Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 24, 2012

We Are The Magicians Making Magic!

What a wild and wonderful ride thru “the field” yesterday.  It is about time we get to see and feel beyond this moment!!  It seems’ August and September have coupled their energy fields like June and July did.  Once again, we have a wide breadth of adjustment to play within.  But, in contrast to the June-July combo, which really concentrated on the inner energy field (enhancing, expanding and down right changing us to the core,) August and September is all about our use of the new energy now coursing thru our veins  to use, t0 play with, to create with, to master!!  The Master Magicians Creating!!

There is so much I want to share today, unfortunately, time is not going to allow that at all.  I am picking up a new house guest at the airport shortly.

Let me just tell you, this is not a time to be passive with your desires.  YOU are completely responsible for sowing the field of your desired creation.  Not with pesky details, but true, pure heart energy.  And August is the landscape to figure out how to do just that!!  A true and rich partnership is at hand… at heart.

I had hoped to get some clarity on how to use this energy, the food we put out to attract what our heart loves and desires to us, thru my meditation.  Not!  Well, maybe not really is a better phrase!

In my meditation, after my team gave me a few visuals I am still processing, along with the depth of yesterdays readings… I heard Archangel Michael ask that ever familiar question again “what do you want.”  I felt my life in that moment, how incredibly rich and full it is.  All I could feel was so grateful.  And then this beautiful image I know as Gentle Feather showed up at my feet…. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh…. I want THAT!!!

I started to realize as I really felt what THAT is and could be… it wasn’t the the presentation of the “package” that my heart desires, it truly is the content of the package.  The spiritual master that can feel energy like I do, who is familiar with traveling energy portals, who knows how to merge this consciousness with mine and others to travel and explore beyond the density of the 3D world.  And I knew… he is THAT!

So gotta ask the million dollar question… what type of food do I need to put out for you to bring you into my created reality.  Ohhhh, ya know, shit eatin’ grins are sometimes just shitty!!  His reply was “that is for me to figure out.”  Well dammit!!  Can’t we have easy street just once??

But, I am starting to get clues with the birds in the field, the bird food, the fact he calls himself “gentle feather” and the image thru my Maju experience had him looking like a bird in the last few hundred years of his incarnation… there indeed us a mystery unfolding and I am hell bent, excuse me, heaven bent on solving it!!

Well, I have got to get ready to head to the airport.  Before I do I would like to introduce to you Geraldine Kerr.  She is a friend of mine and an Astrologer.  With so much happening with planets in readings and now in my waking time… I need an astrologer along my path and she has read for both me and my son… I trust her.  So I had asked her to put together an astrology report from now thru the end of August to include in my blogs, and she was kind enough to do just that.  I will be picking her brains (and having her share here) more information about Jupiter and Venus (and no doubt she will point out the importance of the other planets that I am clueless about, too,) but for today, let me give you all a broad stroke:


Change is in the hot summer air right thru the end of August. The planet Mars has changed from analytical Virgo to peace loving Libra. Mars in Libra causes a more balanced approach to our aggressive tendencies. It trines Jupiter in Gemini til August 8th creating a more mental appraisal of our problems. The emphasis is on new ideas and new directions. The tried and true no longer works for us.

Global revolutions continue due to rage because of the intense square between the planet Uranus (the revolution planet) and Pluto the transformation planet. The Leo Sun from July 22 til August 23rd will be in harmony with Uranus ,Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.  Expect to see quick solutions to many drawn out problems with leaders taking the bull by the horns!  We all will feel energized by the Leo Sun.

The Olympics starts at the end of July and it promises to be an exciting time because of the Leo Sun. However anything can happen because of Uranus and Pluto Square. Events can take unexpected turns in the global sense. In our personal lives that is the case also.

Our Sun is exploding with many solar storms predicted for this year. The energy sent to us is sometimes overwhelming. It is pushing us to great change but as the beginning of great change it is jarring and unsettling and we have to adjust.

We are all on a great cosmic joy ride in this wonderful transition year of 2012. As the planets line up to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, for the first time in thousands of millennia, we cannot remain the same. Ride this hot wave of change this summer and come out calm cool and collected ready to embrace a new way of seeing things!

To learn more about Geraldine Kerr of Creative Vision Astrology or to book an Astrological reading with her, visit her webpage at:

These are indeed very magical times we are living in… and WE are the magicians!!  Time to get your wands out and start practicing!!

I love y’all so much and am so very grateful for each you.  It is exciting to know that no matter how uncomfortable and bumpy our ride gets… we are experiencing it together, in such similar yet unique ways.  Which also means… we all have been issued our Merlin Wands and NOW is the time to use the magic of creators creating!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) to ALL!

Lisa Gawlas


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  4. Hi Lisa and Geraldine, (re:Olympics) My latest visualization is Mary and Gaia in the center of the stadium with all women who wish to bring their wisdom/balance making a spiral of love outward which extends to all beings – the fairies have simultaneously touched everyone present with their wands; it feels so deeply as a gift from Britain to the earth and mankind.
    Thanks for the gifts you bring.


    • Hi Dandy Bro (((HUGZ))))

      I sooooo LOVE your vision, your energy, your sharing!! Ohhhh we do have our wands in place don’t we. Please let the energy show up with a British accent (smile)… and thank you to the part of earth called Britain and the loving hearts who dwell there!!

      Thank you for your love as well Dandy Bro!!


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