Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 24, 2012

Becoming The Unified Tree of Life That IS Shambhala

I think I underestimated the fullness, the potency, of that solstice energy that was released (still being released) onto the earth plane.

I did except the landscape of readings to change, which it did.  But what I don’t think I realized until right now, the energy of the readings have changed, tremendously.  I read a combination of the “field” of life that is you, as well as the Light of your Soul energy.  There is so much more pure soul energy unfolding on the field, in my conscious awareness.  I am becoming, I am not sure what the correct word would be… loopy isn’t even close, yet, I can use it as a description.  More expanded, but yet, even more than that.

I am seeing and most especially, feeling things in readings that I have no idea what it means in the physical unfoldment within your life, yet, I know energetically what it all means.

I also think that the Guardians have really been giving me understandings that seemed to unrelated I don’t really talk about it, mostly because they are giving us such a different way to look at the metaphors and symbolism’s encoded in the bible that we want to talk as literally or totally confused its meaning.

They have been doing this since I moved in here.  But two things really came to the fore in the last week.

A day or two ago, I heard the guardians explain the “parting of the red sea.”   It was never meant to be literal, but a parting of the time and space energies.  Parting of the molecules to allow a full transference of spirit into matter.  Now, go back to the Eye of Horus meditation, and it talks about the new red molecules of energy that is giving birth to the new life we are living now.  Parting the sea of red molecules (separating the old energy from the new.)

My first reading of the day really hit this home, even tho, I don’t know if I fully understood in the reading what we were seeing… in fullness.

I am going to detail his entire reading, because it is absolutely important to anyone, everyone who genuinely desires to live fully in the energy I call Shambhala.

I had seen his house of Light deep into the West Field.  But there was an added, odd detail.  Imagine what smoke looks like as it billows up from a fire to the sky… now, reverse it and make it hues of rainbow energy.  It was coming in from above located exterior to his “house” on the right side (emotional/spiritual side) coming down from above and wrapping around to the center of the back of his house.  It was really beautiful… and so perplexing for me.

As I followed this energy to the back of his house, I realized there was a pipeline (or something) going inside.  I felt a relationship with his root chakra… but in this state of Being, there are no chakras like there was prior to your soul taking up residence within your whole life.  There are (at least for the evolvement and understandings of these readings, relationships with what the chakra center means.)

Once I acknowledge this billowing, snaking rainbow energy was being pumped into the inside of the house, the next thing I had seen was this beautiful man laying on a table (or something) inside the center of his house.

His spiritual team was hooking him up from the area that was the incoming rainbow energy in what looked like a series of EEG’s and EKG’s.  He was undergoing a complete and utter rewiring deep into his human.  I understood too, this will be a 3 day process.  He should be fully wired to Shambhala, in its full and purest potential by the evening of the 26th.

I was able to move him forward, out the door and into expressed life.  There he came to a set of ascending golden steps.  Very very different from the ones I had been seeing… for he wasn’t on the roof but on the ground.  There were 7 steps up and at the top of the 7th step, he had to do something (which we were purposely blocked from knowing what… darn spirit!) in order to turn himself completely on.  It almost felt to me like putting the star at the top of the christmas tree!

Once he did that, he was back on the ground moving forward.  Then he asked a question about someone he is involved with… has been involved with.  She showed up exactly like she did in his last reading.  Expressionless and standing with her hands crossed over her sacral and root chakras.   She was blocking herself from any forward movement in relationship to her sense of self (sacral) and life itself (root.)

She was now at a point the only way she could be in his energy field was to access his past.  She moved as if on a semi-circular conveyor belt behind.  If you can imagine the ground she showed up on as a clock.  He was in the 12 o’clock position, she at the 9 o’clock position way out in his physical life field.  He glided down and around him but could not move beyond the 5 o’clock position in his field.  This side of him represents the emotional/spiritual side.   She faded from my vision as she hit the 5 o’clock area, and came back into vision as she retreated back to her starting point.

This is such an important aspect to really, really, really understand.  He loves her and knows she has healing left to do.  They had been intimate in the past, but not for the last couple months.  This separation of intimacy has allowed HIS vibrational frequency to move forward.  She chooses to stay where she is at.  All choices are valid!!

This scenario goes beyond coupled relationships tho.  There is an intermingling of energy fields any time we have a deep and committed relationship.  Example, parent to child or vise versa.  This was my greatest entanglement in my life.  To completely untangle to set everyone free, goes against what society thinks is best.  What our own children think is best.  And most especially, what our ego’s think is best.

To completely withdraw from any draining or lopsided relationship is the best gift you can give to the All.  Yourself and whomever… but equally… one of the hardest things to do in this life.  Entanglement…. phew!

As we got back to his path forward, something amazing opened up.  A place I could have just stayed and drank the energy up from.

A pool of a thick-like soft blue energy was moving towards him.  He was walking forward basking in a pool of white light.  As he merged with the energy of the soft blue thick but water like energy, he started to do this thing with his hands… like treading water, or moving it from in front of you so you can walk thru it.  I watched as the love, the feelings, the soft blue energy started to separate and move to surround him on either side of his body.

As it was not just at his left and right sides of his body, of his life, what he did next surprised me both with suddenness as well as depth of feeling.  The feelings I was feeling within myself was so clear, so deep, there was no mistaking it.

He turned around on his path and looked at the life he was now leaving behind. The most amazing white/silver tear rolled down his right eye.  He was saying goodbye to the entirety of his life that got him to that very point.  The depth of love in that goodbye… the fullness of feeling.  And yet, at the same time, the depth of love as he walked into the new life he worked so hard to get to.  The emerging pool of Shambhala.

There is no doubt in my heart as I remember and re-feel this moment in his reading… this is what it feels like when we cross back over to the other side of the veil and start out life review, fully aware we are no longer in the life we left.

My second reading added a little detail to this ongoing shift we are all in.  Altho her reading was set up from deep in her West field, and I knew where her house of Light would be, the full release of the energy was still underway, so I could not “see” it.

What really melted my wires of understanding was that from where her rooftop would become a golden energy wave… think wave in the ocean.  It sloped up and then came back down.  I did manage to understand this, for her, is a 6 day process of full hook up.  Also, there was nothing she needed to do except wake up ever day.  What makes this different… I have no clue!!

I do (sorta) understand we all have various involvements in the building and housing of the Shambhala energies.  Some more fully involved, others, more from the sidelines… at least for now.

There was an element that really stumbled me in her reading.  There was this beautiful tall red flower bush on the side of her path forward.  I knew the color red represented the new life energies, that I have down pat now.  But the group of flowers… the tallness of the bush, plus, this bush was bound together by a string.  I knew it represented a group of people…. but who?  Even those I have read for in the past feel so new, so different now in this new field of light, I cannot seem to recognize the past (thank you dear lord!!)  I was really stuck on understanding the string holding this bush together, not allowing its full expansion into created matter.  Then she asked a question.  At first I didn’t recognize the lady in the reading (she asked about her mom.)

Then the flood gates of recognition opened and I said to the lady… I know who you are!!!  You are so and so sister, right??  Sure enough!!  I had to laugh so hard as the mama in this reading became recognizable.  Each sibling I read for asked about her.  She is in her 90’s and has been in the “ready” to transition to the other side of the veil since at least December.  But man, she is such a fighter.

But the portal of transition, which I have never seen in a reading before, was now engulfing this lady, the siblings mama.  The string that holds them all together right now is their mama.  They are caring for her, and therefore not able to expand as they are ready to.  Even this, spirit said, there is a reason.  Didn’t tell us what that reason was…. god forbid!!

And so, thru the unfoldment of each of my own personal days… I know there is something so big happening on this earth.  Changing the very molecules housed in our bodies.

The field is also putting some protection around me too, just so I don’t blow up from peeking at your solar wind too long in any given day.  The rest of my appointment day yesterday… just weird.  I had one client on my schedule twice, once at noon, once at two.  I received an email from someone who should have been on my schedule, but wasn’t and it was her birthday!  I felt so bad, but there was no time to do a good reading for her.  Well, the lady on my schedule twice, wasn’t really there.  She never answered the phone and I somehow feel into a coma like sleep for hours.  Got up long enough to have an apple and peanut butter for dinner, receive a call from the birthday girl I missed and rescheduled to today… and commenced my coma like sleep from 5ish to almost 4am this morning.  Thats like 15 hours of sleep!!

But the night before started a really weird journey into my sleeping habit.  You know that place that exists when you are still semi-conscious, not quite asleep yet not quite awake either.  Phew… these have been some strange and intense sleep cycles.

First, let me back up and share what I feel while I am awake (however short that is these days.)  Alive and Awake.  That is the only word I can use to describe the energy field that is Here.

The energy I am going to refer to as the new Three of Life… it no longer is an external flow of energy.  Meaning, it is not coming into my from outside, but felt thru every aspect of me deep inside.  Keep in mind, YOU are the root system living and expanding this Tree of Life.  I feel you.  OMG is that an understatement.  I feel waves of love, of gratitude, of yearning… of so freakin much I can cry tears of joy all day long.

It moves out of my pores and fills the air.  The air is alive in love and gratitude. So are the animals and the plants and all of life around here.  I can see it, feel it, and so much more.

I felt this new direction on the 22nd, still trying to discern it all, orient myself into a new way of feeling and finding balance within it all.

That night I laid down and had something about earths formation on the TV from a Nova program.  As I struggled to stay awake, the TV was talking about the winds picking up grains of sand from S. Africa and blowing the grains of sand to the Americas.  As I was loosing my fight to stay awake, I saw my own energy field in that pixellated molecular energy that I had seen prior to the Venus Transit via several readings… only it was me that was pixellated and now starting to swirl like grains of sand in a wind storm.  I was moving away from my body laying on the couch, which I could see with detail.  I fell asleep…

Yesterday, these feelings are now steadily streaming thru me.  This is truly the “shift” long talked about.  YOU are in me, as me.  Holy cow batman are you!!

I should have realized that anything and everything YOU do for loves evolution, would affect me.  But never even gave it a thought.  Until just before I fell asleep in early afternoon yesterday I was hit… can I say HIT with some serious sexual/orgasmic energy.  It seemed to come out of no where and laid lingering on my skin (nice to know your sexual energy is not moving thru me, at least not yet… how do I go thru my days??? lol)

The moment I wondered where the hell did that come from, I remembered my sharing from the morning, requesting your love fertilizer on the Tree of Life.  Whomever was kind enough to follow thru… ummmm…. thank you (blush)!!

So I decided to return the favor, but outside to the land in which this tree is growing.  As the orgasmic molecules of energy flowed outside from my solar plexus… my body became really weird.  Half solid, half (what I can only call) non-existent.

When I tried to move my arm into a different position, I could barely move it from the heaviness it felt like.  Yet at the same time, I had seen and felt the energy movement of re-positioning.  Weird let me tell you.

I could feel myself being pulled into a sleep I didn’t even know I was ready for… and suddenly, like something stuck being quickly freed, my arm moved into the position I wanted and I was fast asleep.

I woke up several hours later, space cadet number one… and all I could feel was something changing.  No clue what… or how… or where.  Like I said, I stayed awake long enough to have a phone call and eat an apple… then… back into coma land with the same feeling as the even prior.  Spinning change of molecular energy that was me… is now… more than that I suppose… an inseparable US.  Unified at the core of Love.  Flowing thru creation… the true sap energy of Life.

WE are Beauty-Full and ALIVE-Together!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  To those I owe crystals to from the Fathers Day special, they will be on their way.  I go outside to gather them each and every day, and each time, they say… not yet.  No doubt they are becoming engorged with this new energy.  The very moment they give me the mailing go ahead, they will be in the mail.  Promise!!



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  2. Hi Lisa, the guy whose reading you described…..I think he had to take on/accept/step into his power before he could carry on and fully use it.
    Love and (((hugs)))


  3. Dear Lisa, I so get the saying goodbye to all that was as well as the yearning, the tears of fullness…… much has changed and we are moving into Shamballa. Feeling everything, grateful for your sharings as you express the fullness of what I am feeling. Blessed time. And the sleep, like we are drifting into the new, kept from moving or too much activity so as to allow this process. I am so grateful. Heaps of love… truly is flowing around!


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