Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 20, 2012

Solar Proton Storms Electrifies the New Energy of Earth Into LIFE!!

I am finding it quite interesting how our sun and what it is doing to earth is being reflected within the readings.  I am also realizing those moments in readings when I am trying to understand why I am seeing what I see that the field seems to fall silent (more than likely with a shit eating grin on its collective face too!)

What I feel today is the universe wants to make such a strong point/statement that says we are doing all of this together.  The sun, the air, the humans and the earth, as well as all things in-between.

I have been watching a good many people the last few days being loaded up with some sort of new energy, appearing different to each person, but arriving in the same way: a spiral of energy flowing down from above and moving into their crown.  Lately, I could see not body’s at all, but I do know where the crown is.

This information was on this morning: RADIATION STORM: A low-level radiation storm is underway as solar protons swarm around our planet. Ranked S1 on NOAA space weather scales, the storm poses no serious threat to astronauts or satellites. Nevertheless it is a nuisance. Minor radiation storms can cause occasional reboots of computers onboard spacecraft and add “snow” to spacecraft imaging systems.

The protons were accelerated toward Earth by an M7-class solar flare on July 19th. Although the blast site (sunspot AR1520) was on the farside of the sun, the protons were able to reach Earth anyway, guided toward our planet by backward-spiralling lines of magnetic force.

Thru the last couple days of readings, I am really seeing and feeling a larger story unfold within each of us.

I have watched as people appeared yesterday with this super cloud like energy around them… the “snow” nasa talks about above.  I realize today it is an energy field designed to hold the person in place.  Like a gentle energetic vise grip if you will.  I cannot see thru this massive cloud and it completely covers the person in the field.  Which today, would make complete sense of the fullness of lethargy within not only my head but also in my body.

I had seen a lady being downloaded with codes.  I could see the codes coming down directly into the middle of her crown chakra while the rest of her crown chakra looked like a soft flowing gentle multi colored confetti was raining down into her.

While yet others had what appeared to be a thick liquid honey kind of energy spiraling into their crowns.

I so get this today! (Think amniotic fluid in relationship to the honey.)

The proton storm holds the activation energy of our new codes, enhanced DNA.  I actually saw that yesterday.  These codes were nothing I could consciously understand and looked like a cross between Aramaic writing, Pleiadian writing, and even things that look like the squiggles/symbols on my Maju and more than likely, other alphabets and numbers on other planets I am not familiar with.

I remember a time back in 2001 when I lived on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina going to the beach to do my meditations (literally.)  I would do an open eye meditation with the sun itself.  For well over a week, I would experience seeing these blue things streaming out of the sun energy and radiating down to the earth in a constant stream of energy flow.

I was so new on this path I didn’t understand a damn thing… thank God for the internet and spiritual forums!!  I had a place to ask my questions and the folks on that forum were so glad to help.  I was shown two sets of alphabets which looked really similar to each other.  One was the hebrew alphabet the other was the Pleiadian alphabet and I recognized the characters I had seen and felt flowing out of the sun’s energy to the beach I was meditating on.  But why??

The encodings!!

It was shortly after this intense download that the entirety of my life changed.  It seemed like my ability to see and experience in meditation hit a super high level and oozed into my day-to-day (not in meditation) life.  Of course, I didn’t recognize any of that then… it is only now that I so get the intensity and purpose of those times.

Now… the entire planet is undergoing a download.  As always, what you do with it all is up to you!

So I want to understand the importance of a proton storm making sure it hits earth via a backwards spiral from the sun.

I went to wikipedia to get an idea of what a proton is: Electrons are basicly the connectors in the process of bonding. The bond is determined by the amount of valence electrons the element has. Protons and newtrons both make up the atomic mass of all elements.

Protons are positively charged, while Neutrons are neutral (hence the name), and attract the negatively charged electrons to the nucleus, where they both reside.

As I said yesterday in my sharing, I can see the energy of August binding to our energy fields.  For some the binding is concentrated at the heart or high heart, for others in the outer field, yet others the leg and/or hand areas.

This proton storm we are in the midst of… is giving it all charge!!  We are being activated on a scale the earth has not ever known before.  But what does it mean??

Well, I am finding a book end here.  Last year, right around this same time (May thru now) we were being infiltrated with intense sun energy.  For me personally, this energy came thru my crown and hurt the hell out of my teeth/jaw area.  I have not had insurance for about 2 decades and have not had the ability to go to the dentist in about as long, we will not even talk about the amount of cavities in my teeth.  Or the fact that my old, mercury filled teeth just seem to break off and fall out of my mouth.  So last year at this time the pain, and I mean cry myself to sleep pain of my teeth was primarily on my right side of my jaw (spiritual side.)  This intensity last about 2 months and then seem to go away without a trace.  Of course, it was shortly after this pain stinging, code accelerating energy that I moved back to Virginia…

So this time around, it is hurting my left side of my jaw (physical life.)  The jaw is all about self-expression and communication.  I could barely sleep last night. Once again, the only time I got any sort of relief from the intense jaw/tooth pain is if I was sitting up or walking around.  Laying down was more than my pain sensors could bear.

What I have this time that I did not have last year is a Maju.  I wear this bad boy around my neck all the time now and last night after taking 4 Ibuprofen’s with no relief at all, I ran my Maju on my cheek, jaw and neck… and fell straight to sleep!  Why didn’t I do that sooner???

I know that what I call the energy of August has a lot to say, it wants to share what it is and how to use it to the fullest potential possible…

I feel that communication getting stronger every day as I sit to write in the mornings.  But I too, am going thru this energetic overhaul, so putting into words the packages of energy information I receive, not so easy yet.

The one thing I can say for sure, on the people whose heart energy (both base heart and high heart) that has already started the binding process of this new energy… the color has changed into a deeper red, maybe like brick-red/maroon color.  I know that energy, once it starts being utilized deepens in its color spectrum.

The one thing I do understand is that this new energy will find its greatest potential, its greatest fulfillment of its earth expression thru the hearts of the Awakened Ones.

Ha!!  Now this is a great visual that I pray I can put into the correct words!!

When this new energy is anywhere else… especially in the outer field of life of a person, what it will do is conspire at every turn to squeeze it all into the heart of the person.  I can actually see the field and the deeper red molecules “milking” the entirety of your life expression to get all the red molecules to the heart instead of outside creating the “landmines” needed to switch the focus and flow of this energy.

It is also an energy that MUST live in a communal setting.  Many hearts beating as one for the greater good of the All.  It has not come into creation to serve any one person or any one thing (intense karmic back-flow there) but the ALL of life in pure love conditions.

This new energy will conspire for the rest of our days, years to fulfill the energy of LOVE on earth as a living, breathing energy.

Our magnetic field of experience will be set by the 23rd of this month.  I see the date (power node) of the 23rd as a massive silver explosion of energy coming from the earth and spreading upwards into the air.

Pull all of your energy into your heart of Love… the game is about to Be Real!!

Elctrified proton (((((HUGZ))))) to all beating hearts!!

I love you!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. If you have not done the hypnosis event called “The Planting” as transcribed by the Guardians… NOW is a great time to do this.  I have it available for FREE on my website at:

It is all about the Red of August, well, and so much more than that!!



  1. omg I have had tooth/ jaw/sinus pain for 2 weeks now, went to the dentist twice last week and she can find nothing on the xrays!!!! Excruciating!! Yay it’s not my teeth! But it still hurts 😦 good to know there is a reason! Think I’ve lost some weight since it hurts to eat so that’s a plus hahaha. Can’t wait til it ends though……


    • Those damn nerve endings in our jawline are firing… I am so with you, I will be doing the happy dance this painful part of our activation is done. I don’t mind “discomfort” I freakin hate pain!

      For now… we will jsut sooth each other thru this process!!
      Soothing (((((HUGZ)))) to you my friend!


  2. Lately it has been my neck … since the weekend really. Then these aches moved all around the body. Today it has been my heart and solar plexus. My whole body has felt very achy during the last few days.
    The neck thing was interesting as I just happened 😉 to come across some posts about the C1 / Atlas area and so I did some exercises which a yoga teacher had shown me years ago to work with realigning this area. This helped a lot. Actually … yesterday I did a post about `listening to the body.’
    It certainly feels `electrifying’ – great post Lisa.


    • So interesting, I had my body go into complete wacko mode a couple of weeks ago. My arm got locked into a permanent flex after a workout, and blood flow was restricted. This exacerbated my already plagued condition of issues in my body that I have just found out are ALL Related to my Atlas!!!!! It’s out, and apparently it is for everyone. Some more than others. A year after a car accident sent me into a downward spiral of low back L5-S1 degeneration, hip pain, knee pain, and now arm pain. Just as this all hit me really hard physically, I found out about the AtlasProfilax!!!! I am going to get my adjustment tomorrow, and I am ecstatically anticipating this adjustment.

      After researching it, all of my symptoms appear to be related to the Atlas being out. (Including one leg longer than another, one ear droops lower than another, etc…)

      I’ll try to remember to get back here and post about my experience!!!! 🙂



    • Hi Lisa, great post! Thought you might want to watch this short video about the Atlas.
      The reason I think you’ll be interested, is because they reckon that if the Atlas is in the wrong position – about 90% of people! – it can cause persistent pressure on the Medulla Oblongata! I remember you saying how important this organ is.
      Love and (((hugs)))


  3. How amazing Brandon … please do let us all know how you get on. The `one leg shorter than the other’ reminded me of my husband who found out he had the same thing once when he hurt his back. He had McTimoney Therapy which worked on the same area ( Atlas ) and his back was completely healed as well… weirdly I went to that same person when my jaw was locking and it did not help at all. Eventually I healed it myself with Reiki and working out why I had been locking the jaw in the first place.
    Anyway … all the best for tomorrow … be really interested to hear how you get on.. Synchro – city 🙂


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