Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 3, 2012

The Hurricane of Love Within Ignites the Garden of Shambhala!

Have you noticed that July arrived filled with energy.  Granted, this is only day 3, but I swear we have already experienced a week full of energy.  The sun, after several days of sleeping in the end of June, sprung out of its slumber and has been firing CME’s and steadily releasing X Rays and UV radiation.  Waking up and activating our entire newly coded DNA and soul blue prints!

My first reading yesterday was very telling about the choices that will be presented to all of us in the coming days, weeks and months.

The first thing I had seen with her I thought was just very odd.  She was sliding up and down what looked to be a long christmas ornament icicle.  I have found a picture of one and will place it below so you can see what I had seen.

Her pole was in that exact shape, grooves and all, and with the tip pointing up.  The base was firmly planted within the harvest of her life, her west field and positioned on a line that I didn’t know existed til yesterday… the crossing point of her inner and outer world.

This icicle was changing energy fields from a really light silver to a really light golden color.  Yesterday I thought it was my vision that was having a hard time holding the color spectrum, this morning I realize that it is the newness of working this energy (above, below) that she is just bringing it all together in her life.  The sliding motion of up and down… consistently, was creating the energy needed for her next expression in life.

Suddenly I had seen what looked like a massive star-burst of energy happen in the middle of her grooved pole and it too became a consistent stream of energy (but not a single stream, think really big sparkler) going into what I will call her outer life.  The physical life she lives.

I eventually moved her off her pole to see what else we can see.  These next events were really interesting, to say the least.

We seemed to automatically move straight to the very center of her inner field.  As the day before, the center (representing your inner life) of this field was layered with a semi-gel like white wispy energy and as we moved to the center, a circulation of energy started.  It reminded me of watching the storm clouds of a potential hurricane take form.  But the circulation was gentle, the energy a soft glowing white.  Altho it partly reminded me of a storm, because of its gentleness and lack of dark clouds, I discounted any sort of storm… until this morning.

As we reached her center a small little opening appeared.  Again, think eye of the hurricane… which I did mention to her, but discounted the hurricane part.

As we reached the center, the eye if you will, she pulled out a flower (from where, god only knows lol) and placed it in the opening.

Let me talk about this flower, I know it is now the new look of the “Shambhala” flowers.  No longer looking like the flowers from the movie “What Dreams May Come” because that dream is now Here!!  It now looks like a daisy.  One of the first flowers of spring, gentle yet sturdy.

Once she planted it in the center of her field, I was able to look underneath the now steadily circulating cloud like energy to see the energy of this shambhala daisy (which is her) and all the roots of this flower were silver (silver being the highest vibration of earth energy) and automatically grew towards the tree of life on the left side of her field.

I could see the soft white glow of the roots of this tree as well.  But there was a gap of energy between the tree and the roots of this flower.  The feeling was they are reaching out towards each other now and in the days and weeks to come, the rest of the energy will be provided (always dependent on your inner choices) for the full on connection.

She suddenly asked about her husband.  This was wild!  The moment she asked, she was whisked out of her center, placed back in her far west field and there he was… black as coal.  First in her body and then I watched as the field, the Guardians, her team (not quite sure who did this, and obviously, the who doesn’t matter) placed their energy on her husband and started to remove him from her.  Backing him up further and further away from her energy stream.  Away from me as well.  I could not (nor really wanted to) read him.  Each time I attempted, he was removed further away.

This was not a symbolic gesture either.  As the reading progressed we could see that they were going to part, as they were already walking in two very separate directions.

Shambhala, I so wish I had better words of describing exactly what I mean by this life.  And you MUST choose it, it will not just be given to you.

So much of what I understand is an energetic expression that I have no relationship to describe it except by saying what we are creating with our connectedness, our loving unified hearts is the full on energy of the spiritual realm, housed in our bodies, expressing unencumbered in Life.  In this place, no judgement, conditional love, external desires can be held here.  Ego must marry the spirit as it was designed to do.

That means, there will come a time (sooner than later) you will be given the choice to walk away from the 3D life you are living and more than likely, walk into a life of complete unknown.  How that happens is going to be as unique as you are.

For me, it was once again leaving Virginia and the children and grandchild I love with all my Being and coming back to New Mexico on a dime and even that was just a pit stop.  I only stayed a month where I was and thru the open heart of my land lady and the support of the world (smile, gratitude oozing) was given the Key to what I now call my heaven, Life in the Jemez.

We all have the choice to not go there, especially when “there” does not come with an explanation, an understanding of why… just an internal prompting, and even then, we have bigger choices.

The energy of the hurricane in that reading.  When we think of storms (at least when I do) we think of the dark ominous clouds, torrential downpours and a cleansing of the area.  The high energies of Life are now cooking something up within us who hold the vibrational ticket to Shambhala.  A storm so clear within our lives, within our hearts, not to wreck havoc but to produce the energy of connecting the flower (you) to the new Tree of Life (living heaven on earth in every conceivable way.)

This is a Love Hurricane!!!

I never did get to my second reading yesterday.  I was crashing hard by the time her appointment rolled around.  After we rescheduled I laid down on the couch and could not hold my eyes open any longer.  As I felt myself start to drift off to sleep, I told the universe, make this worth my while, give me a dream to further understand the moment of time we are all in now.  Boy, did they!

The first three hours of sleep produced a dream so vivid I knew it was a dream experience, something real that happened.  But the content really disturbed me.

I was part of the cleaning detail of what looked like a metaphysical party.  There were rows and rows of conference tables on each side of the room.  I was walking from table to table cleaning up all the debris that was left over.  There were only a handful of people left and most of them were talking to another person at various tables.

Then Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon showed up at the back of the room.  Suddenly I realized he did a channeling for this event and it was his last channeling he was going to be doing.

I went over to talk to him, the room itself was dimly lit, he was flooded in light, the colors seemed to all brighten around him.  I asked him, with a sadness in my heart, why he was no longer going to be channeling Kryon.  I could tell he didn’t like my question and really didn’t want to answer it.  He simply replied “I need to focus on the next leg of my journey” and as he spoke those words, made a hand gesture over his entire torso area… like focusing on whatever is happening inside of him needed his focus.  In an instant, I knew he was sick.

The moment I realized he was sick, I felt the energy of Kryon and it was moving away… back into the multi-verse.

Lee then got up and walked away from me and there was a lady suddenly in his place.  She too was flooded with light and color and I asked her, is he sick?  She said yes, but does not like talking about it.

I was so shocked and sad that I actually woke up.  I love both Lee Carroll and Kryon and want them both to be here forever.  I was really relieved to find out I was only dreaming… and faded back to sleep for another hour.

At the end of that sleep cycle I found myself outside of myself, looking at my sleeping body on the couch and this really really huge energy bubble inches away from my crown chakra.  This bubble must have been at least 10 feet in diameter and the feel of the energy was very gel-like (not soap-bubble consistency) and radiated rainbow energy everywhere.  All of a sudden, it burst.  The energy of that enormous bubble burst all over my body and I could feel it… like being hit with a water balloon filled with gel!  The shock of it woke me up… and I stood awake!

Added note after first publish:  When I actually got up, there was a thunder and lightening storm happening with much needed rains pouring down.  I forgot about this until I just now went out to the tree and the air itself has changed.  The lighting in the sky and on the mesa… changed.

Something, more than any of us realize…. happened!

Both dreams showed with unmistakable clarity endings.  I leached as much information from Kryon via Lee Carroll about our DNA as I could over the last several years.  As I processed and replayed this dream before I fell asleep again several hours later, I realized that the party really is over.  What we sought out for so long is here.  The only instruction we can take now is from deep within ourselves.  The magnetic field of earth… aligned to the higher grid of Shambhala.

Even the bursting/releasing of the energy bubble was telling.  No more just breathing energy into the concept, the energy is now part of our body and we MUST use it!!

I must have been off visiting a lot of people during my sleep last evening, as I remember talking to so many people, explaining how important this time is right now and how you must use the energy available and make choices to drop the 3D world.  There was more in all these conversations, but now… it is just static and I don’t remember the depth of the conversations.

I pray that what I had seen with Lee was symbolic and not literal.  I pray we all have the inner strength to make the choices needed to fully connect our flowers to the tree of life.

I Am ready to dance in the hurricane energy of Love with You!!  Let me tell you, I feel you every moment of every day.  The love, the orgasmic release of energy… and it feels soooooooooo good!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of loving ecstasy to All!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Hi Lisa
    I had a really wild dream last night as well. I had dolphins, whales, sea lions, and penguins instructing me to write a blog about them but I have no clue about what.


    • Sheila, do what I do, start your blog by putting your fingers on the keys… let the rest flow from your new friends!! Trust in your wonderful new process!!! (((((HUGZ))))) to you and all your new friends!!!


  2. Speaking of storms, I loooooved the massive thunder and lightning storm last night! I was filled with glee! In my part of ABQ, it really poured rain (other parts of town didn’t get as much). The electricity in the air literally infused me. Just prior to this, I was taking part in a Skype held Spiritualist circle (Lisa, you would like it) led by my friend, During the 2 hours we ladies were together online, this one medium who had never met me before suddenly says, “I don’t know why spirit is doing this, but someone on the Other Side keeps yelling CARRIE CARRIE CARRIE without anything else.” I cracked up laughing. As you, Lisa, know, I have been feeling I might need to go back to my birth name after being Atheria since 1999 (spirit gave me the name in 98) but I’ve been in an indecisive Libra quandry. Well, I guess I’m supposed to be Carrie after all. 🙂 The big storm last night that rained so hard and renewed everything in my area may have been symbolic for me being renewed. Now I need to work on merging Atheria with Carrie so I don’t leave too much behind like I did when I became Atheria long ago. — I wish I could dream like you. My sleep has been VERY restless lately. I wake up around 2-3 a.m. and can’t sleep. I’m so tired! I do hope Lee Carroll is okay too….


    • Ohhhhh Carrie my lovely lovely friend ((((((HUGZ))))))

      I can still feel and smell the electricity in the air this morning… it is strangely erotic, but then again, I am finding everything to be strangely erotic (must be all the energy being sent here lol)

      What a perfect and clear message to get… you must be human-self and spiritual self all at once. You do feel very new, very energized and I am so doing the happy dance over here for you… All of You!!

      I almost never ever dream. Hell my life is one big constant dream, so when I go to sleep I am off planet usually. But yesterday, I wanted dreams and man did I get them!!

      Have I mentioned yet about getting on massage table…. hint hint hint. I am good, really good, at blending the spiritual body with the physical body… my gift to you!! 🙂

      Love ya so much!!


      • Why yes you have! 😉 I have a hard time with anything I consider to be “pampering” although with my constant headache, it’s not like it’s frivolous by any means. I should be getting massages all the time!


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  4. Hi Atheria
    Big hugs to you. You have been in my thoughts over the last few days since we chatted on here a wee while ago.
    I too have recently gone back to my birth name – Eileen … I had been given Matariki by my Pleiadian friends 3 years ago around the winter solstice ( June 2009) out in New Zealand..Matariki helped me to leave New Zealand and travel over here to Scotland.. Around this June solstice ( summer here in the Northern hemisphere) I got the message that Matariki was like a waka ( a canoe) which I have been traveling in and now it is time to travel lighter. My birth name Eileen means Light.
    It is an interesting synchronicity that you are also receiving this message to merge with your birth name at this time too.
    You are in my distant healing book for reiki … sending you love


    • Eileen,

      Oh wow! I just typed out a long blog about my name but have to wait to get home to post it. What you mentioned about the canoe fits something I felt…that Atheria served a purpose but that purpose is done. I feel I’m totally changing right now and that is why things have been so hard. Thank you very much for the love, support, and healing. By the way, my ancestry is Pleiadian/Plejaran. 🙂

      In Light,
      Carrie who almost typed Atheria 🙂


      • I Love you both Atheria/Carrie. I cant stop thinking of ya. Kissess and Hugs, Your Cheeleader Roy:)


      • Awwww….shucks. I’m blushing. Thank you, Roy.


    • Eileen, here is my post:


      • Thanks Atheria/ Carrie
        I have just left a rather LONG comment … hope you don’t mind 🙂 Also Lisa … I hope you don’t mind me rabbiting on here as well 🙂
        This is so interesting as I felt so drawn to you when I left that comment on here the other day and almost immediately you were there too. Like Roy .. my mind has gone back to you many times since then and when I have sent reiki to all in my dh book it is your face which has been foremost in my mind… so there seems to be rather a strong connection there.
        You will know what to do with all of this .. maybe don’t think too much about the whys and the wherefores .. simply go with what you feel.
        Great to have connected with you (again)
        Love Eileen
        ((((((Big hugs to you, Lisa, Roy, Cheryl and all)))))
        – Thanks Lisa for you and your blog ( meeting place 🙂 )


      • Ohhh Eileen (and everyone) I LOVE the sharing happening here between y’all. Supporting, loving, helping, hugging each other is what we need to do… actively and constantly. Share, play, love openly and freely here… this is Y/Our turf!!

        (((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude to All of you!


      • I am digging through truckloads of emails right now and see there is a comment I need to moderate. I’ll go look-see! Thank you everyone…:-)


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