Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 23, 2012

Living and Orienting Into The New Life of Expanded LOVE!

Something must have been reset in our sleeping hours last evening.  This morning,  I feel like a blank slate.  New.  Empty.

There has only been one other time I had felt like this ad that was back in 2001 when the Blessed Mother was kind enough to gut me like a fish.  Nothing left inside to hang on to, nothing new yet to move forward with.

But yet, I can feel the difference.  In 2001, I was being stripped of my belief systems, my personal and planetary identity structures, my entire sense of self.

Today, instead of being “filled with the trust of spirit,” as the Blessed Mother said was needed, I feel the re-birthing is to fully use the truths and understandings I have been solidifying into my cellular structure the last 11 years as an application of living the new life.

When I woke up this morning, having fallen asleep on the opposite end of the couch that I normally do, it was a starry couple that I seen gazing into my window.  Venus and Jupiter brightly lighting the early morning sky.  I have never seen this pair thru my morning window… it’s always been the moon.

So here I am, awakened to new, vibrant, usable energy in that which I call, my life!  Jupiter, the planet of great expansion in an upward alignment with Venus, the planet of Love.

As I sit here and really ponder the significance of this new energy shining thru my window, I know there is so much more to the story.

I once again hear that voice from a few weeks ago talking about my wild birds in the yard saying “No, they REALLY Love you.”  With that comes a reminder there are only two energies that make up the earth.  Love and fear.  And truthfully, fear is an absence of love… void of any REAL energy.  But yet, so much of humanity lives deep in the void.  ….for now.  In that fear/void place is a sense of complete powerlessness.  What we believe, we create and recreate until we completely move out of any belief system.

Those who are void of fear, live in a state of love.

Living in a state of Love is a state of being fully and completely empowered.  No sense of lack, no sense of need and only trace elements of the energy we once called “worry.”  For me myself, I think I left the trace elements of worry to give myself something to laugh at… genuinely laugh at.  I will feel the stir of my mind feeling it needs to worry about (fill in the blank) and the presence within knows that what we need or desire, more often than not, arrives in the 11th hour…

Life does not exist in excess at all.  Yet, our minds have historically been programmed to excess.  Hording our share of energy for fear we may not have it later.  So in turn, what have done and for many, continue to do, is to take from another(s) silo of energy to have as their own.

Until we let that go.  When do more is available to us that we never knew could be available.

To now know that the only energy that truly creates, multiplies, zooms outward to share itself with the All is Love.  Funny how Venus has come to be associated with the brightest star in the sky.  Love really is like that… shines so brightly for all the world to see and feel.

If you ask me, Venus and Jupiter are in a mad passionate love affair.  They tend to travel together, amplify each other, shine brightly together.  Altho, like a loving husband, Jupiter does not try to out shine his Love, but hold Love’s hand and expands the energy of Love for All to see and use.

To this date, we have created enough nightmare scenario’s to last multiple lifetimes by living fear.  Living in the void of Love’s energy.

So now we emerge drenched in the abundance of Love.  The only true living, creating energy on earth and now it is an active participant in life’s creation… thru each of you.  The awakened heart of the Dreamer.

So with this profound thought, I must look at the birds in the field… at my back window and back yard, and the significance of what spirit has been trying to show me/us.

What you look at, you pull to you.  There is an equal denominator here with the birds… I love them so much.  My heart expands just watching them eat what I have put out for them.  I suppose we can look at the food as nuggets of love made manifest.  That food source is the connection… the magnetic field if you will.  I look out to the food areas, in that very same moment, birds arrive to eat the food.  The magnetic field is super amplified by me looking at loves creation and desire and birds fly via vibrational/magnetic lines of energy.

When spirit says “they REAL-ly love you.” I think this is what I had been missing.  The magnetic pull of love towards love.  And yet, every time I “look” on purpose, it seems more and more birds arrive.

In these last two, life changing weeks within myself, my hummingbird population has grown from about 10-12 and now I have well over 20 hovering around 3 feeders, now chugging a gallon of nectar a day.  The moment I put out the third feeder, more birds arrived and stayed.

This gives visual credibility of the saying “what you put out you get back amplified.”  Are you looking thru the heart of Love or the eyes of fear/worry??  If you cannot feel absolute love of whats in front of you… LET THAT GOOOOOOOOOOO!!  No need to amplify anything that feels bad, unless you keep looking at it!

There is so much more to this, but for today, I am going end on that note and ponder within.  But I will leave you with a (now familiar) question:

What are you looking at, and what food are you putting out in your created life that is being amplified back to you?

With a gallon of sugar-water to all!!  (((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. I LOVE IT!!!!! Our resident Robin family are on their second litter. The first had one baby and now this round there are three. They have all left the nest just this past week (man, those parents work so hard getting them to safety at this point!) and will be flying within 10 days.
    Yes, I know all my resident wing friends just Love me for filling the bird baths during this time of drought – they come right to me and sing to me the song of their being in thanks after they have had their splash!
    The friend I live with had her mother die yesterday.
    Transition, Growth, Taking Flight!


  3. Energetic Shake-Up on July 23
    Today is July 23, that number that Lisa has said many times is special. Go to the link below and watch the vids, especially the first one by William Linville. He gives an elegant explanation of the energies today, why they are special today and how things will be different. This was confirmed in a couple of other channelings I have read. The video is only about 6.5 minutes, so check it out!

    Much Love,
    Mary Ann


    • ((((HUGZ)))) Mary Ann,

      I loved the link and his information… thank you so much for sharing it with us! Indeed it was a blast… and opening like nothing I have ever felt before. Phew baby!!

      (((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude to you,


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