Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 21, 2012

The Radical Change of August and The New Clothes of Life! What Have You Changed?

Ya know, it’s funny.  I have looked forward to seeing and feeling what the depth of August really means to us since last year.  Since the first time I had seen a gel like energy so intensely radiating a new vibrant color of red energy, the depths of which, I had never seen before in all my years of seeing the potential energy of upcoming months.  Even while playing within the first two weeks of August it was really hard (for me) to get the full breadth of what August really was, what August IS.  What makes it so incredibly different.

I feel the greatest thing I had seen with the change of August was/is the direction of the flow of life.   For 12 years now I have been breathing in the light of spirit, of love, of unified energy and understanding and doing whatever it was that I could do to make it an active aspect of my life.  Sometimes the time delay between breath, understanding and living/manifestation had taken years.

Now there is no in breath, if instantly forms on the out breath.  There is no real thought process behind the out breath either, just the action of heart desire creating itself.  Many of us are living like this right now and I would bet, many do not even realize it.

I can give you several examples how this has played out in my life, starting with this new, exciting computer I am using.  I never even entertained the real thought of getting a new computer.  Yet waking up one morning it was all I could feel and within hours I made the purchase.  Granted, I had a melt down feeling like I was making an either/or choice… new computer, loving on my son and grandson and meeting my father.  But even that had such a valid energy, because it allowed someone else to do what I did in purchasing the computer… share a piece of his abundance to keep the flow… flowing.

Our interconnectedness and our growth is so intertwined with each other.  I grow, you grow… you grow, I grow.   Together, we set the winds of change in motion for others to grow too, and as they choose to live and Be present differently, another backwind is set into motion and others yet start to grow as well.  If you can look at it like this, we are making choices, for me, radically different choices from our perception of August 2012 that is already affecting those in the 1600’s, the year 2180, and so much more!

In the radical change that is August, my (our) physical body is changing… again!!  But this time, so differently than ever before.  The right side of my throat as been so incredibly swollen for the last few days, not the glands, not anything that could be felt external, but man it feels like someone dug deep into the flesh inside my throat and moving my neck affects the core energy of my throat.  Yesterday I had seen a liquid silver energy coating the right side of my throat as the soreness was at its peek.  I also instantly understood that the earth’s vibration has now embedded in my spiritual voice as I completely change the clothes that got me to here into something absolutely new.  I know this enhanced voice is in preparation for what the Soul Gym will Be and my part within it.

I also had to laugh, and moan as I felt like crap yesterday and everything inside of me wanted to go get new clothes.  I already had grocery shopping on my agenda but was leaning away from that because my back hurt, my throat hurt, my ears were stuffy and I just wanted to lay down and feel like crap.  Instead, I took my poor body out into the world and had lunch with a friend, went to a thrift store and bought lots of new clothes (for really cheap) did the grocery thing and came home feeling like another mac truck hit me while I was out in the world.  But yet, I understood so clearly what was happening.

I have changed in every conceivable aspect of my Being.  My external life is now reflecting that back to me.  I have a new computer… a whole new connection to the world.  I got rid of all my old clothes, which really didn’t fit me any longer since I have gained 25 pounds living in Heaven here.  I came to terms with this new body.  I have been fighting it for so long, internally that is.  When we talked in meditation class on Sunday about how important the fact cells are within our body to hold the Light for use and acceleration but also as a new acceptance of our form… I had to smile as I picked clothes off the rack…. larger clothes than I had ever worn before but with the feeling, the absolute joy of doing it to pimp out my new larger light body!!  Well, as pimping as I get, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal.

I sat here last evening, exhausted from my day and smiled so broadly within my heart to what August really means to us.  To live, fully and completely in the moment.  No worries/feelings of lack, no worries/fears about what you may be sacrificing in the future for what you are getting today.  To know that change is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others and to dance with joy in every aspect that is changing… even our body size!  It really is amazing how much judgement we have carried into this moment of profound change, especially with these wonderful bodies of ours.  Our physical bodies know exactly what it needs to do to get us to the next level of evolution and we hold back the river of change because someone (many ones) have said you should be this weight, that weight, eat this, exercise that…  and we so want to live in the present but with all our old constructs of what life should look like.

I did a reading the other day with a beautiful soul whose simple details stay with me every single day.  She was in her West field, which means the energy of harvest is completely and fully available to her.  Yet, she was trapped in a place that took me by surprise.  I could see the door to her past and the door to her future both closed and she was in what would I think we can call a false room.  Ya know, when they build a house and there is this place that has no real use, but does contain four walls and a ceiling but has no real function.  She was there in this place treading what looked like a really large hamster wheel.  She was running forward as fast as her feet could take her, but going nowhere fast.

The door to her past was closed,  there was no energy flowing from that area.  But yet, the door to her future was equally closed and not a single energy strand was growing there either.  She then told me that she had been taking care of her mother who is in the deep stages of Alzheimer’s disease and has been doing so for the last 4 years.  Her mom is an unpleasant woman to be around and there is no higher lesson being learned here except that by sheer obligation (created by society) she stopped living her life and now treads on a hamster wheel and is exhausted.

How many of us have gotten to this profound place of Life but are more trapped than free?  Putting out tremendous energy every day yet see very little results from the effort.  Then I would suggest taking a real look at where you are.

We must ALL be willing to put on new clothes, regardless of who likes it… hell, you don’t even have to like it… just do it anyway.  Let go of the hands that drain you or keep you spinning your wheel in a false room and make new, radical choices to be FREE.  If that is too hard to do, find a way to be in joy and on the hamster wheel of life at the same time.  Joy is the out-breadth of your soul.  It creates even more joy in your life without effort.  Your gonna breathe anyway, might as well breath joy and live in that energy.  If you find it impossible to exhale joy, change the air your breathing!!

With all my new and radical choices this month, I have decided to take the full 2 weeks off when I go to Va and to PA.  I will still be sharing while I am there, I just will not be doing readings from Sept. 7th thru Sept. 20th.  In all my life, I have never had a full 2 week vacation, not even when money was really abundant in my life.  But with the launching of the Soul Gym and continuing to do readings and my morning sharings… I have a feeling life is about to get busier than ever before and I am soooooo excited about it all!!

Remember, August is a month of radical change.  An energy support system that amplifies all that your heart breathes out.  Dare to Live YOUR life… out loud and in JOY every moment of the day!!  Because even more of that is on the way as we move into September!!

I love you all sooooo much.  I honor your daring choices, your radical change of Life, your breath of love and joy soooo much, because it is mine too!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of adventure too All!!

Lisa Gawlas













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  2. Good for you! You deserve two weeks off just for yourself and your personal life. You spend so much time with us, I’m happy to see you doing something solely for yourself.
    Heart hugs to you Miss Lisa.


  3. What a wonderful post Lisa, everything you said resonates with me. Like you, I can feel the changes in my body – I’ve had severe kidney pains for the past 2 days – and yet I have been busy setting up a website for my herbal business. I’d put it off and put it off, as I didn’t feel I could cope with the amount of work it will generate, but I suddenly have such an urge to do it and open my life up to the flow, that I felt almost compelled to do it.
    Thank you for confirming my feelings and helping us all to make sense of what’s going on behind the scenes!!! 🙂
    Much Love and BIG (((hugs)))


  4. Great Luck to You Lisa for
    your new Soul Gym …

    Love and Huge Hugs to You
    Eve LeFay


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