Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 10, 2012

Money ~ Love ~ Passion: Rises Like the Phoenix Towards August!!

What an amazing day in the field yesterday!  Two readings impregnating my already bulging processing field!!  Both of them so incredibly different, yet, truly that which makes the wholeness of the story understandable (at least for me.)

(Ohhh, before I get into yesterdays field of expression, I had a tiny, well, maybe big error in my sharing yesterday.  The lady with the tree of wisdom in front of her was not the same one that got a Guardian Shiatsu massage, it was  my last reading of that day who will actually be here in my home the end of July.  Sometimes, it’s hard for me to keep all the energies straight!!)

My first reading… Holy cow batman!  For the second time in a reading I had seen that apple tree in this ladies near future.  It was as strong and as vivid as the other one I wrote about.  But something very strange… I could not move her towards it fully.

She was in her present moment in an explosion of energy that reminded me of a cosmic paintball game.  Globs of various colored energy bursting open as it hit her skin then seeping into her.  And we wonder what the sun has been doing in July???  lol

The energy infusion happening within her every where at once!!  (And happening to so many of us… those, open to receive it… remember, every single thing is a choice created by actions… NOT words.)

So, in trying to understand what this energy is actually doing to her is when I attempted to move her forward… wasn’t happening.  Instead, her body, her field took on a life all its own.

Suddenly I had seen two thick silver energy chords move out from the sole (arch) of each foot, go into the ground about a foot and started to move slightly backwards.  I eventually realized those energy chords are moving to the Tree of Life.

Now let me clarify here the difference between the Tree of Life and the Apple Tree (Wisdom Tree) that I now see in readings.

The Tree of Life is a group energy field, a group consciousness.  One could call that group energy that of the ascended masters.  I will call that group consciousness YOU remembering the ascended master within!

The Apple Tree / Tree of Wisdom is your individuation of the group energy.  Your unique soul energy, if you will.

I watched her inner field come to life with Diva’s and elemental’s and all the wonderful earth helpers that exist in getting the roots of the Tree of Life connected to her silver energy chords.  Keep in mind, silver is the highest vibration of earth energy there is (in my readings.)

I started to really get that she needed to understand the group energy of her soul before she could set off onto her next expression of life.

Once again, I attempted to walk her forward, which I was able to just a little.  What presented itself to me next left me speechless!!

A glowing white ticket suspended in the air on her right side (spiritual side.)  I know that ticket…. wrote about it not to long ago and seen it for the first time in 2004.  It was her ticket into the fullness of The Tree of Life.

Instantly with that recognition came an energy that pulled her completely out of the life that she had lived up to that point and placing her somewhere new.  She affirmed she was literally moving mid-August.  Perfect!

It is only then, in her new life, on new ground will the fullness of her tree of wisdom take root as her next expression in Life.

As the images and understandings unfolded I could feel her deep and utter connection with the energy, the life force of Gaia and this will be what she brings into created reality… next.  How?  It will be interesting to find out!!

She had asked something that holy cow batman, ever have I been more excited about an answer to a personal question before.  Even tho the answer was, as usual, elusive in mundane details, I get…. SO GET the energy of it all.

She asked about her finances.  Her and her husband just purchased a house which the down itself can deplete a long history of savings.  But that was exactly what the money was for!  Her seed energy.

Had I not written my first sharing, I would not understand this extraordinary imagery the way I do now!!

Her team called that money she put down on the house her “seed money.”  Well think of seeds, when we plant them on fertile ground (this is a very important, very key sentence here) it will sprout and grow in ways we cannot even come close to imagining today.

How I seen this play out for her in her reading.  Her “finances” instantly appeared like a  vibrational energy line.  Kind of like a chord I suppose.  The chord itself was emerged just about her shoulders high and was a cold gray in color.  Then as it moved outward maybe a week or less, it suddenly plummeted to the ground and ran flat until we hit the inflowing energies of August as the very end of July.  Suddenly the financial chord went straight up in the air and pierced thru the month of August and burst into massive flames!!

At first blush this may seem disturbing!  But I know…. KNOW kundalini fire when I feel it and see it.

Now who would have ever thought that money itself could have a passion in life.  Well, lets now be clear  ALL ENERGY HAS PASSION.  How we use energy either sets it passionately aflame or it becomes a dying ember.

Her money in August was like the Phoenix!!!  It looked dead for a moment… but transformed into something even better, richer, abundant.

She asked such a wonderful question… God I love questions!!  She asked if this money fire image was purely for her or was this more a planetary message.    The reply from the field… striking!!

It applied to those hearts (and wallets, smile) aligned with the new Tree of Life energy.  To love, to invest in an energy currently unfathomable but ya go it anyway for no other reason except that your heart said to.

Well, in her case her husband got transferred to a new area… but still!!  It is just as valid.  She could have chosen anywhere else… but like I choose here, she choose there!

Feel with that for a long moment!!  I about pee’d my pants hearing and feeling that!!

I had so hoped to visit my son, grandson and most especially my father and siblings at the end of this month… but the tremendous glitches in my (now old) calendar kept that from happening.  So my heart fills with incredible hope that maybe…. August or September that WILL happen!!

I also need to make clear… being connected to the Tree of Life is not a romantic or fanciful gesture.  It is a State of Being.  It is a state of inner and outer expression moving thru the heart energy in any given action within your life.

So my second reading really boggled my mind.  I could not find her or her field to save my life.  I knew I was not in the void, I could feel the energy flow of her reading… so I started looking around, and then up.  What I had seen so surprised me.  There she was, waving like crazy with her hand on the edge of the Mesa Cliff.  Only, she was not herself.  She was a young (7-10 year old) Indian boy.  The feeling was like he was left behind for so long and now that someone could see him, he was waving his hand in the air to be rescued!

I asked her about her native american DNA, she affirmed her father was.

I also understood too, this child that lives within her comes with major ancient wisdom lost along the way.  Hence him standing on ascended ground. (which is the mesa top’s expression)

I knew I had to go get him and get him on the ground, the most amazing multi-colored Light Ladder emerged on the side of the cliff for me to climb.  I went and retrieved him and as we climbed down and to her center field, he just started aging.  He was a man by the time I got to where she was standing.  And then it got really really weird.

I brought my consciousness back in the house so I can have a full spectrum view of her field of Life.  There she was, one set of legs, hips and lower belly and then he was leaning in his own body to the left, her to the right.  Gives Siamese twins a whole new look!

I also understand she had come equipped in this lifetime as two separate soul signatures in one body.  Truly she is her own twin flame within herself.

She had asked me to describe the adult Indian that was also her, and as I did, she said it was the exact image of her father.  A DNA set and life expression that MUST come thru her!

She must go back to the 7-10 year old and fully integrate all of him, especially in that timeline, into her as one unified expression.  (yes we talked in-depth about meditation… no other way around it.)

So as I followed her unified potential forward… man, mind-blowing really.  She, as the feminine aspect had very particular codes and keys within her, he the same, and when the two together were united… holy freakin shit batman!  I could see and feel the heart energy magnified like nothing I felt before.  Because there are two sets of DNA merging as one, the magnetic field becomes twice as powerful in the merger.

Together, they mastered a unification of energy and choose to incarnate in the same body to leave nothing that could be missed in this crucial lifetime together.

The child left behind… that is where our truest, purest gift of Life is.

We are Re-Membering.  We are Re-Uniting and like the Phoenix, We Will Live the Flames of Passion void of worry and anything less than Pure Love.

Chose wisely my loves and take action from your heart of passion!

(((((HUGZ))))) of childlike passion on fire!!

Lisa Gawlas  Reading Special 3-4-2:

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  1. As I was reading, but before you got to talking about group energy, I got a clear understanding of my participation in the group that is me. When I asked my larger self about my role, the response was “we are busy” as in doing all kinds of things related to the process we are going through. It is my part to be the point in contact with 3-d earth, and to live this life with the biggest heart I can as we move forward. All of which I knew, but not this way.
    Then moved on to see what you were writing about and had to laugh – confirmation!
    Thank you Lisa, for the train of thought which I was happily following!


  2. with you Lynn as the group energy emerges more and more. thank you Lisa for articulating it!


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