Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 23, 2012

What Change Do You Seek and Why? What Is The Constant Emotion Within Yourself?

Defrag Your Mind!

Did you realize there is a whole series of chain reaction that happens the moment you change your mind/change your energy about something?  All of life, all of your opportunities ebb and flow with your emotionally powered thought field.  If today you are so excited and powering up with your positive emotions with (fill in the blank) life is rearrange itself to bring that very thing or desire to you.  It rearranges itself instantly and in sync with your emotional field.  If someone comes by and lets just say you share your excitement with them, and they say something like “well don’t count on that” and some part of you believes that and retreats the energy within you that was so firm and excited, the universe is instantly rearranging itself to meet your new retreated energy about that.

But also remember too, the universal life force has zero bias.  It see’s nothing as right or wrong, good or bad… everything just is and it is because of your emotional field.  If our strongest desire within us is to run away from life, in whatever way that happens to be… the universe WILL provide the way for you to do just that…. effortlessly, because this is what you are emotionally charging as your life.  So what happens when you get into the next version of your (runaway) life and nothing is really different except maybe the scenery?  I have done this soooo many times over the course of my life.

We are so supported, so loved and honored thru all that we do or don’t do by the universal life force… by love itself, without bias.

Now in the cases where we are simply running… seeking outside of ourselves for what we should be seeking inside of ourselves, the universe will create the perfect storm for you to just stop and take another look, another approach to life.  Often times (speaking for myself here) we simply pick up and move elsewhere… for yet another storm to arrive until one day we stop running and look deep within.  Hell I ran from the time I graduated high school at 17 until the day the Ouija Board change my life at 38… and spent a few more years running even after that, since running was all I knew.

There are those times when we are running into something we do not need as part of our life lesson and the universe will put up as many stoppers as possible.  Right before I graduated high school I ran into the Navy.  Not because I wanted to, but because I was becoming terrified at what layed on the other side of school.  No more foster system to protect me, I had no family that would help me to be an adult… yes the Navy would offer me security.  I joined and lost the greatest love of my life.  Of course, I was terrified of love and was sure my boyfriend of 2 and a half years was growing tired of me.

The week I was supposed to leave for boot camp I developed this very strange rash on the back of my hands and on my knees.  No one knew what it was and the Navy would not take me with it.  Years later it was diagnosed as psoriasis.   A year on my own and I was drowning in life responsibilities… back to the Navy I ran.  This time tho, I popped positive for a pregnancy test, there was no way in hell I could have, or would have told them I just had an abortion so it was really a false positive, once again, my perceived security blanket of life was blocked and they wouldn’t take me.

I was headstrong and arrogant in those days and a year later pushed thru to the Navy again.  This time I was free to go.  By this time I was now 19 years old and terrified of living life on my own.  I could have never looked at the two other times my way into the Navy having been blocked by my very own body as a sign this is not good for you… hell no.  Like I said, I wanted what I wanted regardless of the price.

I hated the Navy too.  Talk about mind control and attempting to strip you of who you are and form you into what they want you to be.  I rebelled!  I got pregnant shortly after arriving at my wonderful duty station in Hawaii.  Ohhh life does have a way of providing for you, exactly what you need… often times not arriving in the package the way you want it.

I needed to understand love, to feel the truth and depth of it in my heart, the Navy would never provide that for anyone.  This became even more apparent once I became pregnant.  They didn’t care if that little thing growing inside of me lived or died, actually, I think they would have been happy with the dying part.  I refused to do their work orders, they refused to let me go to medical, I went to two captain masses in the course of a few months, the second one wasn’t pretty for me.  I got out.  My 10 month stint in the Navy made me realize I will do all I can to make sure any child of mine never see’s the military as a last resort for life.

I had perfect storm after perfect storm in relationship to my running away to the Navy, but never would have seen it that way.  What I needed more than anything in that time in my life was to understand and feel love, true, pure unconditional love and that is not what the military provides.  It is, however, what babies provide.

I say all that because so much is changing inside of us at this moment.  New feelings, new excitements even some old dreads.  Before you make a major change in your life, be sure you know why you are changing (fill in the blank.)

Unlike the popular belief that if something is effortless it is meant to be.  No, that just means you are a very powerful and wonderful creator of your reality.  We can create a hellish scenario for  ourselves as effortlessly as we can create Heaven.  Like I said, the universe has no bias at all.

My move to New Mexico in July of 2010, away from my family in Virginia was for one purpose only, to find myself without all the other, deeply embedded identifiers within me called my children and grandchild.  I was drowning in their issues because of the love I have for them.  No one was thriving…

Not only did I find the clarity of myself, I also re-balanced the relationships I have with all my children… not so much to their liking at all, but to my own empowerment for sure!  My life, my energy field, everything about me soared to new heights all around me.  I never realized how much my life was in a hamster wheel the last few years of living in Virginia, not until this very moment in sharing.  I was expending energy in every conceivable direction and going nowhere fast.  Really, all of us living together (5 adults and a baby) were all spinning in our own hamster wheel and being pissed about it, filling the air with toxins to the point everyone blamed the house and each other!

I really started this sharing to talk about a reading I had done the other day.  His reading started out one way and by the time we finished our conversation everything was different in his reading, let me explain:

He had appeared in the space that I refer to as the doorway to his inner (emotional) life and his outer (physical creation) life, just on the inside area.  The entirety of his inner floor was filled with this amazing slate-blue thick liquid and covered him to about 2 inches above his ankles.  I have come to understand that this slate-blue energy that started showing up a bit over a month ago is the pure energy of y/our soul for use in our life.  It is the best we can hope for (in reading at least) at this time.  His entire core energy is fueled by his soul energy, his heart love.  He had his arms extended up over his head as if he just made a touch down and then something so unexpected happened… it was as if the earth swallowed him whole!!   What the hell… one moment he is there and radiant, the next moment, gone, just gone.

I tried to follow his body under the earth, nope, couldn’t go there.  Couldn’t pick up another detail in relationship to his sudden disappearing act!  What I didn’t fully understand then, but seems I do now… how many of us hide from ourselves, even when we appear to be the opposite?  We keep to ourselves, interact with life on an as needed” basis, and cover ourselves up in our own little world.

There were no more details I could pick up from him and his team would not allow me to access him under the ground at all.  So he and I just started talking.  We talked about meditation or his lack of it.  We talked about his lack of sharing with others, about how secluded his life really was.  He seeks a divine counterpart, and I know she is there somewhere… but if you don’t put yourself out there to be seen, how can anyone find you?

As we talked about the changes he is going to make in his life, his reading started to suddenly change.  I watched him as he drug himself out of the hole in the ground he was sucked into, the more we talked about his new and needed approach to the greater life beyond his home, he fully emerged out of the hole in the ground, I watched as he brushed all the dirt off of himself… clearing the way for his new vibrant… interactive life, done by his own hands.

As we started to talk about this new energy in his reading, how positive and exciting it is and changing right there before my eyeballs because he is changing the energy within himself in the very moment I realized how profound our lives and the changes within out lives are and how quick they are to change!!

As the excitement was building in this reading and his epiphanies went off one after the other something that blew my mind and excited my heart to no end appeared: a slate blue doorway connecting his inner life energy to his outer life field.  It was completely up to him to open to door and all that goes with that to the life that is now vibrating at his soul level.

In all my readings to date, I have never seen a slate-blue doorway appear that states “It’s time and your must create the opening.” (of the door, put yourself out there into created life.)

Our soul wants to live out loud, be interactive with the world stage.  Our soul wants the ability to use its unlimited and unrestricted skill set with other souls dressed up in human garb.  However, it is up to us, the soul in human garb, to open the doorway for that wonderful adventure.

The very moment you change your internal energy about anything, the world is already rearranging itself to create that for you.  Like anything in duality, the pendulum does swing both ways and is constantly swinging to change.

If today you are powered up and tomorrow you are worried then you go back to powered up… it is going to take forever for you to pull your heart desires to you.  Be clear on what your feeling within, be very clear on what you are breathing into you.  Dare to put yourSelf out there.  Your soul wants to play out loud, live and breathe on the winds of love, beyond the confines of your created reality.  Your soul wants to live large!

Let’s Live it up… TOGETHER!!!

Big big big SOUL (((((((HUGZ)))))) to everyone.  Now, give it back…. group ((((hug)))) of soul energy together.  FEEL IT??

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am going for another tooth extraction today… if you don’t mind, send me some more of that loving courage like you did last time, it helped so much and I still feel the calm of it today.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the you it comes from!!  Thank you in advance!!


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  2. Good luck with your little toothy!


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  4. Place your hand in your pocket … I popped some courage in there for you Lisa. .. if you need it… but know we are with you anyway.
    Much Love
    Kia Kaha!


  5. Its been a while since I’ve been around…though today you spoke and I came.

    Funny our lives, can be. I attempted to enter the military twice, denied both times for different reasons. First attempt was to follow in dads footsteps @ 17 yo. I couldnt control my blood pressure and tested too high, above 140…tried to get medical waiver and Kernel in DC wrote back, no 17 yo with high blood pressure is joining my army! A scant year later 9/11 happened and that squad I would have joined went over. Men died.

    Fast forward to 3 years ago, out of a 5 year relationship, i decide to run away. I was going into air force as an officer due to my college degree already in hand. The riches would soon be mine! SCCCRRREEEEEECH!

    I had a DUI @ 21, 5 years prior from that relationship (whole story!). Due to the caliber of candidates without this disorderly behavior, I would not be a good candidate to appear before the board. Aint happening.

    I married that woman I ran from a year later on a Jamaican beach!

    We are under intense, high pressures. She announced it today! I FEEL STUCK…

    YES! Now break that mold! and STEP INTO YOU!


    • (((HUGZ))) to you Kai, it is nice to feel you here again!! Thank you so much for your sharing!!

      Smashing molds with you!!!
      More (((HUGZ))))


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