Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 3, 2012

The Acceleration Point and YOUR Music Notes!

There is a part of the fullness of yesterday that is just lingering here in front of my vision.  So I will start by sharing that.  It was a continuation from the meditation I had a couple days ago where I was about 13-14 years old, looking exactly like a school picture I had seen of myself at my fathers, standing on a sundial.  Yesterday’s meditation started out in the same place, young me on a sun dial, wearing the exact same clothes I had on in that school picture, only instead of standing I was now kneeling to the right side of a sundial that was slowly moving left or clockwise.  I am going to share this 70’s photo of me with you (yikes.)

The big difference in it’s unfolding yesterday was how close it was to me.  The first day it all unfolded at my feet, yesterday it was so close to my face and so life size I swear I was looking at me.  I could see the separation in the strands of my hair, the pores of my face… kinda eerie really.

I watched as that young version of me put both of her hands in that incredible swirling energy beneath the sundial and scooped some up and put it on her face.  There was a feeling flowing from her as she placed her hands in this thick liquid… reverence!  I started to realize in feeling that intense feeling from her… there was more to seeing this image than something going on within me in that timeline.  I wasn’t reverent about anything life, I was just looking for a way to survive it all not to mention close to crippling shy.  So I realized what I was seeing had more to do with the time frame and somehow relates to now than it did with who I was back then.

There was this feel when she put the liquid energy in various swirls of colors I have never seen before, but best described as a blend of silver, gold and bronze.  Not only can I not truly describe the colors, I cannot describe the feeling as the scooped up energy liquid was applied to my 13 year old face.  Maybe taking the feeling of reverence and making it deeper, fuller.  The liquid must have oozed into my skin, because when she took another scoop there was no sign of the liquid on my face.

Then she did something that really surprised me… with an incredible slowness of movement, she (I) unfolded my legs that were being sit upon and hung them over the sundial and watched as I moved into this liquid.  I could see the very slow movement of the arm of the sundial as it moved clockwise, and now my body is in this liquid all the way up to my heart center and I am watching myself move just as slowing counter-clockwise… as if I knew what I was doing and there was purpose to this.  All I could think about was several months ago the imagery and information was coming thru the readings and my sharings about the gyroscope.    How this applies to whatever it is that is being shown to us… I am not sure at all, but I couldn’t get the connection out of my mind.

I just realized something, if the sundial arm itself was set up in a reading, its position would be just out of the east field moving towards the south, my body however was moving back towards the east.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, is whatever it is I am witnessing has everything to do with this new energy, this new and wonderful time on earth.  My (as of yet) unanswered questions are why this school picture?  Why that time frame?  I had seen several pictures of my self while visiting my dad, so why this one?

All my questions come back to a very pivotal point in my young life.  I met my father in that timeline.  If I am not mistaken, I think that picture was taken while I lived with him, which would have put me in 9th grade and had just turned 14 years old.  By placing a single phone call, my father pulled me out of the hell that was my life and gave me a bridge way to something better.  It may not have looked like that living thru it, but rear view mirrors can let you see the whole story.  I had only lived with him for 4-6 months before going to a group home for girls, but it was a change that I desperately needed or no doubt my life story would be a very different one today.

So there has to be a synchronicity in the fact that we are in the biggest, most pivotal time on planet earth and my life story starts with a connection back with my father and images held by him I had long forgotten.  But I have a feeling, what I had seen next in meditation…. the two are so very connected to each other in reason for experience.

Even as I think about it right now, the major events that were happening in my life before my father pulled me out of them were… I was 13 and dating (yes sexually active  with a 31 year old man (who happened to be married, had 5 children including a 12 year old daughter… all of which he introduced me to.  Seemed normal back then!)  I was living with a friend of my mothers who really wanted to me to start prostituting to bring in more money to the home.  She had a 2 year old son and I was a constant babysitter, to the point this little boy was calling me mom.  I desperately searched out my father (which was really quite easy to find… one call to directory assistance and I had his phone number.)  He didn’t hesitate at all in asking me to come live with him… but he had a big condition, my boyfriend had to go.

Bring into consideration here something I have remembered for close to 40 years was a sentence (I think) he said to me” I shot you on a log and you were raised by the sun.”  As I embarked on this path and really started to understand the relationship of earth and sun, the energy, the unifying love of each… I felt a truth in that sentence that really helped me to make sense of my life and the reason I am showing up on a sundial now!  He even said, as I was with him last month, that he feels like his life has now come full circle… ya know what, mine too!

I have sought love outside of myself all my life… especially the love of the father.  When we reconnected a few months ago via facebook I could feel his love.  It was true and whole and filled a part of me I didn’t even realize was still in a space of void energy.  Reuniting with him truly gave us all closure of the past and excitement about the now!

The sundial image just seemed to leave… I feel I am getting this understanding bit by bit and the further it reveals itself, the more sense it will make to all of us.  I say all of us because it feels like I am witnessing what is somehow relevant to what is in my heart now… a divine counterpart.

So many of us are chomping at the bit to meet that person.  I have a feeling we must all revisit the tweenager within us.  Think about it, the tweenage years is when you are just waking up to the fullness of being human.  Hormones of sex are surging thru the body, the hearts magnetic field is opening to union.  We will attract to us, over and over again, what we feel is missing within us.  If any part of you is “longing” for a divine counterpart, go back in and check on what is really happening.  Because longing means you feel like something within you is missing and you need to have it to feel whole.   If this is the case, you will attract a relationship to you to help you understand that longing.

In my interpretation of relationship vs divine counterpart, there is a huge difference!  Relationships help you discover and uncover aspects of yourself, of who you really are.  A divine counterpart is whole and complete by the time you meet.  Fully recognizing the divinity within and using it as part of his or her expression in life.  There is no longing within…  Please don’t take that to mean there is no excitement.  The more we understand about this divine re-union the more exciting it gets.  But if it happens this week or 5 years from now, or even in the next lifetime… its all good… and the excitement builds with every revelation of potential!

I think that is why I tossed my divine counterpart to the curb when I returned.  Whatever longing I had within me was released when I went to Pennsylvania… which set me  into a neutral position within.  But like I can so often do, I took it all to the extreme.  I kicked the curb right out of my picture!

So after watching this aspect of myself slowly wade thru this liquidy energy then fade from my view, my instant thought after that was about my divine counterpart.  I went thru my vertual home again (from meditation) and opened all the windows and doors to welcome him here… an invitation.  I decided to take this one step further so there was no misconstruing my intention.  I got out a red carpet and ran it from my driveway, up my steps into my doorway and right there in the middle of my living room.

Well, something about this act must have pinged an energy “real” chord cuz instantly I could see two men driving down my driveway.  The car itself was strange, old type car, boxy even, a mix of white and light blue… but I knew it was energetic cuz the car was not “real” in texture and visual… but it was stunning!!  I watched as it came bumping down the drive and I could see two men inside.  One I recognized right off the bat.  It is my landlady’s counterpart.  I have been seeing him standing up at the main roadway where our driveway starts for many a month now.  He never moved until recently.  Now here he is driving the car and he looked so solidly real.  Even got a haircut.  If I passed him on the street I would so recognize him, every detail is vivid in my sight.

He had in his passenger side a man that I could only see bits and pieces of.  His hair was very dark in color, I kept thinking of how Davy Jones looked when he was a Monky.  Altho I could not see all of his face, just bits and pieces, my mind kept filling in what I could see with Davy Jones lol.  Works for me!!  Just please, let him be taller!

We spoke totally by telepathy while he was in the car.  He told me that the man driving brought him here, he didn’t know where he was going or why.  He explained he was not familiar with me at all, but the man driving was and made him come visit with him.  There was a shyness about him that actually was striking really.  There was also a feeling of father and son, or that type of relationship between the two men.  The one driving was maybe about 68ish… the one in the passenger seat was hard to tell since I only seen fragments of him and my own mind filled in the rest of the details.  Funny how our minds are like that.  But at least I knew that too!!

When they parked in front of my house and I went out to say hi.  My intention was to introduce the man driving to my landlady and then something happened that just left me boggled.  As I was walking down my front steps the man driving became a streak of energy as he opened the car door and disappeared into my landlady’s home.  So I was left alone with this man and I showed him the red carpet… corny really.  This ended as the fragmented vision I have of him stood just inside the doorway of my home and my god I could feel his magnets!!  Like the whole house just hit a vibratory peak that I had never felt before.  Not sexual at all… very very vibrational.

Now, I am going to segue into some understandings that (finally) came thru in yesterdays connections.

The acceleration point:

Keep in mind this is fully in relationship to my (very humble) drawing of yesterdays sharing.  From what I understand (now) there are several aspects of this that are already happening.  Those that are fully aligned inside this new world energy thingie… the acceleration is already happening.  Some are still walking towards this vibrational enhancement.  All of earth and her inhabitants will go thru it in our perceived timeline of Oct. 10th, 11th and 12th.  (Remember, 3 days to solidify on earth.)  There is always forerunners to any given event… which is why i see some already on this vibrational peak and others still moving towards it.

I am now understanding that in this blue-violet space of new creation, time just doesn’t exist the way we know it.  However, spirit has given into my plea’s of giving us some sort of timeline understanding, because no matter what it feels like, we still wake up to a new calendar day.  So what they have done for our readings now is put the timeframe of reference in the outer field so we can get a relationship with when… if it applies.

I have also realized with a full understanding that this acceleration point is truly a frequency blend.  In one of the readings yesterday, a beautiful man was walking on the side of this vibrational line of energy about half way up it.  What really caught me by surprise was he had a cement roller that he was pushing up his frequency.. like a lawnmower, only a huge cement cylander at the ground.

In my attempt to understand what the hell is he doing and what does it mean in this whole new landscape of life… I was able to take his cement cylinder and unroll.  Two things struck me.  First of all, everything his heart desires is already a part of creation.  We are in a process of amazing unfolding and his patience level is… well… a thing to be worked on.  What he did is took everything that is already cemented into his (perceived) future reality and rolled it up and is trying to push it all into his now.  This is actually slowing him down and not “allowing.”

When I unrolled his cement cylinder what I had seen was surprising.  I found a picture to help you see what I had seen:


The cylinder in this picture, with those pokey things that make the sound vibration inside a music box… that is what the inside of his (now unrolled) cement cylinder looked like.  The way I have been seeing this acceleration point, with all the nooks and crannies… create the sound wave needed to bring all the new tones and sounds and experiences to life.  Because of his own impatience, what he was actually doing was flattening out this acceleration point a creating a monotone sound wave… which will result in more of the same… which is waiting and trying to push your way to where in face your already heading.

Well, time sure does fly doesn’t it!!  It is time for me to get ready for my readings today so I will leave you to ponder and exercise patience today.

The hills really are coming alive with the sound of music… Y/OUR MUSIC!

Big big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with magic and music and ohhhh so much more!!

I so love you and your song(s)!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Due to the enormous and ongoing change in our lives and our reality, I am making the 3-4-2 Special a constant reality for ALL sessions.













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  2. “What he did is took everything that is already cemented into his (perceived) future reality and rolled it up and is trying to push it all into his now. This is actually slowing him down and not ‘allowing.’ ”

    YEP, I can relate to that. The question is, how do you *not* do this? It’s like trying *not* to worry about this or that. It happens so automatically sometimes. Once I woke up in the middle of the night and was just swimming in these funky thoughts that I had no idea why they came out and why so intense. Suppose you redirect your thoughts or stop forcing things, as you become conscious of the effect you’re having–how do you know if it’s enough, if the changes or backsteps you’re taking are allowing you to “allow” enough, so that your desires will properly unfold?


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  4. thank you. i need to surrender to the Now, and stop trying to push my perceived future into it. 🙂


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