Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 6, 2012

Solidifying The Codes, The Aliveness, The Pure Manifestation of The 8:8 Lions Gate Energies!

These days are down right magical and dare I even say, a bit mystical.  I have mentioned just about every day about how intense, how tangible the energies are now that we are in August.  But I am starting to notice something else with them, besides they fact they want to be seen, felt and utilized.  They seem to be rearranging matter to be seen!

Let me give you a small recap of my yesterday morning.  I mentioned in yesterdays sharing that I woke up and just above my body it seemed like there was a bunch of people all talking at once.  I could not make out audiably what they were saying, but no doubt there was a group energy happening.

I had to smile when a friend on facebook sent me this note:

 Just wanted to share and say I was enjoying the peer sharing last night. I woke up about 1:30 am EST. Woke from a full conversation with you on soul contracts. We were talking about how our soul contracts are activating no matter what our human based ego, beliefs and values are. Like our soul is overriding our “human” programing no matter what we think we want. And that for those of us aligned with our soul… truely living unity……words can not begin to express the oneness and manifestation…like NOTHING can stop our soul now! Our soul “programming” is overriding EVERYTHING!!! So cool!!! It was so real talking with you. When my hubby came to bed it was like I was interrupted out of a typical social gathering. 

So now I know where all the voices came from, we were at a group conference!

What I also heard within my own sharing yesterday, was the huge information about the magnetic fillament and CME burst that the sun gifted us on August 4th (see  In it’s bursting it released the pure, undeluted energies for our creation.  The mastery, the abilities within and seemingly forgotten, and so much more.  I could see it spreading thru out all of earth, embedding in every energy field (personal and otherwise) with a creation energy the world has never known before.  I felt it all day long and there is no doubt in my heart, it is the very energy that created the below images I am sharing from outside my front window!!  All preparing us for the solidification of our Life as we pass thru the 8:8 gateway (on August 8th.)

Then I did a reading just before my 8am meditation class, the same lady I got a stop sign with the day prior.  Seems like we were both being withheld from the “field” and all of her information unfolded right here on my kitchen floor.   Every aspect of her visuals were a yellow gold and told a story about the downloads she is going thru (as vague as spirit is about that) and how her spirit guide is helping to ground this new energy into her biology and consciousness. I never did get a reason from “the field” as to why her reading took place in my home instead of outside in the field of life.

The one thing I started to realize with vivid clarity some months ago, when we are in a reading, we are exchanging each others energy field, and my yard, is forever transformed because of it!

Obviously, so is my kitchen!

When I attempted to get onto tinychat to do meditation class, I froze up 4 separate times and had to completely reboot my computer.  I decided to log on to tinychat via my cell phone, nope… that froze up too and I had to reboot.  I only found stability in chat if I went in quietly (no microphone or video camera) and typed thru the classes.  I spent 10 straight hours typing yesterday!!  Sheez!

When the first class was done I was walking around my kitchen to stretch my legs.  As I was walking back to my computer (keep in mind, my kitchen and livingroom is one very large room) a figure caught my eye out of my front window.  When I stopped to look at what it was, I about froze in place.  A large face formed in the dirt bank that surrounds our parking area.

I grabbed my camera and went outside to take a picture, thinking really my eyes are playing tricks on me thanks to all this highly intense energy raining down and smashing my brains to pieces.

This picture was taken about 10am yesterday morning standing just outside my house.  The sky was clear but cloudy, so there was not a lot of sunlight streaming down at all.  This was the first picture I took:

The image looked like it was taken in a rain storm.  But it wasn’t at all.  Notice the stream of energy is coming in from the right (spiritual side) and is left flowing (physical life.)

I was not sure I would be able to see the face that I was trying to capture and asked if I can have a clear picture of the image in the dirt bank.  I took this picture a minute later:

I just realized something about this face in the dirt.  The creator of my Maju Stone, Darrell Leakey, told me in my reading that the Maju shape is created in the form of Easter Island.  I never heard of Easter Island before, so I googled it.  What came up were some really interesting images left behind by…. (no one knows.)  Look at the incredible resemblance of the image above and the faces of Easter Island:

The lips are so very much the same pouty formation.  The nose, the inset eyes.  Strange!!  Anyone know the story of Easter Island??  I do not… yet.

But man, I am really starting to feel with my two eyes and camera lens, the power of my Maju Stone!!

Now this landscape transformation seems to be a part of a series that is happening here.  I have really started to notice something about the rocks that are on the ground.  They are morphing into hearts.  Altho I am just going to give you one image to see, there are many I am noticing, especially in the area I call “the field” where all the readings unfold.

I go out there every single day, several times a day to feed the birds and I know the rocks were not heart shaped before.  Here is the first one I ever noticed:

About 3-4 days ago I went down to the river to see if it was calm enough to go sit in.  Due to all the rains it is flowing high and fast and muddy.  It was still flowing to hard to just sit in.  The logs I sit on have brush all grown over my seating area, so I just stood there… looking.  Then I was compelled to look up into the sky, above me and to the right, it was pure blue sky.  To my left however, there was a perfectly formed heart cloud.  I was in awe.  I fumbled to take my camera out of my pocket and get a picture.  By the time I did, the heart started to drift open and to my eyes, formed an angel with a massive wing span:

Now if you think about all this and what is happening almost daily, imagine what more to the story there really is.  When the energy of life, of spirit, can chissel rocks that have been on the ground probably forever, into the shapes of hearts over night, create ancient images in the (red clay) dirt bank, form hearts and angels in the clouds, become very present to get a picture taken to show “THE ENERGY IS HERE AND REAL” what more could it do if we actually work with it!?

I did attempt a meditation yesterday, but all I could feel was the pummeling of this energy and the complete disorientation of what body I was residing in… human body or spiritual body.  To the point when I would open my eyes to “check” it was just weird seeing my body.  I don’t even know how to explain what I mean by that.

I decided to harness this energy for creation.  I realized there was something conflicting inside of my heart of desire.  I was calling the energy of Gentle Feather, which is getting easier and easier to do… when all of a sudden the channel within changed focus.  I was seeing and feeling my grandson and son.  I realized I don’t really desire a Gentle Feather (unless he can house sit and tend to the wildlife that shows up every day all day long to be fed) as much as I so want to be with my family in September.  And even with that I am whittling back the days of my length of stay from 2 weeks, to 10 days, I am currently holding out at a week.  I want to see/meet my father… but I am going to have to do some fancy footwork to manifest this all.

Then I thought of a question a client asked the other day.  Why is it so much easier and faster to manifest what we don’t want and seems to take forever to manifest what we do want.

It is the emotion we power it all up with.  I am starting to see the crystal clarity of what that even means to us… from the inside out!!

We are so programmed to charge our fears very powerfully.  Especially when we don’t realize what we are doing.  Take my trip back to Virginia.  I had a very strong intention to be there for a solid two weeks to play with my grandson, hang with my son and get to Pennsylvania to see my father and his brood after a 36 year absence.  In order to do that, I would have to have my September bills paid by the end of August and the transportation money needed.  I was firmly in knowing this would take place last month… and financially it started to appear like this would happen.  I was able to put the air fare money needed into savings, the rental car money needed to get from VA to PA… but then something happened.

I started to worry it wouldn’t work out.  Not that big noticeable fear… just that daily ticking away and watching the calendar and what is still left to pay for.  In doing this, I also started watching the gap from what I need to have this experience widen.

Funny how we crazy humans work.  We get a working plan in our hearts and charge it with a fear that it won’t work.  Even if we tell ourselves every day it is going to work… it is the true energy that creates.  Which, completely dispels the fallacy of “fake it till you make it.”  You can only fake yourself out… not the energy in which you create!

What is even more funny (at least to me) we start to bargain with a universe that is soooo unlimited, soooo desiring of giving you all your heart desires and even more than that.

For my trip, I have whittled down last week to ok, maybe I can’t take two  full weeks off, maybe 10 days I can swing.  I realized yesterday I whittled myself down to a week… and as I went to sleep last night, I started to wonder when the next time he will get his son so I can come in then instead.

I am insane!!  But I am also my own greatest student too!!  I always say, I experience first what we shouldn’t do so we can become clear on what we have to do to get the end result!

I am actually watching myself from the outside as well as the inside… which is kinda kewl really.

So, back to the energy of manifesting.

Think about something you really want.. I mean really really want then pay attention to the truth of your core energy.  Can you feel the realness of it happening.  The excitement of every single thing working out perfectly.  Or, like me, do you worry it just won’t come together.  Even at times worrying that your focus isn’t really strong enough.

We have become so programmed to fell the fear that we can feel that intently and instantly.  When it comes to the pure joy and excitement of it all working out… man oh man that takes so much effort (speaking souly for myself here.)

However, being conscious of how it is all happening within is key.  I am becoming very aware of how my knowing (that it will all work out, as it has every single time in the past) recedes into worry… it is so sneaky and so subtle that you don’t even realize fear is creeping in.  I am grateful I live in a very audible universe!!  I hear my team say “what the hell are you doing” and I can only giggle and reply… good question!!

Key factor here… the more conscious we are about when and how we slip into old patterns, the easier and quicker we are to form new ones of the opposite frequency.

Not taking yourself too seriously is also important.  It serves no higher good to get pissed at yourself when you realize you have fear vibrating all over your heart desires.  Laugh at yourself.  We, as a human species, are freakin funny!!  Nothing will lighten up your energy field than a good belly laugh at/with yourself!!

Now, I am going to completely change the subject and come back to the face out in the dirt and Easter Island.  (Because it is now all over my mind to talk about.)

I just did another google search (what did we do before google??) to get the history of that Island and I have to laugh when wikipedia is talking about the “bird man” culture.  I remember seeing that bird man face when I first got my Maju stone and went to the Jemez Springs.  (You can see the full story by clicking here)  Coupled with the fact that my Dream Man asked me to call him Gentle Feather.  We won’t even talk about the shear amount of birds that literally show up every single day in my yard!!

I think I am going to go park my chair in front of that image today and do a meditation.

Something is bursting thru for all of us… and I am on a mission to find out what that is!!  Should I get clear details… I will write a second sharing today!!

Keep in mind… Life is Creating itself for you, are you allowing the fullness of that energy in??

From here on out… I Am!!!!

With wonder, awe and grace!


Lisa Gawlas

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  1. That’s it. I’m moving to Jemez. I’m small. Do you have room for me? LOL – I don’t get faces in my backyard here in Albuquerque! 😉


    • I just saw your response from the 3rd about a house next door. 😉


  2. Omg, Lisa, last month’s National Geographic mag cover story was about Easter Island, and yesterday the Earth-Keeper newsletter came in my e-mail and had a picture of the caldera (volcanic crater…pic here:
    and it said “this dormant volcanic island is an extremely powerful magnetic vortexial-portal, one of the most powerful on the planet. Easter Island is also an entry point to the inner ‘ Hollow -Earth’, and a base for the benevolent masters of the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance.”
    Easter Island has always been one of my dream travel destinations! You have to go via Chile, it is owned by Chile–another sacred place.


  3. […] This date 08/08 is known as Lion’s Gate … a powerful energy date… which incidentally Lisa Gawlas wrote about today: Solidifying The Codes, The Aliveness, The Pure Manifestation of The 8:8 Lions Gate Energies! […]


  4. Are you aware that they are excavating those heads on Easter Island because, “surprisingly” there are bodies attached to them?! How exciting is that?!
    Wow love that face in your dirt!!
    If I can manifest this trip to the west this month to go to a long dreamed of spiritual retreat and then take a side trip to see you with all that has gone into making this happen (omg), you can do too! I almost did what you did and started talking myself out of it because of the money involved. It was close…now I just know it will all work out. For you too. Take the two weeks, you deserve it.


  5. I just saw a part of a tree on the ground which looked so much like a sea horse 🙂 Yes… I am with you with the `not taking yourself too seriously’ thing … and yes… I also hear the Universe having a giggle or two at some of my antics as well. I am finding with manifestation that it is usually when I mention that I really miss something and feel that energy and then let it go because I feel that I am ok with not having it … that it has a way of turning up … So how does that work…? It is not that I am worrying about it … just letting go of having it. To me it feels like working with pastry … if you have a light touch and don’t over-handle it – it works .. if you are over-handling it … well .. it’ll be full of holes…and full apart at the slightest touch.


  6. That’s funny, my daughter and I are also seeing hearts everywhere Lisa! 🙂 We saw two very clear hearts in the clouds the other day. I’ve seen several heart shaped stones and yesterday, when I was putting some blusher on, there was a clear heart shape in that as well. 🙂
    Love your dirt-face! 🙂 (((hugs)))


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  8. Interesting stuff because approximately a decade ago… right at the beginning of this wonderful journey I am on… I produced some psychic pastel drawings which appeared to be the heads at easter island… I have known they were important for some time and I love how things seem to come up in your readings that are appropriate for me. Love it. It is reassurring 🙂 Also I have been finding myself in similar predicaments with regards to manifesting and have been constantly reminding myself not to worry about things and to trust the universe. I am doing OK but I know I need to continue breaking the programming.

    Oh yh and thank you to Cheryl for that info about Easter Island… it totally resonates with me!

    Well I could go on forever so shall leave this comment here and get my finger out and write a blummin blog!! Much Loveeee ❤


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  10. Hello Lisa, recently I had read a story about Easter Island that when Atlantis fell some survivors landed on this Island and they created the statues with their minds and that they represent a gaze and longing towards their missing friends and culture and the intention was to be as a homing beacon that would bring in fellow survivors to be reunited. Just something I read…


  11. Awsome, as always. Thank you, Lisa.


  12. […] This reminded me of Lisa Gawlas’s post the other day in which she spoke of seeing hearts everywhere in nature – Solidifying The Codes, The Aliveness, The Pure Manifestation of The 8:8 Lions Gate Energies! […]


  13. Lisa!! I saw a heart shaped cloud … check it out!!
    (((excited .. jumpy … up and downy…hugs)))


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