Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 19, 2012

3 Days of Darkness Ramps Up the Need For Discernment In All Areas

Well happy New Moon to everyone.  The new moon is such a wonderful time for planting new seeds within your life.  So many of us tho, plant seeds of what we think we want in this moment.  May I suggest to use this very powerful, magnetic new moon energy to allow it to plant whatever seeds you need for your divine growth?

Everything on earth is changing at a rapid pace and unlike us, life knows exactly where its going and what we all need to get there.  Let me tell you, all of earth is at the greatest intersection of our lives, a fork in the rivers flow if I may.  Knowing which fork to take… man oh man!!

My fork was presented to me last night, after crying all day and removing the tap-root of my trust issues that developed in the womb… there is also a pain that lingers when you are recovering from an operation of such a large-scale removal.  Yes, spirit filled in the garden of my heart with new soil… understandings of where my life is taking me, taking the precious planet we live upon, the surgery was still rather tender.

The one thing I knew from the get go, my blued eyed man, Rick, may only be here for a moment.  His children were deciding where they want to live and their mom and dad are now living two different lives.  Should they decide they want to live with him, he would be going back to the home state of his family tree.  Yesterday he got the news they want to stay with him.

Man oh man, if my heart wasn’t already being banged around and expanded all at the same time… now to find the balance in what I know is coming and what I just released and told spirit I would do… let go and be open and willing to fall as  deeply in love as possible.

Gotta love that freakin universe!!  Geez!

We are All at the most pivotal moment in all our collective creation, one stream of the river takes you one way, the other stream… another way.  Both filled with experiences and growth… keep in mind, there is never a wrong way at all.  Sometimes, one fork of the river is a bit more bumpy and rapid than the other.  But all rivers flow to the same Source…

Ohhhhhh…. ya know, I just realized something.  No wonder spirit closed the shades of Life’s window of Light on my readings yesterday.  There is no way spirit can or will ever influence such a tremendous choice point.  We have all entered the Collective void… 3 days of darkness if you will.  Ha!! And we thought the sun was going to go out literally…

This is a time to stand in the glow of your own inner knowing and choose.  On the morning of the 21st the entire world starts anew!!

Our choices right now, thru the day of the solstice, must come from our inner knowing of collective experiences and choose from our deep inner resources.

We are also in a major task of discernment as well.  To not leap blindly into what looks like a pool of light… but to feel deep within the totality of that pool and choose from there.  Once again, I must say, not everything is as it seems.

I will give you a small example, but yet, a huge one at that.  Rick met a lady on the side of the road with a sign “Homeless” and he stopped to help her.  She talked about needing to get to Colorado but had no resources to get there.  I know his heart so wants to be in Divine service, as we all do.  He gave her $20 for gas then told her she might have a place to sleep tonight and came home to ask me if I wanted a visitor.

My emotional field was so drained, there was nothing in me to share with another.  I said no, then felt is disappointment, so then I said yes, and it felt awful, so then I said no again and once again I felt his heart desire to help this lady.  The more talked about her the more I wanted to flee.  I said she can come for the night, I will sleep in my tent by the river.  He decided to pack her a bag of food and drinks, would help her with more gas money and forget about having her stay (god knows I was relieved.)  By the time he went back, she was gone.  (she was in a car on the roadside)

Discerning who really is in need and who is just there to take whatever resources you are willing to give… crucial, on so many levels right now.

As the evening progressed I couldn’t stand to be in my living room and until right now, I had no idea why.  I went outside and sat in the field for a long time and then came in and just collapsed on the couch.

Our desire to help, to be in service in whatever way we can… can actually allow energy leaches to embed.  Discernment in all areas of our life… crucial.  Especially when it appears innocent!

Even with my own journey, the million things I have experienced getting to Here, most of which seemed random and unrelated… is coming together.

One of the biggest questions I ever had came from a Trigonic loaded (upside down record keepers) smokey crystal that took me on two very specific, very profound journeys back to back.

The first thing it showed me was a life I lived in Atlantis teaching people how to manipulate the world thru their sexual energy.  The next journey I am getting teaching directly from Christ on how he achieved his state of consciousness and helped other achieve theirs while in life.

It all seemed to random and non-connected at the time.  Of course, that was in 2002 and I still had Jesus as celebrate and never having had to learn what he accomplished in life… he just did it.  He learned just like each and every one of us.

Yesterday, as I was getting downloaded on my next phase of my lifes crazy river, what has already been activated, what there is left to do (I pray to god the readings become this clear and detailed after the solstice) and with the firm knowing from spirit, that in these three days we are in… if Rick and I actually had sex, it would change his life course forever.   Once this energy field is activated fully, there is no leaving it.  My team left it at that.

So it was absolutely perfect that he heard from his children and their desire to hang with him thru this massive family transition.  I knew I had to sleep on the couch… and will from here on out.

For now, we have taken this journey as far as we can without fully binding to the light field growing.  To do that, I would be manipulating him to serve in a way that would do more harm than good in his unfoldment.

Letting go…


And on that note, I am going to let go and see if the shades are still pulled down!!

I will be updating the Shambhala blog today with the rest of the unfolding, heart expanding story.

Heart felt, Heart Full (((((HUGZ)))) to everyone zinging and zapping thru the activation of full one Love Frequency energy!!!  Open wholey to the incoming seeds of Shambhala… however that may grow!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Oh no! He fell for that line?! I need to have a talk with him, being the toughened ex Los Angelino that I am. Do not give people money when they say they are trying to get home with some sob story. I’ve become hardened…for good reason.


    • Atheria,
      To quote you…”I’ve become ‘HARDENED’…for a good reason”…
      yet on your blog/site…you say….”TRUST”, and all will be shown to you”….WE all end up on the “CROSSROAD” at one time or another
      and at various stages of our lives and growth…?…the crossroad messages may change…..the ‘messages’ on those ‘signs’ will change; just like the seasons and the reasons for your growth. All is never what it “appears” to be.
      Not in the sky and not on earth. Always be KIND…. to whomever you meet at the/a…… “CROSSROAD”… just might be……



    • Can I (((HUG))) your heart just a wee bit Atheria. Charity is beautiful and wonderful thing… I have given away so many readings because I knew spirit had something to share… but then there are people who email me trying to manipulate free readings and just don’t give in to that energy. I used to, but it became exhausting. Discernment… ya know. Speaking of love and charity… a massage and dinner for All of your body???

      Love ya!! ((((HUGZ))))


      • Thank you, Lisa. That is very sweet. How will I find you in the woods? Should I look for a woman floating on a cloud of love? 😉


    • Lisa, dont worry about my baby Atheria she may be harden now but she will soften up real soon. AND she will be coming to get that massage and for dinner soon as well. Im her personal Cheerleader and Coach:). I GOT THIS!!!! Isn’t that right, Atheria?:)


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  4. LOL………glad to see all this “LOVE”…….melding and melting…..
    Frontal Hugs and back hugging, cheerleading and coaching…..
    ,,,,,,Shadows and what they meet…do have a way of bringing the light into


  5. I feel sorry for your loss, Lisa, but, as you state, letting go is what you need to do.

    I’m the one who wrote about my concerns regarding Blue Eyes/ Rick – that he was possibly a distraction sent to you to disrupt your work. At the time, I didn’t share another concern which is that he may also have special powers and be using them for a secret agenda. Sorry to bring up this topic but I have a feeling Rick’s rock should not be in with the other rocks in your solstice ceremony. Perhaps you can do some “sight-seeing” on the stone between now and tomorrow afternoon? Perhaps the stone could be used in a separate ritual?

    Changing the subject, thank you for reminding us of what we need to do during these special “days of darkness”.

    Wishing you all the best.
    Happy Solstice,


    • Hi Holly and Marion,

      First let me say, I am utterly enriched and blessed by having Rick in my life. He is kind, gentle, loving, open with his feelings and absolutely wonderful at communication about every aspect of himself.

      I have soared to new heights of understanding within his loving embrace, all of my psychic senses have accelerated and new ones already expanding… that is the purpose (and so much more) of a Divine Counterpart.

      Asking me to not talk about sex (have you seen my website??) is like asking the birds, the bee’s, the trees, the flowers and all of life to not bloom in the spring… to withhold their love and Ecstasy for life. Ain’t happening in my world. The sensual self, the sexual exchange of energy are opening doors and portals not only within he and myself, but for all of life as well. No one needs to understand that. I share all my details because it is part of my soul agenda. I am not asking for nothing in my sharing except send love to Rick. Accusations and completely false innuendos hurt everyone’s energy field.

      This man is amazing, a gentle, genuine loving creature… who has made no final choices yet… and this is hard enough on his heart… please send him love and nothing less.

      Thank you sooooo much!!


  6. Dear Lisa
    This experience is your opportunity to let go of your obsession with sexual thrills, relationships and power. This man has acted as the surgeon’s knife to rid you of your conviction that heaven is obtained through the ‘ultimate’ sexual joining of opposites. Heaven is reached by abandoning the practice of duality – by listening to the Christ Mind/Holy Spirit within-the only true mind you have – and embodying that in EVERY relationship you have. Now you have overcome this hurdle, listen again to Jesus within you as you did before and he will teach you truly. I understand you have bad memories of religious misteachings, but Jesus isn’t religion – don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    Your discernment needs to be turned towards Rick. Of course, the Truth about him is that he is the Christ Presence which we ALL are and where we are ALL already joined. However, from what you describe of his behaviour, I feel he is spiritually immature (although maybe advanced in sexual magical practice) and is acting out his idea of what a spiritual life is like rather than being truly humble and listening for what God wants him to do. I believe he may be the opportunistic energy and resources drain in your midst. Be grateful to him for lancing your wound, but don’t forget to be wise.

    I apologise if this sounds blunt, but I wanted to be very clear.

    God bless you


  7. +….Cross
    Roads….+…choices…+ this way?
    + this ways is down….
    that way……which way?…… up?
    Shadows?….Lights?….Dis…this? Dis that?
    Enjoy the ride…….while it lasts……
    Down the rabbit hole……up the worm hole…..
    Enjoy the ride !!!!!!!
    in Duality…….we chose it !


  8. Thanks lisa… what you had to say in this post actually helped me understand one or two things about my own situation…. and also came right on time 🙂 Whatever learning comes from you and ole blue eyes, comes for us all from your experience and for that I am full of gratitude!! To you both 😉 Much love, support and humongous hugs from across the pond! *said in my sing songy accent just for you!!* haha xx


  9. Ah Lisa. Big huge giant hugs. I can’t wait to visit you, with or without Blue Eyes. He is with you for many reasons, only you and he know the extent of them or what they may bring to your life. It’s not up to us to judge. Not our path. Personally, I find your letting go experience is totally mind blowing and likely wouldn’t have happened without him. I need to do that, not sure how to get there yet but you have showed me a wonderful model of how. Thank you for sharing so openly.
    Love you. And your Blue Eyes.


  10. These women wonder why they don’t have loving relationships with men,? when it becomes painfully obvious they don’t have a Loving Relationship with themselves. The last time I looked there are Both male and female and ALL were created by the Divine Creator to interact and experience all aspects of one another. The only reason that “SEX” has been so ostracized is because it can be such a powerful means of creating, communicating, sharing and playing. NOTHING that was created by the Divine Creator should be ignored, ostracized, denied or demonized.

    I believe that we need to look inside when we have such a strong reaction to sex (as well as any other strong reaction) and find the deep root of that reaction.Then when we see what it is we can forgive and move on.

    I have a strong reaction to the way some of the Ladies have reacted to Lisa’s sharing because I am tired of the programing we have been under for lifetimes. I understand that we are coming out from under it and that is wonderful, and yet I feel the need to hold All of accountable for the thought and reactions we have .

    I apologize if you are offended by my comments and I recommend you go back my second paragraph.

    With Love and Light


  11. Like to point out astrologically while Venus is retrograde resolving past issues is benefited, new beginnings concerning Venus themes (relationships, values, etc.) have a better start after the 27th of June.
    In my own experience I got to realize that Divine Counterparts grow together naturally when other (family) responsibilities are fulfilled.


  12. The tree of Life, made by me. Got inspired to post this by reading your last two blogs.

    Lots of Love to you Lisa


    • OMG THAT is soooooooooo beautiful, thank you so much for the creation and the sharing. Would I be able to share it on my facebook and in tomorrows blog?? I will give you full credit of course… it is perfect and touches my heart deeply!!

      Thank you so much, and even more than that!!


  13. Looks like the code didn’t work here, here is the link to my work:


  14. Hi Lisa, it is not a problem at all you can share it on Facebook and blog. Love and light.


  15. Wolfke74


  16. Hi Lisa,
    Have been watching this unfoldment from afar. I congratulate and honor you for how deeply committed you are to living from the absolute truth(divine will) and transcending all the pulls of ego and self. You sailed through this one with honors. Open heart surgery with no psychic or other sedatives is very painful. I Know, have been there. Much Love, Barry Martin Snyder…a friend of Rick’s from CA


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