Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 23, 2012

The Multi-Dimensional Self and Actively Reaping The Harvest!

These days the shear understanding of what it really means to be multidimensional is really opening my eyes in a brand new way, or maybe better stated, in a deeper way.  We have been talking for so long how all the dimensions are opening up and becoming more and more available to us now here on earth.  The timelines are all overlapping in our present moment in unmistakable ways.  Then it would have to be that we are living multiple aspects of our life in this very moment.

The three people I wrote about yesterday was showing us their multidimensional aspects.  I didn’t understand this at all until my last reading of the day yesterday, well, not like I understand it right now.  Before I get into the depth of sharing from my last reading, let me share something from my second reading.  Something I never thought to do, but man oh man, what a great idea and we should all be doing this!!

As the reading opened up I was watching this man move from his present moment, to several days into his future, scoop up armfuls of energy and bring it back into his present.  He repeated this motion over and over again, but interestingly, never taking from the same space twice.  He always moved just to the right of where he last grabbed an armful.  Of course, my first started question was “what the hell are you doing?”

The energy of our future is like translucent cloud-like puffs of mass energy.  Each time he grabbed an armful, the energy created a gold outline of vibration around it, inside, pure potential.  I could see and feel the energy as he scooped up heaps of it but as he placed it into his present moment, I could no longer see it.  I understood that it dissipated and moved into his energy field.

My first question (beyond what are you doing) was… won’t that deplete the energy as we move into the future and need it?  How silly of me!  Spirit reminded us that there is always a constant flow of energy, as soon as you/we use some, more is already replacing it.  You cannot deplete the energy fields of life, not ever!!  There is no “borrowing” involved either.  It never needs to be paid back.  Just use it.  Build your future today!  But here is the important thing to remember, there was no agenda with the scoops of energy.  He brought it in as pure, unlimited potential so it can create exactly what he needs, even tho, no… especially since he has no clue what he really needs in the days to come… the energy does tho!!  This will also supply the ease of perfect connections, the surplus of energy needed as life takes its transition into the new…. and so much more!

With him I realized such a common theme happening in the last two days of readings.  Most of what we are seeing are energy outlines with nothing visible within the outline of whatever is being shared.  I mentioned this to him and his reply left me thinking… why didn’t I think of that!! lol  He said it is because we are now bringing in an energy of unlimited potential.  It finds form, only when we give it form.  How exciting is that??  It is like we now have a clean slate to create from!!

Even with his reading, we can see it as his multidimensional Self, the one who knows the richness of the energy in our days to come, is already out there bringing to the aspect in today’s moment, the energy supply he needs to enhance his life and soul journey!!  And let me tell you, he has been using and building amazing things with it already!

This is truly actively reaping the harvested energy and using it to create what you need in your life.  Just scoop it up, lay it down, trust and follow the inner promptings of action and watch the magic unfold.

He also mentioned something I want to talk about again here.  There always seems to be something just out of reach, that we have to wait, yet again for.  The ever elusive corner, and the frustration of always seeming to be waiting for something.

Let me assure you we have rounded so many corners, evolved in ways many people would not even notice.  But we are never going to stop evolving either.  There will always be something more, something new, something to get excited about.

I remember when I first started this path, and started to understand how profound this path is.  So many people that I talked too knew all kind of stuff that was way out of my consciousness but yet, excited me that they knew stuff.  These lovely people kept telling me meditation would get me to where I wanted to go.  Well, where I wanted to go was everywhere.  I wanted to know and experience everything.  I started to expect, really expect that if I did meditation long enough I would one day wake up and just know everything there was to know.  Boy was I disappointed when two years in, I barely scratched the surface of what there was to know.  From my own perspective I didn’t know or understand much more than I did the first day I entered meditation.

Our personal evolution is drop by drop, day by day and even tho we have those (rare) moments of huge epiphanies, it could seem like your working your ass off for something totally out of your reach and whatever that is, stays out of your reach.  Not so!!  But also, there is a responsibility on your part to take yourself further than you have ever let yourself go.  You can have a full glass of water in your hand, but if you never put the action forth to take a drink, your gonna be wondering why you are so thirsty.  This path is the very same thing,  There energy is Here, YOU must do something with it.  If you have uncovered any of your spiritual gifts… stretch it to see how far you can take it, then stretch it again and again.

Ok, off my soap box and onto something I feel so many people can really really benefit from.

To keep this sharing simple I am going to say that there are three dimensions we are constantly dealing with (there really is so much more than three, but again, simple here.)  Past, present, future.  We have one aspect of ourselves in the present moment, another in our future and many aspects acting as one, in our past.  Part of our goal in these times is to get every aspect of ourselves out of the past so we can fully align with our present and move fluidly into our (perceived) future with every gift and abundance available to us.

The past energy is already used up.  We did what we did with it and it is done.  To bring any aspect of the past forward with us creates a negative energy flow, because the past energy, in order to be present, needs to feed off the present energy. very counter productive really!!  But yet, we do it like it is second nature.

The lady I am going to talk about now has always been something of a marvel to me.  Her desire and trust in me pushes me to places I would never have thought to go… talk about stretching my abilities!!  She has been dealing with negative energy attacks for many years and nothing seems to get these intense attacks to cease.  We have been doing tremendous work together and for a while, the energies let up, but whomp they come back again and now, in the intensity that is on earth, more powerful than they have been in the last several months.

My boggle comes because I do not see what is attacking her.  We have done much energy work together, pulled out roots from various lifetimes, freed and cleared so many negative connections from present and past lifetimes, yet, the attacks prevail.  One of the most recent sessions we had focused on her memories and how powerful and re-creative the memories are.  So powerful they recreate at such a deep unconscious level to bring it all back as if nothing changed.  Yet… I see how much She has changed!!  Her energy field, in my view, is flawless!  So high vibrating that nothing or no one could penetrate her natural field of protection… yet… the attacks continue!!  Like I said, in these present days, with the full on intensity of the Equinox amping up all of earth, these attacks have ramped up horribly in her world.

When her reading opened up yesterday, I was not surprised to see how incredibly beautiful and glowing she really is.  Her reading opened up on a platform about 20 feet in the air.  What I didn’t realize yesterday, but do right now, that platform was an energy line relating to our present vibrational timeline.  A brilliant gold/bronze color.  Her physical image was so clear, so tangible I could have sworn I could go outside and literally hug her body (if I had a ladder.)  I could see and feel the clothing she had on, the long sleeve sweater she was wearing (which she did affirm that it was exactly what she was wearing in that moment.)  Even that was a message from her higherSelf that said, what we are really seeing is who and how she is in her present moment.  Radiant, glowing, high vibrational in all aspects.  But yet… not on the ground.

I then noticed that the so true to life image of her on that platform was throwing energy things that looked like confetti, yet had the texture and vibrancy of those Shambhala flowers I wrote about yesterday, to the ground level.  Yet, I could not find her at the ground level.  Instead, the energy of her on earth was more like a long box of soft amber energy.  This box of energy stretched from her past into her future and was about 10 feet tall.  Her team told us it was her “life field.”  Meaning, this was the created space her physical life plays out within.  So then, my question becomes… where the hell is she in this energy??

Then something really strange appeared.  I suddenly seen something that took on a form… not your 3D body form, but more of a 2D cartoon drawing of what I kept feeling was the back of Charlie Browns head pinned against the far left wall of this amber energy field of her life.  I was baffled as to why she was looking so 2D, do dimensional form to her at all.  It is only this morning that I understand it is because she no longer is in body in the past.  Her biology is very present in the Shambhala energies of creation!

In this odd 2D vision I had of her, the entire aspect of her was a deeper amber than the energy around her.  Keep in mind, amber, to me, represents ancient times, ancient wisdom, old old energies.  Even in ancient times, we not only perfected our spiritual connections in life, we also had some serious traumas and attacks to work thru as well.  Because of the many times we connected to look at where these attacks were stemming from, so many times she incarnated and was attacked for being who she is, a spiritual Being in biology.  She had even aligned with what I call false light, folks pretending of be of the Light but are really out for personal gain and manipulation… even in this lifetime.  Of course. we do reincarnate and reconnect to people who have attacked us (or vise versa) in the past to end the karmic exchange… to finish the story if you will.

I really noticed out super-sized her head was in the 2D form.  Keep in mind, my view of this aspect of her was completely from the back, no face, no identity at all, not even hair.  Just a really big round head, a neck and some shoulders and stuck against this wall like a vacuum was on the other side and pinned her there.  Strange indeed!!

Of course I had to ask so many questions about her head; why was it so big, why perfectly round, why featureless and so on.  Well, spirit was not shy about helping us understand this at all.  This applies to anyone who is currently dealing with any sort of illness or psychic attacks that nothing seems to relieve.

I was reminded about circles, in my readings anytime I see a circle it is representing a cycle of completion.  So all those identities she wore in lifetimes past and even in this current one, done.  Completed.  However, the emotional charge from lifetimes of attacks was like a massive bloating in the body.  The memories, even tho they are deep and unconscious have set up residence in her memory field within her head and continue to torment her even today.

Now think about how profound this is and I have said so many times before (usually in reference to group energy, not ever thinking that we alone could be the group) that the energy of life must flow to the one in the deepest aspect of lesson.  If we are indeed multidimensional, and we are, then we too are a group energy loving into our unified field of heaven on earth.

It is the vacuum of time and space that has her pinned again the past and fighting to move forward.  I instantly thought about someone who may be hydrocephalic (an excess building of fluids in the cranium) and what the medical industry does is insert a shunt into the skull to help drain the fluid.  Well, emotions and fluid are relative, so we put a shunt in her head at the base of the skull to reduce the emotional fluid that keeps her stuck to the energy of the past.

As we talked I could see her head reduce in size, albeit just a wee bit, but enough to release the vacuum effect that had her pinned against a past that is done!  With it she moved just a bit further in her energy field.  Lets just say (for visualization) her energy field is 20 feet across.  That would make center 10 feet in… that would represent our current moment of time.  Anything to the left is past, anything to the right is the future.

The 2D ground level aspect of her moved forward thru time about 3 feet.  The aspect I continually seen thru this connection on the higher platform was now standing about 17 feet from the left. There seemed to be a wedge of something or another that kept us from aligning her to the current moment and all that wonderful vibrant shambhala energy that is already hers for the taking, or better stated, for the aligning.  I asked her team what we can do to get her further, at first they didn’t reply so I did the only thing i could think of doing… I got behind her and pushed her forward!!  Bare;y a foot forward and man oh man I felt the anxiety in my chest like no ones business.  I realized that within her is the worry (understandably so) that even if she gets a few days or weeks reprieve from the attacks, they will start up again.  This worry created what I will call an air pocket in her created life.  A part of her trapped in the past, a part of her so ready and excited about the present and future and now there is this damn air pocket keeping it all from syncing up!!

I know that everything in her wants to get the hell out of this repetition of attacks and move into where her heart so desires to be, but man oh man that pesky worry field.  Even the mere thought of it happening again, creates the opening for it to happen again.  Geez!!  It seems like we have come into life like a fully loaded gun with triggers everywhere and we keep shooting ourselves in the flipping foot!!

I had to ask her team what to do about this air pocket that keeps her from all that is available and ready for her.  Their reply was this one is on her.  She must fill in the space with only the new, with all that her heart desires without entertaining the past at all.  Man, easy for them to say!!  I even told her team they need to put on a human suit and see how challenging their demands are!!  In that instant, the group energy that I call her team individuated into 5 strands of glowing white energy.  Two of those individuation’s dulled their light and became gray and moved forward from the line.  I instantly understood that these two energies that are now a part of her team, had many times, put on human suits.  They lived in lifetimes and endured attacks with her, which is why they are so present in her energy readings now.. to help her.  But, she must consistently ask for their help.  It would be a huge huge bonus if she spent time in meditation, learning to hear their guidance and diffuse the triggers… but meditation is one more challenge for her that creates frustration, so we take the longer road.  But nothing is ever without hope! Ever!

I know she is less than thrilled to be still dealing with all of this, but for me, she expands my mind, my consciousness every single time we get together.  The complexity of who we are and how we are in life is amazing.  She takes me beyond my comfort zones of what I feel I am able to do and pushes me off so many cliffs.  We talked about this a bit at the end of our reading/energy work together and suddenly her team gave us a wonderful gift.  We were both back in spirit before we incarnated together planning out the time we would cross each others path.  She would be enduring these attacks, and I would have been far enough along my path to feel confident in assisting her and, most importantly, sharing out loud the details of connections… so that her struggle helps many others in this world too.

So in a way, this had to be an ongoing process that she had to endure so that we all can learn and evolve from her multidimensional splits in time and space.  The good news is, this can be the final and completed leg of all that stuff for her (if she fills in the air pocket) and fully embark on the greatest time of her collective lives.  Her team even said that she will be well compensated for her struggles and endurance to help others release their past too.

Her story really gives us all insight about the true meaning of aligning above with below.  It is so much more than just energy work, it is a wholeness of Being, no longer hostage to the past, and fully empowered in our present which gives way to unlimited potential in every minute beyond the present!

It is so easy to not realize how important every single aspect of our lives are, even…. especially, the struggles we endure to move forward.  What we do for ourselves, we do for all the world!!  Releasing fear and worry within yourself, releases it for every aspect of you that incarnated and affects everyone you have ever incarnated with… give the story to someone who writes a lot (smile) so many others benefit from it all too!!

We are All One, We are All in this together… hand in hand, heart in heart… expanding beyond our wildest dreams!!

I love and honor each and every one of you soooo much.  You truly are a gift unto my soul and this beautiful world we create within.  Thank You for Being!!

((((HUGZ))))) of powerful alignment in One as One!!  Imagine what we can and are doing… Together!!

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  6. Hi Lisa, although your client may find meditation difficult, here is a visualisation that I was taught by Spirit that helped me to overcome all my barriers of fear and negativity Especially the Shadow meditation is very effective. My own results with this meditation are described in my book
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