Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 27, 2012

Are You A Passive Observer Or A Risk Taker?

I always find it so interesting when the images and energies within readings shift, not just for one person, but pretty much consistent with everyone.  Now that we are at the end of July and already receiving the energy of August, a new pattern has emerged.

If we can look at your energy field like a donut.  Inside where the donut hole is represents your inner field of energy (that which flows thru your inner world, your body, representing your spiritual flow.)  The outer part of the donut (the part that has matter) represents your physically created life… the matter you live within.  June’s energy was completely focused on the inner energy field.

June seemed to focus very much on what was in your core energy, what needed to be done, needed to shift, the fears that needed to be released and so on. We got very little heads up on what was happening in the outer field until we move towards the end of the month and into the beginning of July.  Then the readings seemed to focus on the immediate exterior of the energy field.  What all that inner work that took place during June means to your physical reality and what to start doing with it.

Now, as we head into August, everything seems to be unfolding deep into the energy of your created life… or the very outside edge of the donut of energy.

The way I look at this, the energy release to the earth and all her inhabitants was so large, so new it took us two full months to integrate it into our inner and outer lives.  With it came new soul blueprints, new additions of codes firing up within our DNA.  Old relationships being severed, new ones emerging and just about everything in between.

We won’t even talk about the intensity within the physical body… if we were able to stay awake or conscious long enough to feel our bodies, especially thru July.

I mention all of this because for the second time ever, we have another time of intense change that will cover the span of two full months.  August and September have joined as one large field of energy like June and July did.  Only now, for a very different reason.  But, we can still learn a lot of June and July.

If June and July was all about integrating, adjusting, and changing out our old energy… then August and September is all about using this new enhanced energy.  Fully living in your Promised Land, Merry Christmas, Shambhala Life as a particpant in the full on exchange!!

A time to make Real all your dreams and visions for yourSelf.  A time to take the energy that is now flowing thru you and around you and fully USE it!!  To have a complete partnership with all that is available to you.

To Live and Be your Joy fully and completely without any excuses, without any worries.  This is more important than you even realize.

Yesterday I had watched several readings expand their energy thru time.  The person I was reading for, their biology was in the present moment, their energy field however, already into next week and beyond.  This is significant and really shows us how inter-dimensional we are!!

I suppose, somewhere inside of me, I have always known that.  But it becomes so different, so real, when I see the profundity of it all thru you.

Let me give you a clear example of what I am talking about.  I had a lady show up in the present moment, yet as soon as her reading started I could see several feet in front of her these gold bricks falling out of the sky and crashing into her energy field.  What was interesting was her energy field was elongated from where she was standing (present moment) out into time itself and took the shape of a car made out of fibrous white energy.  As the gold bricks fell out of the sky they made serious dents in her energy field, but yet, at the same time, the backflow of the energy of the gold brick smashing into her energy car (her movement thru life) changed and enhanced her energy from the impact.

At first I couldn’t understand what on earth was I seeing.  Why was the image of gold bricks, which really felt like it represented money (all I could think of was gold bullion in banks) why is it denting her energy field?  Altho it looked negative, the energy that came up from the impact was far from negative, it was changed and enhanced.

Then she told me that just last evening she finally booked her trip to a retreat she wanted to attend and from there, booked a flight to come here to visit me, which really put a dent in her finances.

Her retreat isn’t until the end of August and she has already changed her energy field, her vibrancy, the richness of the energy that supports her life.

With that visual came another one that threw me for a loop (gotta love new learning curves!)  Between her present (which showed up at the far edge of her created reality) moment and her deep inner energy core was a spiral of multi-colored energy that laid flat to the ground.  The open end of the spiral started where her foot was and went out in “time” to where the gold bricks (high spiritual vibration/magnetic field) were rearranging the front end of her car (movement thru life) to deep into her core’s center, which created a whole new energy center at what I would call the dividing line between your inner and outer field.  From what I understand right now, this serves as am energy amplifier for her full use and enjoyment.

She did remind me what I had seen last week for her (last week we were getting what I call snapshots of visuals, I do not call that a reading and reschedule until the energy is fluid for the whole amount of time booked.)  About a foot in front of her was the new (daisy looking) Shambhala flower that held multi-colored petals.  I could not understand what it’s significance was last week, but there is no doubt it has everything to do with that energy spiral this week.

How it all works is going to be exciting to watch and grow with!!

So with all that said, and the point of sharing that, is you are so absolutely creating your future today.  Your energy field is already out there in next week, next month, producing the results of the energy you are putting out today.

If any time you are feeling and spewing the words “I can’t” guess what you are producing for next week… more obstacles to make sure you can’t.

If you are entertaining any sort of fear today, don’t be surprised it if is there and amplified next week!!

We do have the other side of the coin, those who really don’t know what they want.  If you don’t know and you are creating your future, don’t be surprised when your future arrives and you are still sitting on the mound of I don’t know.

But, there really is a way around what you don’t know yet.  Example:  When I first started this path I ended up quitting my job.  The more I learned about myself the less I ever wanted to do what I had done for 20 years (sales) and yet, I had no freakin clue who I was or what I could do to earn income that would fit with my new emerging life and thoughts.

I actually sat at my kitchen table, frustrated and crying and asked over and over again, “help me know what to do next.”  Three times in one week, from three different sources “Transpersonal Hypnotherapy” crossed my kitchen table.  Not for a single moment did I ever think to myself, hey I would like to do hypnotherapy… yet…. there it was making itself known to me.  I wasn’t even interested in hypnosis… but, I did invest just about every single moment of my life by then in meditation.  It took me years to see the connection (smile) but I did it with the entire support (manifested money) of the universe.  Altho I can honestly say I didn’t LOVE being a hypnotherapist, it utterly changed the course of my life.

The universe is like that… puts something so outside of what you would ever think of doing… and most people just say, I don’t want to do that, and don’t.  Then wonder why they remain on the mound of I don’t know.

We MUST break free of the box we have placed ourselves into.  Doing things you never would have thought of to do yourself.  Taking chances, risking money, getting out of playing it safe!

The energy of today (and enhances daily) is set to be a box breaker!  A true life changer… but YOU must make the first move… All-Ways.

What risk are you WILLing to take?  What out of the box investment are you willing to give your Life?

If you never really want your life to change, that is perfectly ok too.  There are people who came into this game to simply be passive observers, with the choice to get off the sidelines and play with us… if you dare!!

We are Powerful, Magical Creator Beings… but until you are WILLing to risk it all, you may never know the fullness of what that means to you!!

Power (((((HUGZ))))) to EveryOne!!

Lisa Gawlas












  1. I am loving the sprial of multicoloured energy 🙂
    Great post Lisa – thanks


  2. Excellent! What a journey we are all on. The multi colored energy told me we are melting and blending our old into the new. Exciting to consider. Thanks for thoughts as always….VK


  3. My body is suddenly freaking out and I’m gaining weight. For someone who has been obsessed with THIN her entire life (and who is a control freak) this is triggering immense fear in me. I’m probably being forced into “let go, let God” and can’t help but see the irony (or soul chart) in developing a disease that forces me to eat 6 times a day when my entire identity has been as petite Atheria. Fear is huge for me right now, also, regarding work (after some scary rumors). 😦


    • I/we are here for you Carrie in any way we can to support you. We love you in any way, shape or form. Please dont let yourself get gripped with fear. Rise above it as best you can. As the song goes,”just call on me and I’ll be there” 🙂 Love, You Cheerleader Roy


    • Hi Carrie (((HUGZ)))

      Here is a really good thing… fat cells absorb and hold light in our body. They are essential to have as we choose to Be and express the Light of Life that we Are. So your body is just getting you to where your heart has always wanted to go. Eat girl… eat!!

      No fear… just Love!
      ((((HUGGING)))) you thru it All!!


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  5. Wonderful, inspiring post Lisa, thank you!


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