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How is August Affecting Your Sun Sign? By Geraldine Kerr

Hi Everyone!

I’m very happy to be here on Lisa’s web site and feel as you do that she is doing incredible work bringing love, light and wisdom to all who visit here.

I am here to give practical astrological advice based on your birth chart to make the most of your transit cycles and predict to the day and hour when important events will occur in your life,

Through Astrology, I can see when a difficult cycle is beginning and when it will end so you do not miss important opportunities thinking bad times will last forever.   This also affects important relationships (romantic,business,family) I can see if a relationship is good or bad for you and can see what things to watch in a relationship that could be harmful or helpful to you so you do not waste your time. Astrology is used to predict good and bad times in the stock market and it has proved  essential to many stock brokers.   My work is to give you the tools to have a prosperous life through knowing the timing of events in your life. The best way to empower yourself is to have a complete birth chart done  based on the month,day,year, and exact time and exact place of your birth.

Now let’s see what the astrological wheather report for the rest of August 2012 is for the 12 Sun signs of the zodiac. (this is only based on Sun signs). The most notable thing about August is 2 full moons. The first one is on August 1 and 2nd in the sign of Aquarius (January 20-February 18). The full moon is supported by Venus, Mars and Jupiter and Saturn. Aquarians will be very busy with lots of new opportunities coming their way that will have long range consequences. Leos (July 23-August 22) will feel the positive support of other people in their lives and feel anything is possible thru them. Gemini’s (May 21-June 20) feel the positive surge and now realize their time is coming. Libras (September 23-October 22) feel a lift in attitude that has been down for quite some time thru their loved ones. Sagittarians (November 22-December 21) feel family, friends and loved ones are healing them from a long difficult period. The other signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn,Cancer,Scorpio and Pisces are not as dramatically affected.

The next important aspect is that the planet Mercury goes direct on August 8th. The communication snafus (missed appts,cars breaking down,messed up connections etc.) will be over til next November. Leos, Geminis and Virgos felt the Mercury retrograde the most.

Venus, the planet of love,beauty and grace moves from the scattered animated Gemini to the more sublime emotional Cancer (June 21-July 20) on August 8th.Cancerians will feel more attractive, loving and romantic.  Pisceans (February 19-March 20) will feel great spiritual love after that and especially after August 24th when Mars goes into Scorpio (October 22-November 21). Scorpios will be energized and have a lot more activity in their lives from that point on and into September.

Jupiter continues in Gemini in good relationship to Saturn in Libra giving stability to Geminis. Libras will continue to be very busy with Mars til August 24th and begin to solve many problems in their lives. Uranus retrograde in Aries (March 21-April 19)squaring  Pluto in Capricorn (December 22-January 19) has the strongest effect on global affairs but  sign of Aries will have some rocky moments as well as the sign of Capricorn. These planets suggest revolution and global revolutions will continue.

The last 9 days of August the Sun goes into Virgo (August 23-Septmber 22) giving Virgos, Taurus and Capricorns a boost and relief from summers frenetic energy. Mars in Scorpio on the 24th supports an easier time as well.

Here’s hoping whatever sign you are that the last month of summer will find you relaxed and ready to take on the last quarter of 2012, the most pivital year in history.

In love from the Universal Cosmos,

Geraldine Kerr

Creative Vision Astrology



  1. Hello Geraldine,

    Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for this informative and helpful weather report.
    I am Gemini and what you said is so true; I have felt the positive surge and know that my time is coming!

    I will be taking advantage of Lisa’s generous offer today, so I will be sending you my info for a birth chart. I am excited, I’ve never had one done, but have thought several times in the past two months that I would like to get one.

    Mary Ann


    • Hi Mary Ann,
      Please e-mail your birth data month,day,year,exact time AM/PM and the exact place of birth, Since you are a Gemini WOW!!! You are going into a very exciting time…e-mail to
      Thanks ,Geraldine
      PS sign up with Lisa!


  2. I’ve got a new attitude! Hehehe…..thanks for posting this info. Libra Atheria/Carrie


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  4. What happened to Aries? Your opening, you mention every other sign but Aries!


  5. Dear Camille,
    I did mention Aries. Since the sign of Aries is in Uranus it is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. It means that there are many changes in your life some unexpected some you can anticipate. It can be a little rocky but the changes ultimately will revolutionize your life in a few years depending on the exact day you were born in the sign of Aries.


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