Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 1, 2012

Creating Across the Timelines Into Our New Reality – Our New Dimension of Life!!

Holy flipping cow batwomen!!  If I didn’t know with all of my heart and experience that what we are now witnessing and understanding via the readings were true, I would have to say we have all lost our minds.  But I can’t nor will I either (smile.)

When spirit said it was going to take 7 days coming and 7 days going to fulling integrate what we call the Equinox energies, there was no exaggeration there!  To the degree it took all the way to September 29th to be able to land in what I now call October energies and explore them from the ground instead of a platform above the ground to see the potential.

What we are experiencing in readings these days is stretching my own consciousness so far and so beyond anything I was prepared for (in real time anyway.)  I super over slept yesterday (10 hours) and never woke up until close to 7:30 leaving myself zero time to write a blog.  I suppose that is a really good thing because I would need two full days looking at where we are now in order to be able to write about it with some sort of coherency.

I now have 8 readings under my (now expanded) consciousness from the last two days and I think we have a really good idea of how we are being set up in this new book of life.  I pray to God I can explain this correctly.

First of all we seem to be in one of three different aspects of creation within our lives.   Each one absolutely needed to help the all, remember what we are doing is a process… a process by those in the forefront of change leaving a trail of ease for those still coming up to this space.  So each aspect is vitally needed in whatever space you have arrived in.  If you can think of it as building a house, the roofer is no more valuable or ahead of the game as the one who pours the foundation or the one creating the walls.  Same here!

I want to give you a visual here to follow.  Please bear with my humble example, but I feel it will do.

Keep in mind, that altho as I “see” the west field it is much more limited space of creation than the north or south.  But then again, it feels more like a contracted space of creation.  The north and south directions also represent the timelines of future and past (respectively.)  When you ask about certain people and they should up still drenched in 3rd or 4th D, I see them somewhere in the back of the south field.

The circle of energy is the high vibrational space of alignment of Self with the self.  The oneness as it expresses outwards into created reality (defined as the area of “present moment.”)

Now to set up this understanding… imagine that time has flowed left to right, past to future in strands.  I above the entire picture there are strands of energy moving over the entire field: aspects of our past and future and variations of where we are creating from.  As long as you are in the main playing field… celebrate.  This is where the new world is at!

Now there seems to be three different points of… hmmmm…. not even sure what the correct word would be called.  So I am not going to call it anything lol.  I will just explain what I do understand when I see you at a particular point.

Anywhere inside the inner field:  You have completely disembarked from the old energy, old thinking patterns (to the degree that the residual no longer matters) and are in the midst of putting out the energy to move you from all that got you to here, to the next book of life expressing in the new energy.

If you show up in what I call the “present moment” then you are still working on the transition of either letting go of past stuff or in the process of integrating the new energy.  I can tell which aspect your dealing with by where you show up.  Example, I had seen one lady that had finally made some hard and emotionally difficult changes, put them into her created reality and was vibrationally changing becuase of these choices (needed ones.)  She showed up in the far left aspect of her “stage of life” in the present moment aspect.  I could not see the energy of her future because she was still ending the old story and dealing with the emotions of that.  Once she starts to put energy into her future, then we will see what she is creating from that and how it will serve her.

I have also had a lady show up in the further right aspect of the present moment too.  I knew she was in the midst of intense transition, shown to us as on a supported golden line of energy about 3 feet above the earth.  She had two boxes, one at the past, one at the future edges of her “life stage” and all I could here is that she is “supported fully” when I asked about the boxes.  Good enough I suppose.  Two things really took me by surprise with her…. before I had seen her, I had seen a shark jumping out of the earth itself (no water) to just a few inches beneath her energy line with mouth wide open.  When I looked up shark as a totem it made so much sense… transformation of the emotional field.  The fact that the shark appeared with mouth wide open represented her own hunger in this transition.

Then something really blew my over processing mind as we were ending her reading.  At the far right of her present moment and life stage suddenly 7 chakra pendulums were hanging in mid air.  What suprised me, they were MY pendulums.  Some years ago I traded a Life Between Life regression to have 7 chakra pendulums created souly for body work, so each one represents a particular chakra on the body.  I never really used them because I have always worked directly with the core energy of the body… the chakra realign themselves when the core energy is fully flowing as designed.  So I literally have these pendulums hanging on my kitchen window minus the one I use to talk to Archangel Michael.  What I didn’t even realize about what I have created in my own home… she vividly helped me to understand by the same thing happening to her in this moment.  The sun energy amplifies the energy of the stones hanging down.  So each of her chakras are being sped up by the representation of my pendulums… but I also understood that this has been happening to me as well since I hung them there (a day after I moved in to my Heaven.)

And then there are these incredible souls that really stretch my own consciousness to understand what the hell is happening in their visuals.  These folks are located in the outer area of the west field.  Keeping in mind this is also the area my real Mesa is.  So this area is only so wide for me to read from, otherwise I have a 1000 foot volcanic rock that impedes my vision.  Five out of eight readings (in the last two days) unfolded here.

This is an area I am still stretching my own consciousness to understand… with detail, with understanding of what it really means to us to be here.

The most constant understanding the field is giving us is that we are now creating across the timelines.  Instantly mind memory goes back to one of my guides back in 2001.  His energy was ginormous!  I could not stay connected to him more than several minutes at a time and he made my whole body feel like a one massive throbbing heartbeat.  When I asked him what his name was he played a small snippet of a song for me over and over… Dream Weaver.  Just those two words, but with the wonderful music that goes with the song.  I love that song!!  Years later, when I was no longer intimidated by those who showed up in my meditations to help me grow… I learned that every guide that showed up was an aspect of me.  That meant Dream Weaver was too.  For the first time in over a decade, I hear that song as I think about what it is we are doing across time.

We are weaving our dreams into created reality.  Instead of creating with the flow of time, we have now embarked on creating our reality with multi-dimensional energy.  Instead of looking at anything as a timeline… example:  This will happen in November as I have been accustomed to readings showing for over 10 years, instead you are putting energy into the creation of your heart desires and manifesting it in your energetic world of creation.

To be in this area, you have a full on energy blend of both biology and soul together, creating as one.  But even more than that, and so incredibly humbling to my heart and eyes, we are now the guides to our guides.  We are in such uncharted waters that the entire universes are now learning from us in ways that never happened before.

Think about it, we got here by being guided to Here.  This is what we incarnated for over eons of time.  All year long and even some of last year we heard about our “Happily ever after,”  “Cinderella stories,” Living Heaven on Earth,” Creating Shambhala communities ” and so on.  We have arrived.  What no one seemed to tell us that at our arrival… we become the Masters.  WE are the living energy of Heaven made manifest on earth and our guides have now switched seats with us.  WE are guiding them into this creation!

The last quarter of this year of 2012 is our training ground.  As with all of creation on earth (think science here) it is done via trial and error.  The great part of this new life we are now living, the moment we realized we manifested something we really didn’t intend, we can change it as fast.  No more trolling about in our errors to really get the bigger view of how we have done this.  We really are wiser than that now and are vibrating heaven sounds from every aspect of our Being.  But sometimes, even our perceived oops may actually be something we needed but would have liked to avoid (remember, you are now full on partners with your soul.)  Example, my 24 hour energy flu.  Who the hell wants to manifest that?  Obviously my soul so that my biology can be in the deeper west field of creation.

I know that there is so much I am not sharing with you right now.  That is only because I still don’t know how to put the rest of what I understand energetically into words.  It’s all so huge, so new that I am assimilating to beat the band and my band has not learned to play faster… yet!!

But I do have to share some exciting things that are coming to a lot of our awareness’s.  The bleed-thru of our travels across time.  so many of us had similar experiences as we awakened out of 3D and started to move deep into 4D… hearing sounds that were there, seeing glimpses of images that weren’t really there, shadows and lights and so on.

Well now, as we weave across time so many similar things are happening too.  A lady I read for yesterday talked about her XM satellite radio channel she was listening to in the car.  She set a channel to 70’s music and she started hearing 80’s music instead.  She changed to the classic rock channel and started hearing reggae instead.  That really excited me, because it shows how scrambled the frequencies are getting as we ping the strands of time like a violin.

For me personally I have had several different experiences this weekend.  I know that I had heard a car pulling down my driveway.  I turned to look out my front window to see who was pulling into my parking area and there was no car at all.  There is a very different audio that I hear when I am hearing things spiritual than what I hear that is actually in my created world.  Not this time.

The very next day I was sitting at my kitchen table doing something or another and picked my head up to look out the front window and I had seen a man walking from behind my car and heading towards my door.  He had on a long sleeve light blue button up shirt.  I got up and went to my door to see who was coming, not a soul there.

Of course I have to think back to a reading I did two days ago, this man popped into this ladies reading so clear as day as swear there was a mans head floating around her.  This guy tho, was adamant about me telling her about him.  One of the hardest things I have found to do is give a true description of faces.  There are only so many ways to describe a face.  He had chestnut brown hair with a beard and mustache.  She just happened to have a picture of a man she recently met who had that detail.  I about shit when she sent me the picture and that was the man in detail that was poking his head thru her energetic reading.  Talk about a power house!!  Not to mention the feeling of divine counterpart energy too.  Good on both of them!!  Now to dissipate the oceans that lay between them (smile.)

In a reading yesterday, at the end, suddenly something really really bizarre flew across the lower portion of my back door.  It looked like a cross between a bird (since it was flying) and a bunny and something incredibly fuzzy.  Weird.  When I got up to look to see what it was… there was a lone bird standing on one of my chairs.  I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of new, unique critters as we go deeper into this new landscape we are creating as we go.

I also have to say, with my last reading of the day yesterday something really strange happened to me once I hung up.  I could feel a buzz all around my forehead.  Like there was something vibrating on my forehead and wrapping itself all around my head.  I was starting to feel stoned (like how one feels when they smoke weed) right down to that far off stare that happens when I get stone (Just for the record, I absolutely dislike weed for these very reasons and not smoke at all.)

But also, I was ravenously hungry.  The only time I get this particular kind of hungry is when I am in meditation with god/creator.  I am cleansed to the degree I feel like I haven’t eaten in a year or smoke a cigarette in that long either… I have a feeling that what I experienced was the culmination of the last 8 readings.  We have read from and are creating from the belly of God!!  Yay????

I took a bath.  I wanted to know where I was in the greater scheme of things.  I so wish my meditations played out like readings themselves… but noooooooo!!!  So I decided to check (for the first time) to see if I was beyond the image of drowning in Octobers energy now that I have opened every aspect of myself and my home back up to Gentle Feather.

What I had seen confuses me even today.  Thank god I wasn’t drowning… but… I was in a strange setting in a form that took me by surprise.

When I was at my fathers house we were looking at old pictures and found some of me from school picture days.  One was where I was either 13 or 14 and it was that image that showed up as me yesterday in my meditation.  I was standing on what I knew was the arm of a sundial, only it wasn’t extended upwards but flat against the pool of amazing liquidy blend of gold, silver and bronze energy beneath it.  I watched the young version of myself leaning over to the right of the sundial looking at the energy swirling beneath my feet.  I could see and feel the movement of the sundial slowing moving clock wise.  The feeling from the aspect of me I was looking at was more of an interested curiosity.  And that was it.

All I could think of was… what the hell does that even mean!!  There is a part of my memory that holds something my father may or may not of said to me (I no longer trust my memories these days lol)  It is something I actually started to love as I grew onto this new path.  It was “I shot you on a log and the sun raised you.”  Whether he actually said that doesn’t even matter, it has been something I have carried to here as a gift.  And now, seeing that image of the time I would have lived with him back in my 13 – 14 year old aspect of life and standing on a sundial of amazing energy beneath it… means something.  Ohhhh but what!!!  I cannot wait to discover that!!

Before I close this sharing, I have got to add something that so took me by surprise right now.  I just got done with my 8:15 reading and he brought in an element I didn’t realize we could do.

he was set up in what I can only say is two places at once, even tho his reading unfolded in that place I call the deep west field.  The place where Heaven and earth are one and being created by us.  But he also had the life stage area that should have been in the “present moment” but wasn’t.  I have been reading for this man for a long time, I know his super high vibrational field of energy and the fact he is unfolding in the deep west field of creation doesn’t surprise me at all.  It is what he brought with him there that surprised me.

Until this moment, I thought we had to be fully clear of our past energy to land here.  Not so much it seems.  he showed up on his stage of life looking like a tumble weed.  The tumble weed was about the size of a basket ball and was rolling forward by the wind at his back.  I could see his biology inside the tumble weed, completely rolled up like a ball too, but it was the tumble weed material that was leading his way.

From what I understood thru his reading, we have a tendency to own our past as part of us.  So the tumble weeds came with him into this massively intense new landscape.  He has been plagued with psychic attracts for many years, literally hurting his biology.  The good news is that he has gotten it all down to a manageable size.  But also, in these times of intense amplification of who we are now… it is the tumble weed energy that is felt first.

However, because I could see his “life stage” area, he has brought into this amazing created reality the last stages of fully releasing this from himself.

If you think about a tumble weed, it is dead energy taking on a rolling around form lead only by the winds of change.  So with this form, the winds of change choose the direction of your moments.  It is when you are completely free, standing on two feet, hands outwards in created fields that we fully participating within our hearts desires of creation.

Ohhhh the twists and turns and OMG’s of this amazing journey!!

I have got to share one more thing (smile.)  I do believe my inner and outer world have become sooo reflective of each other this weekend.  My internet speed, which affects every aspect of my life (computer, phone, TV viewing) seemed to leave town.  Because of where I live I only have one choice for internet providers, and even their name is so reflective: Windstream.  Because of an ongoing conflict/dispute from the folks in the Zia pueblo, they cannot upgrade our internet service to provide anything beyond 3 MBps.  This entire weekend I was lukcy if I was getting .1 to .6 MBps.  Yesterday it held at 0.0MBps.  Meaning, I had no phone most of the day, I could not even load most of my webpages and streaming a movie was impossible all this weekend!!

I am praying we have crossed the energy divide to allow full streaming of the highfalutin energies we are now in!!  We’ll see!!

Enjoy your day and this magical time we are NOW in!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ)))) of magic and wonder to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Due to the enormous and ongoing change in our lives and our reality, I am making the 3-4-2 Special a constant reality for ALL readings starting today.













  1. Lisa, do you know why so many beloved pets are dying the past 2-3 weeks? It’s getting eerie. I hear about the death of someone’s cat, dog, or horse practically daily, and some of them are unexpected. I’m still so sad about Bodhi’s passing and guess I’m looking for some bigger answer.


    • Atheria… our beloved pets do so much more for us than we realize. Those emotional issues we just don’t deal with, they are taking on as theirs, accelerated within these times of course. Imagine you have an issue that if housed in your own biology would create death… because you need to be here in life, the animal chooses to take on that for you. Now that is unconditional love made manifest!!

      I am so sorry to hear about Bodhi’s passing! When did that happen… and what happened???


      • But that makes me feel more guilt than I already feel. I don’t want to know he got sick because of me. 😦 He developed severe kidney failure and I had to put him down. I am haunted by it. It happened last Tuesday. I miss him so much.


      • ((((HUGZ)))) Atheria. Don’t feel guilt, find a way to turn it into gratitude. Do you look at be as “because of you,” instead look at it as “for you.” A gift of supreme unconditional love. My son spent the first 15 years dealing with one illness after another, during his early years several at a time. His young body had the ability to transmute what I couldn’t, even tho he was in and out of the hospital at least twice a year every year. When I embarked on this path and realized his illnesses were my dysfunctional reflections… I just cried. I was catholic for crying out loud… no one ever talked about mirrors and love and real true unconditional live and changing your own behavior… my team let me wallow for about a day, then made me realize it was exactly why he came into my life… to save it and change it and experience his own divinity thru the process. So has Bodhi. And let me assure you, Bodhi is very much still with you… just in a different form now!!

        I love ya girl!


      • He has come in spirit twice so far. Chakra and Karma saw him. I hope to see or feel him soon. Do you have any explanation, though, as to why animals are leaving in droves right now? There is a clear increase in deaths.


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    • Lisa, enjoyed this very much. You pegged it. Pretty much what I’m picking up over here. Also exploring the new energies/self. It’s like trying on a high tech new coat, all kinds of gadgets in it but no instruction manual. I’m having a fun time watching manifestations unfold so quickly it’s amazing. And these aren’t just little things like a new bicycle for free, things like that. Bigger than that. Way bigger.
      I’m really excited to see what happens next!


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  4. Hi Lisa! I read your piece on Galactic Free Press on the oceans of energy present now and I was so moved by it I thought I would come check into your personal blog. I have simply been following what my heart tells me to do in accordance with my divine guidance..THAT you used MY OWN avatar that I use constantly as the visual for this blog post is only another confirmation from source that you are someone I should be checking out! SO HI! 🙂 alex


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