Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 2, 2012

Returning to Zero Time Will Release The Power Of The New Energy Thru YOU!!

Well here we are in August!  I have been so looking forward to this month for a very long time.  Little did I expect it to start out with a kick in my head!  Geez!

I woke up yesterday with what felt like a big ass energetic foot pressing down on my head.  Each moment I was awake the pressure increased and it felt like my face became a sieve, with energy just oozing out of my forehead, ears, eyes and pooling up in my neck.  Just the thought of typing out words hurt.  By the time my first appointment rolled around at 8am and I attempted to put my antenna out in the field… it felt like there was this big ole hand pushing it back down into my skull.  I tapped out!  But not before getting a visual!!

The man I was attempting to read for had this massive ball of energy hovering above his deep west field of created life.  This ball had to be (again going to scale in my readings) at least 25 feet in diameter and made of a texture that reminded me of thickly applied acrylic paint with a deeply intense vibrancy of color.  The main color theme of this massive ball of energy was an interplay of red and blue.  I could not orient myself to him at all.  I knew he had to be there, but couldn’t see him or pick up his energy… at all!

Sadly, that was all I was able to pick up before my antenna was forced back into my head (doesn’t spirit care that freakin hurts?!!!)

I had already planned on taking my house guest to the Jemez Springs bath house for a soak in the mineral baths after my 1st appointment.  Spirit must have already foreseen the intensity coming in my head and cleared my calendar for yesterday.  I had 2 appointments that should not have been on my calendar because they rescheduled to another day.  My only two real appointments were at 8am and 2pm…. something that almost never happens unless I make it happen.

By the time the bath house opened I had already downed Ibuprofen to no relief at all and by this time, I was sure my head was just going to burst all over the place.  I decided to book a 10 minute chair massage with all the work being down on my neck and shoulders.   I will try anything at this point.

They gave me a native american man as my massage therapist.  His hands honed into the sorest parts of my neck and even down my back.  I stopped him within minutes and changed to a 30 minute table massage!  I could feel the heat coming out of his hands the moment he connected to my body.  Whatever he was doing… was exactly what my body needed!  As I started to gain relief I could see the energy flow out of his hands… it was a multifaceted crystalline energy.  I thought… I have died and gone to heaven!

If you ever find yourself at the Jemez Springs Bath House request a massage from Dalan Waquie!  By the time I got off that table… I was cured!!

My next adventure was the mineral bath itself.  Apple Tree and Maju in place, and I brought an added feature to journey with me, my Lumerian Crystal too.  I was ready for an adventure to understand August and the pain of my morning!

As soon as I got centered in my bath, the energy started filling in.  I could clearly see a very strange image unfold.  I suppose the only way to describe this strange image was part human and part tree, unfolding at a 90 degree angle at my feet (not completely horizontal, but close.)

I started to realize I was seeing an image of me, arms stretched out from my shoulders creating the appearance of branches as well.  There was no skin nor any bark.  Instead it was a massive network of blue and red veins that made up the mass of what I was viewing.  These veins went far below what I think would have been my feet, or the base of the tree trunk (either one) and I suppose deep into the earth (tho I seen no earth, I just assumed that I would eventually be placed vertical!)

I felt several Guardians around this image doing some sort of work, but had no clue what.  I could see the energy of my heart emitting a soft blue energy.  I had recognized that from readings past… soul energy.

I could not tap into the feeling of what was happening and I had zero audio so I took a stroll up my actual body to my Maju to see what was unfolding there.  I could see code after code rising up from my Maju and filling the space around me.  Had no freakin clue what any of it means.  Dammit!

Then the oddest thing happened just before the bath was over.  I could feel all the energy gather itself and it was like my solar plexus sucked it all inside of me and it dispersed equally upwards and downwards within my body.  A very strange, but oddly pleasing sensation!

I came out of that bath house feeling like a brand new energetic person.

I came home and pondered.

The blues and reds of my attempt at my morning reading looked like the same color palate as the veins in my tree body.  There has to be a connection somehow.

I do want to mention, the man I tried to read for in the morning is the same one I have talked about before who will one day give birth to a true community of ascending/ascended Beings (us perhaps??)

I had a 2pm reading scheduled and by that time, I felt great!  A little foggy in the brains, but hey, that seems to be par for my course these days.

The theme of her (mini) reading would be Golden!  There was a ribbon of golden energy that started in her near past (I have a feeling it started in July) and moved into her future then melted into a field of bright Light.

I could see this little figure about 2-3 feet tall wearing what I could only describe as a hooped ball gown sliding back and forth, gently, from where her gold ribbon started to just before her present moment.  This little Being was outlined in deep gold and filled with a lighter gold.

I suddenly realized two of my very important attributes were down.  My feeling and my hearing.  Dammit!  I could not feel where this ribbon started or where it went to in her near future.  I could not feel who this little golden lady was sliding to and fro on her energy ribbon, nor could I pick up why she was sliding around on her immediate past timeline and didn’t connect to her present or touch her near future.

I pulled my vision away from what I was seeing to take a look around her.  Hoping I could thread the visuals into an understanding.  I was immediately connected to her inner field, which now took up much of her outer field (the two became one for the most part.)  There was mostly puffy white cloud like energy that filled the entirety of her circle of energy except right in her present.  There was a cheese cake wedge (skinny) of energy directly at her feet that was filled with tiny little multi color dots of molecular energy.  Again the color theme of these dots were blue and red.  These dots were in constant motion, but yet I could not feel what they represented in her current moment because my feeling was elsewhere.

The one thing I know, gold represents two things now.  High spiritual frequency as well as intense magnetic field attracting.  This morning there is no doubt this little golden angle is ironing out all the magnetic ley lines of her coming time and those molecules of red and blue energy will be her new power pack moving into her new life.  I also realized our beautiful and wonderful sun was doing a rapid fire CME released July 30th and the 31st.  Over 15 continuous CME’s were released over 18 hours.  There is no doubt that IS the energy in her cheese cake wedge of present.  We rescheduled to today to get the rest of the story!!

The one thing I was feeling all afternoon… everything spirit let me see yesterday was connected.  Why wasn’t I just put completely in the void?  Instead I felt like we were teased… crystal clear visuals… a connected story unfolding thru each one of us… but with no feeling or audio to understand it all.

Of course, days like these places me deep inside looking for clues in all I am doing and thinking about.

Something huge donned on me.  (Where this came from, I have no idea lol.)  Zero Time.  Archangel Michael talked about this time over and over again last year when I was living off the grid in South Albuquerque.  I kept wanting to understand quantum physics with it’s meaning.  So I remained clueless until this year and became even clearer on his intended meaning yesterday.

Our goal is to bring ourselves into a place called zero time in our energy field.  No emotionally charged connection to the past, no emotionally charged connection to the future.  Just absolutely present.

I was talking to my house guest about this sudden epiphany and holy cow batman, I so got it!!

I will be as clear on this very very important point as I possibly can, it is important for where we Are.

We are connected to our past and even our future thru our emotions.  If we had something negative happen to us in our past and we still feel it today, we are equally in that timeline as well.

Example:  When I was 7  in the year 1969 and came down the stairs christmas morning excited like any child would be to see what santa put under the tree for me and my brother and sister only to find out, I only got a note from santa saying how bad I was all year and did not deserve toys.  My stocking was filled with coal and nothing else.

The innocence within me, the trust in a bigger world, died that day.  I carried that death thru to my adulthood.  Over compensating Christmases for my children so they never felt that pain.  Never recognizing that I was still living in 1969 until I was close to 40 years old!

When I finally healed and fully released that pain, that memory of the child within, I also released myself from 1969.

Let’s take this even deeper, and we can really see how ALL timeline’s are playing out in our current moment.

I had a lifetime in Atlantis where I knew exactly how to work sexual energy to manipulate and control people and places.  I taught others how to do that to perfection as my life unfolded in Atlantis (I was female.)  I brought that unconscious skill into this lifetime as well and used it as part of my anger package.  I may not have consciously knew exactly what I was doing, but I knew that if I strutted my sexual self in front of most men (especially in my 20’s and 30’s) I could have them do my will!  I used it to the umpth degree!

Until I learned about myself, why I did that, how I did that, and the karma that flows back from it.  I fully released that by the time I was 40, equally releasing my connection to that timeline.

These two example are huge and easy to recognize within our behavior.  But there are so many smaller, more subtle connections we have with a past timeline as well.

Just like my pre-natal entanglement of my mother and father.  I owned my mothers feelings and fears as my own, forever keeping me in 1962 until a month ago.  To think I was only about 2 months into gestation at that point!  But cheating married men made me furious… which is why I had to date so many lol (unknowingly of course.)

These emotions are how we are carrying around many timelines at once within us.  But what of our future timelines?

There was something that I felt, but didn’t realize what I felt as I was watching my tree/human thingie in the mineral bath yesterday.  Gentle feather was present.  I have been attempting to manifest his arrival in my world in the future.  So my heart desire always has me in the future instead of very present.  Yesterday, he (and all the Gaurdians) were unmistakably present.  It was about the only thing I could “feel” thru that experience.

What is strange as I reflect back on it, the present felt so solid, so anchored into the moment that nothing else could possibly exist.

The Guardians no longer feel like an energy of yesterday.  Nor does Gentle Feather feel like an aspect of the future.  It was ALL REALly present moment.

Now to take this one step further (smile) how many folks are projecting their past into their future?  Easy example… fear of failing keeps people from trying something new… for a lot of people… for ever!  (Not us tho!!! smile, wink.)

I have got to smile (and now understand) something that tipped my who energy field backwards (in a very great way) last evening.

My landlady went to get the mail late in the day (playing perfectly into this experience… I just love her!)   So by the time I got the mail, I was understanding a lot more than I did thru out my day… including the present presence of Gentle Feather.

Three things came for me in the mail.  My double DVD set from Netflix called: Walking Between the Worlds by Gregg Braden and an envelope containing a large feather that one of my clients felt call to him when he was walking on a beach in California.

I seen the large feather (the length of the envelope) before I read the note inside.  I could feel the wind of energy released to me and truly I took a step back.  I felt it.  I am not 100% sure what I felt… but it was unmistakable in energy.  I can assure you, I will be meditating on it all!!

I do want to mention that Geraldine Kerr (the astrologist I have partnered with) came over to do an astrology reading for my house guest 2 nights ago.  She insisted that Pluto was moving into my house of relationships and that man my heart is connected to WILL appear soon.  Along with many new relationships thru the year (hence the new network of red and blue veins in my body and tree of life.)  I love Pluto and I LOVE YOU!!

Well, this is officially turning into a marathon sharing (smile) so  I will close and let you all ponder your timelines and returning to zero point in your life.  That still, calm center AKA the eye of the hurricane.

I have put together a Reading special I hope you love.  This is my birthday month and I wanted to give something special to each and every one of you.  For those receiving their pre-natal charts, hang onto them.  We will be holding Astrology classes via the Soul Gym in August so we can learn what they mean to us and how important the planets are affecting us day-to-day!!

Let go of your past, step fully into your Present and let’s Party together!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of unlimited Joy and Love to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

August is my Birthday Month

and I Am Giving Gifts of Love, Joy  and Guidance to You!

ALL 30 Minute thru 60 Minute Readings will receive:
FREE (emailed) Astrology Report for the coming 4 weeks in your life via 
I will provide for you your natal chart for her to get intimate details on your planets and what it means to you in the present and coming weeks.  Both your natal chart and your 4 week astrology report will be emailed to you within a week of your booking!  Please provide in your appointment where it says notes: Date and time of birth and place of birth.  I will get the information to Geraldine!  Happy August Everyone!  It is POWERFUL!!
I have also reactivated the 3-4-2 Special thru August 16th.  
This packages gets you three 30 minutes sessions with Lisa to be used by the Fall Equinox.  You pay for two, I give you an extra session as a bonus.  PLUS I am including the Astrology Reading as mentioned above too!!


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  2. 1.) I cannot BELIEVE your parents did that to you! GRRRRR
    2.) My “normal” headache has been REALLY bad the past few days and I just gave in and took drugs. Now I wonder if it’s not just physical…
    3.) I love the feather “coincidence”!


    • Hi Carrie as well as Cheryl ((((HUGZ)))) to you both.

      I want to be clear that later that morning all my stuff was hidden downstairs in the cellar, but the damage was already done and I just didn’t care any more. But the value of that experience… more than I can ever explain, it was needed for the unfolding story of my life and even how I choose to live now. Thru (meditation) seeing the deeper significance of that day… I celebrated my mother and step father in a way that I never could have before. There is a gift in everything!! EVERY THING!!

      I love you both so much.

      There is much more to my feather energy than I realized too… tomorrows sharing!!

      Here is to All of us co-creating our Present… Fully and with LOVE!!


      • Whew! Glad to hear that you at least got the presents in the end, I couldn’t imagine any parent being so mean. I do find it a bit disturbing, now that I think about it, the way the whole Santa culture teaches children that gifts are brought to “good little girls and boys” and that names are kept on a “naughty list.” It’s no different than the fear that gets instilled in people by the whole idea about who “gets to go to heaven” and who “gets to go to hell.” Our self worth gets such a beating from an early age.


      • Okay, well I feel better knowing you DID get gifts…but still…what a crappy thing to do! I forgot to mention that as my life started opening up in the late 1990s, the first “sign” I ever got was via feathers. I would find specifically placed feathers in areas to get my attention, including at my front door. 🙂


  3. Ohh Lisa, I could just cry…you experienced one of my biggest fears from childhood–the manifestation of “the Christmas threat.”
    I heard the “coal in your stocking” threat so many times, but it never happened. I cannot imagine what would have happened to my life if I woke to no presents and actual coal in my stocking. And yet…I still had so many bad Christmas experiences, and still do when it comes to family. I usually have the best Christmases when strangers are involved.

    Your sharing today is in line with this month’s Earth-Keeper chronicle newletter I got by e-mail from James Tyberron (which I just read yesterday–it’s a long read, it had been sitting around for a week).

    It’s all about time travel, teleportation, earth energetics and how they relate to time anomalies, and the changes coming up later this year. But there is a section explaining about the NOW and how all realities are in flux and CAN BE CHANGED. Not that I didn’t already know this, but I needed a kick in the head reminder.
    Because the past is not the past. In the way a hypnotherapist helps us re-live, then re-suggest the ending to a traumatic time in our childhood, we have the power right now not only to co-create our future, but co-create (or re-create) our past.
    So after the article reminded me that in meditation, I can go back and change my past, I knew how to finish my “bad apple” meditation from last weekend. Which, oddly, I had tried to do the night before, but couldn’t…I got stuck. But after I got the message, I now I have “fixed” that past life (slave drowning in chains) and feel that I have gone a big step forward.

    I love how all this syncs up!


  4. Sign me up for a massage with your Dalan and you! (what a great name, don’t know why I like it but I do) After the hot springs of course. LOL I am greedy that way, I love massages, I want two from two masters! (I won’t tell my long time masseuse I’m cheating on her lol)
    I loved this sharing. It confirms much of what I have learned about baggage and static. Baggage being what we drag around with us from our past and static what we create in the moment because of it. I had a lot of baggage I have finally let go of in the last few years, it sure makes life far more serene since I don’t get emotional charges from everything and everyone! I can stand back and observe, saying hmmm interesting and watch to see how things unfold instead of reacting to it.
    So…what’s your favorite color(s)? Just asking….


    • Hi Dorothy!!

      We will have to make a spa day with each other!! So you will have to stay as many extra days as you can (smile.)

      It is soooo incredibly freeing when we don’t get those crazy emotional charges (primarily those negative ones) o heal and fully let go… a gift so beyond ourselves.

      Man, that is the hardest question I have ever been asked!! For most of my life my favorite color has been purple. Now it depends on the day and what it means to me in the day. I am loving slate blue and the light filled soft blue these days.

      I love ya girl and look forward to sharing Dalan (great name isn’t it, I am also loving the feel of his last name too!!) with ya!! 🙂 ❤


  5. Ah yes!!! To bring ourselves into zero point/time is absolutely like entering the center of the hurricane, the Eye of Horus where absolute calmness is all there is. Where all mental thinking (ego) stops and we are One with Our Creator and our True Devine Self. It is the literal place in our energy field located in the center of the chest just above the heart that we breath into and then “let go.” It is where all conflict (choice) ends because in zero time all that remains is the now and complete certainty. It is where our True Self always knows exactly what to do next. Dropping into zero time is always just a breath away, where we take our awareness out of our head and drop into our Heart of Hearts, God’s Altar within. And when we enter the Stillness –where all Power comes from then we become that gentle feather floating upon Our Creator’s Loving Breath and where the illusions end and all Life reveals itself as the Miracle of Love that it Truly is.


    • Hi Dwight,

      Ya know, I was going to mention this the last two times you posted, but I didn’t because I was sure I was wrong about what I was feeling, since I cannot understand the use of a fake name. After your sharing here now, I am not feeling all that wrong… but remain open I can be mistaken…

      Everything about you, your energy signature, the way you talk about things, right down to the very verbage (especially the phrase “dropping in”) you use, I would swear you are really Rick using the name Dwight. I discounted it the first two times I felt that because I don’t know why anyone would want to share of themselves pretending to be someone else.

      What I didn’t notice yesterday (read your reply on my phone) was the youtube video you shared, Amazing Grace was the last of the three songs Rick and I danced to. Rick is always welcome to share here… preferably without a mask on tho. Just saying.

      But either way… The “dropping in” is a temporary (but very valuable) invitation to the soul to come visit and share thru you. Our goal is too allow the soul to be the permanent resident 24/7… so you wouldn’t have to think about breathing… the presence would be present thru every breath and heartbeat.

      Thank you for the sharing of the song, it brings back Amazing Memories, ones that fill my heart and soul all-ways and forever!


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