Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 15, 2012

Santa and The Toy Factory, Zero Point, Awake vs Aware. All Is One!

The one thing I realized this last week or so, is that our inner child aspect is more crucial to our path than I ever realized.  The child who loves so deeply and so unconditionally with ALL their Being.  The child who has always known magic is real.  The child who joyfully plays for hours with friends only they can see.  The child whose trust and belief in the beauty and excitement of life was unwavering no matter how many storms showed up in their lives.

Returning to the child within is more important than I ever realized.

Children are naturally inquisitive, the insistent questioning that can drive every adult crazy…. why… how… how come?  Most children are not content with a single answer, it just opens up another box of more questions.

Why have we (adults) stopped questioning… exploring the magic of Life?

I have spent the better part of this past week remembering all of these aspects of my child within.  I remembered only those times where I was free to explore and interact with life in my childlike way (no trauma or drama allowed in the remembering.)

I was so blessed to be born to a mother who did not like the restrictions of motherhood.  From the time I was four years old I was allowed to run the neighborhood freely and for as long as I wanted.  And I did.  It gave me such a profound discovery of life.  Of interacting with life without any adult saying, don’t touch this, don’t step there, you’re going too far.  I truly had unlimited freedom!

That freedom of exploration with no boundaries what so ever has also been the bedrock of my spiritual journey.

In todays day and age, my mother surely would be charged with neglect.  Thank God I was a child in the 60’s because she gave me my wings!

In my remembering process, I would slip back to a constant memory of laying in the grass of our backyard looking up at the night sky and having a conversation with the people in the stars.  I kept insisting they dropped me off on the wrong planet of people and they needed to come back and get me to the correct planet.

I suppose that is exactly what they did when the child returned to her exploratory nature in the Holy waters of my Bathtub.

And then there was always the magic of Christmas.  For the child within me always equated Santa Clause with God.  To me, they were/are one in the same.

So with so many of us feeling the Santa Clause return, the feeling of Christmas upon us is really telling in these accelerated days.

Santa Clause works in a magical toy factory, creating anything and everything that could possibly on a child’s wish list.  All of his helpers are elfs, images of adult minds in a child’s sized body.  Joyfully creating for the children of the world, with what seems to be unlimited resources.

And good ole Santa with his magic bag of goodies.  It never ran out of anything.

Children never yearned for love, placed that desire at the top of their christmas list, because they were full of their own pure, unconditional love.  A child doesn’t for anything they do not already have… they want what they don’t seem to have.

We all started to be the elf’s of Santa’s workshop the day we embarked on this path of spiritual awareness.  We learned to pull from the ether’s all the resources, all the experiences to get us to this very moment in time.  The living wonderland of now.

We learned that there is an unlimited supply of all our hearts desires.  Many are stilling undergoing the aspect of learning how fully live and participate in Santa’s workshop.

One could never step fully into the heart of Santa without understanding and fully participating in the joy of the abundant workshop.

So many of us are standing today, on the threshold of graduation.  We are releasing our elf suits to embody the Santa Clause we have always been.

We are Awakening to the pure magic and unlimited resourcefulness of our Soul.

Returning to zero point.

This whole concept that Archangel Michael seemed to want to beat over my head last year was less about science and all about spirit.  Of course, my processing mind kept looking for what it meant scientifically and I melted down my wires every single time.  I stopped looking.

It is when we finally let go of the struggle, the answers appear.

Zero point is where nothing and everything exists.  There is no time construct, your past and future no longer exist here.  This is why letting go of your entanglements, your identities, your past and even your future is sooooooo important.

In order to have it ALL, you must first LET IT ALL GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Being Fully Present in your zero point, the eye of the hurricane, the calm still place within… forever more.

That is the very place within that Santa dons his suit.  No wonder I have been seeing August as a month filled with red energy (of new life) enhanced by the white energy of spirit.  That is, after all, the very colors of Santa’s suit.

So what is happening to bring this all together?  This very moment in time, that’s what!   Of course, always contingent on your personal choices, but you already know that.

Every reading I have bears a quantum armful of presents for us.  Some, so big it leaves me reeling all day long from the magnitude.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I had a new lady show up in the field for a reading.  Her reading unfolded like nothing I have ever witnessed before.

There she was, in a placement that was right next to the Tree of Life, on her ring of energy that defines the inner from the outer world of expression.  She didn’t show up as a human, or a light body, instead, she was two planets.  Earth on the inside of her ring, Jupiter on the outside of the ring, yet both planets right next to each other with earth moving ahead of Jupiter by about 6 inches.

At first, I just had a melt down.  I don’t know astrology at all, why the heck are two planets showing up from the get go?  Today I so understand that it is because I don’t know astrology at all that it was safe to present her soul energy in this way.  The only thing I know about Jupiter is it is called “The Great Expander.”  That was the point of this planetary alignment that is her.

She may not realize the magnitude of who she is, but I do, even moreso now.

We can really take our presence on earth for granted.  Who we are, how we are and what we are really doing when it seems all we are really doing is breathing. That breath is released outwards don’tcha know!!

I watched as her planetary alignment moved forward on her ring of separation (inner from outer) in a clockwise motion.  Spirit kept referring to this as her “orbit.”

Right there about a foot or two in front of her current orbital movement was her Apple Tree (wisdom tree).  A collision is at hand.

As I watched the earth aspect that represents her incarnated self hit the apple tree about mid-way at the top of her branches, it seemed like everything slowed down.  Life coming to a standstill more or less.  Still a slight movement forward, since tree branches have space between them, but I could feel the impact on her life.

As her earth aspect was inching its way forward thru the tree branches, Jupiter, as I said was steadily 6 inches behind her earth collided with the tree branches as well, but with a wonderful, exciting twist.

Jupiter served as the planet that released the energy held within the tree branches (which I now completely understand represent every past, future and off planet life you have ever lived) little yellow energy ringlets was emitted from the impact in so many places.  Instantly I understood it was the wisdom of her soul expanding for integration into her earth aspect.

But there was a deeper understanding unfolding too.  So huge and so important to all of us going thru or soon to go thru this monumentous event within.

Think of throwing a ball forward.  With nothing to obstruct its movement forward, it goes speedily on its way.  The moment it hits something solid, it either slows down or stops.  Your inner orbit hitting the branches of your Tree of Wisdom is like suddenly you cannot seem to move thru your life, your day.  Getting off the couch take tremendous effort… and sometimes, more effort than it is worth.

At the same time, in what appears the stillness of your life, comes epiphany after epiphany of all that got you to here, what it means, how you grew, what to do with it.  The full on software of your soul is not taking root in your activated DNA.

It is at this crucial juncture of your soul journey that you have the choice to either go thru the apple tree, or move around it.  We humans feel the need to be busy… doing something.  That is the ego too scared to sit still and expand.

The beauty of inner orbits, they eventually come back again for the integration that has always been at hand.

If this wasn’t exciting enough for my processing mind… what came next was more than humbling.

Her question… her concern about being Awake.  Her feeling like so many others know so much more than she did and she was behind in some way.

I LOVE the innocence of heart… of her…. of You!

Even with this, I am really understanding something more.  When we ask a question from the depths of our hearts, spirit pours out the answer.  When the question comes from the ego… it is like we cannot tap into the answer at all.  Of course, I am referring to readings… but I am sure this applies all-ways.

The pureness of the child yearns to know more, the ego yearns to be identified by “that.”

Her simple yet so incredibly profound heartfelt question opened up a wealth of understanding I suppose my ego has been asking for well over two months.

Awake vs Aware

Like Santa’s helpers, the elfs in the toy factory, we become aware we have the ability to put together so many things, change things, reinvent any aspect of what we created… instantly.

We cannot arrive at this point without the awareness of it all.  Without the awareness of Love in its purity and expression.  It doesn’t matter what version of spiritual concepts one knows.  The only thing that matters is the awareness of LOVE thru out the multi-verses and you are THAT.

Awake is when you LIVE that.  Please don’t misinterpret this to say KNOW that… LIVE IT- Be THAT.  You become the living expression of Love made manifest.  Where the entanglements of the illusion dissolved and become part of your history.  Where freedom of heart and exploration is all there Is.  No judgement of others who do not move like you do, LOVE allows all stories to be valid.

The intense beauty of this profound understanding is that those who are Awake, genuinely being that living breathing expression of Love made manifest, would ever conceive of their state of Being.  Does the child run around saying look at me, I am a child, pure and loving in all I do?  Hell no.  The child could care less, the child just IS.  LOVE just IS.

I became absolutely aware of what a person feels like when they are vibrationally awake in the pureness of Love thru this lady yesterday.

I also understood… it is ONLY in your Awake state, will you fully collide, consume, and emerge from your Apple Tree.  The fullness of wisdom within.

As we are integrating our ego into the full and real partnership with the Soul of our incarnations, wisdom must be released like a time capsule.  Bit by bit, which allows the fear of the ego to feel partnered in this journey… which it really is.

When the full on integration happens you arrive at what Archangel Michael calls zero point.  Where the construct of time no longer exists… but the fullness of all you have ever learned, felt, understood, became, in every illusive reality melds into your Being that is currently expressing as a human today.

A journey unto itself!!

Right here, right now, so many of us are being fitted for our Santa Suit.  Our sun is pushing the threads of this suit from deep within our DNA.  Hence, so many people in their embryonic sac!!

OMG this too makes so much sense.  As I watched this precious, loving soul move beyond her tree time… all of a sudden she was set up in her West field as a really really old lady.  Her team kept saying it was a reflection of the old soul that she is.

Now think about this for a long minute.  NO, FEEL WITH IT!!

The west field represents out time of harvest.  Where all of our good and amazing things/energies are available to us.  Our spiritual mastery, our good karma coins, our wisdom and so much more.  She not taking any of it for herself.  Instead, she set up an apple pie stand and was giving away pieces of pie to anyone who came near.

She has baked her wisdom pie not to serve herself… but to serve the all without regard for how many apple pies she has left, because she know… SHE KNOWS the pies are unlimited.  Our wisdom, our Self has no end at all.

She was fed by feeding others.

Merry Christmas to All!!

((((HUGZ)))) from the child within jumping up and down with Joy!!

Lisa Gawlas  Reading Special 3-4-2: (expires 7/16)

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  2. Lisa, are you noticing lately that you are having more “flashes” than before? All of a sudden I’m having random psychic hits (usually little things like knowing I had 3 messages before I looked at my phone this a.m.) more and more. Something is going on. 🙂


  3. I have not the words to describe the appreciation I have for being led to you. You are beautiful.
    My west field, and I mean this literally, is a HUGE field of corn. It is growing tall and strong! I am in awe of the variety and number of birds that are on my property. We have a bunny family, and our two dogs who would normally in the past attempt to catch and kill critters, just sit and watch them.
    I planted morning glory and sweet peas in May. I have never seen plants take so long to grow in my life. I have some planted at the base of two trees and others in front of a metal wagon wheel. Finally, this week coming up, they will reach the tree and wheel, and the fine tendrils will latch on. I planted a rose bush 5 years ago and a few weeks ago it produced it’s first bloom. A grape vine that has not produced before has grapes growing. A cow escaped from a neighbor and came here to bless us. Last week we had two ponies from another neighbor come and they ran figure 8’s all around the property. A cougar has been sighted about 2 miles away (unheard of here) and I just know that wonderful animal has walked across this property (it is my Totem).
    And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!!


  4. Another wonderful sharing Lisa! Thanks for your insights, they always resonate with me. 🙂
    Love and Big (((hugs)))


  5. “Aware is not Awake” Yep. As you know, we begin to wake up when we realize the external world & people mirror back to us unresolved conflicts between our illusory self (ego) and our True Eternal Divine Self. When we start to become more aware and break through the veil of form & see energy directly as it flows through the Universe we may still be dreaming at times. Often, when we are viewing others from our head –and not our heart- the energies that seem to reflect off others are really being generated from within us. Form or energy doesn’t matter; either can still be our mirror. Whether we view forms with our physical eyes or “see” energies with our internal vision that shake us up, it is still a wakeup call trying to let us know the conflict is within –and not with the person we are trying to blame. Anytime we are in error and see anything other than Love (for Love is all there is) we still have unresolved conflicts inside that need Atonement (correction of mental errors).


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