Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 22, 2012

…Becoming Something Beautiful: Our Heavenly Bodies.

I remember when I first started this path, hanging on for dear life as my own belief system was busted wide open, my body and life were changing rapidly and still in deep disbelief that any of what is happening within meditation could possibly be true.  A dear friend at the time told me a story about her friend having been killed by a drunk driver and she just wanted to know he was OK where ever he was.  She asked him to send her the message that he was OK thru the color yellow.  She started receiving so many yellow things.

It was in that moment, I became a validation junkie!!  As I lay in meditation, my consciousness exploding in Light and Understandings I could have never imagined possible, I begged for validation that what was coming in, was true.  I couldn’t think of my own validation so I asked for it to come thru the color yellow.

Yellow I got!!  People started emailing me about yellow things, billboards became yellow, TV commercials… yellow.  This crazy doubting Thomas denounced it all… worried I was seeing it as a fluke of wanting this to be true.  Each time I demanded from my team, make the color yellow unmistakable to me.

A week or two after this demand, I was in my car pulling into my driveway when the unmistakable started playing on the radio.  It was a song by Coldplay called “Yellow.”  I sat there and balled like a baby, every lyric of that song reflected the entirety of my path.  Granted my path at that time was only several months long… but still.

To this day, I still hold that song dear to my heart.  But there is one line out of that song that has haunted me.  I knew it meant something big, but my consciousness could never quite grasp what that was.  Not until this week.  The lyric from the song is:

“Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones

turning into something beautiful…”

I have always felt the secret message within that very odd lyric, like it was sharing something… a constant gnawing at the deep recesses of my consciousness begging to come forward… for the last 11 years!

I suppose it started to reveal itself when I did my meditation with the Caldera volcano last week and sitting at the foot of the Mesa Cliff on the day of the solstice, blew it wide open.

In between Archangel stripping off his armor suit and the guardians tossing someone off the Cliff (ground holding full ascension energy) I was suddenly remembering a profound and life changing meditation I had had in 2002 with a trigonic crystal my mentor at the time brought me.  The full story (and more than that) is located on this webpage if you want to read it.

The journey with the crystal took me to cave 4 within the dead sea caves.  As I walked thru the cave and got to the very back of it, I was baffled why I was there… it was just a cave.  I put my arm out to lean up against the cave wall when suddenly my hand and forearm went thru the wall.  Not breaking up the cave wall, but merged with it to pull out a box.

This was the day I received the scroll written by Jesus and the details of how he was able to do what he was able to do.  But he too, embedded a secret for days to come… the days we are in now.  The ability to transcend matter.

When my own body hits a sudden and profound truth, it cries.  You would have thought I would have cried by the message of Archangel Michael or the Guardians… nope.  It was remembering how I got that box in that cave and the Light Body Human I had seen via the caldera that broke me down into tears.

I know the truth of it.  I remembered that lyric from the song yellow, and my heart exploded thru my eyes in validation, in recognition of what it is we are really doing in this lifetime.

Even with that, I am suddenly remembering a conversation I had with my mentor when I first started this path.  He had asked me why I am doing what I am doing, my only reply I could give him was “I don’t know.”   Like the often cryptic messages of spirit, his reply stayed with me to this day (obviously) “You don’t know the enormity of what you are doing, and doing it anyway, I am humbled.”  Weird talk let me tell you… when I questioned him on what the hell he was talking about, he changed the subject…. dammit.

There have been many times when I have read something or even wrote something that the meaning felt so much deeper than the word expressed.  The most recent experience of this was several days ago, on my facebook, when I was talking about the heart issue of trust.  The last line I wrote had a back-flow all its own: “I am going to heal this once and for All.”  It was the All part that just echoed in my body.

What we do for ourselves, we do for All.  That is pretty profound really.  WE are incredibly profound!!!

We are changing into our Heavenly Bodies at this very moment.  The new energy released via the solar eclipse thru the solstice is assuring that outcome. The conscious participation of the high vibrational human (yes you) is equally assuring that outcome as well.

I am not sure if you realize how profoundly YOU change me.  Every single day I go thru a deep inner process of change because you love me and trust me enough to allow a connection we call “readings.”  Thru those moments, we are in such a profound exchange of Light Codes together.  Anything I understand fuller or for the first time is because of you.  Your soul releases energy for all of our understandings.  I bask in the Glory that is YOU in ways I cannot even put into words.  Your love and desire humble me to no end.

Without you, I could not exist in this capacity.  Thank you for loving me into a fuller, richer form of creation!

I am going to immediately put out a second blog in relationship to the incoming information thru the readings yesterday, but on my Shambhala Blog.  It should be published before 8am MDT.

I love you and honor each of you so very much.  Thank you for changing the world we live within by changing YOU!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of deep, connected love,

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. I have been waiting for my gold sparkly skin, I know I will have it. I was laying here,looking at my loose flabby skin. I was told to let my body go slack and fluid to be ready for the changes ahead, me a former regular exerciser. I feel that it will morph into the form of the divine goddess I desire. I know this, that we will morph our bodies into whatever form we like. So holding the vision of my beauty, knowing it is inside and beginning to glow outside as well. We are all so beautiful! I do love that song, yellow!


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  4. Every single time I read one of your blogs, I feel so deeply, it brings me to tears. And then I want to call and talk to you!
    Thank you for having the courage to do this, for all of us.
    Love and more love,
    Namaste and Espavo!


  5. Now there is a ‘coincidence’ *ahem*… this is one of my favourite songs and for very similar reasons… much love ❤


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