Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 17, 2012

Are You Loving and Thriving In The Reality You Created?

For the majority of yesterday my poor brain felt like there was a jet ski zooming around inside and all I could do is gurgle on the wake left behind its motion.  I could feel the sped of the energy unzipping itself in my consciousness, but there was so much of it I was choking on it instead of breezing thru with it.

There was no way of taking in even one small ounce of extra Light yesterday, I would have surely drowned from it!  So I had a Walmart monthly shopping day, which really was a good diversion from the influx of popping energy in my head.

The one thing I was sure of tho, whatever was happening within me…. was new. I have been in many a void and this was not that.  I have been uploaded, downloaded and expanded, and this was not that either.  But what the hell was it??

So, before escaping to Walmart land for my monthly needs, I took out my handy dandy pendulum to have a little chat with Archangel Michael.  The one thing I have always known about Michael, he never speaks just to say something and his messages are always multi-layered in meaning.  As I said before, I always give him the first word before I even start a conversation with him.

The very first thing he swings out is: “I Am here with you” he must have heard me thinking, well I know that, you always are.  He continued his sentence with “In your heart energy.”  Well, that just seems like a very weird thing to say, simply because, on the surface level, that would go without saying.  So I said, alrighty Michael, I know you are saying something I am in no condition to understand, but I do have the ability to feel each word… and there was an emphasis on the word Here.

So gotta ask… where is here…really?   I about shit when he swung out “In the room with you.”  Well that would make sense of the fact I cannot think a coherent thought yet I have this soft flowing kundalini energy running thru me most of the morning.  So I did my best to don my spiritual eyeball and looked around my room, sure enough if I didn’t see him sitting on my couch, but mostly all I could make out was his hair and a faint outline of a body.

Talk about a relationship getting Real.

I told him I know you are saying something I am just not fully getting in this moment…  I wasn’t a hundred percent sure I wanted to get what he was saying either.

I said well, I have got to take a bath, you’re welcome to join me.  Before heading into my bath, he did affirm that he and Gentle Feather are one in the same energy.

So as I embark on my bath meditation Michael shows up once again with that pesky pesky question:  “What do you want?”   For once, there was no thought at all… just pure feeling of desire: Gentle Feather in the flesh!

There are magical portals and universes to explore and bring to earth with one whose heart and mind are fully open and one with each other, and knows, without a shadow of doubt the spiritual Being their are 24/7.  I WANT THAT!!

Suddenly my inner vision was taken from my bath to my couch, in the area Michael had sat was now the image of Gentle Feather… not an energetic outline but a body I could see sitting there… and then he got up and walked into my bathroom.  I could see his feet, the shape of his toes, the tone of his skin on his calves… and I freaked out.

It’s one thing to have someone show up in their car and knock at your front door… it’s a whole other thing if they just pop in out of the ether’s with flesh you can feel.  I suddenly realized I was actually scared of this potential.  Not of who he is, but how he may arrive in my life.  Kinda freaky really.

I realized I need to deal with this.  I am not even sure if it is a fear or simply life getting weirder and weirder.  What if we can really pull our hearts desires out of the ethers…. is it as real as if someone drove to see you?

Let me tell you, I was so glad to be distracted for the rest of the day.  Until this morning… a good, normal, solid sleep under my belt… I am starting to move thru Michael’s well hidden (or was it) messages of yesterday?

The energy of your home, the place you make and live your life, is an outwardly expressed living thing.  When I say I LOVE my home, I love the energy here, I love the presence I feel here… not for a gazillion years would I have ever stopped to think I was feeling Me.

I have always attributed it to the Guardians, to the land, to the animals to anything and everything else but never mySelf.

But today, I get this so clearly by his crazy messages.  My heart energy and my home/room are reflective of each other.  How could it be any other way?

Now, in contrast, when there are more than one living in a space, there is an entanglement of energy that changes it all.  That is why our relationship choices mean more now than they ever have before.  There is a living energy system that expresses singularly of all combined energy that mix as one.  I cannot live with you and be separate from you…. energetically speaking that is.

So, this morning as I ponder the depth of all this as I type…. I so remember the meditation I had sitting close to the mouth of the Jemez River at the volcanic site called the Velles Cauldera last month.  Where the Beings that lived here as the earth was cooling could switch their energy from biology back to energy at will.

Why wouldn’t that be possible now?

Even as I ask that question, I can see so clearly that it can only happen when the inner and outer fields of vibration match in complete harmony with ALL life… Pure Love.

No wonder this month of July has been showing in significant detail the inner and outer fields of your life.  The goal has always been to remove the divider of the two worlds (your spiritual life and the physical life you live) so that all is one and the same energy.  This where the full on potential of Shambhala exists. Where Santa Clause and the toy factory are one in the same… no longer separate.

Have I ever said how incredibly grateful I am that I live alone, well, no other humans in my living field!!!

It’s still very freaky to think of a man appearing that has no back story.  Well, no human entanglement of a story.  I would be so ok if a chocolate bar just showed up, even a new critter suddenly appeared in the field… but a living, breathing, sensual man… gotta work on my gray matter to fit that into my comfort zone!!

When that voice said this will change your reality construct… holy shit that was an understatement!!

So, with all that said (smile)… and those of you dreaming of Heaven but living a completely different reality, you have some serious choices to move thru and action to take part in.

You cannot change the people around you.  You can only change you and the space you allow to be around you.

This Mercury Retrograde cycle is giving you the greatest opportunity to see, with an intensity of Light that will become unmistakable… of what energies you are allowing to play out in your life.  You are going to amplify that, so next time around, you WILL make alternate choices, or just do it now.

Everything is created by your feelings.  Intensely negative is going to bring you armfuls of intensely negative things to look at again.  Focusing souly on the love in your heart and the growing desire within that intense love is going to bring you armfuls of more intensely loving things.

I must ask once again…. what song are you singing into creation?

To the greatest, most powerful Beings in created matter… I Salute You!!  All that is in your life, YOU created and will recreate at WILL.

(((((HUGZ))))) of Pure Radiant Loving Bliss to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Beginners and Advanced Meditation Class start this Sunday July 22nd… there is still time to sign up:


  1. Oh I LOVED this Lisa … and the song …..? Funnily enough this song began to play in my mind towards the end of reading your post…. is this your song..? my song…? our song…? 🙂



  2. I’m singing “Erotic City” by Prince. Hehehehe…..Atheria….Carrie…..whoever I am.


    • Hahaha! You are so fab Catheria 🙂


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