Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 2, 2012

Deep Inner Intimacy With YourSelf is What July Requires.

If I can describe July’s energy in one word, that would have to be intimacy.  The energy itself is thick, but not heavy at all.  I have a feeling it is building into the gel like substance that I have seen August as since last year.  We can call it the glue of your Life.

I am going to share my last reading of the day first, I feel her reading is so profound and may hit on so much within so many who have been finding it difficult to leap into this new energy and completely manifest your new life.

First let me tell you, this wonderful soul has the patience of a saint.  She first booked her reading wayyyyy back in Feb.  Every single time we got together since then, and it was often, I could not do a reading for her.  Sometimes I was in the void, sometimes I was able to do readings all day long until I got to her.  But the Light of Day broke for her yesterday!!

Her reading opened up with her sitting in the far West area of her life’s field and my vision became trained on what was behind her.  Now keep in mind, what was behind her, energetically, was outside of her.  imagine that the field represents your home, the inside of your home and what appears outside of it, is kind of like at your front door, or in your yard.  Connected to you, but not a part of your inner decor…. yet.

Behind her I could see a wheel barrow turned over and apples laying all over the ground from left all the way over to her right.  I realized within her readings, the apples are representing your life’s harvest.  All the spiritual mastery within your collective lives, the good karma coins available to you and so much more (there was constantly a feeling of so much more…. yet, not sure what that so much more is… yet.)

From her inner field, I could not understand how the heck her apples…. her life’s harvest, got all over the ground outside of her inner space.  I decided to turn the wheel barrow to an upright position, put her apples into the wheel barrow and walk her backwards in the timeline to understand her story.  I was so surprised by the sudden stop into this past February.  The feeling was like when something becomes locked and loaded… and the view around her and her apple cart was pitch black.  I couldn’t see anything if I tried… when I realized the connection between the date of her first reading and this view, I understood why we couldn’t see anything in Feb.  So I walked her forward until I could see something.  As we got into March it became a bit lighter, I could see energy around that radiated like an amber Light.  Anytime I see amber in a reading, I relate it to ancient wisdom trapped inside a soft glowing light within yourself.

She was pushing her wheel barrow forward until we hit the timeline of March 23rd and she hit a major bump in the road.  Something was protruding upwards from the ground and when she hit it with the front (and only) wheel of the apple cart she was pushing, it knocked the wheel loose and became really wobbly.

Let me share exactly how important this imagery is.  She and her soul obviously started harvesting all her “ripe” energy back in the beginning of the year.  Instead of integrating it all (eating the apples) she was pushing them forward, outside of herself, into her future.  So she has not been able to use the energy of the apples and eventually, the burden of pushing them around becomes heavy.

I cannot remember what happened back in March, but I do know that the 23rd was a major power node.  Whatever was released to her thru that power node was designed to make her external (the mind) apple cart unstable.  She could not remember what might have happened exactly at that time (and I could not understand why spirit waited 4 months for this story to present itself to her when we could have looked and addressed this many times over the last 4 months.)

Other than seeing her front wheel completely wobbly, I didn’t see any more details… so I walked her forward again into April.  Suddenly a deep orange triangle came down from above that sliced the month of April in half.  Orange represents our sense of self (going with the color of the sacral chakra just below the belly button on the body.)

Ohhhh, now I get this even more today.  I could not understand the significance of this orange upside down triangle yesterday.

The month of April was violet, giving us the intense opportunity to completely blend or merge our spiritual energy with our physical energy.  But without actually eating those apples… consuming the wisdom of your expanded soul, the event becomes stuck in time if you will.

I watched as she dropped to the ground on her butt, legs open wide, exhausted.    Energetically she couldn’t move one more inch forward and has been sitting there in that timeline, in that state of energetic exhaustion ever since.

She is an amazing artist, does the most unique, creative mandala’s of which she blessed my life with and I have watched her keep trying to take all her old energy and put it out into life and life just not supporting her thru her effort.

I know life, the field, our spiritual teams have said many times in many ways, this is the year to do it all new.  What got you to here is not going to get you to there… time to change into your next expression.  But ya gotta eat the apples to know what that even means to you (us.)  To simply know you have this wisdom and just keep pushing it forward… no longer working!!

Her team gave her an exercise that I myself had done in 2004.  If you feel you can relate in any way to her story… then please do this exercise yourself too.  It is more powerful than you can even realize!!

Try as I might, I could not get her beyond the timeline of April, that is truly where her energy stopped moving forward because to be in the true now, your apples, your harvested energy must be consumed and radiate from within you.

7 Day Apple Meditation:

Get 7 apples for this meditation.  Each day, as soon as you wake up (before you have coffee, water, cigarettes, whatever) eat your apple core, seeds and all (not the external stem tho.)  Once completely consumed, give your body about 10 minutes to really start the digestion process then go into meditation.  Let the focus of your meditation be the digestion within your stomach.  The apples are going to release information to you thru the digestive process.  Do not judge the information.  It may appear random and unrelated to anything, I assure you, that is never the case with anything that springs from meditation.

I would keep an apple journal log each day.  Just to have something to go back and reflect on.  What you don’t understand this week, you may really get next month… especially since August is very red like apples (smile.)

One apple each day for seven consecutive days.

Ya know, I never really understood why I had to eat the core and the seeds with my apple when I had done this meditation in 2004.  Of course, I didn’t really understand life like I do now too.  We tend to eat only of the fruit and discard the rest of life.  The core of the apple holds it all together, like your own core energy.  The seeds plant new life, new growth within you.

I still had to wonder why her team waited this long to give her the fullness of her story.  We got together several times a month every single month and yet nothing was revealed until July.  The answer I get back this morning is two-fold.

First and foremost… there has got to be a living example of what has transpired these last several months to be an outward expression to the All.  She took up that mantle (thank you so much.)  Also, without having done the work in the first quarter of the year, the second quarter could not promote the energy growth needed.  July does.  July is literally serving as your second and truly, last chance to fully integrate your harvest within your life thru this next intense phase (which, today I will say lasts thru May 2013….always subject to change.)

Now I am going to jump to my very first reading of the day.  After having dreamt of that Tree of Life all night long and my first reading being within that dream, I was shocked when I connected to my lovely lady in Switzerland only to see nothing really.  I could feel the energy of the Tree of Life, and the energy of her physical body but not a darn thing other than that.  I thought…. shit, I am still in the garage!  But I didn’t feel like I was.

I knew she was about to head to California for two weeks a couple of days and we wanted to get insight on whats happening there.  Try as I might…. nadda.  I went up, over, under, thru… shit I could get a spark of Light to save our lives.  Before frustration completely set in, I heard the field say (and show me) that she was at a really huge crossroads in life.  When in this life changing moment in time, your team, life itself cannot and will not interfere in your choices.

It is a time to apply completely and uniquely all the accumulated wisdom and abilities to the next phase of your life.  Her trip to California and the beautiful people she is going to be staying with… are all in this massive moment in their collective and conjoined life.

The moment we started talking about rescheduling when she got back to Switzerland… suddenly I could see her in that timeline.  My heart skipped a beat, maybe even several!!

I could see her body, the energy glow of her body and it was metallic like the Tree of Life has become.  I suddenly seen a path stretch out before her on the ground that went into three directions, and those directions had off shoots to them as well.  At first I thought it was choice points until the words “branch out” floated off of my tongue.  Then my heart just exploded in joy!!  I get this!!

Our tree of life has an amazing root system sustaining it (you) the trunk that holds and supports its place in life (everything here) but yet… not branches or anything above the trunk.  I must say tho, that trunk has grown really fat and really high.  And now… we give birth to the branches and literally start to branch out.

What that really means will be revealed thru the apples emitting their new frequency thru your pores, thru your breath and thru your heart!!

One of my other readings for yesterday comes with yet another exercise.  With the exception of the lady in Switzerland, all three other readings had the same feeling to them.  It is time to be very intimate within yourself.  To really get to know who you are and why you are during this crucial month of July.

It is not time to be busy externally, but internally.  Life most likely WILL hand you every conceivable distraction and it is also the time to implement your Divine Will and make room and time for YourSelf!!  This too is part of your mastery coming to the fore.

Thru each reading, save the last one of the day (and it is only because she has to eat her apples) I could see and feel the energy of the Tree of Life set up on the left side of the readings (meaning it is already connected to your/our physical life path.)  What we choose to do this month is either going to fully connect you to this amazing energetic tree or place you back on the path of created reality to loop around again and see what you missed until we get to May of next year.

I could see the circle of energy of the field… interestingly it was always sealed off from the external.  Up until now all the readings seemed to flow both within the field (your personal energy field, life energy) and also outside the field of energy (external path of life that we all live in some way.)  Not yesterday… save our Swiss angel!!

The energy within the field is a milky white almost gel like, but not quite.  In it, little puffs of light pink and blue energy.  The new masculine and feminine energies.  As I read for this one lovely lady, I watched as her team took her out of her inner space of reflection within her West Field and took her over to the energy of the tree of life (keep in mind, it was an energetic presence, not the metallic energy that I had seen two days ago.)  I have a feeling it becomes metallic in a reading once you are fully connected to it.  We will see.

She was placed almost like she was being frisked by the police, hands against the tree, body slightly bent and leaning in, feet firmly on the ground.  Then I watched as her in-breath was taking the energy from the bark of the tree and moving it down thru the palms of her hands and into her body.

I could feel the molecular change happening within her as the energy flowed thru her.  I had also seen the energy around her, the pink and blue puffs, start to circulate all around the field.  They created four rings of energy, blending perfectly of the mix of blue and pink, and then each ring set itself up around her in a semi-circle then linked together like the rings of the Olympics.

Suddenly, I had seen a huge golden door floating in the air in the direction I will just call her future.  It really reminded me too, of the golden door I had first seen when I moved here to the land and energy of Shambhala in the Mesa base.

All of a sudden her door started to open (as we were talking about her future) and landed in the center of the red gel of August.  Now, even tho we didn’t get tangible details of what this means in her life… I sooooo get the visual and how profound it’s meaning is.

When this golden door landed in the red gel, it pulled all the surrounding energy to it… engulfing her golden opportunity with every red gel filled fiber of August.  Utterly and completely supported and enhance by the energy I am just going to call August.

To be clear on this, because it is soooo important, so rich in detail… imagine that whatever you are doing in life, is completely supported and nurtured by the energy field around you…. there are no longer any bumps in the road, shit in the yard, worries that you are not going to make it… because you can see and feel the entirety of support of all the universe.

That is what Augusts potential is for ALL of us!

What I also find interesting…. very very interesting… every single time I mentioned the Tree of Life yesterday in my readings and tried to explain the significance and importance of this tree (which I really cannot do efficiently, too much is pure energetics) the tree itself would insert the line “and so much more than that” over and over again.

And so, I am going to leave you on that note because I have a second sharing to do.

Enjoy eating of your apples and breathing in the energy of the Tree of Life!!  Feel the aliveness of the Love flowing in this beautiful month called July!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with fruity wonder!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I realize as well, the metallic blues, violets, gold and such of the Tree of Life is equally expressed vividly in the Peacock ore that was part of the package deal for Fathers Day.  They wanted to sit in the field for the completion of June and now all will be mailed out today.  I have several pieces of Peacock Ore left (AKA The Stone of Happiness) which will be included with each new reading purchase at least thru July 7th… or until I run out!!



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  2. I don’t know if I can do anything before I have my morning coffee. 😉 And, don’t apple seeds have arsenic in them or something? Or is that an old wives’ tale? Well, this blog gives me some hope that things will get better.


    • Atheria, that is what I said… before my coffee and smoke? lol… but I did it anyway. I have no clue about the seeds, but I cannot imagine spirit would give you an exercise to kill you… I lived to tell the tale (smile.) I ate really big red delicious apples too…

      Also, it was great to see you just show up at my door the other day, it was wonderful to see you again!! Do it more often…. ohhhh no more cats tho please, I have already have one I don’t want (cat sitting for ever I suppose lol)

      Love ya girl!!


  3. Lisa,
    March 23 was 3 days after the equinox and one day after a new moon, and back then you had told me that 3/23 was a pivitol day for me, as well, but I don’t know why. Nothing big happened to mark the event, that I can recall.
    Looks like I’ll be doing the apples b/c I feel like the first lady you described here, pushing things ahead, splayed on the ground, exhausted. I think I’ll be getting some small, soft apples b/c if I could just “pretend” to eat the core I would, but clearly I can’t.


  4. Hi Lisa,

    I started the apple meditation today because I really loved the idea of consciously integrating all the energy downloads that feel like they are hovering just out of reach. As soon as I started eating the part of the core with the seeds, I felt sick and then within minutes had thrown up the entire apple that I had just eaten. (It was an organic apple, so presumably this wasn’t just a physical rejection of chemicals/pesticides.) I went ahead with a short meditation anyway, although without much success.

    If this happens again tomorrow morning, would it be better to skip trying to eat the seeds and meditate while digesting the rest of the apple? or to continue at least attempting to eat the entire thing and see if my body/mind/spirit acclimates by the end of the week?

    Thanks Lisa! BTW, I’m loving your blogs lately, especially the exploration of what it means to be “awake and aware.” Good stuff!



    • Hi Michelle ((((HUGZ))))

      I have a feeling it is less the apple creating the inner purging than it is something within you resisting the full wisdom and integration of your whole self.

      As I so clearly found out last month, sometimes we do not even realize we have a resistance to something within us until we are presented with the opportunity to go further and take in more.

      I would do a meditation with your stomach area / solar plexus area before I eat any more apples. Understanding why your reflex pushed out the incoming merger. Then, when you feel clear on that, start the apple meditation all over again.

      When I did this meditation in 2004, I actually had an apple tree in the back yard. When the apples of the tree came into season, the tree was so loaded with fruit the branches were pulled to the ground. My landlady at the time said she had never seen that tree produce so many apples. I mention this because life supports us and gets excited for us in so many ways…. but also has a way of letting us know we have something to clear!

      I am sending you lots of clear comforting energy my friend!


      • Lisa! Thanks for that suggestion. This morning I did the stomach/solar plexus meditation and have begun to get some insight. So, I’ll keep playing with that until I get to a place of full understanding and clearing/integrating before doing the apple work again.

        Many hugs back at you!!


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