Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 29, 2012

Don’t Judge the Door Before You, Just Walk Thru It!

There is an intensity of energy gaining speed in our created world.  As always, what we do (or don’t do) with it is completely up to us.  If you can look at this enhanced energy that July has been and continues to fill our world with as money, each person on this planet just received an extra million dollars into their personal bank account… Tax free to boot!!

Unlike actual dollars, you cannot just save it up, you must and do use it every day.  This abundant energy creates into your material world what your heart desires.  For many, the head and heart and in absolute conflict with each other.  So it becomes really hard to see the wonder-filled gifts that keep arriving to your world, all geared to take your heart higher, open it wider.  But so often, it looks like the opposite has arrived when viewing it from the ego.

This morning as I signed into my facebook there was a great comment left that I cannot get my heart to ignore:

” So then, as I sit here wondering what job *I* can do that meets all my physical, creative and financial needs…

I know that there are sooooo many people in job transition, wanting so much to be in service spiritually, done with the mundaneness of whatever they are or have been doing… yet, pretty much clueless as to what to do next.

Can I just say, being clueless is the greatest gift right!!

Trust me, your spiritual team, the universe and All That Is, KNOWS you are seeking higher learning, broader heart expansion thru what you call “work” and all you have to do is ask with a true heart and they will provide.  Remember, you have been fully gifted with unlimited resources (that bank account of energy) to provide exactly what you need next.  Please keep your head out of the game!!  Don’t look at the opportunity that arrives and say… but I don’t want that!!  Which is something we do soooo often (present company included here!)

The last job I had prior to this path was a job I would have never looked at really wanting… at all… for myself.  I sat there in the job interview of a major pest control company and this man is asking me if I had an issue with crawling underneath dark, damp, bug filled houses alone.  My mind was screaming YES… my heart just wanted to provide for my children and I heard the words come out of my mouth “I have no problem with that.”

I went home thinking to myself, I must be crazy.  Maybe I should call them and tell them I really don’t want this job… but yet, it came with a wonderful draw against commission, and I love open ended paychecks and to have a draw is a massive bonus.  Within hours they called me to start that Monday.  Shit!

I spent two years crawling for money (smile) the nastier the crawl, the more money was there to be had.  I developed an appreciation for gross things!  My income soared.  They promised me no less than $1400 a month, I was eventually making no less than $5000 a month.  I had a company car, gas card and became branch manager.


In a nano second it all went away.  Long story, its in my latest book: When It All Falls Apart …Again.  But what I could not ever have foreseen with this job I almost didn’t take, it would the income blessing I needed once I quit and embarked on this path.  Thru unemployment I received max benefits for 6 months…. a $1500 a month free money!!  That was great because it allowed me all the time I needed to meditate and debug my true home within!

It also became the tell-tale story of what my path was going to mean to me.  Thru this pest control company I sold the contracts to kill the bugs that was eating or invading their homes.  I sold the contracts that would reduce the moisture (emotions) in their crawl spaces and was eating away at their foundations.  I find termites completely amazing.  Termites are made completely of sugar and water and they feed souly on the sugar in the wood.  How many people do you know that look so sugary sweet and will feed off of your kindness until you collapse?

When I finally embarked on this journey and it was nearing time for a real job outside of my bathtub, going to school for hypnosis would have been the last thing on my “I would love to do that” list.  Yet, after asking the universe to help guide me into my next job and within a week, in three different ways, hypnosis school was presented to me, I had to pay attention.

I had no extra money to go to school, which was out-of-state and required a hotel, food and $1000 for the school fee.  So I simply told the universe, if you want me to do this, I will, you just need to provide the money for it.

It was prom time and my oldest daughter was going to prom and her beautiful dress needed altering.  I took her to a seamstress to have her dress fitted to her body and out of the clear blue sky the seamstress asked me if I wanted a cash paying  job… perk!!  She also owned the bar on the corner of this strip mall and needed a daytime bartender.  How could I say no??

Let me tell you… if you think spirit has a judgement against bars, your wrong!  I worked there for 5 weeks, made enough money to pay for school, the hotel and the food and gas I would need to be there for a week.  My employer even gave me extra to make sure my needs were well covered.

I cannot even tell you how many spiritual conversations were had in this bar.  At the time I was reading the book “God I Am” which raised a constant question beyond what are you reading… are you a bible thumper.  Great opening to some powerful conversations over beers!!

Altho I did not love doing hypnosis, it opened some amazing doorways for me to meet people of like minds.  I learned how important a calm, soothing voice was and how much words matter!  One wrong word in hypnosis and you are taking your client in a whole different direction.

Hypnotherapy also forced my throat chakra to start opening, to speak about the internal world and how profoundly it affects us.  I had my own business for a few months before my entire life fell apart…. again… and I moved to another state.

I took a job there as a telemarketer.  I had spent decades in the telemarketing field, had a very successful telemarketing company once upon a time.  Yet, I quite within three weeks.  I was suffocating in a place I once thrived.  I hated the containment, the rules, the bullshit I had to spew to make a sale.

I so had to have this job experience to fully realize who I Am not now.

I took a job alphabetizing comic books at a place my daughter played pokemon at.  I learned so much about children there… how wise and incredible they really are.  How kind and compassionate adults are as well.

All I really wanted to do at this point was fill myself with as much wisdom and understanding as I could possibly consume… yet, needed to make more money than my part-time job at the comic store provided.  Gotta love that universe!!

My next job was another telemarketing job selling accident insurance.  I was ok with that because some people will be grateful they had that insurance.  Not to mention my manager allowed me to break one of their big rules, no reading books while working.  She let me read any books I wanted because I kept my sales up.  I poured myself into the likes of “The Holographic Universe,” “The Moses Code” and so many more.  I was getting paid to expand my inner awareness and still felt like I was helping people too.  Of course, the shear topics of my books always evoked interesting conversations from my co-workers.

I stayed that this job until I moved to Vermont.  I eventually had to get a job there too.  There was only one place hiring that didn’t require me to travel very far: A Personal Care Attendant.  I felt the knee jerk reaction like when I interviewed for the pest control company when the lady asked me “do you mid cleaning up shit from adults.”  My mind was screaming YES, I mind very much!  My mouth simply said, I raised 3 kids, I am used to shit.

I was hired.  Shit!

As much as I didn’t initially love this job, I soon learned the value of why I was there.  This was a way to bring all my skills I didn’t even know I had developed to a place of recognition and use (by this time I was now 2 years on this path that was still very new to me.)

I could feel people like I never experienced before.  In their energy field, just being near them, was so much communication.  About a 1/4 of the population there did not speak at all…. but yet… I could hear what they had to say.

Most of the people in this place were abandoned there by family.  The staff that was already in place were not what I would call loving.  I started hugging the people I was taking care of and watched with shock how their entire energy field changed.  The love that was brought up thru their eyes.  The joy in the intimate human exchange.  Some of the residents just started following me around the house the moment I arrived at work… seeking those hugs I suppose!

I still hated cleaning the shit… and one resident was just a spiteful man.  He would take his shit and pain the walls with it… ewwwwww.  I didn’t hug him very much, he really was a mean person.

But what I was learning about the human heart, the soul desire we all have, to be loved was invaluable.

My whole life I sought out love.  I lived in (what felt like) the absence of love my whole life, until the very moment I decided to be Love for others.  Those beautiful souls in that Assisted Living Home changed my life forever.  A job I would have never taken had the pickin’s not been so slim.

I must reflect on Ghandi’s profound words (paraphrased of course): What you seek… Become.  I promise you the universe WILL provide the way!!

I suppose the time and connection with these people gave me the confidence that was needed when the universe led me to ebay.  Not just any part of ebay, but to the psychic department and so many people selling their skills.  Truly, I was trying to go to a horoscope site when I landed in the psychic zone of ebay.  By this time, I knew I was there for a reason.  I was already learning to do readings by holding someones hand… so I thought what the hell!!  My website was also born from this stage of my journey.  I have never done anything else from that moment forward… well, save massage.  Which is another thing I did not want to do… at all!  But yet, within two hours of peeking into this massage school my entire financial aid package was in place and I had a seat in the new class 3 days from just being curious.  That too… changed the way I was able to read and connect to people.

I say all this because we can look at what is before us as something we don’t want, yet, it is a gift we cannot fathom until we open the door and walk thru it.

We are all changing at such a rapid speed, when we get all caught up in what we want and don’t want we miss amazing growth opportunities to not only change and enhance your life, but all the lives around you too.

What we want and what we need are usually miles apart in look and feel.  The guiding Love of the universe knows exactly what is in your best and highest interest and will never provide you with something that doesn’t take you higher and deeper into what you are here to Do.  When a door opens, walk thru it!  You can always walk back out if you don’t like whats in there.  But if you never walk thru it… I guarantee you will be missing something so important on your journey of Self discovery!!  And you don’t know whose life you are going to change by walking thru that door.

Of course, my sharing is about jobs, but this applies to every aspect of our lives.  You now have an abundant resource of energy available to you… use it!  Have fun with it!!

I would bet, you have no idea how much you change me each and every day.  The replies you leave to any of my sharings, the gifts I receive from your heart, the wisdom that is shared from your soul thru the readings.

I just gotta do this little sharing.  I received the most amazing sweatshirt hoodie the other day in the mail.  On the front of this warm and soft hoodie is a cow with the words “Holy Cow” on the front of it.  Holy freakin Cow I love it.  It made my heart smile so broad and to think, someone out there went into a store and thought of me to the point of having to share the love in her heart for me thru this precious hoodie.  THAT is priceless.  It is a wee bit warm to wear right now, so I have it draped over my computer chair and I feel the love flowing from it ever moment.  Every time I see the words “Holy Cow I smile so big!

I still have a little stash of chocolate in my refrigerator, straight from a beautiful heart in Switzerland that was mailed to me.  I keep it there because it infuses my entire fridge contents with the love of his heart to me.  How bountiful all of my food is because Love is in my fridge.

Your loving emails, excited sharings, are ALL apart of my world.  I don’t delete a thing because I feel you thru it all.  I know I so suck anymore at replying, but I promise I read and feel every single thing sent to me!!

When I receive a donation I literally cry.  I cannot imagine the heart so loving to send me random money… always arriving at the most needed time in my life and still I wonder… how did you know!!

Together, we have learned to beat as one heart and affect, together, a multitude of lives because we have walked thru each others doorways and remain in a loving embrace together!!

I love you and honor you more than you can ever imagine!!  YOU are truly the wind beneath my winds!!

Chocolaty, Holy Cow, Donated ((((HUGZ))))) to everyone, everywhere!!  May it give you the strength and courage to walk thru every door opening up for you!


Lisa Gawlas



  1. Wonderful sharing Lisa, thank you! 🙂 I too have done many different jobs and learned so much from all of them, especially about people. I’m also clueless as to how to change my life right now, but I’m sure the new door will be shown, and I won’t hesitate to walk through it. 🙂
    Love and (((hugs)))


    • Me too Gabrielle …
      Only moments before coming here to read Lisa’s post I was asking the Universe about this. Synchronicity flows … I have the feeling that those doors are heading our way.I rather like the door in the above illustration … looks like somewhere in France. 🙂
      (((hugs to All)))


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  3. Donation timing is very simple (for me at least), the thought of donating builds up slowly and at the right moment it turns to action.

    Sometimes the action is too early (like this week…), in which case something stops it (… paypal refused to talk to me …) and I’ll just try later when it feels right.


    • I love you Reyo and appreciate you more than you can ever know!

      ((((HUGZ)))) of energetic abundance to use wildly in your endeavors!!


  4. I can totally relate to this post. I have gone through various and sundry jobs in my life, many of which made me think “Why the hell am I here?!” But, as I’m now old enough to look back at my life, I’m seeing a common theme. Not to sound all swelled headed, but I am brought into situations where there needs to be light. I come in, change the atmosphere, and something always happens where I know “You’re done” and within 2 weeks the universe pulls me out of there and onto the next mission. Most people who know me say, “You work THERE?!” when I tell them where I work now as the place is sooooooo not me….but….like all of the other jobs, I know why I’m there. When I was younger I didn’t see the meaning behind the jobs, but now I do. What’s hard for me is that sure, I’m helping add light and humor to places that need it, but it can be VERY hard on me. To be honest, I’m tired of having to do this work. I just want to be doing something I love. When I worked at Sony Pictures at Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy there were many times when I actually DID love my job. I probably should not have quit to leave Los Angeles. Oh well….everything happens for a reason.


    • I’ll take “Potent Potables” for $1000!


  5. Hi Lisa,
    Great sharing, and I totally get it. The thing that trips me up with what you’re saying is that many of us have already been through the kinds of experiences with work that you described above. For years and years, too.
    And what I think about this moment in time, right now, is that we are supposed to be following our hearts and using our innate gifts and talents.
    What would have been *settling* in the past (whether it is crawling into buggy places or cleaning up shit) just to pay the bills (even if it all provided learning, because nothing ever does NOT provide learning) seems like it would be the misguided choice now.

    To me, My Merry Christmas in July is the dream job I’ve been asking for landing in my lap (i.e. something lucrative, that I can do from home/bed, that is effortless because it uses my unique skill set). Isn’t that what you are doing now, in your own life? (Seems like it, from the way you describe things.)
    So, I deserve that too.
    I expect that the door that presents itself (which may look like a funny door…I don’t know) will excite me instead of make me think “ugh” while my mouth is uttering “yes” because I haven’t seen any other door up to this point.

    Does this make sense?


    • Hi Cheryl (((HUGZ)))

      If something is presented to you, it is because you have something to learn from it. Whether packaged in a bow or made of soot… doesn’t matter. However, what is not meant for you to follow thru on fells like lead in the heart NOT the head. And keep in mind we have so many stepping stones. One job could lead to a personal connection that leads to the ability to truly have your dream job.

      This is actually the first time in 10 years of doing readings, and I have been blogging and pod-casting for at least the last 5 years, where it has all come together to fully support my life and that just happened this January when I took a leap of faith and moved into Heaven. Prior to that, I actually had to multi-task by doing massage and I would do readings from my car in-between massage clients. After 7 years of massage, let me tell you my hands hurt like hell… but it helped the client and it kept my overhead in the black.

      I am not sure this is my “dream” job, but it is indeed a great one… it is a stepping stone to whatever is coming next. Actually, I am not sure I even have a dream job any longer, every new thing brings a new heart surge and a new adventure to learn and grow from.

      Be open to doing whatever is in your highest good (as well as others) you will find doors swinging open at every turn!!

      Let me assure you, some part of me will be on the other side of each one you walk thru, hugging and kissing you into your new adventure!!

      I love ya Cheryl… so much!!
      ((((HUGZ)))) of great adventure to ya!!


  6. Thank you, Lisa for your timely, heart felt, meaningful, and important message. It is significant for me, and as I read I understood that this is encouragement ahead of time, that something will turn up this week and it is time for me to step past my reluctance and fearfulness to move into the opportunity. I know that it is time to change. The door was unlocked for me this past week (in a hypnosis session!).
    I have been feeling stuck for a very long time (that is in this 3-d physical ego-led part of me. the bigger Self is very busy doing lots of amazing things)
    But I think that what we did in the session was the equivalent of a soul retrieval. Very enriching – and I think it is sort of like putting the batteries in. 2 of the parts of me that held the energy are now part of the whole again. And one who holds promise. If this kind of thing is what you did for your hypnosis clients, you did good stuff.
    Anyway, this is a timely message for me. I will read it again to reinforce the intent to be receptive and ready to walk into the opportunity.
    My heart sees you as “family” and I thank you for expressing your truth so clearly and sincerely. It is important.
    Love you – Lynn


  7. Yes, right on time Lisa!
    I drew 6 images in a linear fashion about 15 years ago. I never understood them until a few months ago – it is now taped to my wall in front of my face. In order, it is a swirling Sun,
    then flames that have written within them “I Am The Fire” (just so ya know I planted myself in the middle of the Olympic cauldron as it was lit and swirled Divine yummies to EVERYONE),
    then my name ‘mandy’, (I am Scorpio/Pluto)
    then the word CHANGE, (Uranus)
    then a mountain ledge with a door on the edge of it and a bird in flight that has come through that door,
    and finally an image of a hawk (Divine Messenger).
    Yes indeed, we are all at that door about to take flight. My resident robin babies have flown. Mama called me outside the other day with her ‘warning’ peeps (just to get my attention) and as I arrived she shifted to another tree and began her morning ‘greet the new dawn’ song. I haven’t seen them since, they have moved to their new nests.
    The wheat field that surrounds my property is being harvested – the wheat is being separated from the chaff!!
    I don’t have 2 pennies to rub together, no job, no income. And I am sooooo excited with what is in front of me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sharing Lisa, as it has confirmed much of my own ‘interpretations’ of the energy in front and around, particularly when you speak of the red of August. Much Love to you dear sister.


    • “I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.”

      ― Henry Miller


  8. This message is so very meaningful to me right now, both in terms of my personal life and my working life. I will be actively job hunting in about 2 weeks. I was crying through much of reading the message – it spoke to me so lovingly!

    Thank you so much to Cheryl for her comments and questions, and then to Lisa for the excellent reply. I was wondering almost the same things myself.

    Much Love,
    Mary Ann


  9. Such an amazing share Lisa. gives me such hope for the future, not so much for me but for my daughter. Lots is happening, don’t understand it all totally but I will have to get you up to speed. My life has worked exactly as you have described here, learning new things where you least expect!!! Lots of Love—


  10. Dear Lisa,
    reading this post was very soothing for me. Thank you very much.
    Chewing on the ever-evolving quest for ‘my profession’ I remembered the many wondrous jobs and time passages I lived through… most intense raising my first daughter, a premature baby multiple handicapped, together with my second daughter, born not even one year afterwards. Everything unnecessary in my life vibrated off. I became a single mom. I knew I had to give everything… and did that for many years, until it suddenly was over and the next challenges awaited me…


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