Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 18, 2012

The Fire’s Of Leo’s Passion, The Ego and the Soul and My Maju!! Oh My!!

There is just so much I want to share today, what a power packed, information rich day yesterday was!!  If this isn’t Christmas… then nothing really is!!

Some people seek money, or love, or a sense of security… me, I live for further and deeper understandings of how we work as a spiritually conscious species and how can we understand our selves more and live richer lives because of it!

It rained understandings from beginning to end yesterday.  These are the days that just take my breath away!

The Ego and the Soul

In the divine union of energy, the ego and the soul were created to work in perfect harmony together.  A love affair of its own making.  The ego was created to be the fierce protector of the incarnating soul energy (higher self, spirit, pick a name) thru this creation we call duality.

The soul is naturally an energy that is pure love and unwavering trust.  It (your soul) can be nothing less than its true creation of energy.  But we incarnated into a landmine of hazards called duality, where we wanted to learn and fully experience what our opposite would be life and feel like.

The ego was created purposely as a fear based entity, something strange and foreign to the incarnating soul.  The ego would remind the host body it is time to eat or starvation would happen (we don’t eat as pure spirits,) the ego would warn the host body not to pet the pretty tiger, it does not see you the same way as on the other side of the veil.

This relationship, for a long while (think, Lumeria and even Atlantis) was a marriage made in heaven.

We can look at this relationship as 90% soul energy and 10% ego energy thru our relationship with created life.

The ego would send out warning signs to the incarnating spirit to keep it free from danger.  The ego would rattle it’s energy field, much like in a war dance, to keep what was not needed for the incarnating experience (trauma) at bay and out of the field of energy the ego and soul were coupled within.

We, at the soul level, decided to step the game up.  We started bringing in less soul energy and allow the ego to have a more prominent place in created matter.  So we eventually reduced the percentage of soul energy and increased the percentage of ego energy thru our incarnations.

The game became one of Hide and Seek.

If we were to look at this a video game, we started at beginners level and moved our way thru mastery… each level hiding more and more of our spiritual Being into the deepest, darkest recesses of created matter.

Love took a back seat to fear.  The landscape of created matter changed dramatically.  We became power hungry, greedy, fearful that someone else has more than we do in every conceivable aspect of our lives.  We lost the feeling of our own love as we became terrified of never having love in our lives.  We lost our relationship with Life itself.

The fear of the ego became the master creator.  A very powerful creator I might add!!

Imagine an energy field that does not recognize itself.  It’s truly scared and lonely.  The drama and trauma in life is the ego’s way of desperately searching for the divine marriage within… the return of the soul partnership.

Instead of being the thing of protection, it has become the thing of destruction and had no idea how to control itself.  Ohhhh this is indeed a game to be played at the masters level… and WE ARE the Masters Re-membering… returning!!  Appreciating the ego for the wonderful strength and conviction it has.

We are lovingly, firmly and determinedly bringing the fullness of our soul energy back into the wide center of life and allowing the ego to do what is was always created to do… and truthfully, what it yearns to do.  Protect us from harm!!

We are learning to share our resources, our love, our joy, our excitement with each other.  Not as a way to say “look at me” but as a way to say wow, “feel us together,”  this is the energy, the pure feeling of Being Home in created matter.

The greatest, most sure way to tame the wild beast (ego) is….smile…. meditation.  But like all choices in life, we can take 5000 steps to get where we are going anyway… or 3 steps, doesn’t matter.  There are a million incarnations left to get there.  This is not a game of speed, but of mastery and determination!!

The Fires of Purification give way to the Fires of Leo Passion

Have ya been feeling the burn of July??  In a reading yesterday (the above information equally came thru a reading as well) I saw this lovely lady standing in her west field… the entire field was engulfed in purification flames.  The sun itself standing steady above her in her center line.  Holy hot batman!  Thru the fires I seen her… both excited with hands in the air as if she was taking a fire shower, and screaming from the pain of it all.  Doncha just love duality!!??  (grin)

This was the same lady I had seen last week that the sun was on the left side, big and wide and still radiating the energy of the massive sunspot known as 1520.  Well I now see what it was doing to her…

I got an image thru her reading of a scene from the latest Twilight move Breaking Dawn part 1, when Bella is turning into a vampire and the movie shows her insides, her veins burning completely away.  We are truly undergoing a similar process as well.  Turning into the immortals we have always been…. Spirit living , loving, thriving in Biology.  The change is underway!!  Ouch!  At least for those who have been bitten by their own soul awareness.

And yet, I understood the fire energy will continue to fuel her as we move into the fire sign of Leo.  Ohhh that fire lion!  But as we purge the past and all that goes with it… we move into the true house, heart of Leo… PASSION lived out loud.  A power grows within!!  A dance with life that the earth has not seen in many eons of time cycles.  WE are the ones starting the dance!!

The Guardian’s Love Returns… Starting with a very special Maju Stone.

If you think, for a single second, we have come into this time and place to do anything alone… your ego is chewing on your reality!!  This is not only a partnership of ego and soul, but of each other.  YOU are as important to my path of understanding as I pray my sharings can be for your path of understandings.

Every now and again, someone or something crosses my path that just sends me to the stars.

Several weeks ago I received an email from a gentleman saying how much he would love to have a reading and wondered if I would be open for a trade.  Hey, I am a huge fan of the barter system, and altho I had no clue what a hand carved Maju Stone was, I’ll be glad to trade!!  In my book, anything carved from the heart is priceless.  At the time of our emailing, he did not have his maju stone page up yet, so I looked at these interesting but odd little creations thru his personal facebook page.  Strange… but I am game!

Little did I know what I got myself into!!  Holy Freakin shit batman!

Thru the several weeks it took him to download the codes of creation to fully complete my Maju, he would give me updates on the progress.  I was even more excited when he told me that this piece of art would come with a reading. I love that someone is going to give me a reading!  My mind could not really fathom what the art was really about… but my heart knows readings!!!

The day this gift.. and truly, it is an other wordly gift, arrived in my home was 2 days ago (7/16.)  My brain had been on a jet ski of information all day long, my body traipsing around Walmart for hours on end and then the task of emptying a months worth of groceries… by the time I opened my mail I was depleted on every level of my Being.

After a fight I actually won with bubble wrap and scotch tape, a soothing energy filled my hand.  A creation so unique in its appearance and these little markings all over it.  I was too tired to “tap in” but yet, I could not put this creation of pure, gentle energy down.  My fingers stroked this Maju for at least an hour and I was aware, even thru my exhaustion, something was being emitted into me.

Here is a full view of my new Best Friend:

The timing of the arrival in my world, perfection made manifest.  The reading included what the energy of this creation would help me with, among other things, my spiritual vision and my ability to communicate what I do see more clearly (hence the stones placed in the third eye and mouth area of the “face.”)

I could feel the love and the power of the creator (Darrell Leakey) thru every word.

I placed my new friend near my pillow and slept so incredibly soundly thru the night.  This was the first time I think I had a full and complete nights rest since May!!  I woke up with a clarity of mind, of understandings that just excited me!!  Even thru to the last reading of the day… I was now flowing with a whole new, enhanced energy field… and did I mention clarity!!

I was not struggling to understand the new visuals, instead I just knew what was happening and why!!  Something shifted in my sleep.  I was not about ready to hand over full credit to my new friend just yet… even tho I kept him in my pocket thru each reading… it is what happened after my readings that prompts this sharing!!

My new little friend was created to be a pendant to wear.  I don’t even own a necklace so I had no thing to hang him around my neck with.  I hopped in my car and went to a nearby gallery that I know sells jewelry hoping I could find a length of chain or rope material long enough to connect him to my heart center.  I was amazed and disappointed when this gallery was closed at 1pm in the afternoon.  After being out all day the day prior, I had no desire to go “shopping” anywhere else.  I was heading back to my place when my car seemed to have no desire to go home.  I passed my turn heading in the direction of Jemez Springs.

Alrighty then, I am on a journey to find something to hang my new friend on.  Or so I thought.  I passed off a gift store that looked like it may hold the potential of what I thought I was after… and another one… until my car pulled into the Bath House.  They didn’t have anything to allow me to adorn my heart with my new friend.  So we took a bath instead!!  A hot mineral bath.

I happened to arrive on the day that the mineral baths are half price for locals and the lady asked how long of a bath I wanted 25 minutes or 50.  I had no intention of taking a bath I was in search for a rope or something so I said can I start with 25 minutes and go from there… but of course!

Boy did I get more than I bargained for!!

I laid in their tub and adjusted my energy field to the mineral bath and then took my new friend and placed him directly on my heart.  Holy freakin crown zoom batman!  As soon as this little creation set itself on my heart my mind exploded like a car backfiring.  It was so intense that just looking at the ceiling was making me super dizzy.  Closing my eyes for the first minute or two, completely out of the question… I was in a massive head spin.


I have had many a journey with many a thing in my 12 year history on this path… but nothing… NO THING that has acted and felt like this!!

Once I was able to stop spinning enough to “see” I could so clearly see a whole new network of energy being threaded thru my heart and my crown area’s.  There is something to the feel of this stone, pipestone, that takes me somewhere.  I am not sure if it is the smoothness, those little carvings, the pipestone itself or a combination of all three… I have a hard time not running my fingers over it!

As I watched this new network of energy at my heart, suddenly a large spider came thru the network and rested on top of my Maju.

As I closed my eyes a series of memories started to unfold.  I am not sure I am going to remember the order in which they came, but truly… the order does not matter at all.

I could see so many tubules of energy everywhere.  Like a super network of energy highways that I knew I could travel thru.  They went off in every direction.  I felt like a kid in a candy store… but which one to choose?  There were sooooooo many choices.   I suppose my friend melding with my heart heard my quandary, because suddenly 5 tubules came into clear view.  A center one that was large and at the top of this large center one I had seen my beautiful Indian Gentle Feather and I was sooo surprised (can I say here, that if you look at the last image you will see a silver staple at the foot, there is a hummingbird feather placed in that staple.)  There were two smaller tubules on either side of this larger one… of course I am going to choose the one with my handsome man standing at the top.

Instead of connecting to him, well to the him as he appears in my meditations, I connected… became… this really really old man.  His face all wrinkly and thin, his nose pointy and turned under as if he was part bird.  As I moved deeper into this tubule I realized this man was a serious elder.  To us he would be about 100 or so years old (appearance wise)… but I knew there were many hundreds of years under that flesh and bone man.  I also became very very aware that this was Gentle Feather as well, in the later stages of his life.  He was known as “The Guardian of the Doorways.”   This is what he “did” in that lifetime so long ago.  He opened and closed portals of energy for the community that knew how to travel them.  I knew this was me and I knew who I was.

I had wondered why he was so skinny looking and instantly I knew it was because he spent so much time in the in-between… what I would call the altered state, that he had little need or desire for food intake.  He not only served his community, but any other that traveled these tubules as well.

The next thing I know I am watching (same lifetime) a man dancing around a fire.  He too was in an altered state and would “read” the fire.  In his dancing came wisdom, understandings, warnings… whatever the energy of the fire had to share with him.  I instantly knew this fire dancing Indian was the creator of my Maju.

I became very vividly aware of the molten lava of the earth.  The fire of passion within mother earth… and the flames of passion within the sun.  The love affair of creation and this man was able to fully connect the two and bring them together as one expression thru his fire dancing.  He may not dance around the fire to create his Maju’s… but his memory is still very much in tact of his pure spiritual abilities.

The markings on his creation is truly telling a story, codes, codex’s and portals etched into pipe-stone for those with the heart to read them.

My next vision went to a place here in New Mexico, in the Jemez itself to an open pool of hot spring water emerging from the earth.  It was a rather large natural pool and the people of this community gathered and prayed here often.

It is funny to think of our version of prayer today.  When we think “prayer” we think we want something, or are asking for something.  In THAT time, prayer was the opposite.  They gathered to give back.  To share their vital energy, their love, their Being-ness with the waters of the earth.  The fire energy that created the hot springs that equally evaporated into the sun.

I also understood why it was so important that for our first journey together we had to be at the hot springs and not just in my bathtub.  We were giving back to the earth… to the sun…. and calling our family back Home thru the waters that were drained upon completion of this experience.

The next vision opened up to a female laying on the earth.  She was just given a gift I could not recognize or identify.  The only recognition I had was the feel of this pipe-stone.

She lay on the ground and started an interesting love affair with her gift.  I followed her motion in my hot spring bath.  Starting at the forehead, the third eye, the smoothness of this pipe-stone was traced along every pore, every inch of skin as a new lover would trace the outline of his Beloved.  Moving down to the nose, gently over the lips… every so softly and slowly making its way back to the heart.

There was such an intimacy taking place that, truly, confused me.  I felt what she felt, I mimicked her every movement with my Maju.  The soft rolling kundalini energy was now becoming familiar.  I understood what I was feeling… I just didn’t understand why.

The Guardian of the doorways was happy to help me understand.  In those days, we had a love affair with all of life, with ourselves.  To truly know something is “for you” is an intimate journey of the senses must take place.

In this day and age I realized just how afraid of ourselves, of a full union of energy no matter what package it appears in.  To love and fully open the heart to ALL of creation…

When someone gives you something that is not of the highest love vibration, the body knows and expels it from its presence.

This is the true partnership of the ego loving its soul partner.  It expels, pushes away, what is not in your highest good.  The soul trusts that completely.

I am in a magical and can I say once again… unexpected love affair with my Maju!  Darrell, my gratitude for who you are, what you are capable of, and your generosity of heart and soul goes way beyond my simple words!

The folks at the hot tubs must have forgotten about me.  I knew I was over my 25 minute bath and truly, I could take no more.  There was now a steady vibration all over me.  I got out of the tub, paid for my precious journey and somehow… drove home.  I was in an altered state all the way home.  I felt more alive than I have ever felt before… I could feel my crown chakra remembering… each mesa, each grassy area… a wealth of remembering, of loving, of being grateful to be back Here.

After an hour or so of adjusting to this vibrational state of mind and Being, I decided to have a little pendulum chat with my beloved Archangel Michael.  I knew he would share the rest of the story… of course, in his wonderful, cryptic way.

The first thing he swung out was “Hold on tight, it is about to become Real.”  I had to get up and pace for a moment.  As is Michael’s way, it is less the words and more the energy that brings the truth of what he is sharing to my consciousness.

The only thing I could think of asking was… what more can I do.  Careful what ya ask Michael!  lol.  With his first word, I knew I had a choice.  Of course we always have a choice… But with that is the knowing that so often we start something but quite often don’t finish what we started before going off on other adventures (yeah, speaking of my brilliant A.D.D. mind here.)

His pleadings were “Please unlock the doors of reality available.”  Of course I said yes annd asked how… meditation.  I am There!!  His last words were as powerful as his first.

Guardians Love Returns.

With deep and utter humbleness in my very full and expanding heart and keys in my hand!!  WE ARE RETURNING!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of prayerful LOVE to ALL!!

As I prepare to publish this sharing, all of a sudden the crickets in my house started chirping like crazy… in perfect unison with each other!  I feel magic in the air… in our hearts…. in our songs!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Beginners and Advanced Meditation Class start this Sunday July 22nd… there is still time to sign up:



  1. I love your maju! There is something about the look of it that just calls to me. Lisa, have you ever soaked in the waters of Ojo Caliente? Since you are sensitive, I’d be curious about what would happen to you. Ojo changed my life in 1998 by triggering a major experience, that although scary as “holy shit, Batman!” ended up being amazing. For a short time during the dramatic episode my body was going through, I was able to actually see that everything is full of light and breathes and is connected as it pulses with life. I could see the air! Walls were breathing. Anyway, I’m rambling, but if you’ve not gone there yet…you should.


    • Hi Carrie ((((HUGZ)))) I am actually liking Catheria too (smile)

      Yes been the Ojo a few times… amazing meditations in each of their pools. The first time I went was in July… will never do that again! lol But went with my daughter this past Dec… ohhhh heaven!! Cold air, hot water allows the mind to expand without completely sweating!! lol

      Ohhh these hot springs are more than just mineral soaks… they are US re-membering!!



      • I was describing what happened to me (triggered by the arsenic tub) to someone and he said it sounded like a rebirthing experience. When it was over, I said to people, “I feel like I released something.” I later found out that NA’s in the area revere Ojo Caliente as a rebirthing place.


  2. What kind of stone is the maju made of? Is it heavy? Are all the little symbols ancient Asian characters, with some Egyptian/Mayan, and other ones added? Were the little rhinestones selected just for you? It’s a very curious pendant, I am excited to learn about it! I’m excited that you’re excited too! Can’t wait to hear more.


    • ((((HUGZ)))) Cheryl,

      Ohh the questions!! First, let me give you a link to his site:

      The red body itself is made of pipe-stone.. the same stone Indians use to make their pipes. The face thingie is a Tagua Nut Seed. I am not sure how or where he gets the symbols he places on the Maju, my feeling is.. from a time long before Christ walked this earth and a people long forgotten in our history, but now is swimming thru our veins as we re-member.

      The garnet and blue topaz were divined each on different days thru his higher connection with the creating spirit that works thru him/as him. Every cut of the pipestone has a meaning and a reason… souly done for my soul growth.

      Not heavy at all… actually quite light considering it’s size.

      This creation is truly all of ours!!
      (((((HUGZ))))) of deLight to you,


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  4. Oh Lisa . what a fantastic journey you/we are on..
    I noticed on this amazing Maju of yours – Maju means success in Singapore seemingly …interesting… anyway … the markings are fascinating and look/feel as if they emit certain energies… also there appears to be a little circle of paua shell on it as well. Wow … what a wonderful exchange. Energy for energy. How fabulous that the maju took you off for a mineral bath … reading this made me homesick for the hotpools of `home’ – Aotearoa. Funnily enough yesterday I yearned for a hotpool bath and my lovely husband came home with some epsom salts for me … he read my mind.
    Wonder filled sharing as usual Lisa.


  5. You wrote: <<>> so from a place of Love & giving back, I offer this sharing for you Lisa to help unlock the doors of reality –to make it even more real… The ego will do anything to justify its existence to survive; it will convince us of anything to keep us separated from Love, fearful, alone and trapped in the nightmare. Life is Love; we are Love –there is nothing to fear- it is all Love. Nothing gives meaning where no meaning is. And truth needs no defenses to make it true. Illusions have no witnesses and no effects. Who looks on them is but deceived.


    • Thank you Dwight ((((HUGZ)))

      You are such a beautiful soul and I am so grateful to have you joining us with your light, your heart and your sharing!! Thank you so much for it all… especially picking my lock (smile.)

      In loving gratitude and lotsa ((((HUGZ)))


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  7. […] remember seeing that bird man face when I first got my Maju stone and went to the Jemez Springs.  (You can see the full story by clicking here)  Coupled with the fact that my Dream Man asked me to call him Gentle Feather.  We won’t even […]


  8. […] I remember seeing that bird man face when I first got my Maju stone and went to the Jemez Springs. (You can see the full story by clicking here) Coupled with the fact that my Dream Man asked me to call him Gentle Feather. We won’t even talk […]


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