Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 25, 2012

Your Vibration is the Ticket into the Apple (pure wisdom) Tree of Life!

I do believe spirit keeps an ever-growing note-book of every thing we do, experience and glean even thru meditation.  We humans are apt to forget these tremendous moments in time due to the upcoming thousands of other moments in time along the way.  Spirit doesn’t!!

Yesterday, as I was able to take an early morning bath, seems my team took back to my bathtub journeys that occurred in 2004.

Both of these remembrances that I am going to share, I could not have conceived of the fullness of their meaning… or they’re happening down a timeline called Now!

The first one I want to talk about I called A meditation with a Gold Vault.  (The link will take you to the full meditation details, if you so desire.)

The moment my team reminded me of this long forgotten meditation, I instantly seen the Golden door that was in the Mesa shortly after arriving and activating this land (together.)  I even had to smile knowing this area used to be the sea.  They have found many sea fossils in the rocks of New Mexico.

Also, this meditation of the vault came from a sulfur crystal.  Sulfur is very prominent here especially in the well water that flows into the house.

When I opened the vault (in 2004) the first thing to come out was flying bugs.  The start of spring here and an unusual amount of moths flying around, to the point of constantly invading my home.  We won’t even talk about the crickets here now!

The elephant and the switches.  I get those elephant legs, they were my own!  The swelling in my legs and feet as I do readings, like nothing I ever experienced before.  The switches are the readings and the people who have visited over the last 6 months.

The next thing that came out of this vault was a sperm whale that blew up.  No doubt that has been my time with Rick.  Spirit even referred to him as a sperm donor as his own choice became to live within the world.  But his presence, his loving presence, blew my own heart wide open!!

I remember being so puzzled by the last of what I had seen in that vault.  People with their backs against the wall… scared.  I so understand that so much today.

This journey is not for the weak of heart.  To sacrifice our own sense of identity, sense of family, sense of everything related to this world, it really is terrifying.   Even with that I hear the universe repeat a common phrase:  Many are called, few are chosen.  Many have come into this time on earth with the vibrational alignment of what I call Shambhala… few will ever really let go (at least in this phase of the game.) of it all, to have it all!

If this golden vault remembrance wasn’t enough to kick-start my excited heart, this next one was the icing on our Shambhala cake!!

I had left my beloved Vermont in March of 2004 and journeyed to Rupert, Idaho.  I used to yell at my “team” that if I was going to spend so much time in a bathtub, I should at least have a jacuzzi bathtub.  The home I rented in Idaho had exactly that!  As much as I didn’t understand why I was so far away from anything and everything I knew, save my 13 year old daughter, I trusted this was where our next adventure unfolded.

Shortly after arriving and realizing that as romantic as a Jacuzzi sounded, it didn’t do a thing for my meditation.  The noise and the jets always kept my consciousness in the bathtub!!

I was given an instruction set by spirit to purchase 7 red apples and each day for 7 consecutive days to eat one apple, core, seeds and all before I drank any coffee or smoked a cigarette and to go into meditation while the apple was digesting within my stomach.

One of the first meditations with the series of apples (first fruits of the earth which holds pure wisdom of our soul as it relates to created matter.)  I started to become the apple tree… just the trunk.  I was taken out of my bath and suspended upside down from above (god if that doesn’t just represent my life getting to here.)

The only other part of that 7 day mediation series did I remember was brought to my bathtub yesterday in unmistakable clarity.

There are some meditations you just never forget… very much like vivid dreams.  I just never really got the fullness of that meditation before.  Of course, in 2004 I had no real clue where we were really heading, I was still very much disassembling the Catholic within!

The meditation opened up with me as a passive observer.  I could see everything that was happening as it as happening.

The first thing I had noticed was this really huge tree.  It was more massive than anything that I had ever seen before.  Directly at the base of this massive tree was an opening, very much like an opening you would see in a Tee Pee.

In front of this opening was a line of people miles long.  They were all standing single file and went back so far I couldn’t see where the line ended.  Each one was holding a ticket in their right hand (spiritual side.)  There was a white glow to the tickets and that was their only passage into the tree.

There were energy Beings stationed at the foot of the tree, Beings I know fully understand are the Guardians.  The Guardians were the ticket checkers and allowed admittance into this tree.

I had watched as person after person either went into the opening of the tree or was removed from the line because they possessed a fake ticket.

I started to understand thru this visual about false lights.  People who probably don’t even realize how much of their own ego is embedded in their Light.  My own journey of discernment, which started with myself, picked up 10 fold from that day forward.

I was able to move my observing consciousness to inside the tree, and I was really baffled as all I could see was a group of people sitting in a circle in the center of the tree.

That ended that meditation and really puzzled me… until now.

I didn’t even conceive last month that we were birthing a new Tree of Life into creation.  So to look into a future I had no consciousness of… made this meditation just strange.

But I have to now look back at how firmly the Guardians guard this place.  The ticket is your own vibrational field.  When ego dominance comes to the fore, it is the ego that is the false ticket and must be removed for this Tree to fully be all that it came into creation to be.

We are gathering even now.

And yesterday, the field of Life morphed once again.  This evolution of change that we are undergoing right now is making my own consciousness spin in just trying to keep up.  I feel like I did in 2003 when I first started doing readings professionally (for 99 cents per reading lol.)

The language of Light changed!  The symbolisms, changed.  Everything, changed!!   I am / We Are building a new vocabulary as we go.

My first reading yesterday opened up to a tremendous amount of electrical charges coming in.  Have I mentioned what I witness in a reading, I am also experiencing in my own body!!  I want hazard pay!! (smile)

She was standing in a very strange circular pool of energy, in the middle of the field for sure.  Lightening bolt after lightening bolt was coming from the front of the sky and zapping the ba-jesus out of her feet.  She said her feet have been tingling for days… no doubt!!  I was flipping tingling and then some.

As I tried to move out of her incoming lightening zaps, I moved my awareness to the pool of energy surrounding her.  If we can set this up like a clock.  the 12 position would represent the Fall Equinox timeline, the 6 position the Solar eclipse, the 9 position your physical life aspect, the 3 position the spiritual life aspect.

From the 9 position around to the 12 thru the 2 position the energy in her field was a fluffy fluid like white energy.  Once we got to about 2 going all the way around her (past) until we reached the 9 position again, it was like turbulent storm clouds that were present.  That would make sense of the Lightening for sure!!

Think about it, just about all of us have gotten to hear by the very storms of our lives.  The lightening was/is actually clearing all the remaining residual emotions we have brought to this point of our game.

As I started to understand what I was seeing (albeit, barely) the lightning started to come in two at a time, zapping both of her feet in unison.  And then I had seen the most spectacular thing… the ground under her feet opened up, just a little, and this red gel like substance started to bubble up from the ground.  Kinda reminds me of the Beverly Hillbilly’s finding oil!!

And then weird just got weirder.  The tiny circle of ground beneath her feet started to move to and fro.  All I could think of in relationship to this visual was like picking a scab off the body.

And then, I watched as she was lifted ever so slowly higher.  She didn’t move at all, no forward or backwards steps, just somehow being elevated… higher.  There was the still rocking of back and forth, side to side as she moved higher in vibration.  I am not sure how it will play out in her physical life, but there was no doubt this motion… will.  I was reminded of my time with Rick, back forth, up down, side to side… but what an amazing roller coaster ride to here!!

This could relate to a relationship with a job, coworkers, family, friends, whatever.  But the releasing and elevation of the emotional body MUST happen!!

As I watched where she was going (besides up) she came to a point where there was another circle of energy.  This one much smaller and that now familiar gold vibration.  There were people?  already there to help her secure herself in this new field of energy.  These “people” were semi-silhouette in detail, so I could not understand who they were, but man all I could feel were the Beings from Avatar that lives on Ewa (sp?)

Then it felt much like a spider man snippet.  These loving beings took their hand and emitted a golden strand of energy that supported her just under her feet.  It was quite beautiful to watch…. and we could not go any further in her reading.  I was slightly pissed… I want to know the rest of the story!!  So I did the only thing I can do when left on a cliff hanger… I gave her a follow reading in July!!

My 2nd reading of the day seemed to build on where she left off…. sort of.

My beautiful, chocolate bearing brother in Switzerland.  His reading opened up with him standing in the center of this upper golden circle of energy and what really caught my eye and my heart was this amazing golden angel flying all around him.  I cannot even tell you what I felt in witnessing the angel honoring his Presence on earth.  And there stood this man, who just told me it was his birthday and he just completed 7 cycles of 11 years each on earth.  My heart melted.

I watched as the humbleness and humility of this man stood before a creation that was simply wisps of soft colors… and held up an apple in his right hand.

Apple is first fruits of earth, ancient and untainted wisdom.  He offered it up to creation.  Then I felt the presence… a presence I have felt occasionally in purity on my journey to here.  That which I will just call God.  The love and honoring that flowed between them… deepened my gratitude in being able to do what I can do.  I am blessed beyond measure for our connections.

And God simply said it is time for him to offer his apple to the world… to humanity in evolution.

I also got a sudden and very deep connection with him in ancient Egypt.  Something along the lines of a philosopher, but that is not quite the right word. I understood he was sought out by many a people in the role he played in those times.  Whatever that really means to him, it is now time to bring that back and then some.

We indeed, are the apple seeds of earth, the Tree of Life that will one day grow branches and leaves and no doubt, fruit (us together in physical life.)

Spirit has been on my case about dusting off the soul gym I created as a skeleton last year.  I have embarked on that creation so we all have a place to grow, to find our limbs and leaves and be the fruit of the earth in this new story.

I had no real understanding of what it was supposed to be last year… but am getting really clear on it now.  You can take a peak at its daily evolution at:  I am anticipating having it active and functional by the first week of July.  If you would like to participate, either in having your blog listed, or your spiritual work placed in the incubator, or would like to hold talks… just let me know.

With so much love, honor and pure wonder!!  (((((HUGZ))))

Ohhh and to all those who emailed me about sending me/the tree orgasmic energy, thank you for daring to share that (gotta love the courage) and the joy of receiving the heaven that is You!!  Don’t hold back!!  (grin) I will learn to adjust!!  We receive you openly and lovingly!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Hi Lisa, I just sooo love that you’re breathing new lif in the soulgym. I really missed it! The new format seems exciting! Really a gym; practicing our skills and learning new ones! It might be a motivation for me to start sharing my own inklings ;).


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  4. […] June 25th I wrote a sharing about the Apple / Wisdom tree.  When I went to go find the artwork that would grace that days sharing, of course I looked for […]


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