Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 16, 2012

Your Cellular Memory vs Your Light Field.

There are so many things I want to share that it is really hard to even begin!  I think I want to open this up by sharing the energy and excitement of the Guardians and how much everyone and everything has changed!

There was a time when life was very new, very very young on this planet.  A hand full of Light Bodies arrived on earth and stayed.  At least, a part of their pure energy stayed here to always be a part of earth.  The part of earth that is Love made manifest.

The Light Bodies I have come to know as The Guardians.  That is actually my name for them.  When they first identified themselves to me, they actually said they were the “Keepers of Shambhala.”  I personally didn’t like the word “keeper” sounded hordy to me lol so we struck up another thing to call them.

There is no doubt that they used the word Shambhala for my own understanding of who and what their purpose was/is.

Thru countless eons of time they stayed, on occasion they put on flesh and bone, keeping the memories and abilities of Home alive on earth, in the cellular memories that is our DNA.

To this day, we remember Home, Divinity, Life unencumbered, at least we remember some version of it.

They started talking and sharing with me days after I moved to the Jemez in New Mexico.  They have always shown me their amazing Light field, like large wisps of flame on top of the Guadalupe Mesa, where I live.

They also said each of them has an incarnate human on earth as well.  My job, for the onset, was to create a link between their Light Body and your Biological Body for a merger.    We did that thru many sharings, thru hypnosis events, thru readings and more sharings.

Well, my loves, we have done our (beginning) jobs very well!!

I have started to feel and hear The Guardians less and less over the last couple of months.  I (always) assumed it was me and what I was going thru.

Yesterday, as I sat in the Jemez River as part of my own birthday cleansing, I could feel them like up along the banks of the river, but something was very very different with most of them.  They now felt like biological forms of energy. As I acknowledged this change in their vibration, they reminded me what our mission was… to have their human incarnation purposely and willingly bring them back to their hearts.

YOU have done your part so very very well.

I sat in the River with every intention of releasing any left over debris from my first 49 years kicking about on this planet and instead, YOU were all standing on the banks of the River, The Guardians of Shambhala in Human form!

The love that was sent thru the air, in the wind, swaying thru the grasses and trees literally overwhelmed my emotional body and instead of releasing debris, I was weeping abundant waves of Love.  It was so intense I could not help but cry.  I made sure to splash the river on my face so it can carry your energy, our love wherever it goes!

So what we set out to achieve, we have achieved!!  Yes, there are still some Guardians patiently waiting for their Human link up,  if you have not yet done the 3 part hypnosis series, transmitted directly by the guardians, spoken by me, please feel free to do so any time.  I have it now available for free at Let me first apologize that everyone starts up at the same time.  Kind of annoying but it will not stop.  So please just put them all on pause once you arrive on this page.  Also, please do the hypnosis in order, allowing at least 3 days between the first one and second and third.  Your biology and your consciousness needs time to integrate.

Now, I am going to back up and slightly change the subject to one of the readings I had the pure privileged of doing yesterday.

Cellular Memory vs Your Light Field: Cellular Memory Runs Deep!

Do you ever feel like you have your feet as well as your consciousness in two different and fluctuating worlds?  Well, most of us do, unless you have cleared to pristine energy and fully embody the soul as your mind!!  Those of us who haven’t quite gotten there yet, well this is what we are gearing up to do in this new energy.

In the majority of readings, I read your Light Field, your Soul Energy as it represents your inner and outer life and where you are heading and what sort of life obstacles you may still be hurdling over.

Yesterday, I purposely read the Biology of a lady whom I have been working with for some time.  The purpose of this was to see where within her old memories that are actually cleared from her Light Field are still hiding out!

Man what an adventure this was!!  From start to finish, it blew my expanding mind apart!

I brought her body into my kitchen and she was so ready to be there.  I barely got in my “reading” position and I could already see her, arms stretched out shoulder to shoulder, horizontally from her body.

Two things I noticed right off the bat… first, her lower body was completely see thru.  I was able to see her upper body, from just below the solar plexus and all the way above to the hairs on her head omitting the new Light energy of Life.  What baffled me was why her lower aspect was invisible.

If we look at the lower two chakras: The Root chakra which represents your connection to the physical world and The Sacral chakra which represents your sense of self in the physical world.  Then we also have that area I call the Sacral-Plexus, a chakra that is located just between the solar plexus and the sacral chakra and comes fully online when you have shifted your energy from the sense of self from the physical world around to the very important aspect of your sense of self in relationship to the spiritual world around you.  Meaning, the mundane, day-to-day life no longer has a hold on you and your soul focus is on the Love of Self and Others and being in Service to All.

As I was looking at her in awe and wonder, I could see so clearly the new Light energy radiating out of every pore of her Being from her waist up.  All I could think was… how weird this is!

Then I noticed a really thick, gray/silver chain around her right wrist and hung all the way down to the ground.  This chain took on the same energy as her body.  I could see it clearly as it was aligned with her upper body and it became invisible as it hung near her lower body.

I decided to train my vision on her chain.  It seemed so out-of-place on her.  Yet, there it was, big, heavy, from the lack of shine on the metal, I also knew she was carrying this around for a very long time… much longer than just this lifetime.

So lets understand the wrist itself.  Right side, reach for life for your soul and emotional growth.  The wrist is the flexibility for what you want to grasp and pull towards you.  If you have a big heavy chain on, your strength will be compromised.

I realized that this chain was made in a slip knot fashion.  I could loosen or tighten it easily.  It was also not anchored to any part of the ground, so it was also easily removed.

How many us have carried chains that weight us down thru time without ever realizing we have them.  They become so apart of our world it is like they are a part of us and we just don’t notice.

As I took the chain off her wrist, I created a hole in the ground to place it in, I could see massive indents in her skin where the chain link was tightly around her skin.

Now think about this, when we wear something so tight on our body it cuts off circulation in that area.  So, the right hand being the receiving hand of the energy/life we so desire… and we have a deeply unconscious chain cutting off the energy flow… it becomes difficult to live fully in the life our heart desires.

So I did the only thing I could feel to do with her, I massaged her wrist.  What I had seen really surprised me but also, gave me sooooo much clarity as to why what she has been enduring for so long is still so strong even tho her Light Field is clear.

As I massaged her wrist to return the skin to normal, I heard multiple lifetimes taking place all in the same space on her wrist.  People attacking her, yelling at her, it was loud and not even nice.  I watched as she ran from this attacking.  Now here is the baffling part… even as I massaged new red of august energy veins were forming from the skin down, yet… she was running up her forearm as opposed to out of her body.

This is a profound epiphany I/we had together yesterday.  The cellular memory of all her psychic attacks thru so many lifetimes actually circulated thru her body.  If you run from your wrist up your forearm, eventually you will get to the heart, the blood and recirculate all that old energy, all those deeply unconscious cellular memories and end up back where you started.

Talk about a Holy Shit moment!!

So, with chain removed, massage done, I took the aspect of her that was running up her arm (a little two-inch version her) and plucked her out of her arm!  Instantly this vat of amazingly blue/white/clear water energy emerged right behind her and I plunked the girl who has been running from psychic attacks into the vat of energy water.

We also forewarned her that her wrist may actually be sore or uncomfortable over the coming days and weeks and may even feel like a part of her is missing.

Just an added thought, how many have felt that a part of them are missing after a relationship breakup???   Same scenario really.

As I looked at her body after this deeply seeded (in the blood stream) energy and reaction was removed, something amazing happened.  I started to see lines of new energy start to run down the lower half of her body.

So then the next thing we do is go down inside her body from the crown.  Her freakin brains were having a party inside!!  It was like there were so many new neuro-pathways that have just been waiting to find connection to her lower chakra (physical life and sense of self within the world around her… the SPIRITUAL world within her) and now they can finally do what she worked so hard to bring into herself.

I watched as her new Light filled neurons connected to the energy of her lower body.  Allowing for a full on new sense of self, new connection to the physical and spiritual worlds that are already within her.

I watched something else amazing too.  The new Light energy has been pushing inside of her body via the front of her face, at the bridge of her nose targeting her Pineal Gland.  But, there was such a connection between this old chain that actually created a wall of energy in her pineal dividing the old carbon based energy system from being pushed out by the new crystalline energy system.

I could feel the pressure of the Light in me, I simply told her, you have had to have some serious pressure in her head.  She agreed and it seemed to be amped up with the 8:8 gateway!!

Well, with one big push of crystalline light energy, the old carbon based pineal gland was fully infused with the new light.  Phew!!

This too has been keeping her from “seeing” the spiritual world that has always been within her.  That is about to change.

I also seen a clump of bright light set up at her left ear, showing us that her audible hearing of the spiritual realm in her physical reality is about to undergo a full on connection.

I do want to point out, that just because in the course of 90 minutes all of this took place and IS done, we humans still travel a “process” and the effects will be felt (mostly uncomfortably at first) during the next few days to week.  And then, like brand new babies adjusting their vision to their new world, we have to work that spiritual muscle into clarity.

I could probably spend the next three hours telling you about the amazing adventure down this womans biology, but I don’t have the time.

So I am going to skip ahead to some other important parts.  Her spiritual team was scrapping some old energy out of her throat area.  Even tho it was an amazing blue, she still had places she didn’t fully use her Self Expression and that was being scraped out (can we say sore throat and coughing.)

I watched as so many elementals were already in her base heart area pulling out an old tree, making sure they got every last root out, every last dangler that could break off and grow back out.

They were changing the dirt into amazing light pink light particles.  That was all we got to see with that… and was told the full on process will take at least a week in our timeline.

And then her solar plexus and below.  Holy cow batman!!  It was as if someone turned on the firehose of pure white light to wide open and flooded her entire lower anatomy.

I started to see her actual organs, her stomach, an old bubbly liver, her large and small intestines… and clearing out that was intense.  So intense it not only removed the waste from her body (can you say diarrhea) put I watched as it pulled out every trace of cellular memory stored in her intestines.  We truly can say Holy Shit Batwoman!! (grin)

Ohhh the adventures of Light and Bodies and US!!  You are so magnificent, You are the Guardians of Shambhala…re-membering!!

I want to take this moment, drop onto a bended knee and give You thanks for all you have endured, released, imbued and Live!  You have brought to story from fable to real life and I thank you and celebrate you!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of pure Light adventures!

Lisa Gawlas



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