Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 28, 2012

Tuning to the New Programming, The Old Is DONE!! DARE To Be Different!

What a crazy crazy day yesterday was for me.  Not so much in my day-to-day world, but most intensely, thru my connections in the field.  But this inner craziness started with sitting down to write my blog.  There were so many interesting, exciting readings and information to share from the day before, that I really couldn’t wait to share it all with you.  When I sat down to write my blog, I could not remember a single thing from the day before… not one single ounce of information, not until we started talking about our energy field already being in the weeks ahead even as we think we are only in today, and that sharing was the only thing I could bring into my memory.

I should have known that craziness would set the tone for my “inner world” for the rest of the day!  But I didn’t.

My first reading was like using an antenna filled with interference.  I could not get a thing on start up, so we just talked about what was going on in her world.  Then I would get fragments of images that related to what she was going thru, but nothing that opened up into a full story that we are accustomed to experiencing thru readings.

I personally chalked it up to waking up so late.  I have been sleeping past 5am and like today past 6:30am since the 23rd.  That is really late for me and messes with my morning flow!!  Or should I say, coffee intake!!

My second reading of the day… not a darn thing.  I was really confused (inside) because I knew I was not in the void at all (there is a feeling that comes with the void.. or maybe better stated, lack of feeling) and yet I could not access one of my receptors (hearing, seeing, feeling)…

By the time the 3rd reading was due, I forewarned her I am in whacky mode and not sure I can pick up a thing.  But I will always try!

With her, my vision was crystal clear and fast.  However, due to the content, I thought it was just craziness I was seeing.

The first and most vivid thing I could see was my own antenna.  I have not seen this in a long while and the color spectrum just took my own breath away too.  Metal golds, blues, violets and so many other colors and frayed out in a complete circle at the end.  The frays were probably about 7 feet long in length from the main antenna part.  The frayed part was spinning in a clockwise circular motion and that is when I had seen her… caught up in the midst of my own crazy frayed antenna spin and it was throwing her around and around.  Like she was doing super fast frontward summer salts she had no control over.

All I could think to say was I am so sorry.  I did notice she was draped in soft blue and pink energies as she was spiraling in front of my crazy antenna.

I did the only thing I could think of doing without stopping the connection, I pulled back my antenna several feet.  (I didn’t even know that was possible until that moment.)

She was wrapped in a soft pink and blue baby blanket from neck to under her feet.  These colors always represent new life and she is all wrapped up for it to happen.  But also, and something I didn’t understand at all yesterday… this was the frequency she was emitting to her field of life.  She was ready for new life to arrive that created a balance of both the masculine and feminine energies.

The moment I looked ahead in her timeline to see if we could see what this new life was… I had seen a baby crawling towards her from the month of August.  The baby was strange-looking.  It didn’t feel or really look  like a baby.  The body shape was not that baby fat image, but a fit looking body… only the size of a baby and it was crawling towards her.

I knew this little one represented more than “new life” because of its appearance I looked to see what sex it was… male.  So there was a masculine energy coming to her from the month of August.

She was all excited and told me about this man she met, how wonderful he is and that they are planning to meet in person in August!  Bells and whistles and even the Hallelujah chorus started going off in validation of yes, this is what all this means!!  I was so excited, because now… it all made sense to me!!

I instantly thought of the whirlwind romance I had with Rick… no wonder my antenna was participating in her energy field.  This man who is coming to her is naked, didn’t even have a diaper on (smile) showing her he is arriving with nothing to hide.  He is not trying to keep anything from her and even tho they are embarking on a new relationship together, he is fit to do so (hence, no baby fat.)

I am soooooo excited for both of them!!

By the time my 4th reading arrived on my phone, I was back to a blank screen… dammit!!

Of course, I assumed I was caught up in some crazy ass energy storm that made my “reading antenna” blink on and off.  This morning, I realize… not (completely) so!

We are all in a major crazy ass energy storm!!  (big grin)  One we have been waiting to be within for eons of time!

I now realize that my antenna is now programmed to the new energy, to the new life we all have available to us.  With my first reading of the day, I was able to see only the new available to her… and none of the old.  That is why it was so spotty… she is in the midst of completely releasing the old and with a shy eye, she is looking at the new available to her.

My 2nd reading, the man I wrote about before, moving from one state to another, completely leaving his family and familiars behind… is in the midst of working his new energy field… but until he harness’ that energy and puts it into play, I cannot see what is before him.

Even tho I couldn’t “see” for him, we did have a very valuable conversation about his present moment and taking risks and being assertive to the things his heart desires.

My third lady had the energy flowing and singing and even doing cartwheels at its arrival in her world.

My last lady… she is an interesting connection let me tell you!!  I love her so much.  We have been rescheduling now since February.  Sometimes her readings will give her a little glimpse of where she is at, most of the time, I get the snow channel for her.  I have always assumed this was my bad.  I will always take full responsibility for not being able to see for the entire time we allotted together and continue to reschedule until we get a full flow.

I am now realizing it is not always about what we see as potential… but the conversation(s) we have about the current moment.  I never talk just for the sake of talking… either in a reading or in my life.  So, if guidance comes thru in what appears to be casual conversation and you do nothing with it, there is no more yet to see, until you put forth the new attributes of You.

No wonder why yesterday’s sharing was all about taking risks, getting beyond the old familiar!!  The way I feel about it now, is as a pre-conversation to the day’s experience and the fullness of this sharing today.

We are ALL being called to the carpet and being asked: “What do you want and what are you willing to do (and let go of) in order to have THAT.”

We are coming aware of this information, this deep inner feeling during a Mercury retrograde cycle.  An intense time of really seeing and feeling what no longer serves us and where we want our next story to start.

For me personally, I want to start with the empowerment of community.  Of each other.

What we do unconsciously and from the heart, is truly giving birth to our next adventure.  Which is why an amazing Maju entered my life, my energy field for me to not only experience the power of that creation, but to share the story of the creator as well.  Same goes with the Wisdom/Apple Tree Pendant and my wonderful friend Geraldine and her gift of so completely understanding the movement and effect of our planets via Astrology.  I just leach her mind every time she comes over.

We ALL have something so unique unto our selves to offer anyone who genuinely desires growth within themselves.

To empower the hearts of others thru the loving hearts of ourSelf’s… that is August energy.  That is community of the highest degree taking form.

I am madly in-love with each and every one of You.  You have supported and empowered me every day of my life.  I want… no… I now need to be THAT for you!!

Together we are unstopable!  And I here a song playing so loud in my head and heart… and as I googled the lyrics…. SOOOOO TIMELY!!

Ain’t No Stopping Us Now:

((((HUGZ))))) of unstoppable love and joy to ALL,

Lisa Gawlas


  1. so feeling this with you LIsa! woke up this morning with the words, soul death……parts dying every day so as to make room for more to come in. And the new wanting to empower others through our joy, our deep feeling and experience of life. Letting go of small me to discover the grandness of the soul group consciousness that wants to play through this body.
    What a time to savor, we will not pass this way again. Delight in the last of duality as we unite in unity. Knowing all that I seek is ahead of me so leaping. thank you for your courage and light that keeps flowing through these rapid changes and points out the trail markers on the way.I love you


    • Hi Linda ((((HUGZ))))

      It is sooo nice to see you here again. We indeed are the ground breakers, new programmers… the freakin brave!!!

      Are you settled into Oregon?
      I love you too!!
      More ((((HUGZ))))


  2. That is a weirdly sinister duck pic Lisa … The white `angel duck’ ..and the `red devil ducks’ .. with their menacing eyes… they are kinda ganging up on the angel duck aren’t they… The angel duck looks completely obvious bless her … in her own dimension… humming away to `Ain’t no stopping us now..’ 🙂
    Groovy song …
    Interesting what you are saying about `tuning into the new programme’ … lately I have been feeling like my computer has `logged off’ from the old programme and the new programme feels pretty much near completely `loaded’ …


    • (((HUGZ)))) Eileen,

      When I went looking for art to fit the sharing and seen these ducks… I cracked up laughing and thought…perfect!! Let people fight their fight… WE will shine our light in the midst of it all!!

      I am really looking forward to the full on energetics of August… I think (smile.)

      Love ya!!


      • Hi Lisa … oops my typo-truth strikes again!
        I did mean to say that the Angel duck looks completely oblivious … however I wrote obvious instead.
        The Angel duck manages to look both… shining her obvious light oblivious to any negativity.
        Love YA!
        Thanks again for your wonder filled posts.
        You are much appreciated.
        Sending love & gratitude across the waves.


  3. I’ve been trying to comment for a couple of months…couldn’t log on!! But I’m here with you all now!! Yoooohooooo!!
    Wow! What a tidal wave that swept through yesterday. My whole world got rocked…but rocked is good. So so so ready to create in the New!!
    Love you Lisa ❤
    Thank you for you passion and humor


    • Hi Soullotus …
      You wrote that your ` whole world got rocked…but rocked is good. So so so ready to create in the New!!’
      Yesterday …. I wrote a post entitled `Ready to Rock …?’ I am seeing/ hearing this everywhere at the moment.
      Such synchronicity!
      Loving it.


      • OOh … look at the numbers …
        3.44am and 4.43am – mirror image !
        Reflections … which is also something that has been around lately.
        Soz Lisa for chattering up your blog. It is so much fun over here.


    • Glad you are with us:) Hope to hear more from you. We all need support and understanding at this time. Roy


  4. Thanks Eileen and Roy! And hi Linda!! Love the synchro with the numbers and the world rocking!! I’ve left a few comments in the past, but have been unable to lately. Anyway, guess now’s the time!!


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