Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 3, 2012

Above and Below Unite As One Via The 8:8 Gateway AND YOU!!

What a vibrant, amazing day in the field yesterday!!  Sure beats the hell out of how the head beating August started out to be for me!!

The one thing I can say for sure… the New energies KNOWS you are HERE and I might even say, more excited to have y/our arrival in them than we are to Be in them.  These energies do have an advantage over us tho.  They know fully what they are here for and what they are capable of doing/creating thru us.  We are not so privy (yet) to that knowledge…. but getting there!!

There are so many different things I want to share with you… two hands, one brain and only so much time is going to force me (spirit) to pick and choose.  So I will start with the last reading of the day yesterday.  It really left me so puzzled, but today, this morning, I am feeling much more understanding to the profundity of this 15 minute session!

The reading opened up with this lady standing on top of a really large piece of gold bullion rock.  I knew it was solid gold, and equally knew it was just harvested from the earth.  This piece of gold was nothing to sneeze at.  It was the size of maybe a beach ball, all ragged and jagged like… showing how freshly harvested it was.

This huge gold nugget was moving up and down back and forth all while she maintained complete footage on the top of this rock.  I started to notice that something peculiar was being shown.  First, her and her rock never touched the ground, it never got any closer than 4 feet above the ground, would rise up about 8 feet, come back down, go back up… and moved from her present to her future (about a week and a half out… more or less) then back again, then out again, all while moving up and down.  Strange and dizzying!  (Remember, “strange” and “weird” are great words in my world!!)

From what I understand today, she is weaving her new magnetic ley lines into her new life expression from a very high frequency (that gold rock) with a magnetic field that is super intense, as supported and enhanced via Gaia (hence the feeling it was freshly harvested.)

So, I did the next thing that seemed natural in a reading, I headed out into her near future!  OHHHHHHHH… geez I really get this now.  I wish I could remember all the readings I do thru a week or hell even a day!  It would surely stop me from struggling to understand lol.

There was a dividing line of energy that totally separated her moving up and down on her gold rock to the area I was now in.  This time tho, she was slightly beneath the ground but mostly above it holding an umbrella at an angel to the energetic shield between her gold rock image and what it is really doing for her in the weeks to come.

The umbrella was a rainbow-colored umbrella and shaped like a dome so it went completely over her head.  The only vivid aspect of this part of her reading that I could see was the umbrella and part of the handle.  The rest of the image felt like we were being shown this thru a large window.  The area that would have allowed me to “see” her was like the part of the house you cannot see thru.  I could not see her at all.

In all my years of reading, I have never felt anything like the way this was unfolding.  It was in 4 quadrants of energy, much like a + sign.  She started out in the upper left quadrant, and all I could feel was an energy wedge in the lower left quadrant.  (Keep in mind, left represents you walk thru physical life, right represents your walk within your spiritual life.) Then we moved to the lower right and all I could see was a rainbow-colored umbrella leaning towards and against the energy divider with her under the umbrella.  I knew this was a version of her already out in that timeline protecting her from the “flood” of energy coming to her in that time.  But spirit purposely hid all the details of what was happening in that area.  There was equally an energy wedge in the upper right quadrant as well.  (This was actually an excited feeling, sometimes we can have so much good happen at once that an umbrella would be handy!)

I just now remembered a reading I had done the day before.  I have a very strong feeling we are ALL doing this in our current moment… each in our own way.

With my client (who is actually a friend here in my wonderful world of Life) I had seen this new energy oozing into both of her feet.  Completely changing the energy of her path of life, what she does in life (she is currently a master electrician, literally) and the thoughts that will be coming thru her and how she lives in life.

Because I have actually had her on my massage table before, I decided to see if I could imagine putting her back on the table (she was on the phone) and accesses her core energy that way to get a clearer view of what this energy is doing.  I was jumping up and down with excitement that I could!!

So I went straight to her sole chakras (in the arch of the foot) and took a journey inside of her!  I was soooo excited to see this energy completely reformatting her calf energy.  In my lovely world, the calves represent the foundation (beliefs and understandings) in which we live and build our lives upon.  I had already seen an aspect of her on the other side of the 8:8 gateway doing an intense happy dance on a ribbon of rainbow energy.  I realized that aspect of her was already sending her “prepared” energy field the codes and understandings she needed to embark on the next leg of her life’s journey.

What really tripped my happy little trigger was seeing the neural-pathways of her brain already connected to the new energy embedding itself in her left leg and processing it thru her, then running it down her right leg, out of her sole chakra and deep into the earth.  Creating the spiritual ground she will not live upon as her life!

(I hope I am making this understandable.)

Now, if this doesn’t get even more interesting!!  The first lady I just talked about on her gold rock, is a “sun worker” so she is threading the high frequency of the central sun thru life and will be a major player in making sure those on earth (hence her right field) are changed from it all.  (How spirit is keeping secret so far.)  Lady number two… she is an earth worker, making sure the high frequency of earth is threaded into the upper atmosphere (all collective consciousnesses) for all to feel and use.

Both had a rainbow associated with their readings.  In my personal world of energy work, the most encompassing, complete form of energy work is rainbow energy… it is also the most intense and life/biology changing, so I have used it only when a person was ready for full on change.

It feels like life and all that kick about in life is about to go thru a full on change!!

The catalyst is that 8:8 Gateway on August 8th, which also happens to be the when Mercury goes direct (thank you dear lord.)

I am also now just starting to understand the way I have been seeing this gateway.  Two circles of energy on top of each other with this fizzy energy in-between the two circles.

WE are the fizzy energy!!  The two circles represent a full cycle of completion in the heavens and on the earth (as does the year 2012.)  Our task that we have taken up (thru years and lifetimes of incarnating to this time/frequency) is to open the two circles of energy and create oneness with them, anchored fully in the biology/DNA that is You/Us!!

A time and momentum is no longer above and below… but where heaven and earth are NOW ONE!!

But, like every flipping thing on earth… it is a conscious choice and a conscious series of actions, unique unto each person, but also… the same.

So many on earth… that critical mass (1/2 of 1% of the entire earths population) was well exceeded a couple of years ago.  That means… whether we realize it or not, we have made these choices and put the higher series of actions into play within our lives.  (Letting go of all you think you are and then some lol.  Some consciously – willingly, others… well… what’s a little ripping from your fingers grasp among friends?  Most us tho, a bit of both!)

Now to completely change the subject! (Well, maybe it is blending and relevant?)

Yesterday morning I decided to take a bath before my first appointment since it was the only time I had available to myself and we were going to the Jemez Pueblo (on the reservation) in celebration of the Native Feast Day here and watch them dance and drum, after my appointments were completed.

My bath unfolded as if was waiting for me.

Once again I was feeling the connection to the hot springs that flows thru the bath house in Jemez Springs.  I could see our ancestors in an open and large pool of hot springs water directly in the earth.  I could feel how sacred it was to them, the prayers and ceremonies they did in the waters themselves.  Where ever the bath house taps their spring water from, once was this open body of water on the earth… long before even the time of Christ.

I also seen my new favorite massage therapist Dalan in those ceremonial waters from long ago.  No wonder I felt him so strongly!

What I could feel so strongly in this meditation/remembrance is a returning.  A purposeful returning of spirit in body, back to the earth.  I am not even sure how to put it all into words, but it left tears in my eyes and heart.

Then as all this was coming together, I suddenly seen my new gifted feather as part of the returning.  Of the energy that flows from that wonderful, surprising feather.

I forgot to mention something that happened the evening I received my feather.  By this time we were watching the Gregg Braden DVD “Walking Between the Worlds” when my feather arrived.  As we sat back down to continue watching the DVD, the winds outside started to pick up and blow suddenly and strongly.  I opened the windows because I LOVE the wind blowing thru the house!

As several gusts of wind came thru the window and danced around us, Gregg Braden started talking about the wind and the spirit/life force that is the wind, and how many people just see the wind as the wind.  I had to smile as I watched my house guest get sprayed with the desert dirt thanx to the wind, and she kept dusting herself off.

The dirt is never just dirt, nor the wind ever just wind.  Birds use the wind to soar even higher.  How perfect this wind showed up with such a strength and aliveness as I was gifted a new feather to soar with!!

It really replicated the energy I felt when I opened the envelope!

In my meditation yesterday I had seen how important the energy of the feather was to the people of long ago.  It was an act of creating the winds of change, soaring higher to new consciousnesses and so much more.

I am not a 100% sure what I am doing, but from this day forward, I will open each and ever reading with this feather.  We will see where that takes us!

As my day ended and we headed into the Pueblo of the Walatowa Indians to celebrate in their Feast Day, I could feel something.  My head would spin with an energy I was not familiar with.  We watched them dance and drum and rattle and I could feel memories surfacing (couldn’t tell you what those memories are… yet.)

I was gifted a rattle from my house guest for my birthday and made plans to go see a local drum maker (from the Zia Pueblo) to get me a drum.  Two things my soul has been yearning for.  What I am going to do with either is yet to be understood (I am not exactly musically inclined.)

When we got back home…. man oh man I was zonked.  I mean, zonked!  It was all I could do to keep my eyes open.  Then I started to feel this energy in my heart and my solar plexus and it was uncomfortable.  I so understand why we are put to sleep at various times.  I fought sleep, so I got to feel the energy in my body.  It was so uncomfortable it actually kept me awake last evening.  I cannot say it hurt, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had a heart attack (obviously I didn’t lol.)

What it all really means…. only time will reveal…. hopefully today!!  (No time like the present. lol)

We are all in life changing times.  Every one of us.  Let this be a time for true celebration and flying to your new destination like a bird on the wind!!

I love you, I love us… together…. WE ARE ONE!!!


Lisa Gawlas

August is my Birthday Month

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  1. I am so envious of your non-stop experiences. When I get in the tub, nothing happens. LOL – A friend recently said that she thinks I’m stuck too much in the material world, and she’s probably right. Maybe I’ll move to Jemez. Hi neighbor! 🙂


    • You can do it too Carrie! Keep in mind, to get to where I am now I put a shit ton of hard long work into my bathtub (smile) for hours upon hours each and every day for years. Which naturally moves you out of the stickiness of the material world (ripping that stuff clutched in my fingers lol) into the alive world of spirit that is always around and within us.

      Hard work pays off!!

      A house nearby is coming available in a few weeks… a friend is moving to CO. 🙂

      Mr. Rogers neighborhood lol


      • Wow. A house. Maybe we can share??? LOL! The start of our new community? I’ve so threatened to not come back here after my visit there….. hehehe….sounds like there’s housing coming available…. hmmmmm…….. 🙂
        I know Carrie, I whine about the same stuff. And get the same answer from Lisa. Darn it!


      • Hi Dorothy ((((HUGZ))))

        What is available is a pretty huge property with many buildings on it all going to the renter. It is located directly across from me… wayyyyyy up on hill (a road I will not even consider traveling in my honda civic, in the winter) but has an in-ground pool (needs work) and a hot tub (needs work) on property!

        Just puttin’ it out there…..:-)


      • OOOH, I just saw this news about a house becoming available! Heheheh…..


  2. I wanted to share this channel from Steve Rother and the Group… it is so wonderful!!


  3. Lisa, please stop talking about having a heart attack, before you actually cause one!! We want you around for a very long time!! What you focus on, you create!


    • Hi Judy ((((HUGZ)))

      Duly noted my friend!! But also, I am not focused on the heart attack… just taming the wild bulging energy i the heart and solar plexus area so I don’t turn inside out!

      I love ya!!!


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