Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 18, 2012

TRUST, LOVE and Letting Go to Become MORE!!

Of all the things we are talking about, understanding within and experiencing in fullness, there is one subject matter that seems to be more important than anything else we understand.

LOVE.  Unconditional.

Don’t, for a single second, underestimate the power of that word… in wholeness.

All of life is exploding within the Love Frequency.  Geez, just typing that little sentence out, my beautiful teacher, father from the Pleiades, Franklyn is reverberating the word TRUST thru my energy field.

Let me tell you, the grand finale of my issues is front and present.  But I also understand, it is everyone’s grand finale.  It is the most important thing we all should be coming clean with within our hearts and within our lives.

I wrote a blog in 2010 (where did all that time go?) with all of Franklyns channeled teachings about the Love Frequency and that freakin pesky thing called Trust.  You can access it here.  Do not just read that sharing, take Franklyns words and feel them… sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph and understand and fully release yourself unto them.

As any wonderful new experience should do… I am fully in a dust storm of my own debris… again!!

Falling in Love… a free fall into the blissful waters of the soul.  Here I am, hanging on tightly to the edge of the cliff called… I can’t… I won’t… dammit!!  A pretty freakin firm grip I have I might add!!

Who knew??  lol….  obviously the grand conspiracy of spirit!!

I started writing this blog at 3am, got to the above line at 5am…. it is now just after noon… I have exploded in every conceivable direction… the inner volcano had sat dormant til this very moment in time… purposely.  I find it amazing just how purposeful our dysfunctions to our life’s journey and unfoldment.  Believe it or not, the dysfunctions keep you on track of your life’s purpose.  That almost seems like an oxy moron considering how we are raised in this light field to erase every spec of dysfunction as fast as we can.  I thought I did a good job… took me 8 years to get to a place I felt so whole inside.  Not bad considering it was lifetimes in the accumulation of dysfunction.

Then my father showed up, for which I am soooo thankful for, but realized I had gum on my shoe I didn’t realize.  Scraped it clean only to have Rick show up, much to my hearts de-Light.  Only to realize I had gum under both shoes!!

This gum started to get sticky 2 days ago….

We were coming home from grocery shopping and I was telling Rick about a moment I had with the universe shortly after I arrived in New Mexico.  On had on one of my homemade CD’s and my favorite Elvis song came on: Love Me Tender.  I told him how I felt the universe was singing it and that all its dreams came true.  I was confused because it didn’t seem like a damn thing happened except I moved from Virginia to New Mexico…. yet the universe was saying… the dream was already true.  For me it, the dream has always been Shambhala.  That was close to 2 years ago!!

Later that evening while we were sitting and just chilling together, he got up and went to the computer and I heard Elvis start to sing Love Me Tender.  Rick reached out his hand and we danced a slow dance on the living room floor.

I had wished I had told him the whole story about that song and what it meant to me.  It was my wedding song.  I wanted to walk down the isle to that song, the church refused to let me and said I had to walk to something traditional, they let me walk out of the church to that song tho.

I so wanted that song to be the rest of my life.  God sent me a message that day, it took me 24 years to hear the message!!

As we danced to Elvis, I felt it, what I had hoped to feel 24 years prior.  Spirit was enveloping us in this energy… a heart stopping, soul expanding energy.

I got scared.  I don’t even know this man 2 weeks yet… but I feel like I have never not known him.

If that wasnt enough to shake my miasms to the surface… he put on yet another song… “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.”   I have already felt myself falling… like leaning over a steep cliff and catching my balance before I fell.  This song, his body next to mine was creating a freakin earthquake under my cliff (of I can’t…smile.)  Yet there was an energy now raining down… I dug my feet in… I am not going there.  Yes, God knows I love this man… but if I fall like I know I can, I ain’t getting back up.

There is only one man on the face of this earth I ever loved that deeply, that freely and I got to name him Christopher (my son.)

He played yet a third song.. the details of which I promised I wouldn’t share (smile)…. so I am going to be a good girl.  But that was the lava that is sending my volcano spewing today.

My core issue is now in full exposure.  Shit!!

I have been anal all my life about not getting involved with married men, of course he came with freedom papers since his wife has been cheating on him off and on for 19 years.  But he still comes with a ball of yarn I have no desire to get tangled up in.  Yet…. I kept looking for his ball of shit, I mean yarn, and I just can’t find it.

We went hiking yesterday to some amazing amazing rocks, Los Conchas I think is the name.  We ate lunch on one, sat and absorbed the energy of several others and then took up space next to one where the river flowed under it.  He remembered a story of gold that was stolen recently and felt there may be something to his out of the blue remembrance… he went digging in the river.  After going down deep, he found the rock he was looking for, but it wasn’t gold.

Once me, him and the new rock came home, we asked Archangel Michael why it was so strangely significant.  Michael simply said to him: “Hold it to Love stronger.”  Alrighty then.

We spent the night talking about love, our fears of falling deeply into that space with each other and then went to bed.

This morning, as I was feeling so strongly this topic is crucial to talk about, and remembering Franklyn’s Trust channel and rereading it… the lava held deep inside of me for 49 long years started to bubble.

I went outside to breathe in the morning air, and understand what I am feeling. We had already talked about sleeping outside tonight where the energy outline of the new Tree of Life is… and the moment I went outside I knew… it was going to be in what will be (on the 21st) the Reflecting Pool for the rocks everyone sent.

As I agreed to sleep there tonight, a snippet of a song started to play, only with spirits words messing it up “I’m a consecrate this land.”  I knew the tune, just couldn’t recognize where it came from.

When I came inside to continue my sharing, the tune started playing again only now it put the first line of the song in: “When I was just a boy”  I youtubed it and recognized it right away…. a song by Paul Simon: “Loves me like a rock.”

The very moment I heard the first lyric “my mama loved me, she get down on her knee and hug me” I erupted.  Coupled by the fact I had seen Gaia reach up from the ground I would be sleeping on and actually hugged me… an experience I cannot remember my mother ever doing.  The more that song went on, the harder I cried.  Then I got it… so hard I erupted.  Thank God Rick was out doing his Morning Mesa Meditation, I know his heart would have broken just to see me loose it.

I ran a bath.  This has been my core issue all of my freakin life and it is so entangled with why I would never… just never trust anyone to love them with all of my heart and soul.

I was back in the womb of my mother… 2 months into gestation, when my father found his divine apple, my mothers best friend.  My mother really is a very wormy apple!  God bless her…

She not only found out her husband was sleeping with her best friend, but equally got her pregnant.  The pain in her heart embedded in mine.  Deeply.  So did her trust issues.

I never wanted to hurt anyone like that.  Ever.  I turned away from love several times because I always found out he was married (talk about an issue returning over and over again until it is dispelled.)

The childhood memories started to unpack like a tornado blowing my suitcase all over the neighborhood.  My mother cheated, slutted, protestant herself out all my life… I hated how I felt being her child… feeling like slut since I was first molested (at least that I remember) at 6 years old.  I owned her self-image as my own.

Yet… thru the debris field that was now my bathtub… a gift.  Had I had any other experience, something gentler, I would not be where I am now.  I would probably still be married to someone… instead of here trying my hardest not to fall in love with Rick.

Had I healed this issue anywhere along my conscience journey… my life would have gone in a very different direction.  The timing of my father returning to my life, to my heart with his full force energy of love… paved the way for Rick.

I had blamed my father for decades for choosing one family over another, yet he had to… both for my eventual freedom and for his own safety.  My mother is mean… and uses knives.    *sigh*

I came out of a landslide… and then… I didn’t even catch my breath long enough to feel the freedom of it all when the downloads started coming in.  Jeepers creepers peepers!!!

I tried to do my first reading of the day, still trying to catch my breath from the enormity of it all… and just as I was trying to get my inner vision out into the field… my damm spiritual team pulled down the shade of my eyes.  I have never… not ever had them pull the shade down!   Put me in the void, yes… make everything blurry… yes.  But a window shade?

Then I hear, you will be in 3 days of darkness, save your own room.  Huh??

Well, as the morning progressed, and the downloads coming in with an eery crystal clarity of understanding… The details were not cryptic, hidden, just filled with holy freakin shit moments… and still are.

We will spend the next three days doing a free fall off the mesa cliff into the heart of each other (gulp)… and so much more.

I will share that when I am done processing it all…

The one thing I know for sure… these are the most important 3 days of our collective lives.  A transformational cocoon to say the least, an acceleration of the next phase of life… for sure.

Whatever you are hanging onto when it comes to be fully present in the field of love, LET IT GO!!  Even if you don’t know what “it” is, the universe does and will help you in double time…. and download you with all the codes of your next expression… because otherwise… what you haven’t dealt with will be the feature story of your next expression.

I will close on that note and get back to my deep inner processes…  to be continued tomorrow, I think (smile.)

To the fullest, grandest expression of Love in All its Grace and Glory (((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas



  1. This one paragraph says it All…

    (Do you trust in unconditional love? Do you know what unconditional love is? Can you feel it? Can you feel it for all that it is? Close your eyes and feel the unconditional love of the One Source flowing through your veins. As you feel that love, allow yourself to trust in that love. Not just in that moment, but in every moment after that. In allowing that trust to form, you are also allowing your fears to be released, for there is no fear of any sort when there is unconditional trust in the unconditional love that is you.)


  2. Thank you so much, dear Lisa, for sharing yourself (thoughts, fears, vulnerabilities, trials and triumphs!) so openly with us! As you have said often, we are all connected and we gain from each other’s insights.

    Wow, those family/DNA subconscious challenges are so deep and hard to shake. I have had my own, some similar to yours, coming up for review in a big way the past 7 months.

    I can’t tell you how many times in the past 30 years (I am now 51) I have tried and thought I was LETTING GO of the buried crap, only to have it resurface again. Sure is a BIG onion that we have to peel, isn’t it??

    Sharing with others of like mind does help to lighten our load and gives us courage to continue.

    Much Love,
    Mary Ann


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