Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 22, 2012

The Energy of 2013 Is Here and Will Be Amplified Thru the Rest of 2012!

Before I get into today’s sharing, I want to mention something about the picture I used for todays image.  I spent a good amount of time yesterday looking for something that looks like the silver energy I see as the timeline of 2013, I kept coming up blank.  A man named Patrick Latter liked my sharing from yesterday, and for the first time ever I actually clicked on his name to see his blog and about shit (in a good way of course) when I had seen the energy of this photograph he took.  It looks exactly like what I have been seeing.  A car represents how we move forward in life, how fitting this image to these times.  I have enjoyed looking and feeling with his amazing ability to capture on film many aspects of what I see in readings.  Thank you Patrick for bringing it all to life!!  To enjoy his photography, please either click on the photo or his name!!  

It was soooo incredibly good to do readings again yesterday, but man, it felt like I took off two years not two months.  We have been zooming thru the evolutionary process while I was gone!!  Phew baby!!  And what I had seen, what I understand, blew my precious mind!  It was like each client built upon the story of where we are heading in the last stretch of 2012.

My first client had me exploding in excitement and surprise.  So many of the elements that were prominent in readings thru this year seemed to be all present and larger than life, leaving me with the understanding that as we started 2012 so many wonderful potentials of where we would go as a accelerating collective have come full circle and is now a full on part of how we shall live life.

She showed up in laying across three giant flowers.  I recognized these flowers immediately by their color and texture… the flowers of Shambhala.  The three flowers were about 10 feet tall, once again looking like the flowers with vibrancy and texture from the movie “What dreams may come.”   They each were single flower heads that had no distinct flower type associated with them, they were more like a mish-mash of a tulip, rose and daisy… kinda sorta and with a vibrant blend of reds and blues (August and September energies alive and in full bloom on earth.)

There she was, sprawled out across the tops of these three giant flowers.  She looked exhausted (and trust me, she is!)  I realized that she didn’t so much climb these flowers but that they grew up in her space and elevated her with them.

What excites me so much about seeing this aspect of her, is that we, as a collective, brought in to planet earth the elements needed to grow the energies of Shambhala, the energies of living heaven on earth.

Since she was sprawled out on the flower and looking very exhausted from the journey to get to here, I took her energy and moved it into the future to see what it means to her.  Holy flipping cow batman!!!  Not in a million years was I prepared to see what I had seen!!  Not so soon anywayz!

I instantly recognized that silver energy chord that represents the timeline of 2013 coming out of her solar plexus and moving into her next phase of life.  I was so surprised to see this so soon.  I realized we are being prepped for the timeline (energetics) of 2013 right now and with intensity as we move into the last quarter of this year.  Don’t underestimate what this means to each of us!  But I also realized something else with this sparking silver energy chord, it shifts everything.

We have gotten to Here by taking in, expanding, assimilating, taking more in, moving stuff out and doing it all over again thru decades (well really, eons) and now WE are that energy made manifest.  Imagine you had an energy field that was lets just say 100 feet in circumference, with the start (and inner work needed) of the Solar Eclipse in May, that energy field started to contract, to condense itself.  Move itself from our exterior life to our interior life.

Now I understand why it is sooooo important for us to share with others.  If we do nothing with this super concentration of high vibrating energy except vibrate every day, it will take a physical toll on our bodies and our minds.  We are to help, nurture, accelerate others with who we are: Heaven made manifest!  Holy shit!  I didn’t even realize that… WE ARE the energy of Heaven on earth.  It is not a place on earth that you need to move into, it is a full on, ripe energy that lives thru you.  It cannot and will not exist without a human host to house and accelerate it!!

As my first reading of the day clearly showed, you equally need to put yourself in an environment that can sustain and utilize that intense energy that is now you.  Living life the old 3D way will be super counter productive for the cells of your body and the manifestation abilities.  This energy wants and needs  to expand in the pureness of love and service thru you.  If you are constantly getting hit by 3D stuff, it is like being pinged back into your body, super contracting an energy that needs expansion.  It can take a toll on the physical body in many ways.  Even the healthiest of flowers will wilt if there is not enough sunshine to nurture it!

But that brings me to an interesting and yet not understood aspect of her reading.  I realized that this silver energy chord that is the 2013 timeline/energy field stretched out to about the 29th of September.  As I said yesterday in my sharing, it will take about a full week to assimilate all these Equinox energies into the story of your life.  Keeping in mind that many have hit the Equinox energy even before todays date, so the assimilation date is different for each of us, but also, close enough to give it a broad stroke in this sharing of a single dateline.

At the end of September and I believe (but could not see) moving thru the rest of this year, her silver solar plexus chord connected to what looked like an amber/yellow gel-like bubble of protection.  It stretched out over the timeline but I could not see beyond mid-October at all.  As I asked what this large and spacious gel-like bubble thing is that she will be living her life within is, I felt the reply of protection and yet, so much more than that.  Like a baby in the womb, only with moving around room!  Spirit would not let me touch this gel like covering nor move into or near it.  I was able to see thru it, the thick energy was translucent but created an amber/yellow hue on everything inside… which really looked like a living area.

I spent a lot of time trying to really understand what this is as well as what this means to her and us.  Spirit can be so darn pesky in their secrecy!  Sometimes it is down right frustrating, we are being stretched and pulled like taffy and then they hold out on the full understanding of why!  However,they started to take my memory back to the earlier parts of 2012 and what we had seen and understood thru the readings of that time.   A dome of energy that was so prevalent in everyone’s reading, set up in the middle of the field, small by today’s scale and started to grow larger and then just fell away from any and all readings…. until yesterday.  So I can explain what this gel-like substance is that will house our life thru the rest of this year by remembering what it started out to be earlier this year.

I actually went back into my older blogs to try and fully remember all the details of that dome of energy, (my lord, I share a lot!! lol)  Instead I found something that I wrote in may called Three Phases of Completion of DNA and the Human Soul.  Part three (The Ascending Phase)  is exactly where we are at now and then some!!

Our magnetic field of energy!!

Noe this is really interesting as I sit here and get even more information on what it really means to us.  Every time we went thru a purposeful and willful (meaning, you actually did the inner work to let something go) clearing, our magnetic dome increased in size.  If we had the opportunity to do something to enlarge it, and instead ignored that and simply pushed thru, it created a distortion field which will actually serve to amplify (whatever) in these intense times… another major opportunity to let that go.

So as we cleared the past we brought in newer and higher energies of our (perceived) future…. obviously that future we call 2013.  As we assimilate and expand on that energy, our magnetic dome expanded, but also, intensified within our body’s and have been amplifying our lives too.

So now, as we move into the last quarter of 2012 we will start to reap the rewards of all of our hard work.  This gel-like magnetic covering protects us from the chaos that will step up within the lives of 3rd and 4th dimensional growth (and even the chaos is growth in progress.)  Several examples of what this means: A tornado rips thru your neighborhood and your house is left standing, untouched by the powerful winds of change.  Or a flood comes thru and takes out your entire first floor, the money to completely revamp your living space is already in the mail.  Or, more personally, someone sends you a dagger of hate, you can’t even feel it anymore and is immediately zooming back to the source 10 fold (can I just add as a reminder here, be careful.. not fearful, just mindful, of the energy you are putting out in thought, deed and word!)

What is so interesting about this gel-like housing, spirit would not let me touch it, move into it, hell I couldn’t even stand next to it.  I viewed it from a distance, god forbid we should get too much information on its full on purpose!!  Pesky spirit!!

But as my next client really showed us, it is the start of something so brand new it can really leave us feeling disoriented (now) with our place in life.

She had shown up several days into the future.  Anyone feeling out of sync with time these days??  I could see her body, feet on the ground, then stretched like gum all the way to the sky.  Her entire body was the same color, from feet all the way to the hair on her head… an amber/yellow.  I understood that her soul has been a living portal of energy on the earth, bringing in the next field of vibration for earth to assimilate, but also flowing the discordant energies of earth back into the higher realms for transmutation and recycling.  This has been a job of hers for a very very long time… eons of time.

I suddenly understood thru her, that the lady from my first reading… her job has been to assimilate these energies into the biology of created earth.  Both have done their jobs extremely well.  But now, both are done.

As I watched my lady from the second reading of the day get done… it was almost shocking.  Imagine a rubberband stretched to the limit (how many have been feeling like that in their lives??) suddenly snapping back to original form.  Well, first off, it is impossible to snap back to original form, but will be the new form.. expanded, to live fully in the new reality (that gel-like dome of life.)

The hazard with our biology, when we suddenly snap back from being stretched out, we feel it!! I could feel it thru her reading.  Granted, quick and suddenly she formed into a living ball of biological form and rolled into that place I am just going to call the start of the 4th quarter of 2012.  As her rolled up human-ball hit the area of the gel-like field of energy, OMG sparks started flying from within her to a foot outwards.  It felt like an activation to open the portal of whatever this really means to us.  Once again, I could not see a damn thing beyond her sparking ball of human energy!!

But what I did understand that life is going to be even more accelerated for her as she passes thru the gateway into her new life story.

Last, but ohhh so far from least, was my third reading of the day.  Phew baby!!  I have a feeling she gave us a really big, wonderful clue as to where we are heading and why I cannot see beyond the end of this month!!

Her reading opened up just a few days into the future too… sort of.  I seen a large V shape.  I knew it was not a vortex or anything like that.  This V had that now familiar amber/yellow energy to it and the bottom part of the V was set up in the middle of her present moment (yesterday) and what felt like Monday.  The tops of the V were in the respective days (first and last) and I had seen her being poured into this V.  She was part energy, part human biology, but what I did understand that she was being poured into her new form.    As I looked beyond this weekend for her, I could see 7 steps and she emerged with a foot on the 2nd step and one on the 3rd.  It was made very clear these steps related to days.  So after monday she still had 5 days left to reach the top of these steep, amber/yellow steps that would take her to the timeline of the 29th.  From the top of the step all I could see was mass energy potential.  Every time I asked spirit what is after the steps they kept repeating back “anything she desires.”  At first I thought spirit was just being evasive… again!  Until I realized her stance on the top step.   She had her right foot (spiritual path) on the step and the left foot (physical life path) in the air as if she was going to take a step forward, but instead she was wobbling as if she wasn’t sure where to put that left foot.

I realized, with spirits constant repetition of saying “whatever she wants,” that where we step into life with desire and energy, is exactly what we get.  If any part of you is unsure, cautious, wobbly… so will the energy field of your life be.  If you know with every ounce of your being what you desire right now… so will the energy and bring that to you in lightening speed!!

She had told me she was in negotiations with a new rental house that would so suit her and her roommates lives and businesses.  She was also going to house sit for a friend this weekend in the same area this new rental is…. being poured into her new energetic form, in the space her heart desires and with it she must now put the physical life foot down to own it!!  And she will!!

Can I just tell you how incredibly excited I am about these times we are now in!!  Holy flipping cow batman!!  It is so great to be alive and aware!!  However, I have got to put out a word of caution too.  We are not leaving duality, but instead, ramping up the aspect of the dualistic energy we live in.  I have been watching someone I know and love reap some serious karma in this last week and not the kind of karma one celebrates reaping!!

The field of life has no bias at all.  It see’s nothing as good or bad, better or worse.  It joyfully and quickly brings to us all that we put out.  Put out great things!!

I celebrate this time on earth with all of life, with all of you/us who have held fast the knowing inside that as hard as the work has been to get to here, we did it anyway and Here We Are!!

I love you and honor you each soooooo freakin much!!  Without each of your own personal efforts we would be looking and experiencing a whole different scenerio!  Take this day and bask in the Equinox energy, the New Life Story of Humanity!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of wild rides and happily ever afters to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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