarity… So much love and gratitude xxxx


  3. A thought has come to me and I will share…
    I have been taught that our “needs” are provided for. It is TIME to remember that our “wants ” are provided for !!

    Let that sink in, I want to have abundance… for myself and all others.

    It is Now our “time” to create what we want not just need !

    Remember ??


    • Ohhh thank you for saying that Donald!! Want and need are human separations… not spiritual. Desire is all encompassing and all provided for!!

      I am also running around ((((HUGGING))))) everyone here that is commenting, I am so sorry to be so slack in sharing this conversation… I do read every single thing posted here, and intend to reply and end up in processing heaven glued to the internal TV channel playing.

      I love you all soooooooooo much!! Each and everyone of you is the sound of heaven/angels made manifest!!

      (((((HUGZ))))) all around,


    • Awesome Donald!! I was just thinking that very thing this morning. Love being on the same wavelength with you 😉


      • Hey Mandy.
        It is nice to know someone else has similar thoughts as me !! 😉


    • I soooo resonate with this. My new mantra is: Peace and Prosperity for all beings. Bless you for saying this.


      • Isn’t it exciting and amazing when we are having so much of the same experiences, whether biologically or in our lives and really understand what is happening. It really does show us the unified heart we are now beating within.

        it is wonderful to have you here with us and sharing the beauty of you!
        Big big (((HUGZ)))) of loving welcome and lotsa restful days!!


  4. Me again.. Just had a bath n everything (well prob not everything) plopped nicely into place! Im gna blog it later… I bloody love u lisa lady!!!! Lol xxx


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  7. Lisa — what an amazing description of my experience the past few days. Two nights ago I said to my husband: “I have taken in so much information, I can’t read another blessed thing.” Yesterday, my energy felt so heavy it was like I had 100 pound weights on each foot. It took all my focus and concentration just to walk the last block home from the beach. I took the rest of the day off and did practically nothing. Now I understand I was NOT DOING NOTHING! I understand completely the concept of being in more than one day at a time — this is my reality. I am in today and in next week and in next month — all at once and all of them are just as valid and real as this moment.

    Oh Dear Sister of Light — keep on reporting. I am finding myself in your transmissions and your insights are so encouraging right now. Blessings and Love X 1000


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