Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 23, 2012

From Here to the Fall Equinox – Constructing Heaven On Earth!

The rich deep soil of June really is giving way to something incredible.  As I anticipated, the field and the readings have changed…. again!!  I so wish they would toss me the new play book before we get into readings!!  I swear spirit just loves to watch me sweat!!

Only being 2 days into Post Solstice reading energy, I am starting to see common themes start to form.  Even as I sit here and contemplate how to explain what I myself am struggling to understand, I hear spirit say, we are currently just seeing the tip of the iceberg (lightberg) and will change as more and more is exposed in the coming days and weeks.

In the deepest end of the West field, which represents having your whole life set up in the midst of your harvested energy is an emerging house of Light.  Still in it’s simplest form… a simple pencil drawing, softly glowing with white light where the pencil lines have created form.

At this beginning stage I do understand two things about this imagery.  Think of the City of Light meditation, this is your soul energy in created form.  To be here is to have cleared and moved to the point of allowing your soul to live life as you thru created reality.

I want to be perfectly clear here as well.  For some, the complete merger is underway, so they are appearing differently.  This new energy is a wave that spreads out, and all, in one way or another is undergoing this transformation.

The energy I refer to as your “harvest” represents all the mastery you have ever achieved in any given lifetime; past, present, future and even off planet is available to you.  Also, all your good karma, all the wisdom you have achieved thru space and time, and so much more.  But remember, earth unfolds in a process.  So it is not like you are going to wake up one day and know every secret of the universe and your part in it all.  Instead, the mantle of responsibility is placed in your arms.  Do something new!!  Every treasure you have is waiting for your full on merger… outside of your comfort zone!!  Or you can do what you have always done and continue to wonder where your new (really it is ancient) mastery set is.

This would actually make sense to the readings I have seen so far.  Each person that has this glowing white light house still had to come out of it and get into action for their full on evolution.

If you are sitting there wondering how that is going to happen… let me just be your crazy example (smile.)  My wild and wonderful two and a half weeks with Rick.  I have withheld being in any sort of partnered (sexual) relationship for 9 years.  I know the consequences and the energy of it all as well as the ties that bind.  This for sure was new and truly outside of my comfort zone for sure!  A time and exchange I will be forever grateful to both of us for!!

There is something new happening within me, that I really realized yesterday.  After a day of incoming light and new energy, I sit and process it all thru the rest of my day… kind of like seeing the pieces of the puzzle be put into place and watching the puzzle of life emerge.  This has always been from the ground level of earth.  Yesterday, I had a split screen happening in my mind and inner vision.  I can see the profound Light energy unfolding on earth and at the same time, what is happening deep within the soil of earth as well.  Like watching two separate movies playing at once and being fully present for both at the same time.

Maybe my continued request for a bigger mind actually is here!! lol

But, back to the house of Light.  I am seeing clients appear outside of their house one of two ways.  Either standing on the roof itself, or just at the doorway at the ground.  Until this morning, I couldn’t understand why.

I have said before, there are two groups (well, really there are three) put into action here on earth. One being the group whose soul purpose is to bring in the higher frequencies into created matter.  These folks emerge in this new Light on the roof of their soul.  The other, to anchor the high frequencies into earth itself.  These folks are appearing on the ground level, at their proverbial doorway into life.

Then, that third group… divine counterparts.  Please know too, that divine counterparts make up all three loving energies; gay, lesbian as well as heterosexual.  All crucial to the unfoldment and anchoring!

My second reading on the 21st was all about divine counterpart energy and the importance of the conscious (even if by only one of the two) sexual exchange for creation itself.  But before I get to that, let me set the stage.

The folks on the roof of their Light house had a common theme, one I so do not understand the fullness of…. yet!  Each one had 3 golden steps they had to walk into the higher planes.  The steps showed up unique for the client I was connected to, some concentrated and appearing short, yet one yesterday elongated so appearing wider.  All have an accumulated “arrival point.”  I will get to that in a moment.

The ones on the ground, man, different.  The ground crew are working in a liquid pool of light that circles the solar eclipse of May 20th out to the fall equinox of September 22nd.  Nothing about the energy or unfoldment in this area is straight forward… it is literally circular, making it really really really hard for me to get any sense of a timeline.

I had already known, prior to the solar eclipse that whatever is really taking place thru the massive energy change released during this historic event would come full circle at the fall equinox.  I suppose we are at the beginning stages of seeing what that really means to us.

Ohhhh, I just got something!!!  Ok the folks doing the work in the higher energies… rooftop folks, their steps are not solidly laid out forward, but more like dashes of golden energy.  The folks at the ground level, truly a pool of liquid white energy.

Those working on the middle ground… that middle atmosphere if you will.  Binding it all together into solid form.  Now lets talk about the divine counterpart energy.  And again, some counterparts are a part of the roof crew, some the ground crew… but for this sharing, I want to talk about the middle crew!!

For this lady I had seen a bridge going outward to the fall equinox.  The bridge was a very soft, but solid (maybe like a firm gel) white and golden bridge across the earth plane.  I could see the liquid pool of light energy beneath it… but wasn’t looking up at all.

As I watched her walk about a foot or two out onto the bridge from her house of Light, 4 people emerged, sitting in a semi-circle with her as the point of the closure to this circle.  3 of the people were in silhouette energy, I could not discern a thing about them.  The one closest to her right side (emotional-spiritual side) started to flicker.  The more I gave my attention to him the stronger his flickering became until I noticed a down stream of liquid soft blue and white energy streaming into his presence.  This visual became stronger and steady as she talked about her current partner, no doubt it was him.

Even tho he is nowhere near as spiritually conscious or energetically sensitive as she is, he came bearing gifts!!  Or at least he will in about 2 weeks (time is so becoming irrelevant in readings, not to mention harder and harder to discern… so take any given timeline with a grain of salt.)

As we talked about their sexual relationship (thank god for clients who don’t blush and are willing to share this intimacy) suddenly it hit me, this flashing of his light energy was also the point in time the binding of the soul agendas happen.

Keep in mind, free will, will never ever be interfered with.  There is always choice by the other half of a combined energy, but also responsibility for the half of the energy that is aware of what is happening to share.

As this binding potential took place, I watched as the two of them walked forward together, leaving a trail of red energy.  I understood this was the new root chakra, new high energy field of life.  If it wasn’t for the subtle soul signature vibrations, I would have never known it was two separate energy trails blending in as one.

And then… this really still baffles me… as they hit what I feel either the end of July or beginning of August… she moved to the left, he to the right and thru their walk forward to what felt like the end of August, formed a heart shape with their individual energies.

Inside the heart was a warm liquid pool of soft blue energy.

Do I have any clue what that means… not at all!!  I have been contemplating it since I had seen it, and all I got was the replay with no further understanding at all.  Everything in its right time!!

So, this is two days into our New Life!  A brand new story unfolding.  A new and permanent light energy upon the fields of creation.

I have been watching and fertilizing this Tree of Life, so much has already taken form.  There is a golden bubbly energy at the base, elemental’s helping and playing in pure joy.  It has grown taller, but as of yet, do not see the branches or anything else….yet.

If you can… when you are in the midst of passionate sexual energy of love, please sprinkled the new Tree of Life with it… just simply think of it, maybe even release an orgasm or two for it.  It doesn’t matter if your passion is a solo energy of a coupled energy… it all helps fertilize the Tree and the root system!!

I so love you all, and feel each and every one so much more than ever before.  God…. you feel GOOD!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of ecstatic joy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I want to take a moment to talk about this blogs image and yesterdays Shmabhala Tree of Life image.  It is from a beautiful soul named Lisa AKA Wolfke74 and if you click the images I have set into this blog or yesterdays, it will take you to her art studio.  These images are available in print form as well. Her energy, her heart is embedded thru her craft and I feel her deeply.  I just had to give her a shout out as she has given me permission to use her images freely.  Thank you sooooo much Lisa for bringing the image of Heaven to Life!!


  1. I doubt I’ll ever have sex again, but I’ll keep the Tree of Life in mind.


    • Atheria, I have been winking at you for a week now but you dont seem to notice me. Don’t know how to contact you beautiful but on here so tell me how we can become better acquinted. Signed, Cheerleader Roy


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  3. So Lisa, have you gotten any more clues about what the “red” of August means, before we even get to thinking about fall? Aside from the obvious Leo -Fire – Dog-days connections that earthlings think of…


    • Hi Cheryl ((((HUGZ))))

      Yes, the “red” is the new energy of Life. Think root chakra, physical life only ascended enenrgy… bright red. As our blood (going back to the eye of horus recording) adjusts to the new frequency we are aligned with full use in August. Of course, now August is a liquid pool of white light energy like the rest of the months…

      Don’t think earth… think…. heaven now earth (at least for those vibrating to that new frequency.)

      I love ya girl!!!


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