Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 26, 2012

The Dance of Seduction: What ChemTrail Do You Leave Behind?

There are some readings/visuals that just seem to catch me so far out in left field that all I can do is laugh… at first.  This was definitely the case with one of my readings yesterday.  I really think her spirit was in rare form of visual release.  By the end of our session, not only do we have another powerful meditation to work with, but a huge understanding of the message from Archangel Michael the other day.  Let me start from the beginning:

There she was, out in her West field, clinging to what kept feeling like a strippers pole.  She was hanging on for dear life.  The pole, a dull silver color, went from the ground to as high as my vision could see.  She had her arms and legs wrapped around the pole about 3 feet off the ground, in a death grip!  All I could think of was: what the hell are you doing on a striptease pole?

Her energy was too bunched up as she clung to this pole to get a reading, so I took my energy body out to her west field and pried open her hands and legs from the death grip of this pole.  Once she allowed herself to free herself from this stance, she stood there just behind the pole and we talked for a moment.  Like so many of us that have been traveling solo for so long, her heart is ready to have a divine counterpart in her life.  And like so many of us over the last few days, it seems our ocean floor was dredged up of all these feelings, fears and worries that rested as sediment deep within us.  She even had a dream that a man was chasing her trying to kill her.  There is something important to that dream.  The death of the old… the death of the “chase,”  even the death of the old relationship!

As we were talking about the fears that seem to be present so loudly again, for a day anyway, I watched as she slinked right on over to the strippers pole and with some serious seduction in her movement, she started dancing, in a counter-clockwise motion, around the striptease pole.   What really took me by surprise is that she had her right hand (her receiving hand) on the pole as she danced slowly around the pole counter-clock wise (think of opening a bottle, to open you turn it counter-clockwise, which is what she was doing.)  I just want to state here, she always had clothes on, it was not about getting nekked at all (thank goodness!!) She did, however, maintain a smirky smile on her face!

So I had to laugh out loud as I really tried to understand what on earth is she doing.  I think what I am going to do is share with you the entirety of this visual, just like her soul did with us, and then help you understand it.  Let me tell you, this will make one hellofa powerful meditation.  I have officially dubbed this lady the meditation lady, because her readings are starting to become a powerful meditation for all of us to do.  This is the same lady the doorways meditation came thru as well.

The Dance of Seduction:

There she was, right hand gently on the pole (receiving the energy that she is putting out, back into her thru the high earth vibration of this silver pole) that extended deep into the earth and way above the sky.  Slowly, but with so much sensual movements in her body turning counter-clockwise in motion.  Each full repetition of movement started to create a gully in the earth, as if her feet were moving the dirt from the earth away each time she completed a sexy circle around the pole.

I started to realize there was like a cork screw effect happening in the earth as she danced.  Think of like a bottle top with ridges that the cap goes on to open and close the bottle contents.  Only her open was V shaped as it went further into the earth (about 2 feet, or just under a meter beneath the earth.)  As her dance of seduction started to wind down, the next visual, well I almost didn’t recover from the shock of it all.

I started to really notice the earth.  It was not dirt so much as it was sand.  Everything was sandy, which means there was no water, nothing dehydrating this opening.  Altho I did see what she opened too; a whole new grid energy that was waiting for her to uncover it.  This new grid of her life took on the same color quality as the earth in which she danced, a light tan just like the color of sand.  Instantly I thought, this needs to be watered in order to be fully activated!!  What I had seen next… OMG!!

There she is, hand on the strippers pole, legs under ground about 2 feet, standing on her next grid of life and then she appears to just pee as we realize this area needs to be watered.  Shocked would be an understatement.  It was hard enough to not laugh as I watched this whole dance of seduction play out, but man, when I see my beautiful client just start peeing, I almost pee’d just from laughing so hard!  Talk about stopping the sexy! lol

As we both recovered from our belly laughs at this crazy visual, her team chimed in and said of course, from my visual vantage point and where everything is located in our bodies, of course it looks like she is urinating, but that is not the case at all.  (phew)  She was releasing the energy of desire, yellow from the soul energy, gold to enhance the magnetic activation (which is pretty much the color of urine) thru her root chakra and hydrating/activating her grid of life.  This liquid energy stream is filled with the energy of seduction!!

However, lets not discount our urine as well.  So many hormones and chemicals are readily available in our urine (we check for so many things in a “piss test” pregnancy, drugs… whatever.)  We are constantly putting out in the greatest amplifier of our energy-water, thru our toilets.  May sound a like gross, but think about it.

Her team (thank god) gave us some amazing clarity on what just transpired.  Life is constantly seducing itself and all that is around it.  Opening to the intimate exchange of energy within itself.  It dances, it calls you hither, it plays and soothes, smiles and ask you to take a step further.  The wind, the grasses caresses you, the flowers release intoxicating aroma’s, the animals look at your with those eyes and some even purr with ecstasy.  Life is not sitting around wishing you would love it… it is constantly in a sensual exchange with you, enticing you.

We humans on the other hand are busy visualizing and hoping we are not doing that wrong!  Where the hell did we loose ourselves?  Ohhh yeah… thru sex.

I have got to think about the strip clubs and what a black eye that profession gets from so many people.  I LOVE to go to the male strip clubs, and it is not even about looking for sex, actually sex has nothing to do with it.  It is what the dance on the stage pulls out of my own hormone system… an energy, a feeling of such strong desire.  It really is about seduction and very little about sex.  So the mass of society condemns it, because we are so afraid of that energy, of that natural pull of life towards life.

Yet, go into a shopping store.  There is some serious seduction going on, things enticing the money right out of your wallet.  But that is ok by society at large.  Best we give away our money least our sensual energy of life creating more life!!

Once I got over the laughter of watching my beautiful client pee on her new grid of life, I followed the energy outwards as it was being hydrating from a constant flow of liquid energy from her root chakra.  I could see the gridwork itself come to life, like throwing the breaker switch on the electricity in your house.  As it moved out about a week, I could feel the ground above this grid start to crumble as if something was trying to break thru it and then I seen another image that took me yet again by surprise:  A massive flame of yellow, red and orange energy about 7-10 feet tall (about 3-4 meters high) and about 2-3 feet wide (about a meter wide)… it was daunting in appearance, but beautiful too.  It radiated this energy…. this passion, but I could not move beyond it.  I realized this was her high heart fully in life.  Our passion center, our full on loving expression.

Today I realize that she had to continue this beautiful dance of seduction with the life of her desires to fully create the flame of passion that we had seen yesterday.  Obviously you do not need to go out and purchase a striptease pole and actually dance.  Our brain (as science has proven) does not know the difference between what we are actually doing and what we imagine we are doing, it is always real which ever way it is playing out.  Let me tell you, once I realized the profound energy that was coming thru her reading, I immediately created my own strippers pole in my living room!  Let me tell you, I cracked up every time I caught a glimpse of myself slinking around that pole.  That is not something I would do without at least a six pack of beer or many shots of tequila under my belt… and even then, I am not so sure I would actually do that!  My inner work is to stop laughing and start feeling sensual about it all!!

But anyway, back to her reading.

When I couldn’t go beyond the massive flame of passion standing as her in her life several weeks from now, I back up to her present again.  This time she was like she was just as she released her death grip from this pole, just behind the pole.  I had also seen her waving goodbye to her past.  What was really strange was as she was waving goodbye bat after bat started flying out of her palm and flying deep into her past energy… completely away from her.  What I never thought to do yesterday but did today was look up the significance of bat in her reading.  How fitting it is:


Initiation, death-rebirth, changes are taking place which are blessings, facing facts in ones life, fears are always beneficial, trust instincts. Bat tells us it the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. Bat can show how to navigate in the dark and unknown. Soon you will see the world with a new perspective, teaches sensitivity to vibrations around you, navigation, introspection and demonstrates ability of observation and power of meditation and solitude along with ability of working in groups when necessary. Bat shows how to make those important transitions.  (Taken from Animal Totems A to Z)

The big huge ah-ha moment came as we were getting ready to say goodbye.  It seemed Michael was not about to let us go without fully realizing what he had really said two sharings ago: “Ask your anatomy guidance to lead the way.  What you need is already inside of you.”

Our whole anatomy is made of by secretions of chemicals.  We are constantly creating and emitting chemicals.  Pheromones are how most of the Life’s kingdom communicate to each other.  Ants are probably the most recognized critter that follows a chemical trail to where they need to go.  You will see them all in a perfect line behind each other because of the pheromones emitted by the lead scout on their food expedition.

We are constantly emitting a series of chemicals which get caught up in the winds of life and are carried out for others to notice, connect to, resonate with… desire.  Hence the phrase “like attracts like.”  Seems I am putting out some serious pheromones of desire, because soooooo many people I am reading for desire that divine counterpart.  But like me, most of us are still in that state of desire and not really attracting our desires to us.  But then again, how many of us are really doing a strip tease for the life we desire?  And that striptease has nothing to do with actually taking your physical clothes off… but the clothes that covers up our pheromone trail?  Fear, worry and that crazy chemtrail we are all so accustomed to.  What we put out we do indeed get back to us.

So lets fire up our endocrine system together.  Lets seduce life… together!!  Not sure where your hormone releasing glands are?  Let me show you:

Notice they are all located in your stream of core energy, all located at major chakra points!!  Just knowing this should show you how important your own ChemTrail is to your own health and vitality as well as attracting the life of desire!!  Hormones are just another name for “chemical messengers.”  So now, imagine you have your very own silver striptease pole set up in your home, stretching from beneath the floor in your home to beyond the ceiling.  Feel sexy.  Feel sensual.  Feel the heart of your desire moving thru you from pituitary gland  all the way thru to the ovaries or testes and out thru your root chakra in a liquid flow of sensual desire.

OMG another thing just hit me as I was off looking for art for this sharing.  Two poles of energy have been so very prevalent since before the solar eclipse.  One emerged on the Solar eclipse of May 20th, which was the activation of the cycle of completion we are now knee deep within and the other has constantly been on the Fall Equinox of September 22nd.  For the longest time I had seen and understand that the energy of our hearts focus on the solar eclipse will be living out loud as our life by the completion and merger of these two poles on the equinox.  We are now less than a month away from the equinox (where the hell did all that time go?) and we need to step up our sexual energy of attraction.  So the strippers pole is also the finish line of the equinox energy too.  The full on magnetic field of your reality attraction!!  I soooo get this… and hope you do too!!

This is really allowing your “anatomy guidance to lead the way” and really giving relevance to Michael’s explanation that what we need is already inside of us… we are releasing a chemical trail every moment of every day.  How sexy do we feel?  How sultry is your movement thru life?

Be sure to water your garden with your hearts desire, feel it, live it, and with your right hand on your pole, be open to receive it!!

Sexy dancing with everyone!!  slink… slink…  Together, we are bringing sexy back!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Enjoy this video, sexy is universal no matter the language we speak!!



  1. Wow… this so ties in with a book I was reading yesterday regarding the “Pineal Gland & Your Third Eye” . The image of watering the soil around us and (The air we are breathing) relates so well, what we are taking in we also need to put out and vise-versa.
    It is becoming more fun and interesting as more synchronicity happen.


  2. I will pole shop while here in Taos today!


  3. I didn’t remember until I read this that Friday night I was in a car and a bat flew across the road, from left to right. That’s the first bat I’ve seen this year, that I can remember. So I guess it was reminding me that something still has to die before my rebirth begins.


  4. Right on Lisa! I had a dream … or was it?… a short while back, I was pole dancing. I was nervous but I did it and I was SEXY! I did bring Sexy back Lisa! Try it. It will bring the Goddess out in us! Because dance has always been my passion I had considered buying a pole just for the seducing act that comes out of it and it brings so much to life. Well – I have to stay with the imagination for now Lol. Yes this is so much fun and exciting!


  5. Hi Lisa, thought you might be interested in the effects the opening doors meditation has had on me – so far.
    Thank you! 🙂 Love and Big (((hugs)))


    • I so love it Gabrielle… thank you so much for sharing it with us!! At had to smile so big at your first paragraph, thank god we have been on this path long enough to know it really is good and progressive, no matter what it looks or feels like in our evolving reality construct?

      ((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude to you wrapped in love!!


  6. Reblogged this on My Blog.


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