Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 2, 2012

The Winds of Change Have Piled All Timelines In One Heep!!

Did anyone else feel like their own energy flowing thru them yesterday was not only on steroids but in hyperactive mode?  What a strange strange day it was for my blessed body and mental matter.  The two seemed so out of step with each other!!  I would get up to do something and instantly forget what I was going to do.  I would sit down then suddenly feel like I need to be doing something.  I could even read a darn thing.  I tried to even just reread my own sharing to make sure it actually made sense (considering nothing in my mind was making sense or finding completion) couldn’t do it.  I got thru the first two sentences then it was like no more words exists.  Geez!!

The two readings I had done yesterday were just as intense energetically.  My first lady appeared in her center field, midway between her south and west fields hopping forward on a pogo-stick, being splattered with energy paintballs!  We eventually got to the fact this represented her meditation… up – down – up  – down and she is getting the energy of it (hence the paint ball splatters) but needs to take it in deeper and assimilate the energy, which she really was on her way to doing.  But what happened as I fast forwarded her into her near future shocked me… again.  The field is really good at shocking me these days lol.

As she got to the center of her west field a glass door appeared, the moment her body got lined up with that glass door the whole thing shattered from the center.  Suddenly it became evident of what that really meant to her.  A complete shattering of her reality construct.  She had also mentioned she keeps seeing 11:11 everywhere now.  Instantly i was taking back to last year, our 11:11:11 dateline.  So many people experienced a major reality shattering… and life changed instantly.  I remembered it was when I was in Virginia at the ocean trying to figure out why I even moved back to Virginia.  It was a heart wrenching, but much needed change in my reality.

My second lady had so many familiar themes of earlier this year.  She was being completely unzipped from her skin, her identity that got her to here, to the point I could see her flesh and bones inside her body.  She was just at the starting aspect of this process and we understood that she should really start to feel the new skin, her new mission in life as she gets into Oct.

My third reading is still MIA.  In a way I was grateful that my third appointment didn’t call or answer the phone, I am not sure I would have been able to hold me together beyond these two readings.  The intensity, the back-flow from the readings was adding to my already intense energy field.

I realized with vivid clarity September started with a huge shift in all the timelines.  Everything now piled up on top of each other and the winds of change are pushing every single person on earth further forward than the gentle stroll we had getting to this point.  I even took out my pendulum at the end of the day and asked Archangel Michael for a message to help us all understand, this little moment was weird inside of me.  Like I have said before, my pendulum is just my way of sitting down and talking with Michael visibly, but really, I hear everything he says long before he swings out each letter of the sentence, and he loves me enough to continue to play the game with me.  I couldn’t stand holding the pendulum last evening… the energy was so intense inside of me and now coming thru me it was almost aggravating my energy field.  I didn’t prompt him further when I heard his message say:  “Hold on tight, everything is growing rapidly.”  Life on steriods no doubt!!

So I sat and tried to understand the two golden threads of energy moving around my stove as well as my front door.  The strands of energy at my front door took form and of course surprised me by what I had seen.  Two golden outlines of my adult selt standing just inside the threshold of my front doorway playing several versions of patti-cake (think more like, see see my playmate or miss lucys steamboat, etc.)  All I could think was… what the hell?  I still don’t get it and some part of me is still playing patty cake with myself.  Like I said… strange!!  At least I understood (a wee bit) the stove… what I cook up/create comes thru the door of reality.  Now I am having a house guest arrive (female) on monday… maybe she and I should play some games of patty cake??  lol

The more I was seeing the less I was understanding!!  So I once again tried my bathtub.  Hoping!!  At least the bathwater and Eucalyptus salts a good friend gifted me on my birthday helped to keep me still long enough to see something with clarity.  The moment I thought about the Guardians I was outside in my backyard looking at the Mesa rock.  But instead of being like it has always been it now has this massive V like opening from the top to just about the ground area.  Inside the V was a gentle flowing river of pure white energy low to the ground.  In the white energy I seen what looked like a black dot, but eventually realized it was a tiny version of me in a canoe floating to the other side of the mesa.  I also understood that the goal was to fill the entire V with this white flowing energy which really looked more like fluffanella (marshmello creme)!  What I didn’t get was how the hell to do that!!??  I suppose details to come!

I did remember tho, earlier this year when I had seen thru some of the readings the Mesa rock crumbling and exposing a vast ocean on the other side.  The Ocean of I Will.  I suppose I was grateful to have broken thru all the things I kept saying I can’t do!  Now to fill it up higher and bigger!  Ahhhh Septembers work!!

last but ohhhhh so far from least, I thought about my pheromone guy from the other day.  No doubt it was spirit who placed him in my memory because I missed an important detail for all of us oozing our joy juice of attraction.  We actually have to get out in life and spread it around!!  I seen myself walking with intention and purpose up and down my long dirt driveway to the main road… inviting, attracting, seducing  my gentle feather counterpart to come hither and make heat for the winter (and beyond… but hey, one season at a time lol.)

I also realized something while talking to my pheromone man (smile) and divine counterparts.  I feel blessed to have had two very different but very real experiences with two men.  One I was very much in love with, so the energy of our foreplay emerged from my heart to take my consciousness way beyond the realm of body experience (wayyyy back in 2006) and then my most recent encounter with Rick.  Whom I was not even close to being in love with… lets just say I was spirit-curious in our potential sexual exchange… which kept everything limited to the body.  But hey, what I didn’t developed in 2006. not like I do now, was my inner vision.  I now understand what the body goes thru as it engages in sexual exchange.  I have placed on the top rung of my manefesto… the wholeness of both worlds in one man… ummm by winter thank you very much!!

Whatever was zooming thru the airwaves and my inner body kept me awake really really late last evening.  Tired eyes seemed like a stranger all the way til 11pm.  Finally I go to sleep and at the stroke of midnight I woke up with such a coughing gag I was vomiting from the pressure.  I don’t mind clearing my air but hey… why not at noon instead during my precious sleep time?

Needless to say, I woke up really really late today and I must now get to class.  I do want to give you all some very exciting news.  The Soul Gym ( is open for viewing!  Please take some time to look around this new construction and tell me what you feel with it.  What you might like to see, if you would like to host an event during our live sessions.  We will even take some constructive feedback too (smile.)  The Soul Gym will not be open for classes until the 1st of October, and we will still be expanding what it is thru September, but please go in, take a look around and if you can join me in giving Heather Skomp a huge huge hug of appreciation for building this (I had zero to do with its construction.)

Also, please like our facebook page, all announcements and conversations for the Soul Gym will be had here: Facebook Soul Gym

I am just sooooo excited about everything!!  Gotta scoot once again!

Big big big (((((HUGZ)))) of accelerated change to All!!

Lisa Gawlas









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  2. Hi Lisa, I am having problems with facebook lately, I left this message for you but it looks like it isn’t going to load. So I will leave this for you here. Here is a link to an energy forecast for September – it talks a lot about the things you are feeling and gives some support for them. Love you!


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